One Lucky White Boi–Chapter 8–The Last Dance


One Lucky White Boi–Chapter 8–The Last DanceOne Lucky White Boi—Chapter 8—The Last DanceLife had pretty much got back to normal. We finally got Caleb moved out—he got an efficiency apartment down in mid-town, right near the diner. He had done pretty good during the summer, and had enough to live on now for about a year. Dustin kept him on the yard crew—said he was doing really good. It had rained about half the week, so we decided to play ‘catch up’ on the yards, and work Saturday. It was pretty typical—hot, muggy, and Dustin almost got overheated. Back at the house, in a pouring sweat, he decided to lay down and take a nap. Caleb had come over with us, as we planed to maybe cook out later. Dustin heads for the basement, and Caleb goes for his old room for both to nap out. I’m just fooling around in the kitchen, kinda doing some prep with the hamburger meat, and the baked beans, and potato salad. I decided to head for the basement myself, and take a shower—I was pretty sweated up myself and really funky 🙂 Upon exiting the shower and toweling off, I just stand there for a minute, admiring my lil bro. He had grown up to become quite the stud. He had just turned 25 back at 4th of July, and I had hit ‘middle age’ turning 30 back in May. Sprawled out on the bed, on his belly, I admired his hard tite hairy ass, and his thick muscular thighs. In only took a couple of minutes before I felt my dick twitch, and looking down observe the slight string of fuck juice dripping from my piss slit. Unable to resist, I walk over and very carefully lie down beside him, not wanting to wake him from his nap. He was still hot as fuck—I could feel his body heat as I direct my nose to his pits. Like his big bro—he was pretty bushy, and was still güvenilir bahis moist from the days heat. I pull in a deep slow sniff of his strong man funk, instantly making my dick jerk again. Slowly inhaling his ripe stink, I began playing with the hairs on my balls. As I gradually start to stiffen up, it’s clear that I had already passed the point of no return—so carefully easing down to between his thighs, and without otherwise touching him, I gently place my nose right at the center of his crack. Oh—he was loud ! Prolly hadn’t showered up in a couple of days, now adding today’s fresh supply of sweat, like his pits—his ass crack was wet from the days intense heat. Running my nose softly up and down his ripe stinkin hairy crack, the monster quickly fills up, and in just moments I’ve now swelled up the full vein poppin 11” fuck stick. Even his hairy hard mounds are moist from the sweat, and the heat from his ass could almost cook an egg :)Desiring more, I gently stick out my tongue, and slowly run it into his crack, gently tapping on his hole, where now I’m at the ‘good stuff’. Ripe was just not the word—lil bro smelled and tasted like a locker room—rich, dirty, and hot !I caress his hole, savoring the strong taste of his man stink, and dick continues to harden, leaking profusely now from my slit. Deeper I probe with my tongue, to get at the slime that’s just inside—that’s the stuff that truly got me worked up. Grabbing my dick now, I begin to gently stroke up it’s awesome thickness, and I coat my tongue with his ripe rich ass slime. It never took long eatin out my lil bro to send me over the edge, but I held back as hard as I could. After just a few minutes, lil bro finally stirs, and slowly rolling over onto his back, güvenilir bahis siteleri softly mumbles “I’m gonna spill”. Realizing that I have wakened him, I just move up, and take down his whole 9” of pulsating meat to the back of my throat. I only got a few motions of up and down his thick cock before he busted. “Spill” was an understatement—Dustin begin to volley like a water hose. Blast after blast he slings down my throat—just like his big bro—hot thick gooey goodness. He always had a slight sweetness to his juice, and I easily swallowed him down, relishing at my prize—that so many had paid so dearly to get. In just moments, of course, I raise up on my knees, and grabbing my thick monster, aiming for his face, blast my own thick load of rope after rope across his face, chest, and belly. Even at 30 now, I was still shooting way more than the average Joe, and left a creamy coating all over his torso. As it began to drip down his ribs and abs, I began licking my junk from his still sweaty torso—slowly climbing to his face, capturing the bulk of my awesome load. Licking my lips, and staring him in the eyes, Dustin just smiles. Sometimes just the look says way more than any words. I climb off the bed to return to the upstairs, and Dustin just rolls over to resume his nap. Reaching the top, I glance over at his old room, and there’s Caleb, sprawled out in the exact same fashion 🙂 Hmmm—-2nd corse ??Creeping into the room, I repeat the same process, and gently climb down to between Caleb’s smooth silky thighs. In like fashion as only a few minutes ago, I plant my nose right into his crack, and rub it up and down, whiffing up his manly stink, just as I had done lil bro. I place my hands on his hard muscular mounds, iddaa siteleri and ever so gently spread him open, then dive my tongue into his ripe greasy hole.Not quite as loud as Dustin, he still had a rich sweaty funk built up in his ass from the days heat, and I lapped up his sweetness like an ice cream cone. In similar fashion, it only took a few moments for him as well to roll over, and directing his 8” of throbbing meat towards my lips, I engulf him.Tensing up his abs, and arcing upwards, Caleb blows an intense load into my mouth, quickly filling me. I swallow down most, but let a bit drip out to puddle n his pubes. Caleb subsides, and remains just laying there on his back. I slowly stand up from the bed, and just giving him a wink, finally return to the kitchen. I start mixing and tossing up a salad, and a fresh brew of tea. About an hour later, both Dustin and Caleb appear in the kitchen, and I pour them up a glass. Mostly just mumbling, and not really saying to much, I announce that I think I’ll take the dirt bike out for a romp in the mud. Even though I had just cleaned up, I felt energized for some reason, prolly from all the protein I had just eatin, and needed to work it off. Walking out to the garage, the two follow me. I change out to my moto pants, sliding into them freeballin. No shirt, but putting on the chest protector, then sit down and slide on my moto boots. Both compliment me on how hot I looked, and I just smile. Finally I hop up on the bike, and with just two kicks fire it up. I revv up on the gas a couple of times, then just like normal, pop it into first, and go charging down the driveway for the street. The last thing I remember was the faint sound of Dustin’s voice through the helmet—- “MATTHEW——-WATCH OUT”!!!!!!STAYED TUNED !! As we, after nearly three years of writing, and nearly 100 chapters of the Lucky White Boi saga—including Jock Tales, Skate Park Adventures, and Hustler, to it’s intertwining, ball busting, plot twisting conclusion !!

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