Old Women Use Sandra

Big Dick

“Lick my cunt,” said Veronica.

Spreadeagled on the hotel bed, my vision was suddenly filled with Veronica’s aged, but luscious pussy descending on to my face. She spread her pussy lips deftly, and her enflamed clit zeroed right in on my waiting tongue. She lowered her pussy down firmly on to my face, and then wrapped her hands around my head. I just knew that she was going to give me a real workout, and so was her friend Rhonda. Rhonda was kneeling between my spread, stocking clad legs. She was jabbing two fingers roughly into my pussy.

Both women were probably close to fifty, maybe even a bit older, making them about 20 years my senior. Veronica was thick set and carrying a fair bit of extra weight. Her tits were big and saggy and her belly hung down appreciably. Rhonda was taller and less thick set, but her age too cleared showed on her body. Her hair was natural red and her skin was pallid and freckly. Her belly was wrinkly and saggy, and her tits were certainly not perky. Both women were dominating my much younger and slimmer body — using me for their own filthy purposes.

I had never met Veronica or Rhonda before until today, not even seen any pictures of them, but they had contacted me through the “agency”. The instructions had been clear. I was to dress to look young and sexy, but not overtly. I was to go to a designated hotel room at a designated time, blindfold myself and lay face down on the bed. I did as requested. I always did.

After about ten minutes the hotel door opened but not a word was spoken. I heard shuffling and then the weight of the two people sit on the bed, one either side of me. I felt gentle hands massage my stockinged feet before fingers slowly and delicately traced their way up my legs and gently under my short tartan skirt. Upwards the fingers went until they were tracing the edge of my skimpy panties, and then my skirt was hiked right up. The twin pairs of hands continued to gently caress me, turning me on immensely. These two women were so gentle as they the slid my panties off. My naked bum was caressed and fingers darted gently towards my vagina only to withdraw teasingly.

Thwack…. Thwack…. Thwack…

I yelped more in surprise than anything. The mood changed in an instant. The two women were spanking me, slaps rained down on my bare bum, and the room filled with the stinging sound of spanking. I heard giggling as well as the two women continued spanking, dozens of strokes.

Thwack…. Thwack…. Thwack…

“Fuck,” I muttered involuntarily into the pillow.

“That’s enough for a little while, don’t you think Veronica?”

“Yes, let the girl say hello to us,” replied Rhonda.

“Stand up, Sandra and take your blindfold off, and say hello”

“Hello,” I said sheepishly, slightly dazed as my eyes became accustomed again to the light, and my bum cheeks were on fire from the surprise spanking.

The first thing that caught my attention was that the way the two women were dressed, they looked like ordinary middle aged women. Pleasant faces, but largely unremarkable. If you passed them in the supermarket you would be unlikely to give them a second glance and you would certainly not realise their penchant for debauched lesbian sex and their desire to dominate a younger woman.

“I’m Rhonda, and this is Veronica, and you are indeed a little cutie just like we were told”.

I nodded as I continued to size up these two. My first impressions were being reinforced. Just two average looking middle aged women who would not be out of place in an accounting firm, an IT company or a dreary government agency. I had learnt over the years though that how someone looks and how they act sexually are two different things.

Rhonda continued, “We have booked you for four hours Sandra, but if we need you for longer you will be handsomely rewarded. Veronica and I are very kinky and you will no doubt leave here a little bit sore in places. The agency said you liked kink, really liked kink, and for us that is such a turn on”.

Again, I nodded, this time with clear enthusiasm.

“Excellent, don’t let our demure looks fool you, Sandra, you will find out what soon enough what we are like,” added Veronica.

“Older men and women are always the horniest and dirtiest,” I added with a sly grin, that both women responded to with mischievous smiles and giggles.

“Why don’t you get yourself out of those clothes Sandra, and lie down on the bed,” said Rhonda. It wasn’t a question, it was clearly a statement.

I felt the hungry eyes on me as I obliged. I had already been relieved of my panties so I quickly unbuttoned my white blouse, undid and dispensed with my bra, and unbuckled my belt to let my skirt fall to the floor. Naked was ,I except for the black stockings that I had left on. The two women quickly stripped as well and Rhonda moved onto the bed to probe my pussy roughly with her busy fingers. Veronica moved over to straddle my face. This is of course, esat escort the point where we started the story — Rhonda’s fingers in my snatch and Veronica descending and sitting on my face.

Let’s continue…….

“I’m going to fuck your sweet face, my little lovely. Smother you with my old pussy. Now relax yourself and get those tongue and lips busy, the first one won’t take long at all,” said Veronica.

I was no stranger to face sitting having done it to men and women numerous times, and it being a core competency for my current profession. In fact, my face had been sat on so much, it’s a wonder that my nose still stuck out at all. I was also no stranger to older women, much older women (and men too but that’s another story). I have a bit of thing for middle aged plump women. They are indeed the kinkiest, and older women have such soaking wet pussies that can endlessly release, and even gush juices. Veronica’s pussy was one of those. Almost instantly I could feel my face was soaked with pussy juice. Veronica pushed down her vulva against my face at the same time as she lifted my head with her hands. Her movements were in perfect unison and almost on cue she would allow me a breath if I was quick enough. She had done this before… no doubt many, many times.

As promised, it didn’t take long for Veronica’s first orgasm to build. While Rhonda continued to fuck my pussy with her fingers (three now I guessed), Veronica very soon started to convulse on my face, thoroughly squishing my nose. Her epic thighs crushed against the side of my head and her pussy dragged and thrust harshly across and against my face.

The old vixen was in a frenzy as Rhonda egged her on, “Fuck her face sweetheart, facefuck her, look in to my eyes and cum Veronica…. cum Veronica……. cum on her face”.

“Ohhhhh…. fuck…… ohhhh…… fuck…… yeahhhh….,” roared Veronica, getting louder and louder until she was overcome by one last thrust that nearly pushed me through the bed and a scream in ecstasy that would have been heard on the whole floor of the hotel, more wetness flooded across my buried face.

I continued to try and lick her, but Veronica quickly got off me, her pussy no doubt needing a short break from direct stimulation. Rhonda had removed her digits from my twat.

“Look at her face and hair; you have already covered her in pussy juice,” said Rhonda.

My face did feel soaked.

“Your turn,” gestured Veronica to Rhonda.

“I think I might start with something else,” replied Rhonda and then her gaze fell on me and she added wickedly, “Sandra, I want you to lick my asshole”.

With that, Rhonda got on the bed, bought her knees up, rocked back and spread her cheeks to expose her bumhole and her pussy. I got between her legs and dutifully tongued and licked her asshole.

“Make sure you get your tongue right into her bum,” said Veronica, as she rummaged around absently in the rather large kit bag that they had brought with them.

Around and around the puckered opening I went with my tongue. Occasionally stopping and trying to dig my tongue inside. Rhonda quivered in response and Veronica moved back and started to stroke my shoulders and neck before rapping her arms around me from behind as best she could, and started to squeeze and tease my tits.

“Fuck I love having my asshole licked”, said Rhonda.

I kept licking for what seemed like an eternity, until Rhonda finally squirmed away.

“That will do asslicker, now let me fuck that pretty young smile,” she said, smirking lasciviously at me.

More face sitting was not unexpectedly on the agenda. Veronica pulled me down the bed so that my legs were off the edge, and then Rhonda straddled my head. For the second time that evening, my vision was enveloped by mature wet pussy and my face was smothered. Just like Veronica had done, Rhonda cradled my head and lifted it up to push it harder against her rocking cunt, using my pretty face as a fuck toy. My face was well and truly encased between her thighs.

“That’s it, suck my wet cunt, make me cum,” purred Rhonda.

I felt my legs being parted by Veronica and then the telltale hardness of a strap-on dildo being pushed against my pussy. It took some effort but it finally sunk in and then Veronica started to fuck me with it. With each thrust, the base of the strap-on pressured my clit wickedly.

Rhonda continued, “Fuck Veronica she’s good, she’s trying to swallow my whole pussy”.

She started to scream and her thrusting and bucking became more urgent. Her fingers became entangled in my hair and she pulled it. It didn’t take long for Rhonda to orgasm. Her cunt rampaged across my face.

“Ohhhh…. jesus…… that’s it…… fuck yeah…….. ohhhhhh…….. i’m cumming……….. ”

“Cum baby…. that’s it cum on her face….. cum on her while I fuck her,” urged Veronica.

With that Rhonda shuddered and her full weight collapsed against etimesgut escort me as she screamed in orgasm. She slumped forward as she lifted her pussy from my face and I started to gasp. I had indeed nearly been smothered by pussy, but I had no time to contemplate this much.

“I’ve only been warming you up,” said Veronica.

Veronica repositioned herself, grasped me hard and thundered into me with the strap-on. Veronica was gritting her teeth and beads of sweat were breaking out. I have learnt over the years that the most savage fucks come from women with strap-ons, and this was no exception. The dildo dug deeply into my cunt. At last, Veronica vacated my pussy, and I was disappointed as I was building to a huge orgasm.

“That’s enough of that for now my darling, we have something else in store for you now” she whispered to as she stared intensely into my eyes.

“Stand up,” ordered Veronica who then turned and spoke to Rhonda.

“Let’s give these little titties a bit of attention”.

Veronica walked to the bag on the floor and the strap-on wagged lewdly in front of her, it was covered in lube and my pussy juice. She pulled a contraption out of the bag. It was a type of vacuum pump that I had not seen before, but its purpose soon became apparent. My tits are small (32A) but I have very large nips. Without much discussion, Veronica put the tubes of the contraption on my nips and squeezed the little pump that was attached. I watched as my nips were sucked into the tubes and a little gasp passed my lips as my sensitive little buds were constricted. Enthusiastically, Veronica continued working the little pump, the pressure was now excruciating, an extreme mix of pleasure and pain.

As my eyes began to water, Veronica finally couldn’t pump anymore but there was to be no release for me from the pressure. Veronica fiddled around and as she released each valve she slid a tight rubber sleeve down the tube which nestled itself at the base of each nipple. My nipples now stood out by about an inch, maybe more, and were bright red. The rubber sleeve would keep them that way. Veronica cruelly grabbed my already tormented nips and dragged me towards her, twisting them wickedly as she did, before pushing her body firmly against me and kissing me deeply, but briefly. The strap-on poked into my belly as she did so.

“Back on the bed and spread your legs,” Veronica whispered with authority.

As I arranged myself on the bed, Rhonda delved into the kitbag and pulled out an item I did recognise instantly — a pussypump.

“Let’s make some modifications to your cunt, shall we?” asked Rhonda rhetorically.

“Make it big and puffy, I love a skinny girl with a big fat cuntlips,” added Veronica.

I was no stranger to having me pussy pumped and loved it. I was introduced to it by a kinky (and much older) boyfriend many years ago. After one session, we went to the beach and we both got turned on as I paraded around in my bikini with my fattened pussy lips bulging against the flimsy but tight material of my bikini bottoms, providing the dirty old pervs on the beach a view of the ultimate camel toe.

Rhonda expertly placed the cup of the pump on my vulva and I felt the familiar pressure as she started to squeeze the bulb slowly but very firmly. Veronica sat next to me on the bed and devilishly tweaked and twisted by distended nipples. With the twin attention being paid to my nips and pussy, my fingers were digging deeply into the bed. The pressure on my pussy was eye watering and Rhonda kept pumping mercilessly, my nipples were on fire. Finally, Rhonda relented with the pumping, but momentarily kept the cup of the pump on pussy as Veronica shuffled down to join her at my crotch.

“Look at how big her cunt is now,” offered Rhonda, as Veronica greedily peered between my legs at my pussy which was no doubt filling the cup of the toy.

“Let’s have a good look at it now,” said Veronica, and Rhonda released the valve and I let out a deep breath that I hadn’t even realised I’d been holding in.

“Lovely…… All puffed up…. You’ve got a big fat juicy pussy now Sandra,” commented Rhonda.

Rhonda wasted no time in grabbing my bulging red vulva and shaking it firmly, squeezing it hard. I yelped with the delicious sensation. Then she started to lightly spank my engorged twat with the palm of her hand. Dozens of slaps that built in intensity, I squirmed in response but Veronica wasted no times in holding my legs wide open and pinning me to the bed. Just as the spanking of my pumped pussy was becoming unbearable, both kinky old tarts relented, but I knew it would only be to do something else to my erogenous zones.

“Be a good girl and get up on all fours will you dear,” commanded Veronica.

I did as I was told, but Rhonda moved me to exactly where they wanted me to be which was to maximise the access to my pussy. Veronica had picked up the kitbag and moved it closer to her. etlik escort

“We are going to fuck your holes with some of our toys Sandra. Big ones, small ones, wicked ones, more than one. While we are doing this we are going to rub each other pussies and cum ourselves, repeatedly. You are free to cum as well, but we are going to keep fucking you when you do. No post-orgasmic respite my petal, just continual fucking,” explained Rhonda absently.

Veronica added, “Maybe an hour of it, and I’m going to spank your asscheeks as well”.

Lube was applied copiously to my throbbing pussy and the insides of my puss. Then I felt the probing slipperiness of a lubricated finger against my puckered little bumhole. My bumhole has had so much attention over the years that it is very accommodating, and it yields without much effort. Two lubricated fingers fluttered their way easily into my anal tunnel. The telltale buzz of a vibrator then filled the room, and I felt the vibrator worm its way into my engorged cunt. The noise of the vibrators mixed with other sounds of sex in the room, moans from Veronica and Rhonda and the squelching sound of digits in and on wet pussies. The vibrator felt like an average sized one and I was slowly but firmly fucked with it. Soon I felt small one at the entrance to my anal tunnel and after only minimal effort, it slid in. In perfect unison I was being double fucked. It didn’t take long for my orgasm to build, Rhonda and Veronica urged me on with various obscenities before they too climaxed again.

“Cum for us you little slut…………. Your asshole is so fucking loose you little fuck whore………. We’re going to ruin your fuckholes………… How does it feel to be used by kinky old dykes……………….. Cum for us………………Cum for us……”

Over the space of the next hour I was fucked mercilessly by these two old kink purveyors. All sorts of things rampaged in out of my pussy and bum. My puffed up pussy was stretched by some enormous vibrators and dildos as well as the ubiquitous cucumber. A half wine bottle with heavily embossed writing on the outside nearly turned my pussy inside out. I even had two average sized vibrators wedged in my overworked cunt hole, while a huge dong roughly gaped my anus, and this really tested me. The variety of ribald stimulation had me cumming numerous times. My ass was spanked to oblivion by Veronica who took to wielding a riding crop. I was a quivering heap until finally my pussy and bumhole were given some rest. Veronica and Rhonda had cum many times, and when I was invited to get up off the bed I could see two wet puddles on the floor courtesy of their overflowing old pussies. Both women made me lick their thoroughly juiced fingers clean.

We all had a short break, but I stood up as the soreness in my backside from the spanking and fucking made it a bit uncomfortable to sit down. The women ordered some room service drinks and some snacks, and we made a bit of small talk but without breaking the mood too much. After this brief interlude, the evening continued with another two hours or more of me being used by Veronica and Rhonda, more toys were jammed into my holes, my poor bum cheeks were further reddened, I was fucked with strap-ons by both women, and my face was repeatedly sat on. I even had to hold their pussy lips open while they peed into the toilet.

At one stage I thought the evening was winding down, but they had one more lewd act in store for me. These two old biddies were insatiable!

“Sandra, I assume that that very accommodating cunt of yours has been right royally fisted a number of times, is that right?” asked Veronica.

I nodded and explained that I had had quite a few fists, including some large ones belonging to men.

“Lay down on the bed again and spread your legs,” said Veronica.

I did and I watched Rhonda and Veronica thoroughly lather their hands and wrists with lube before more was applied to my pussy. Rhonda started and quickly had three fingers into my overworked pussy and then the fourth. The trick with fisting is getting the thumb in over the knuckle and a little bit of patience, and this is as much to do with the skill and experience of the fister, as well as the dexterity of the pussy being fisted. Rhonda proved extremely deft, and her fist inside me quickly as Veronica watched on voraciously. Rhonda fucked me slowly but surely with her fist, a steady rhythm, and I could feel my pussy dilating as she nearly withdrew her whole curled hand before plunging firmly back in. Finally, Rhonda withdrew and Veronica took her place between my legs.

Her fist was indeed large, larger than I initially realised, and while four fingers slipped in pretty easily, it took a little while before Veronica’s fist was lodged in my pussy. Veronica was much more vigorous than Rhonda, who had gone behind her, to rub and finger her pussy. Veronica was jamming her fist hard and deep into me. When she had plunged in deeply I felt her trying to unclench her fingers to push out against the walls of my cunt. Over and over she plunged into me and goaded me with a stream of filthy talk.

“What’s in your cunt?”

“A fist,” I replied.

“An old ladies fat fucking fist,” Veronica continued.

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