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None of what you are about to read actually happened. ******* If you enjoy my story or any others on the Nifty site, please show your appreciation and donate what you can afford. ******* Finally, thank you again to my editor, Jim. ********************* Athol drained his glass again. He waggled it at me, “Top up? And please, can we speak about something else? This is supposed to be a celebration.” I refilled his glass. “So did Harding say when Theodora will be allowed back to the Castle with the baby?” Athol smiled, “Are you getting all broody?” I winked, “I can’t say I am not excited to have our Grandkid around the place, can you?” Athol smiled, “You know I am.” ********************** GUY’S I AM GIVING YOU A HEALTH WARNING HERE I WROTE IT IN TEARS � YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ************************ Operation Pied Piper � Part 125c � In the Midst of Life we are in Death Davy takes up the story Theodora was considered well enough to come home three days later. Forts, Dima, Harding, and I picked her up in one of the Rolls. She still looked tired, but happy. As we approached the Castle, we all laughed. Athol had hoisted the Imperial Standard of the newest Grand Duke, Prince Draco. I had even joked to Forts that we would need to get a second flag pole installed at Pittodrie, so both the flags could fly at the same time. We pulled up to the usual crowd, whooping and clapping, all desperate to catch a glimpse of Forts’ son. That still smarted, if I am honest. We had all piled into the staffroom for yet more Champagne. And there was me thinking there was a war on. As much as Theodora kept involving me and getting me to stand alongside her and Forts, I kept drifting to the periphery. A couple of times she spotted my sad eyes, “Davy, I will be gone soon, out of your lives forever.” How prophetic. Theodora moved Draco into her room in Forts and my apartment. Archie had secured a beautifully carved oak cot; a gift from him and Athol. Maureen brought over a bag of Aaran’s old baby clothes. I am sure Theodora didn’t want them, but she smiled and enthusiastically accepted them. Milner had abandoned his dark room work on the joining ceremony photographs and was once more to be found busy snapping away. He did a couple of beautiful portrait shots of Theodora with Draco in her arms. How grateful we would be for those, later. I suppose the only one that upset me was the ‘perfect family’ shot; Forts, Theodora and Draco. Little Draco had a good set of lungs on him, and several times during that first night, I awoke to his cries. I quickly realised Forts was already up and through in Theodora’s room, helping her with him. I hated the attention she was getting. The sooner she was gone, the better! I had lain waiting for ages for him to return, each passing minute turning the green-eyed monster screw another turn. What was wrong with me? He seemed totally taken by surprise at my reaction and in hindsight, didn’t deserve one of the words I snapped at him. His sad eyes as he asked me why I hadn’t come through didn’t warrant my venomous response. Then I lay there ignoring his advances, as he tried to make up; just through spite. I began to think, it wasn’t only Gary who needed to see the ‘trick cyclist’, I should book an appointment too, before I destroyed everything. The next morning, Theodora slipped in to our room after Forts had left to look after the horses. The first thing I knew was I could hear the sound of a baby stirring. It took me a little while to realise it was actually lying beside me. Surprised, ankara escort I sat up, “Hello Draco, how did you get here?” I glanced up into the eyes of Theodora. “I thought he might like to get into bed with his Dad.” He was only a few days old, but he appeared to be reaching up to me with his little arms. I swallowed hard as I looked at him through rapidly blurring eyes. I picked him up and hugged him, offering him my pinkie to suck on. Theodora climbed on to the bed. She let out a little yelp and gave a pained expression. “Theodora, are you okay?” “Yes. It’s just a ladies’ thing, following the birth.” “Well, make sure you speak to Harding about it.” She nodded. She lay watching me with Draco. I could sense she wanted to say something. I looked up, “What?” “Davy, I am worried about you. You seem distant again, since Draco’s birth. I haven’t upset you, have I?” I blushed, “No, no, of course not.” She glanced downwards, “You know he loves you, Davy. Please, he is just excited about Draco.” “I know, we are fine.” I lied. “Davy, I heard you arguing last night after he left from helping me.” I couldn’t speak. I just gave Draco a cuddle. “Davy, you have nothing to fear from me. Soon I will be gone, just as soon as I have my strength back.” I still had no idea what to say to her. She stroked my hand, “Would you like to take Draco out for a walk in his pram. I am feeling a bit tired and could use the time to have a lie down.” She looked at me expectantly. I bit my lip, I wished I was as strong as she, “Theodora, I would love to.” * Twenty minutes later, I was in the courtyard, pushing Draco in his pram. I felt ten feet tall as I walked in the sunshine, a soft cooing coming from the pram. “I know a couple would love to see you.” I changed direction and headed for the stables, the wheels on the pram spinning nosily on the cobbles as we entered. “Davy!” “Hi Darling.” Forts threw down the pitchfork he was carrying and hurried over. “You have Draco with you.” He leant into the pram, “Hi little fella, are you out for a walk with your Daddy?” Grinning, he turned to one of the loose boxes, “McPhee, come and see who has come to see us!” “Well, actually, I brought him to meet Pegasus and Daphne.” Forts beamed, “Hang on, I will get them.” “Hi Davy… Hello Draco.” McPhee brushed himself down and then peered into the pram, and began making those baby noises all adults seem to make. I felt a nudge in my back, “Hey Pegasus, have you come to see your new Prince?” That horse definitely understood everything said to him, he began to nod his head and stamped his foot. “Okay, but gently.” You won’t believe me but he moved closer and peered into the pram. He glanced back and called Daphne forward and the two of them peered at baby Draco and did that horsey breathing thing, both of them breathing in Draco’s breath. Forts clapped Pegasus on the back, “What do you think fella, does he look like his dad?” Pegasus stepped backwards and nudged Forts, snorting. Forts moved back to the pram, “It won’t be long before you can help McPhee and me out here.” We all chuckled. “So where are you off to next?” I adjusted the pram hood. “I am not sure, just a walk round.” Forts looked sad, “I wish I could come.” “Forts go. I can finish off here.” McPhee picked up the pitchfork. “That wouldn’t be fair.” “Don’t be daft, off you go. You and Davy take your son for a morning stroll.” A huge smile flashed onto Fort’s face. “Hang on, Davy, while I put these two away and grab my jacket.” I think Pegasus was all for coming with us, Forts had a bit of a struggle getting him and Daphne back into their boxes. He grabbed his jacket, “Ready!” I kissed his cheek, “Do you want to push?” He grinned and kissed me, “No, you can do that. There will be plenty of time for me in the future.” * I am not sure how long we were out walking. “Isn’t that Robert?” Forts looked, “Yes. He is on his own, I wonder where Dima is?” “Hi chaps, found you. Theodora asked me to remind you that Draco will need to be fed soon.” I had completely forgotten about that. * A pattern developed over the next few days, Theodora stepping back and insisting Forts and I look after Draco. I was overjoyed and treasured every moment; everything seemed so perfect. I barely noticed, being so caught up in my own happiness, that by the end of the week, Theodora was a lot quieter. On the Friday morning, Denis had sent for Harding escort ankara before even waking us. He admitted her straight into the hospital. The joy of the week went on hold as Forts, Dima, and I headed to the hospital to be with her, Maureen assuming the role of looking after Draco. *** Davy continues the story Professor Harding held Theodora’s wrist; checking for a pulse. Then he shook and bowed his head, his eyes closed. His voice was barely audible, “Dima, Forts, Davy, I am so sorry. She’s gone.” As we all sat stunned, opened mouthed, Harding’s emotions bubbled to the surface. All the stress and supreme efforts of the last week had counted for nothing. Harding began sobbing. He dropped to his knees next to the bed, his hand pulling and holding Theodora’s to his forehead. As his breakdown was complete, he sobbed, “We tried everything. Oh Princess, I am so sorry.” Dima didn’t speak, he just stood and left the room, throwing down the icon Forts had given him. For the last two days, since Theodora had gone into the coma, he had sat tightly clutching it, praying earnestly to ‘Our Lady of Kazan’. He had barely spoken to anyone else. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what was going through his head. He had lost his sister, soulmate, and lover. Forts went to stand, I put my hand on his arm, “Best leave him,” he nodded and remained seated. We stared at each other in a surreal daze, both trying to grasp the enormity of those two words, “She’s gone.” One of the other doctors moved forward and helped Harding to his feet. Harding, his face tear streaked, turned to Forts, shaking his head, barely getting the words out as he was led from the room, “I am so sorry.” Forts didn’t reply, he just shuffled his chair closer to the side of the bed and put his head on to her lifeless chest, clasping her hand nearest to him tightly. I moved next to him and put my arm round him. He looked up, tears rolling down his cheeks. His mouth moved, but no words came out, he just turned back and put his head back on her chest, quietly crying. Mercifully, Theodora had slipped away without pain, never awakening from the coma that finally gave her shattered, exhausted body peace. * What had happened, how had we gotten here? Was this all just a bad dream? I think I was still stunned and felt terribly guilty. God forgive me, I had prayed many times for her to be out of our lives, and now she was dead. I couldn’t reconcile my feelings with how kind she had been over the last few days, and I never got a chance to thank her. And now in front of me, the love of my life was breaking his heart. I wished I could take back all I had said and wished. But real life doesn’t give you second chances like that. I rubbed Forts’ back, he looked up at me, tears rolling down his cheeks. His sobbing tore into my heart. I don’t think it is humanly possible to watch your soulmate cry, to know that he is hurting, and not cry with them. We sat there by her bed and sobbed loudly in each other’s arms. * Less than three weeks ago, with Theodora heavily pregnant, we had a slow dance together at our ceremony, joking that it was my first dance with my son to be… Now she was dead. Just two weeks ago, with Forts also lying in the same hospital following a fall from Pegasus, Theodora had been admitted as her blood pressure soared and the baby was induced. Draco was the name she gave to the baby boy. He had been safely delivered after a long and brutal labour. Harding and several other doctors had been in constant attendance. Forts, Dima and I had also been there too, throughout the delivery, as per Theodora’s wishes. It had been a magical moment of relief when we all heard the baby’s first cry. I remembered glancing at Forts; he looked so happy. Forgive me God, I hated her at that moment… Now she was dead. Then, sitting while Forts picked up the baby and declared it to be his, bless him, he had hesitated and looked at me. I, of course, nodded, telling him to pick up his son. But I hated every second… Now she was dead. To the eternal shame of my thoughts at the time, Theodora had called me forward and had Forts hand the baby to me, telling me to “Say hello to your son.” That girl had more dignity and compassion than I ever would. I felt so ashamed. Now she was dead. After the birth, everything had been looking fine. The bouncing baby boy was doing well. Theodora, not unsurprisingly, exhausted, but we were told ankara escort bayan that was to be expected. None of the doctors had any concerns, all seemed well. Three days later, Theodora and Draco came back to the Castle. She was still exhausted, but looked so happy with the new baby. Again, she had involved both Forts and me in changing nappies etc. Maureen, who you remember, had moved into the castle with Arran and offered to help. It was obvious Theodora and she were fast on the way to becoming good friends too. It had been on the Friday morning nearly a week ago that things changed. She developed a fever. Harding immediately had her transferred to hospital, it was later that the first real concerns were raised. It rapidly became apparent that evening, Theodora had an infection in her pelvis as she deteriorated fast. Harding was staying by her side. Forts, Dima and I dropping everything, went too. Maureen stepped up to the plate and offered to look after Draco until Theodora was well enough to come back to the Castle. Harding wasn’t taking any chances and immediately secured some of the relatively new sulphonamide drugs, which he administered straight away. Alas, the expected and prayed for recovery never came. On the fourth day, with her body wracked by fever and shivers, Theodora had lapsed into a coma. Harding had spoken to us all, advising that the only thing he could now recommend was the very new drug, Penicillin, and that, only if he could get a supply. Forts typically had jumped up, barking at him to get it, no matter what the cost, sobbing, “Just save her!” The drugs had arrived that morning by a special courier from London. Theodora was given the first dose as soon as it arrived, but it was too late. * Forts and I sat by her bedside until early evening, when Harding came back with a nurse. He looked dreadful, he came and put a hand on each of our shoulders, “Chaps, we have to let the nurses take care of Theodora now. Come on, let me take you back to the Castle.” Forts stood nodding, he picked up the icon discarded by Dima and placed it on the pillow by Theodora’s head, then reached for the orthodox cross he wore constantly now round his neck and removed it. He kissed it and, with the nurse’s help, wrapped the chain round Theodora’s wrist and placed the cross in her hands. He leant forward, kissed her forehead, just managing to get out the words, “Goodbye, my love.” He turned to me and took my hand, and we left the room. * The news had already reached the Castle by the time we got back. Athol and Archie met the three of us, Harding, Forts, and I, at the castle entrance. What could they say? They just hugged us all. “Come on, let’s get inside.” Forts looked awful, “Dad, where’s Dima and his mother?” “They are upstairs. I have had rooms made available for them here. “Draco?” “Forts, don’t worry, Maureen is looking after Draco.” I felt Forts tense, “Where?” Athol put his arm round Fort’s waist, “They are both here in the castle too. Until… We can sort something out.” * First, we called in and saw Dima and his mother. Both were distraught, I don’t know how Forts held it together as Theodora’s mother thanked him for everything he had done. Next, we both went to kiss Draco goodnight. Then Forts insisted his cot was moved into our room against everyone’s advice and pleas, that we needed to rest. The cot was moved. Marcus made up Theodora’s bed and Maureen moved into it for the night. Neither Forts nor I slept. I think we were both in shock and stunned by the sudden change in events, joy followed by tragedy. The new day would bring the reality of the situation home hard. ********************** Folks, I really hope you’re enjoying the story. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your feedback with observations and suggestions. Please email me to let me know. Blackscar. 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