Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 39 IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: There are references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html ———————————————————————- `He needs a serious talking too, after him Forts’ Archie barked, Forts glanced at Archie, he looked confused, I looked over too, Forts glanced at me, then back at Archie `I am joking son, I am joking’ Archie patted Forts on the back, it suddenly dawning on him, Forts was still at the reins, his face erupted into a huge grin. `Bloody well done you, you really are a natural with horse Forts, well done son’ ***************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 39 Davy picks up the story I don’t know which of the three of us looked glummer in the taxi; leaving the farm had been awful. When we had got back from the wagon ride Mr MacDonald had seemed unsettled, he had wanted to speak to Archie about something; but he seemed unable or didn’t want to do it with Forts and me there, in the end both of them were on edge. I had waited in the kitchen, while Forts had gone off to see Morag and Daphne, he came back in tears and very quiet, I tried to comfort him, but it didn’t make much of a visible difference. Mr MacDonald and Archie had continued with their awkward communication dance; every now and then, Mr MacDonald would glance at me, his face instantly changing to a smile, as he mouthed `you okay?’; so different from the deep in-depth concentrated face, and staccato speech they were communicating in; they seemed to be getting annoyed with each other. Once the taxi arrived; Forts and I had hugged Archie and thanked him for an amazing couple of days, we both had tears in our eyes as we went out to sit in the taxi. This gave Athol and Archie space to say goodbye and for Athol to tell him what was worrying him; we hoped. We sat in the taxi, looking out at the farm house and farm yard; waiting for Mr MacDonald. The taxi driver was a grumpy sod, soon beeping his horn. `The meter is running; the meter is running’ He repeated like a demented parrot, while tapping it with his finger `And it’s wasting my petrol’ He added gruffly, for good measure. Forts had gone back to the house and Mr MacDonald came out and waved, mouthing two minutes. Forts got back into the taxi `What’s happening? Forts shrugged his shoulders, as the taxi driver started beeping his horn again, the farmhouse door flew open, whatever was being said between Athol and Archie had now got quite heated, Archie came out of the house behind him, looking very concerned, calling after Athol, to wait and that he was coming back to the Castle too, they ended up back in the house, the taxi driver began beeping the horn again. Mr MacDonald had come storming out of the house, tears rolling down his face. `Oh sorry, I didn’t realise it was you, MacDonald. Good Morning, My Lord’ I tended to forget that Athol was a Lord, he was always so informal. The taxi driver; realising his faux pax; seemed to go into melt down, he touched his hand to his cap and was fumbling his words. Athol however wasn’t up for conversation, he nodded curtly and then barked at the driver to get on then, as he was in such a hurry; the car lurched forward, stalling. `Sorry, your Lordship’ He stammered again, as Athol raised his eyebrows. Forts and I exchanged sideways glances; but said nothing. I distracted myself by looking and waving back through the rear taxi window at Archie; it was obvious that Archie was red eyed too, he had waved and then abruptly gone back into the house. The journey back to the Castle, was made in silence. Forts had tried once on the journey to find out what the problem was `Mr MacDonald, is everything okay, if there anything Davy and I can help with? Mr MacDonald, had half smiled at us both. `No, it’s okay lads, just something I have to sort out’ He then went back to looking out the window, as did Forts and I. Forts and I followed Mr Mac up to the staff room, he stopped at the kitchen door and asked a smiling Mr Duncan for coffee and some biscuits and then headed straight into the staff room. `Oh, hello Gary,…Brookmeyer, am I interrupting something? Mr Morris stood up, so did Brookmeyer. `Athol, Forts, Davy, your all back safely, marvellous, have a nice time? As I said Mr MacDonald was not in the mood for pleasantries; he must still be upset with Archie, I thought to myself. Mr Mac, turned to speak `Brookmeyer, what are you doing in here? Brookmeyer glanced at Mr Morris. `I invited him in, Athol, I do hope that is not a problem? Mr Morris replied. `Only Masters and Prefects, from now on please’ Mr Morris nodded; Mr Mac turned to Brookmeyer `Goodbye,…Brookmeyer, close the door behind you’ Brookmeyer glanced at Gary again, Gary nodded towards the door, Brookmeyer’s face dropped, he looked pissed off, he stormed out glaring at Forts and me, the door, slammed behind him. Mr MacDonald, flew at the door, yanking it open. `Get back here now, who the bloody hell do you think you are? Mr Morris got out of his chair; concern and surprise written all over his face. `Athol’ `It’s Mr MacDonald, in front of the boys’ Mr MacDonald barked. Mr Morris; looking shocked at this put down, practically bowed as he moved backwards, Brookmeyer appeared at the door. `Don’t you ever slam a door near me again out of temper, see me later, for two hours of detention’ Brookmeyer went to speak as the door was closed in his face. Forts and I stood silently, then Forts spoke quietly `Would you like us to leave too Mr MacDonald? `No boys, I want to have a chat about a couple of ideas I have’ Mr Morris, having recovered himself, stood up again, his face unreadable, although his voice was full of sarcasm. `You obviously have a bit to catch up on after your weekend away together, would you like me to leave? `If you have something to get on with, don’t let me stop ankara escort you’ Mr MacDonald’s face remained unyielding, to my ears, he was bordering on being rude, Mr Morris nodded and began walking for the door. `Later then’ He stopped in front of Forts, smiling, he adjusted Forts Prefect badge and patted his arm. `Lovely to have you back Drageon, come and see me later’ Forts nodded, Mr Morris, walked past me without a word as if I didn’t exist and left the staff room, closing the door quietly behind him. I glanced at Forts, whispering. `You’re not going to go, are you? `No, of course not, he will have to come and find me’ Mr MacDonald sat down, rubbing his forehead, he looked very troubled. `Are you okay, Sir? I couldn’t stop myself asking. My next question was interrupted by a gentle knock on the door, it opened slowly. `Coffee and biscuit’s, Mr MacDonald’ Mr Duncan, hurried in and placed the tray on a small table, his eyes never leaving Mr MacDonald, he hovered and then spoke. `I hope, I did the right thing coming to speak to you’ Mr MacDonald, glanced up smiling, then glanced at us, he gave a slight shake of his head. `I will speak later Gregor, thank you for the coffee and biscuits’ Mr Duncan, obviously understood the signal not to speak further in front of us; what was going on? Mr MacDonald glanced at his watch as if confirming the chiming of the cabinet clock. `Gregor, sorry, I know your busy, I am expecting the Finlay Montrose, Chaplain for the Clan MacDonald about now, when he arrives can you have him brought straight in? Oh, and remember your p’ and q’ he is a Minister of the Church of Scotland. Mr Duncan nodded and blushed, he backed out of the room, closing the door behind him. Mr MacDonald rubbed his brow again; I don’t think I had ever seen him this agitated before. He poured out three coffees and indicated for us to join him on the couches. He looked to Forts, he was so desperately trying to smile and be upbeat; but he wasn’t quiet pulling it off. `Drageon, so, do I hear right from Archie, you want to learn more about working horses? Forts broke into a great big smile `Yes Sir, I love them, I would love to learn more about them and learn how to work with them’ Mr MacDonald smiled back; was that the first true smile of today. `Well, as you both know the Castle has a disused stable block, how do you fancy, with Archie’s help, getting some of it back into working order. Starting with cleaning it up and making sure the water works and any needed repairs are done? Then maybe we can arrange for some horses to be stabled here’ Forts was beaming, he grinned at me like an idiot and then back at Mr MacDonald, his head nodding wildly. `Well there is a lot to be done, I was going to ask Mr Morris to help you, but I have decided against that, do you think you can cope working with me and Archie? Again, Forts head was in danger of being nodded off his shoulders. He jumped out of his seat and wrapped his arms round Mr MacDonald. `Thank you, Sir, thank you, I won’t let you or Archie down, I promise’ Forts sat back down as Mr MacDonald thought out loud. `After all, you would technically be finishing school soon, we need a reserved occupation at the Castle for you, we can’t have you leaving us and heading back to London’ Mr MacDonald’s words hit me like a truck, I had never even thought about any of us having to leave. I gripped Forts hand, and as he looked at me still smiling, I said `Make sure you make a good job of it’ He nodded grinning. Tap, tap, tap `Ah, this should be the Minister, why on earth did I agree to this’ Mr MacDonald got out of his seat and walked to the door, he indicated for us to stand up, he opened the door. Forts and I glanced at each other as Mr MacDonald seemed to hesitate and then stepped back and gave a deep low bow. `Your Grace, Minister, please come in’ Mr MacDonald stepped aside as two gentlemen walked in, both dressed in black, the older one in a flowing robe with a white inverted v dog collar and the other much younger in the more usual dog collar. Mr MacDonald closed the door behind them. Forts and I stood to attention as Mr MacDonald spoke. `Your Grace, I had no idea you were coming; welcome to Castle Fraser’ `Caught you on the hop, have we, MacDonald? The older man replied, Mr MacDonald forced another smile and turned to Forts and I. `Your Grace, Minister Montrose, may I introduce you to, two of the Castles star pupils, both Prefects and one in fact the head boy too, Drageon Fortnum and David Thomas. Boys, it is my pleasure to introduce you to his Grace the Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and to Minister Montrose head Chaplain to the House of MacDonald’ Forts and I nodded and gave slight bows, not terribly sure what to do, our faces must have shown it. Them both smiled at us and gave curt nods. `MacDonald, if you carry on using all those titles, we will never get anything done’ His Grace turned back to us smiling. `Right, lets get this meeting started’ Mr MacDonald, turned to us, `Boy’s can you wait for us in the Great Hall, we shouldn’t be too long I hope’ Mr MacDonald gave a little chuckle, Forts and I went to leave the room, turning back to the three of them we both gave head bows and left the room. `What charming boy’s MacDonald’ Mr MacDonald takes up the story The Montrose’s eyes lingered on the door `Charming, can they sing? I just shook my head `I have no idea’ We all laughed His Grace gave a little cough `Right MacDonald, what’s this, I hear, you have no religious services here for the boys at the Castle, is that right? I glanced at Minister, Finlay Montrose, Chaplain to the Clan MacDonald, he looked down. I had spent ages avoiding the odious man and now he was here in front of me. His Grace continued. `What ever your reasons MacDonald and I am sure, you think they are valid, this won’t do’ `We do hold school Assemblies, where hymns and psalms are sung’ `But no religious input’ Finlay Montrose, quickly added. I gave him a half smile; assassin. `No that is correct, I do address the boy’s howev…’ His Grace held up his hand stopping me. `MacDonald, now this won’t do, won’t do at all, I want a Minister of the Church; Finlay here to be involved from now on, not at the school Assemblies necessarily, escort ankara but I want, I insist on the introduction of a Sunday morning service, `And high days and Holidays, your grace’ I tried to force my face into a smile, although I was sure it was more a grimace: I really didn’t like Finlay Montrose. His Grace continued `I mean man, you have your own pipe organ here, I think I am right in saying? Finlay nodded; I was being ambushed, I shot back `Your Grace, the Pipe organ has not been played since my father had it boxed in, in the Great Hall, I have no idea if it will still work’ `Well I want you to find out MacDonald, I have the perfect person to become the resident organist’ `Resident? `Yes, resident, Mr Finlay also assures me, he has overheard some of the boy’s singing with the voices of angels in the grounds, he suggests a Castle choir, a splendid idea don’t you think?’ I glanced at them both open mouthed, stopping myself from repeating that nonsense; voices of angels, more like a few of them could moan like whores. As his Graces words sank in, he stood up `Come on then let us see what’s left of this pipe organ? I followed them both along to the Great Hall, Forts and Davy, were both stood standing by the glass display case, containing the awards they had both won. Finlay crossed over to them and began making conversation, although I couldn’t hear it was obviously about the awards, Davy, and Forts especially looked flushed and embarrassed. His Grace and I made our way down to the far end of the hall, standing in front of the built-in bookcases. Finlay came scurrying after us; now I thought about it, I had never really liked this guy, probably, because I wasn’t religious in any way; he was also creepy. Since the school had moved here, I had managed to avoid meeting him, as I said; up until now that was when he had brought in the `big guns’ in the form of his Grace; weasel. `That head boy has a lovely deep voice, I am sure he would make a marvellous tenor in the choir’ I laughed `Who? Forts, he sings like a goose honking in the fog’ Finlay shot me a look. I signalled for Forts and Davy to join us. Finlay went to the side of his Grace again `See up there, your Grace, the remains of some of the pipes’ He really was an ingratiating little arse licker; his Grace nodded. `So how do we get to it, MacDonald? I wanted to play dumb, but knew that wasn’t an option. `My father had this bookcase erected along the wall; the hidden door is here’ I moved one of the books and pulled the iron lever, there was a rusty clunk and a section of the bookcase popped out from the rest, I pulled it open, to gasps from Forts and Davy. There was a shout from behind us `Oh, I do hope I am not to late, my apologies for my tardiness your Grace, Oh, and you my Lord, oh, good morning Finlay, ohhhh, and you boys’ `Good, good you’re here Hugh, MacDonald, Hugh Davis, the new resident organist for Castle Fraser’ His Grace announced, before I could say anything, Hugh was bowing firstly to his Grace, he took his hand and kissed it and then another bow to me and a bit of a scramble as he tried to take my hand to kiss it and I tried to pull it away; failing, I felt his wet lips smear along the back of my hand. `Magnus Honor, magna gloria’ His Grace frowned, `Never did get on with Latin, what did you say? Hugh, quickly got his look of surprise under control and bowing again, said `A great honour, a great honour’ Bloody Latin; now I definitely didn’t like him either, I glanced at Forts and Davy, both of who were trying not to laugh, I had to bite my lip. My new member of staff was a tall man at least six foot; grey haired, thin, reasonable looks I suppose you would say apart from a very thick pair of glasses; he would need good eyesight to see through those, he was dressed in an ill-fitting, light grey suit; goodness knows what he was going to look like, in a long kilt; it didn’t bare thinking about. I reached in; past the door and flicked on the light switch, amazingly the bulb still worked, illuminating what was only a narrow corridor running the width of the great hall. I had used to hide in here, when my father was on the rampage; I wasn’t sure how I felt to be about to go back in it. I stood back and let his Grace, Hugh and Finlay all enter, Davy and Forts sidled up to me. Davy was grinning, he nudged Forts. `Mr MacDonald, do we have to kiss your hand now too’ `And speak Latin? Added Forts, I grabbed Davy and ruffled his hair, waggling my finger at Forts. `Unum est, quod tibi erit oscula adulescents et mon mi cruenta manu’ I had barely finished when Mr Davis called back and then chuckled. `You speak beautiful Latin, MacDonald’ Forts and Davy just looked at me open mouthed, Davy said. `What did you say? I was about to mouth back, realising his Grace was a man of the Church When Hugh’s voice announced `It translates as; there is only one thing you will be kissing young man and it’s not my bloody hand’ Oh god, I shrugged my shoulders as, Hugh gave a dirty laugh and Forts and Davy looked like they would collapse laughing. `MacDonald, we need your help’ `Coming your Grace’ Davy and Forts bowed deeply; I would get them both later. I pushed through the door, Davy and Forts still grinning like village idiots and making exaggerated bows. Hugh, had pushed further along the narrow space. `Here it is, here it is, I have found the keyboards, stops and pedals, it all looks intact. I flicked another light switch, this time a wall of pipes was illuminated stretching up above us all. `Why did you father box all this in MacDonald? `He hated the thing your Grace’ No point in beating about the bush; I thought to myself. `Well make sure I am invited to the first service once it is all back in working order, and you have got rid of this wall, so these marvellous pipes can be seen and heard again’ I nodded; oh well, that was a done deal then. Hugh was banging about slightly out of sight. Forts and Davy had squeezed in too amazed at what the false wall hid. `You, can you squeeze in next to me, I need your help’ I looked further down as the ever-willing Forts was squeezing himself in to a narrow gap; he was negotiating a small set of wooden steps. Finlay’s hand was on his thigh, helping him up; I watched as his hand vanished up Forts ankara escort bayan kilt, Forts spun round. `Oh, sorry young man, my hand I slipped; it’s so dusty in here, some must have gone in my eye’ Forts glanced at me and smoothed down his kilt. With Forts finally in the small space and Mr Hugh, repeating `Press that, yes that’ Forts leant down into a void; I couldn’t see from where I was, he jumped up again, banging his head, before he could speak Hugh was `Oh sorry, young man, very difficult to see in here’ Forts bent forward again, this time his hand holding down the back of his kilt. There was a click and then a rumble and a hum of machinery. `It works, it works, now let’s see’ Hugh, pushed down on the foot pedals, a great ear shattering chord filled the space, he followed this with trying various stops and the two keyboards, as the sound reached unbelievable levels, His Grace, Finlay, Davy, Forts and I, made our way out the door back into the Great Hall, as Hugh began playing more and more tunes, oblivious to the volume in the confined space. `Marvellous, absolutely marvellous MacDonald, when can you start getting this pulled down?’ He waved a hand to the wall above the bookcases. `As soon as I can your Grace’ `Marvellous, now don’t forget to invite me to the service, right I am off, come on Finlay. I will leave you MacDonald to sort out Mr Davis, thank you MacDonald, see you soon’ A quick bow and his Grace set off down the hall; followed by his lap dog. Leaving me and the boys staring up at the wall which had to come down. I shook my head, I needed this like a sore head. Gary Millar picks up the story Just who did MacDonald think he was, speaking to me like that, but then again, even him speaking to me like that was strange; did he suspect something? I would have to keep my eyes open. Forts hadn’t sought me out either, I would look for him tomorrow. But tonight, I had plans, big plans. I had, had to wait till Forts was back with MacDonald and his little friend, now he was back I was ready to tell Brookmeyer to bring the first guy who wanted to enjoy `Forts cock’ again, up to my room in the Castle; even I realised Forts had to be seen to be back out and about for this to work. The day had dragged, I made sure to keep out of Mr MacDonald’s way, now with most of the Castle asleep, and Brookmeyer fully briefed and armed with the pass I gave him allowing him out and about after hours. It was time to set my plan in motion. I had even got Brookmeyer to tell them it would only be one guy a night, so whoever was happy to pay a premium, could jump the queue. Being a Public school, lots of the boy’s parents kept them well supplied with cash in case they needed any bits and pieces; now it was my turn to relive them of some of that. I lay back naked on the bed. A blindfold was on the small table just inside the door, Brookmeyer would make sure they were wearing one before reaching me. Together we had come up with a believable story that, Forts was going to be in my room, cos I was in on it, and happy to let him use my room; these guys so wanted his cock, they would have believed anything. Just before ten o’clock, I turned off the light and got back on to the bed, putting my arms back and my palms under my head. A few minutes later I heard the door open and Brookmeyer ushering in a guy, I heard him tell him to put on the blindfold. With my senses heightened by the dark, I heard them approaching the bed. `This is your second time isn’t it Winters? This time you will have to get stripped off, you want to try and ride him as well as suck him, don’t you? I heard a low voice say `Yes, err how long have I got’ I heard Brookmeyer answer him `There is no rush, take your time and enjoy yourself’ Good lad; then the sounds of clothes being taken off `Have fun Winters, I will be just here if you need anything, just shout, you’re the first second year, so have fun, if you want take off the blindfold it is so dark in here, you can’t see anything, remember he is sleeping so go slowly to start’ Another mumbled `okay’ Now, good old Brookmeyer had told me a couple of things then, one that this was a second year and two that he wasn’t going to be wearing a blindfold. I lay still. I felt the tentative touch of two little hands reaching for my side; good, Brookmeyer had him positioned to start about my chest, one of the hands pushed forward, into my chest hair, the other slid up myside, I felt it reach my exposed armpit, there was a little gasp as the fingers delicately explored the soft hair of my armpits, they lingered, gently pulling on the hairs, toying with them between his fingers; It was working for me. `You should lick there, it’s amazing’ I heard Brookmeyer whisper; the dirty fucker was standing giving directions; good lad. I felt first the excited breathing disturb the fine hairs and then a small tongue gently licked at the skin of my armpit. I could only imagine what was going through the kids head and taste buds, but he seemed to like it, that first lick followed by many more as he hovered over my pit sucking licking and kissing, while his mouth was occupied, his other hand continued working, through my hairy chest, teasing and pulling at my pelt, getting faster and more excited with each second. His small fingers found my nipple nearest him, it teased and played with it till it was a little nub, his mouth left my armpit and delicately kissed my chest to my hard nipple, again his breathing electrified my skin, he hadn’t gone near my cock yet, I could feel it throbbing waiting for its turn; an ever growing pool of precum forming in my treasure trail. **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. 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