Oh what a night

Double Penetration

Oh what a nightI work as a truck driver for an service company in Aberdeen Scotland, our firm has several bases around the North East coast. My work means that I’m in and out of our various bases on a daily basis. Our team of drivers is quite diverse and a very friendly bunch. On 29th of February one of the drivers from our Peterhead base was having his retirement party at a local hotel in Peterhead. I was one of the Aberdeen drivers invited to Georges party, a couple of weeks before the party I’d been speaking to some of the staff in the Peterhead base about it and how I’d have to book a hotel room for the night of the party as it’s around 40 miles away from home and almost an hour in a taxi. Heather one of the Peterhead truck drivers offered to let me stay at her and her girlfriends house in the spare room. Heather is in her mid 40’s a loud and proud lesbian who always has a rude joke or a crude witty quip flowing from her mouth. Heather and I always have good banter when we cross paths, I often joked with Heather that she should let me try to cure her lesbianism, Heather would usually tell me to go fuck myself or to go have a wank and calm down. It was always in fun and as banter, Heather had been the instigator when we first started working together 10-12 years ago.Being a thrifty Scotsman i decided that buying Heather some flowers,chocolates and a couple of packs of beer was cheaper and better than a hotel room or taking a taxi 40 miles home. On the day of the party i arrived at Heather’s house a nice terraced 3 bedroom in a reasonably nice street. I was welcomed by Heather and her girlfriend Val and shown through the house, both girls telling me to make myself at home. The house had a large semi open plan sitting room and dining room leading through to the kitchen and a small bathroom on the ground floor. Upstairs were 3 bedrooms and a very nice bathroom, Heather and Val’s bedroom was at the top of the stairs and the room i was in was next to it, the doors adjacent to each other with the back bedroom and bathroom doors opposite them on the landing. The girls had prepared a meal for me and we sat down to eat shortly after i arrived. After our meal we went to get ready for the party, Val went upstairs first to shower and get ready. Meanwhile Heather and I sat and chatted and enjoyed a beer, as usual the conversation was coarse and smutty. I was next to go upstairs to shower and get ready. As i stood in the shower the bathroom door opened and Heather walked in completely naked and sat down on the toilet to have a pee, she looked at me in the shower cubical and joked “if that’s all you’ve got I’ll stick to clitty licking”. I was getting quite aroused seeing her sitting there on the toilet, her 36/38″ tits were quite perky and she had quite a nice dark bush in the vee at the bottom of her flattish stomach. My cock was starting to stir and twitch as i stared at her sitting there. Heather noticed as my cock began to swell and laughed as she wiped her pussy with toilet paper and said to me “dream on sunshine, this cunt is for dykes only”. She walked back out and left me to finish showering, my cock was now stiff so i had a quick wank thinking about Heather and her lovely body. By 7.30 we were all dressed and off we went to the party. We had a fantastic night at George’s retirement party and returned to Heather and Val’s around 1.30 am, the girls and i had had a great time. When we got in the girls decided that we should finish the beers that i had bought them. At around 2.30am we all went upstairs to bed, Heather and Val to their bad and me off kaçak iddaa to their spare room.I undressed and slipped into bed naked listening as i heard the girls speaking in the room next door, the conversation becoming more heated as they seemed to be arguing. This carried on for around 20 minutes before i heard Val screaming at Heather to “go fuck youreslf”. Seconds later my bedroom door opened and Heather whispered “are you awake”? I replied yes and Heather came into the room apologising about the noise and asking if she could share the bed with me. I said i could easily sleep on their couch and give her the bed. She told me not to be stupid and that we were friends and nothing more, As she stood there in a Harley Davidson tee shirt i could see her erect nipples poking at the material making 2 sharp points, my cock was beginning to stir. She pulled back the duvet to get into bed and remarked about me being naked and to behave myself. She kissed me on the cheek and then turned her back to me and curled her knees up towards her stomach pushing her ass out slightly towards me. I drifted off to sleep almost spooning with Heather. My dreams were interrupted by Val shouting and screaming at us as she ripped the duvet off the bed to expose me completely naked with a semi hard on almost touching Heather’s curvy ass which was clad in black full back panties. Val was shouting about Heather and me being in bed together and that Heather wasn’t being a true lesbian. As i lay there i turned over and raised my knee so that my thigh covered my cock. Val then thrust her hand out and grabbed my ball sack which was between my thighs and said to me “come on Mr truck driver let’s see if you really have balls, fuck me in front of my girlfriend”! I found this slightly arousing and also a little scary at the same time. Val’s hand was rubbing and fondling my nuts and my cock was now almost fully erect. Val was now kneeling on the bed her huge droopy tits straining the front of her white nightshirt, the dark brown of her enormous nipples straining the cotton material. I asked Val what she wanted me to do to her, and she replied that she wanted me to fuck her like i fucked Heather, i replied in a stutter that i’d never fucked Heather. Before i could really grasp the situation Val had pulled her nightshirt up over her head exposing her fulsome 42DD breasts, her big brown nipples erect and pointing at me. She ordered me to suck her tits and cupped her left one and thrust it towards my face. I started licking and nuzzling at her mammary and twisted round and slid my hands around her buttocks which were clad in cotton shorts style panties. Heather in the meantime was looking slightly bemused and sat up watching the spectacle in front of her.Val moaned and ground her round ass cheeks into my hands as i sucked and licked at her ample boobs, switching my mouth from the left one to the right one. Val shuddered and moaned as my hands worked down her cheeks into the space between her thighs and i felt the cotton going from damp to soaking wet. She then pushed head away from her chest and barked at me “lick my cunt, let’s see how good you are”. Heather by now was sitting up on the pillows her legs open and she was rubbing at the gusset in her black panties. I peeled Val’s white shorts off her big round ass to reveal a fantastic shock of ginger pubes around her vulva which was a complete contrast to her dyed electric blue hair on her head. I pushed Val down onto her back and pushed her legs apart as i buried my face in her soaking wet crotch. As soon as my tongue found her huge erect kaçak bahis clit she pushed her hairy hole hard into my face, her hips thrusting up pushing her pussy at my mouth. The juices were flowing freely from her faster than i could lick and suck, my beard and my cheeks were soaking wet. Heather in the meantime had lost her tee shirt and panties and was now kissing Val passionately on the mouth. I stopped for a breather and Heather immediately leaned over and started licking my beard and my face, murmuring about how sweet Val’s cunt juices tasted on me. Heather then pushed me away from Val’s tasty wet hole and started eating her out. I climbed over and buried my face in Heather’s ass licking and probing at her tight asshole and running my tongue down her tight labia. She spread her legs and pushed her ass up in the air letting my tongue probe in between her pussy lips. We were writhing and wriggling as we covered the bed diagonally when Val took control of the situation ordering me to fuck her sopping wet pussy as she hadn’t had a real dick inside her for over 20 years. As i slid my 6 inch rigid cock into her dripping wet snatch i felt her muscles flex and grip my shaft. Her pelvic thrusts and her flexing muscles made me cum within 2 minutes. Val twitched her cunt muscles as my balls emptied inside her, her pussy almost massaging the last of the spunk from my rapidly deflating member. Heather was all over Val and was pawing and clawing at me to get me away from Val’s now creamy hole. As soon as i withdrew my now floppy dick Heather had her face buried in Val’s copper haired cunt, licking at my baby juice oozing down between her ass cheeks, greedily slurping and licking. Val told me to straddle her face so that she could clean my knob, her mouth going to work on my limp member, her tongue working in and around my glans, her hands finding and gently massaging my nut sack twiddling my stones like they Chinese meditation balls. As Heather suck and licked at Val’s pussy Val became more urgent with her mouth on my now swelling member. Val then ordered that i should “ride Heather”, Heather lifting her grinning face out of Val’s copper crotch and croaking at me “come on then, you’ve always wanted my fanny”. My now stiff penis was almost twitching with anticipation as Heather lay back on the bed her knees bent and her legs wide open, the lips of her pussy gaping slightly, i went to bury my face in her glistening box but Heather grabbed me by the ears and pulled my face away from her crotch and ordered me to “stick it in”.Heather’s pussy was tight but well lubricated with her own wetness, my cock sliding in and out my balls slapping against her arse. As i started thrusting Heather lifted her arse to meet me, squirming and twisting slightly intensifying the pleasure for me. I told her to go easy as I’d be cumming in seconds otherwise, this seemed to inspire her to twitch and squirm even more. She had me cumming within minutes. She laughed at me and said “it’s a long time since I’ve had a shag from a bloke, I might get to like it again”. Val in the meantime was thrusting her fingers of her right hand deep into her slimy wet cunt as her left hand played with her nipples. I went to go down on Heather to cleanup her now sloppy pussy but Val pushed me off the bed and started eating Heather out. I sat on the floor almost bemused and bewildered unable to believe my luck as the girls then twisted and groaned and were now pussy lips to mouth lips with each other in a 69. I climbed back on the bed my face now firmly between Val’s ass cheeks my mouth seeking out illegal bahis her tight anus. As soon as my tongue probed at her pinkish brown rosebud Val pushed back onto me. Heather in the meantime was licking and sucking at Val’s flame haired cunt. Val shuddered and then screamed her arsehole tightening on the tip of my tongue as i licked and poked at her. With that Heather started murmuring and shaking as she too orgasmed. The girls both then said it was time for sleeping and they both climbed off the now wrecked bed and bid me goodnight. After straightening up the bed i switched off the bedside light and drifted off to sleep.I was awakened at around 9am by Val who gently tapped on the bedroom door before coming into the room dressed in a white fluffy housecoat. She sat on the edge of the bed and started apologising for her behaviour and asking for forgiveness. I told her that if it wasn’t for the mess of the bedroom and her and Heather’s night things lying beside the bed i would have thought it was one of my wildest dreams. I told her that there was nothing to apologise for as we were all adults and had done nothing we didn’t want to do. Val’s cheeks were flushed as she said that she had enjoyed it but that it wasn’t going to happen again as her loyalties were to Heather. As we sat chatting i noticed that Val’s housecoat was opening slightly and exposing more and more of her lovely legs and her ample bosom. I could feel my cock stirring and Val noticed me staring at her told me to behave as she was now off limits. I sheepishly mumbled sorry and that i was just a normal randy male. She laughed and said “this is all your getting” and pulled the duvet down and started giving me a handjob. My instincts were to reach into her housecoat to fondle her boobs, but she rebuked me saying “it’s a wank for you only, no touching me”. How could i argue with that. Val was almost clinical in her tugging and stroking bringing me to a fantastic climax. As the last of my creamy spunk oozed out of my knob Val used the bed sheet to wipe it all off me and suggested i should go shower and get dressed see her downstairs for breakfast.After my shower and getting clothed i went downstairs to the kitchen where Val had made me tea and toast, I asked if Heather was up, Val replied that they had gone back to their own bed after visiting me and had been having sex until just before Val had come to waken me. She told me that she regretted what had happened and that it was because she thought that Heather was sleeping with some of the male drivers from work that they’d had their fight. I told her about Heather coming into the bathroom when i’d been in the shower the previous afternoon and how she’d laughed at me having any thoughts about shagging her. We sat and chatted and slowly Val realised that there was nothing whatsoever going on between Heather and me other than friendly adult banter. I left for home just after 10am with Val kissing and hugging me on the doorstep whilst Heather was still sound asleep upstairs. On the Monday morning i was dropping off at the Peterhead depot and bumped into Heather, she took me aside into the canteen and apologised for her and Val’s behaviour on the Saturday night/Sunday morning. I reassured her that no apologies were necessary as we were all grownups and that no harm had been done. Here we are 3 and a half months later and Val is pregnant almost certainly with my baby, both girls are delighted as they both thought that being in their 40’s and lesbians they’d never have k**s. I’ve been getting regular updates from Heather when our paths cross at work or via whatsapp messages. They’ve asked that if it’s a boy if they can call it Duncan, I’m feeling like a million dollars that in these weird and distressing times there’s good news going around.

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