Older Next Door Neighbor Pt. 05


All persons in this story are over the age of 18

I finished cleaning up and lingered for a few minutes to gather my thoughts. I had just been blackmailed into an ongoing, incestural relationship with my mother. A mother that had seduced me only a few hours ago. I was a willing participant, sure, mostly because I was a horny virgin when I woke up this morning.

She gave me pleasure and pain. I came inside her in several ways. She had used me, and I had used her. I didn’t realize that I had kept her note so her “blackmail” was only a scare tactic. Still, did I want to make our relationship public?

I had gone from a virgin to this in a matter of hours and I still couldn’t believe it. I wanted her praise and her to call me a good boy. I wanted to be on her loving side. I was disappointed in myself when I displeased her.

We had unprotected sex. No mention of any birth control had been discussed. I had already came in her twice. She was a victim of incest from her parents and brothers when she first turned 18. Her family wanted to impregnate her with an incestural child. She escaped that life but was doomed to repeat it with her son.

That was the state of my life. What was once was pure lust for an older woman turned into an obsession that we both shared. I would be moving into this house to serve her every need. In return, she would train me to be her lover. Maybe I’d do online college. So much for my fantasy meeting young co-eds.

What I didn’t know is that both of us were searching for our roles. She was in charge for the first time and was enjoying herself a bit too much in that role. She did have difficulty reigning herself in once one of her unwritten lines had been crossed. But I was a fast learner so I would catch up. The lines were being drawn and I’d remember not to cross them. I was getting used to a submissive role that was all too easy to slide into.

The rewards of having Sharon all to myself were too great. I had thought of her for a very long time. As an awkward teen that didn’t know how to talk to girls my own age, I found a taboo shortcut that few would ever know.

Had I been older, I think I would have headed toward the door when this weird torture began. Could I just have the good parts? At that age, my cock was doing most of the thinking. My cock wanted to be inside her and I had never imagined nursing would be so hot. I left the bathroom and cautiously went back out to find her to see what the rest of the evening would be like.

I came into the living room and found her reclining on one of her couches. She motioned for me to come join her. She looked fantastic, but she was still wearing that mom robe. That robe was big, fluffy and covered her entire body head to toe. Through sideways glances and moving around to “stretch”, I could tell she was wearing panties and no bra.

Rather than jumping into another sex scene, she settled in next to me and turned on a movie. To this day I don’t recall the movie, but it was one of those Hallmark chick flick movies.

While she didn’t have sex with me, things were getting a bit more normalized. She couldn’t keep her hands off of me. What would become a normal routine was that she would stroke whatever part of my body she could easily reach. She rubbed my chest, my stomach, my arms.

I started touching her too. I would rub her legs between her robe. I got daring as time went on and tried for greater prizes, like between her legs. She would politely shoo me away and assured me that I would get my chance. I was half embarrassed and half relieved that she didn’t dole out a crazy punishment like earlier.

She continued touching me and of course my cock got larger in my pants. I desperately hoped she would notice and make me take my jeans off. I wanted her to stroke my cock. She was focused on the movie while touching my body.

She finally sensed that I was a bit bored with the movie and let me have some fun. She slouched down on the couch, parted her robe, and said, “Ok, you can touch me.” She then parted her legs and exposed her silky panties. She yalova escort didn’t take them off so she made me work for it.

Her belly also extended partially to her crotch. I didn’t realize that hardly anybody looks perfect while sitting. I moved my hand closer to her and ran my hand down the inside of her leg. I felt her inner thigh and her soft skin. My fingers grazed her soft panties.

I watched what I was doing. I put my fingers down her panties but now I couldn’t see and could only feel. I could feel her bare, shaved pussy. I could feel it’s warmth. I tried to push my finger between her folds. My mom moaned as I moved my hands between her folds. I felt her hot wet skin.

She wasn’t very wet so my touches were kind of awkward but I was determined to touch her. As I sat there with my mom, I thought about what I was doing. I was fingering my own mother’s pussy. This woman that I fantasized about was letting me touch her.

I was finally able to push my middle finger inside her and feel her wetness inside. I could see my hand twist and move underneath her panties. I stared at her body. I yearned to taste her breasts again and feel her tender touch. She caught me looking and just gave me a loving smile.

I explored her pussy for the better part of a half hour. I probed, I rubbed but it didn’t escalate in the way I wanted it to. She was just letting me have some fun. I think if she wanted to, she could have let herself become aroused.

Our movie ended and another one began when she said, “Ok, son, it’s bedtime.” I wasn’t going to argue this one. She gently took my hand away from between her legs and got up. She closed her robe and directed me to follow her.

She led me to the bedroom and lowered the lights. She undressed me. She pulled off my shoes, socks and then pulled off my jeans and under ware. My shorts had several little wet spots of precum from our time on the sofa. She looked at those and smiled.

She motioned for me to get into the bed and I hopped in hoping that she would be in right after. Instead, she watched me climb into bed and said, “Ok, young man. I have one more thing for you to do for me tonight and then it’s time for bed.”

I sat up in the bed and got excited, “Ok mom. What’s next?” Her mood was drastically different than earlier. I was hoping the punishments would be few and far between.

She continued, “I want you to tell me some intimate details about your fantasies.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Do you masturbate?”

“Yes.” I admitted, breaking her gaze.

“How often?”

“Maybe two times a day.” That was a conservative estimate.

“Do you ever think of me?”

“Yes. I do, mom.”

“Tell me what you think about.”

My mind was on the spot. I wanted to find the “right answer” but she wanted the truth. While I had much to process after today, I went back to what I thought of when stroking my cock in my bed. What did I think about as I came onto a paper towel?

“I think about you in your black bathing suit. I watched you get out of our pool several times. That is burned into my memory.”

“You mean this one?” She vanished into the walk-in closet. She dropped her robe and whisked off her panties. I got a view of her heart shaped ass as she bent over and started putting something on. She returned into the light in her black swimsuit that I had fantasized over. She came over to the bed and did a little turn so I could see her body.

“Yes, that’s the one.”

She came closer and looked into my eyes and said, “Ok, now, don’t be shy, but I want you to show me how you touch yourself.”

“You mean right here? In front of you?”

“Yes. Right here in front of your mommy.”

I was getting excited at looking at her in the bathing suit. I did want to touch myself, but I would rather have had her body in some way. I wanted to please my mom in any way possible so if this made her happy, I would do it.

I laid back on the bed. I turned my head, so I was looking at her. With my right hand I started stroking my semi hard cock. Precum on the tip had bubbled yalova escort bayan up making my head wet.

She started to get excited at my starting to stroke my cock and looked at me with great interest. I could see her wide cleavage in the bathing suit.

“What else do you think about?” she asked as she bent over.

“I think about you taking it off,” I nearly grunted. I was using two hands to stroke my cock at this point. I had cum several times today. I wasn’t going to cum that easily. My eyes were fixed on her as I stroked.

“Oh, like this?” She undid the back, so she exposed her breasts.

“Yes!” I exclaimed between strokes. She peeled off the rest of the suit and I saw her completely naked in front of me. I stared at her bare pussy. My eyes lingered on her breasts.

She got onto the bed and laid down next to me. She still allowed me to see her body but now I was focused on her breasts. They had collapsed on top of each other as she was on her side. I wanted one in my mouth. My eyes locked with hers as I slowly reached the point of no return.

Cum erupted from my cock and splattered on my chest. The next contraction sent cum into the air and landed on my stomach. The rest of the cum bubbled up and coated my right hand. I was looking into her eyes as I came, and I felt so satisfied.

She couldn’t contain herself any longer. She leaned over and held my head and kissed me. I reached out to her and touched her.

I broke the moment, “Well, aren’t you going to take care of this?”

“What you mean lick it all up and swallow it?” she asked.

“Well, uhh, yeah,” I replied. Does a streak of arrogance appear after cumming?

“Maybe another time, but for now, mommy will just clean you up,” she said while rolling over and grabbing a small towel on the nightstand. She wiped up the cum that was pooling on my stomach and spattered on my chest. Then she took the towel and allowed me to wipe it off my hand.

With me cleaned up, she got up to put the towel away and lowered the lights in the room. She got back to the bed and pulled me into her. She put my head onto her chest. She took one of my hands and put it on her right breast to hold.

Quietly she murmured, “It’s ok, mommy is here, baby. Hold your mommy.” I did hold her. Second to nursing this turned out to be the most intense bonding feeling I’d ever had.

I loved holding her breast in my hand. It was small enough to fit in my hand. I softly rubbed her nipple with my thumb. I was just playing. I didn’t want to start anything. I just wanted to finally hold her, and she held me.

She rubbed my back as I nestled in her breast. This was what I wanted. My hand wandered from her breast down to between her legs. She silently and firmly corrected me. She took my hand and put it back on her breast. I relaxed. I felt her chest move with her breath. I looked at her breast in my hand.

In a short time, I dozed myself to sleep in her arms. I processed the day’s events. I had found out who my mom really was and we had had sex. But not in that order. We had begun a relationship that could only be described as incest. She had made it clear that she wanted things her way. I was learning what that meant.

I had done some things earlier in the day that set her off. Clearly, she was still dealing with the trauma of her upbringing. She turned 18 and everything changed. I had triggered her and denying her motherhood was a big one. All I knew that again, I wanted her every day. I wasn’t about to fight any blackmail she had going. I should keep that note though, just in case.

I slept through the night, but I awoke before dawn with a raging erection. I was no longer sleeping on her breast but on my side away from her. She was also sleeping on her side away from me. I rolled over and pressed my body into hers.

My cock was buried in her lower back and her ass. I pressed my hips into hers and enjoyed her softness as I pressed my hard cock into her. The second time I pressed into her she woke up with a start.

She had the light sleeper instinct of a mom. She escort yalova was awake in a flash and rolled over. She grasped my cock in her hand and said, “Oh my goodness, my boy needs me.”

She rolled me over on my back and got on top of me. In the dim light, I could see her small breasts stretch out and hang over me. Her nipples were still large but I was amazed at how different they looked from this angle. I reached up and held her.

“Does it hurt, honey? Mommy will make it better,” she said.

She straddled me and eased her way down on my hard cock. She guided my cock inside her slowly. I tried pushing right away but she slowed me down. I felt the head of my cock slowly push inside her. I couldn’t have pushed myself in without my mom’s help. She knew exactly how to guide me in.

The head of my cock was wet with the inside of her pussy. Slowly she moved further and further inside as her wet pussy lubricated my hard cock. After what felt like forever, I was finally all inside her.

As she came up, I tried to use my hips to slap into her, but she shushed me to sit still. She whispered, “Stop. Slow down. Let mommy do the work.”

I did what I was told. I was looking up at her beautiful breasts and enjoying watching them move with her movement. I let her fuck me and it was amazing.

“I love my cock inside you, mom.”

“I love my boy inside me. Tell me you are going to fill me with your seed.”

“Mom, I’m going to fill you up!” Our eyes were locked, and I had not even noticed that she was touching herself as she rode me. Mini orgasms radiated from her pussy as my cock went deep inside her.

“Momma wants to have your baby!” She cried this out as the mini orgasms got stronger and I felt my cock get wetter. My hands grasped her breasts as I came inside her.

I felt my cum shoot out of my cock and inside her already wet vagina. By the second and third contraction of my cock pumping her full of my seed, I could already see my cum dripping out of her and on to me.

My cock was still contracting but no more cum was to be had. She pulled herself off of me and laid beside me. She spread her legs.

A pool of cum and her juices lay at the base of my cock. My cock was glistening with my own cum and her beautiful wetness.

“Mommy has to clean you up again, you dirty boy,” she said in a motherly way. I just sat back and enjoyed what she was about to do. She took a glob of cum in two fingers and pushed it into her wet vagina. I was hoping she was going to swallow it down.

“Can’t waste a drop if my son is going to get me pregnant,” she added. A son impregnating his own mother. I thought of this as my semi hard cock still twitched and oozed cum. She helped herself to another dollop of cum. I had no idea if that would do any good, but it seemed legit.

“I’ll cum in you every day until I do get my mommy pregnant,” I said.

“And every day after that too. You are such a good boy,” she added.

She held me close and I reached for her breast. This was the true beginning of our relationship. We were an incestuous mother and son team. She had resisted her urges to continue her family tradition of sleeping with her brother and father. That resistance had only grown over the years and finally exploded in an urge to procreate with her only son.

I wondered if her family was still around. Her mother would be in her 60’s by now at least. I wondered what she looked like. Would she like to meet her grandson someday? Would she embrace that past or keep me all to herself? Maybe I’d find out soon enough.

For now, I was content to soon be nursing from my own mother. I looked forward to watching her get pregnant and watching her body change. I had wild thoughts about maybe they would be twins. A boy and a girl. I was certain it would all work out.

She sat up and got the nursing pillow and I got into position. I moved with ease under her breast. I latched on hoping for a quick squirt of milk but I had to work at it. I didn’t care if I got milk or not.

I enjoyed watching her face change as she built up her own orgasm just from my suckling. She reached down and stroked my cock as I was attached to her breast. After several long minutes she came and I could feel the heat from her.

There was no place that I would rather be.

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