One Took Over The Cuckold’s Bed – Part XII


Sue decided to contact Paulo inside the boutique. She was unsure of what colour he preferred so she took pictures of some and sent them to him with a text message. Moments later he rang her back. ‘That red and black one looked nice’ he told her.“It’s Rick’s treat by the way. It’s a thank you for all the hard work you are doing.”I could hear his voice and his laughter at the other end. Sue said, “Paulo says it’s not hard work at all. It’s very pleasurable but he thanks you all the same.”I smiled as she continued speaking to him. “They have matching panties too and I expect you’ll want me to wear black stockings as well.”He said something to her and she passed on the message that he liked fishnet stockings. He also told her that Maria was taking the afternoon off tomorrow and she wondered if Sue would like to have lunch with her and her partner Ramona. “She thought you might like a girlie day out.”“I’d love to,” Sue told him before she ended the call to continue shopping.I followed her round carrying the shopping basket as she shopped. I had heard about how some cuckolds like to help their wives buy lingerie for a date. Some even helped them bathe and dress. I honestly never expected to be in that position but here I was with a basket containing not just one Basque but two as well as a few pairs of panties and stockings. At the check-out almanbahis şikayet an assistant of a similar age to us served us. She smiled as she carefully folded each garment and placed them into a bag. “You’re from England then are you?”Sue nodded. “You sound British yourself,” she said.The woman then went on to explain that she had married a Portuguese man and moved here. “It was a holiday romance and the marriage didn’t last long but I stayed,” she told us. “I like it here. I have a partner and a son.”“We’re on holiday here too. Trying to see much of the real Portugal rather than concentrate on the tourist part.”“No children in tow?”Sue smiled. “They’ve grown up and are at university now.”The woman laughed. “Having some us time then?”Sue smiled, “You could say that.”“Oh?”“We’re over here staying with my boyfriend,” she said quietly.The woman stopped and looked at her as if waiting for a sign that she was just joking. But we both held our composure. “You’re serious aren’t you?”Sue smiled, “Yes.”“Well bugger me,” she retorted. “You read about these things going on but you never expect to come across it.”Sue smiled. “You could say we’re living it,” she said.“Living the bloody dream you mean,” the woman responded as she finished off packing. “Well good for you.”She looked me up and down more closely. “You married almanbahis canlı casino a modern man, hey?”Sue laughed, “Well I don’t know about being a modern man but Rick has always wanted me to cuckold him so with the kids off our hands now I thought ‘why not’.”The woman smiled, “Well good for you,” she repeated again before turning to me once more. “And is she doing a good job?”I felt a little embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. Sue stepped in. “Well there’s been no complaints from him so far and if there were… well it’s too late now.”The woman laughed quite loudly and shook her head as she took the credit card from my hand. She was still shaking her head a few moments later when she handed me back my card and the receipt. “Is he a local guy?” she asked Sue quietly.Sue smiled and nodded.“Well just before you go back tell him to pop in sometime.”Sue shook her head and laughed, “Sorry but I have plans for him after our holiday.”“Greedy bugger,” the woman replied with laughter.She was still laughing and shaking her head a few moments later as we walked away hand in hand. We were still holding hands a while later as we walked around the market. It had been a long time since we had been as close as this. Our holidays of the past had nearly always included the children and our only time together had been at night but almanbahis casino it was different now. There was only ourselves to think about.We bought a few things to take back home for ourselves but we also found presents for Gemma and John and our parents, later we found place to have lunch and we dined outside shaded from the direct sunlight. Sue phoned Paolo as we relaxed after our meal and they chatted for a while in low tones. The looks on her face told me that they were talking dirty to each other. It reminded me of times long ago when we would do the same, talk softly and intimately arousing ourselves for later.When she finally finished she told me that Maria would meet us in the car park in about thirty minutes. “It just gives me enough time to get something for Paulo,” she said with a smile.“Oh?”Sue leant forward and whispered in my ear. “There’s a shop not far from here that sells uniforms for the older school girl.”I was puzzled.“I’ve been a naughty girl remember?”I caught on. “You mean Paulo… “She smiled. “Paulo wants me dressed like a sixth former, white blouse, black pleated skirt, black socks and white knickers.”I was slightly shocked. “He might hurt you, you know?”She smiled. “I hope so,” she responded quietly. “He’s promised to make my bottom very red.”“But… ““Come on drink up,” she said getting to her feet.“But I thought that the Basque was for tonight.”She smiled again. “No, that’s for Friday night. We’re doing the filming that night.”I was gobsmacked.“Oh,” she said as we walked away. “There’s a change of plan too. Simon’s mate is doing the filming.”

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