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Subject: Our Bro Thing – Part Two OUR BRO THING – PART TWO My big bro and I have a secret game we play, though we’ve never talked about it. We’ve never even called it a game. It’s just a thing we do… I don’t remember when it started exactly, but I remember one day at Christmas climbing up in his lap, aware now that we both got hard dicks and were too grown up to show them to each other without feeling weird. I was so self-conscious, sitting in his lap, unlike when we were younger. I was so aware now that I could only sit back so far on his muscular thighs before I would be pressing against his dick. I knew it would probably be soft, because now that I was older I knew guys got hard dicks when they were turned on, or if they had to pee in the morning. I was sure my big bro’s dick would be soft, but despite this, I felt so curious that Christmas, sitting secretly in his lap while Mom and Dad were upstairs. Mom and Dad have always ignored the two of us together. Growing up, it’s always been just the two of us, my big bro being the one in charge. I always looked up to him. I felt so comfortable with him that day, and couldn’t help myself. I sat back further than I know I should have, wanting to feel his big dick against my behind. It had been a few years since he’d let me look at it, now that he took his showers instead of baths and we dressed in private, so I imagined it must be big and fat, like a sausage. Something about the thought of it, squished hard between my butt cheeks, pressing against my butt hole…I got so excited and my own little cock was stiffening. I was ready for it, so ready…but he pushed me away. His hands felt like iron vices gripping my back, forbidding me to go to that special part of him. I didn’t persist. I knew when big bro had put up another barrier between us, just like the first time he started dressing on his own, telling me, “No homo.” After the snow melted, we took our first road trip of the year. I had kept thinking about sitting in my big bro’s lap. A few more times, when we were on our own, I’d sat down on him, hoping to scoot back again, trying my best to make it seem natural…only to feel those vice-grip hands again. Maybe it would be different in the car. All the years before, I’d always sat in his lap during road trips. The back seat was always so full of Dad’s junk from his delivery job, and it was easier for us to share a seatbelt. It was harder for him to keep me back as well. I’d been thinking about that fact in the weeks leading up to that trip, wondering if finally he might let me sit on his crotch. I was disappointed at first, when I saw that Dad had cleaned out the back seat a little. But then my bro put our bags on the seat, where I half-expected him to tell me to sit. I wondered if I imagined the slight wink he gave, as he tapped his knee. “Here bro,” he said. He did push me away, as much as was possible with a seatbelt tugging me firm against his waist. For the first few miles of the ride, he kept his hands under my butt, angled his hips out slightly, creating just enough space to keep his dick away. He tortured me, those first few miles, making such a big deal of something I wish he wouldn’t, reminding me of the closeness we once had before growing up and how it was vanishing. I had such an erection, thinking about how badly I wanted just to feel his dick against me. But then we got out past the city, and he let those hands slip away. My butt naturally dropped against his crotch, only to feel… His big bro cock was as stiff as mine. It was so big, like a metal rod. The length of it slid right between my butt cheeks, pressing against my hole. I fit right on him, our bodies coming together like two jigsaw pieces. None of us said a thing. I pretended not to notice, looking only ahead at the road, at Mom and Dad holding hands, completely ignoring us. It felt just perfect, his thick cock pressed between my butt cheeks. But then we turned onto the gravel roads, and I started bouncing against it, bouncing up and down. I’m sure my bro jerked off just like I did. It was another one of those things we stopped talking about. I’m sure his thick cock must have felt good right now, with all the pressure from my behind, riding up and down on it, even if we were covered by layers of clothing. I enjoyed the whole road trip, all the bumps and potholes, all that riding up and down on his boner, wondering what he must be feeling, wondering if his little bro was making him throb with the same pleasure he gets when he jerks it. I was almost certain I could feel his fat cock throbbing, pressed so hard between my buns. There were so many bumps on that gravel road, it was hard to tell. But I could feel his hands tighten on each side of my hips, fisting around the padded flesh of my butt. He could have just been keeping me in place, but I imagined instead he was pulling me hard, hard, against his throbbing cock, so full of pleasure. My own dick was pulsing with excitement, rubbing up against my briefs. Each time my big bro’s cock would throb against my butt, as the fabric rubbed over my little cock, it felt like I was jerking off, those big bro fists pulling tight on my pants, pulling me against him, two bros locked together helping each other out. Doing it all in secret. His dick throbbed so hard, rhythmic and fierce, that swollen length flexing along the whole length of my deep butt crack. It throbbed with a relentless twitch, the kind of rhythm I knew so well. I knew it then, without a doubt. My big bro was cumming in his pants. He was cumming just istanbul travesti from the pressure of my little bro butt against him. He was pulling me hard, hugging my hips into his, pulling himself over that brink of climax. Knowing I could make that big bro cock squirt just from sitting on it got me so excited. The tingle of my briefs, tugging against my dick, sent deep shivers down my spine, and then I was cumming too, fierce little squirts of semen rushing up and over my waistband where the tip was poking out. I felt my wet load spattering up on my abs beneath my T-shirt, felt so exposed then, as I took in Mom and Dad, still holding hands, totally unaware of how right behind them their two sons had just made each other cream their pants. The whole way there, I sat there in his lap, enjoyed the swell of his length as it gradually softened. My cream cooled, then was dry against my skin by the time we arrived at the beach. When we got out of the car, I met my big bro’s eyes briefly, and the way he looked away, I knew whatever we’d just done…there was no talking about it. We kept doing this, every car trip over the summer. I lost count of how many times we did this exact routine, every weekend, Mom and Dad ignoring us, like always, my buns pressed so hard around my big bro’s dick, his hands gripping me again, each time seeming more desperate than the last. I always remembered the moment he made that grip, at first so tentative, but then firm and almost commanding. I swore I could feel a shiver go through him, the moment he made those fists around my padded hips, pulling me closer than the mere seatbelt demanded. That shiver seemed to go through the full length of his cock, as it filled every square inch of my deep butt crack, pressed my briefs so far in. I always made sure I wore my loosest sweat pants, so that his big dick could push everything right into my butt crack, almost as if nothing were there between us…almost as if we weren’t pretending this was nothing. He came faster each time. He must have been anticipating my butt against his cock, knowing he had just to wait until the next weekend before he could blow out his secret cum, steal away this secret pleasure with his little bro. Always, the moment I felt that thick, rigid cock twitching hard and fast, that unmistakable spasm of ejaculation, my little heart pounded and the rubbing of my cock against my tight boxer briefs cascaded fast to ecstasy, and soon I was ejaculating too. I always squirted my load just as big bro was pumping out his final blasts, his cock throbbing slower, and my own throbbing so fast with my excited eruptions, a beautiful syncopation. Every time he held me after, and I stayed put, never wanting to get up from that lap. Every time, we never met each other’s eyes, as we got out of the car at our beach-of-the-week destination. Just like all week, at the beach we were just regular bros, pretending this thing between us never happened…always looking forward to the next time. But then winter came and we were home more often. One week went by, then two, and I couldn’t stop thinking about my big bro’s throbbing cock. The only problem was, he became more awkward now over something simple like sitting in his lap during the weekdays. Back in the summer and fall, I had no reason to worry when he’d push me off his lap, those many times I tested the waters, to see if he would let me. “Don’t be gay,” he’d tell me, half-joking, as he pushed me away. “It’s no big deal in the car,” I’d tell him. He wouldn’t meet my eyes as he replied, “Well, that’s different. You know, seating options.” “I guess,” I said back, and was careful not to push it further. The last thing I wanted was to have him make a big deal of everything, then take away our one true chance to do it at all. With two weeks of winter passing, then a third, I was getting so horny. I was getting desperate. I couldn’t wait until car rides resumed in the spring. It was the end of November and there was snow on the ground. It was Saturday morning, the usual time when we would be getting packed up to head out to the beach. I wore my tight pyjamas, the ones that were made of silk. I always had underwear on beneath them, but this time I left them off. I felt like I was naked in front of my big bro when I came up to him on the leather sofa and sat on his knee. “You’re a bit big to sit in my lap, you know,” he told me, though I could see, as I looked over my shoulder, how his eyes were entirely on my butt, looking nowhere else. I wiggled that little butt for him, letting the silky fabric slide into my crack around the thick wedge of his thigh muscle. His eyebrows went up the slightest bit, enough for me to see the surprise there. He could tell I had no underwear on. I waited for him to tell me to get lost. I said nothing. I just stared into his eyes, those eyes glued on my butt. “Those really are for girls, you know,” he said, finally. Still staring at my butt, he brought one of his thick hands to my hip, running it along the fabric. The look on his face was half mocking, but the other half of that look was laced with pent up tension, like he wrestled inside just as much as me with what he was truly feeling. I slid my butt back further along his thigh. It was a small gesture, to test if he’d let me get closer, without pushing me away yet. He remained frozen in place, that thick hand still on my hips. My butt cheeks parted between the silky pyjama bottoms, and I knew right now my big bro was taking in the full feel of me, that butt I knew he wanted kadıköy travesti to ride so badly, even if there was no way he would admit it. So many things I wanted to say to him. Do you like it? Do you want me to take them off and bounce here? Do you want to put your hand down and feel my smooth butt? So many things I could have said, but didn’t. Instead, I said nothing. I inched back on his thigh a little more. Now I turned my head away, looking forward instead. I closed my eyes. Still he kept his hand on my hip. Whatever wall there was between us, this line he wouldn’t cross, I didn’t know how to break it. All I knew was I could only sit here, let him decide, and I was certain he wanted this as badly as I did. “You know the only place it’s okay to sit on my lap is the car.” His other thick hand came to rest on my other hip. Now he had two hands on me, grabbing me exactly where he did when I was pressed tight against him with the seatbelt on. I kept my eyes closed. I didn’t want to say the wrong thing, so I said nothing still. He continued. “It’s really wrong to sit on my lap the way you do, even though we’re just bros.” Was he wanting me to answer? Even if he did, I didn’t have any words. All I could focus on was those thick hands, the way they tightened into fists, gripping my sides. I could feel all his desire in that grip, all that tension like a dam begging to rupture. “Do you think other big bros let their little bros sit on their lap the way I do?” I was ready to say, “Probably,” but before the word could form on my lips, his grip tightened. It was that familiar vice-grip strength he made on me, when he pulled me close, when the seatbelt was strapped around us and his cock was about to throb with fierce ejaculation, imprisoned against my butt. Somehow I just knew, from that grip, that these questions he was asking…they were for himself. I remained quiet, kept my eyes closed. It reminded me of that first Christmas day when I’d sat on his lap, testing if he’d let me sit against his dick. After the whole year of car rides, all those secret pleasures I gave him, weekend after weekend, I knew now he was viewing my ass on his knee, tempting himself. Whatever he did, I knew he had to be in control. “We could pretend it’s the car,” he said finally. His voice was lower, caught almost with a hiss. He kneaded my hip muscles in those vice-grip hands, squeezing and releasing, pulling my butt back and forth on his knee. “It’s supposed to be car ride time. I miss them…” His voice quivered with those last words. I could tell he was coming apart, so conflicted in what he wanted to do, but not daring risk he’d reveal there was anything homo to what we did in the back seat. I knew now he needed to hear something from me, needed the reassurance, now that he was taking the tentative first steps. “We haven’t played a game in a long time,” I said at last, still keeping my eyes closed. “I miss that too.” “We’re all grown up though…” he said, a near-whisper. “So what? We’re bros. No one has to know we still play games. I won’t tell anyone.” “You won’t tell anyone?” He echoed my words, with animation in his voice. “Of course,” I said. “What we do in the house stays in the house.” That was something we used to say when we were kids, when we would play silly games that most people would make fun of. That was also something we’d stopped saying, as years passed and we grew apart. Big bro let out a quivering breath, pulling my hips toward his crotch. I almost gasped too, as my butt slid back right to the place it wanted to be, pressed against a thick, swollen cock, hard as ever. Finally, I opened my eyes. I was shocked at how easy this was. I wanted to reassure him, put away any fears he might have that he’d gone too far. “Put my seatbelt on,” I said. “Use your arms to pretend.” He finally let go of my hips. He brought both those hands up around my belly, as he squeezed me tight against him. My body pressed close against his, and I leaned against it, his lips almost touching my ear. “You don’t usually sit like that in the car,” he said. Quickly, I leaned forward, pretending Mom and Dad were in front of us, trying at least to look a little awkward at having to crowd in on top of my big bro’s lap. “That’s better,” he said, keeping those arms wrapped tight around my waist. For a while we just sat like this. The tip of my erection jutted up a mere inch from his forearm. I resisted the urge to hump up a little. I resisted the urge to rub my butt up and down against his giant dick. “I like the car rides,” he said. “There’s fuck-all to do here on the weekend.” “Me too,” I said. It felt so good just to sit here, neither of us moving, his hard cock pressed into my bottom, his hands tight around me, so much better than a seatbelt. I felt his cock twitch under me. He shifted his hips, rubbing the length up and down along my butt in the process. “Got to get seated properly,” he said, breathily. “That’s fine,” I told him. “We’re about to hit the gravel road soon.” “That’s always the most uncomfortable,” he said, almost sounding like he believed his own lie. “You’re so heavy.” “We’ll be at the beach soon,” I played along. “Just a little longer.” He waited only a few seconds, before saying, “They’re at the turnoff already. I can feel the bumps.” I bounced up and down on his cock, trying to keep it erratic. “Hold me in place, bro!” I bounced more, each time thrilled by the feeling of his thick cock rubbing between the silky thinness of my pyjamas, no underwear in the way this time. bakırköy travesti Big bro had his jeans on, but even so, he might as well have had his naked cock right up between my cheeks compared to all those layers between us in the car. “We’re about to hit some bumps,” he said. “Pretend we’re on the gravel road with all the pot holes.” I kept bouncing, but added a few big ones. I jumped up from his lap, and his arms tightened around my waist, pulling me back. I pounded my ass down hard against his erection, knowing big bumps like this were what he really wanted, knowing what they always did to him in the car. I could hear him groan a few times, as I’d pound my butt down after another big jump. It got me so excited, I did a double jump, two big ones right after the other, and this time he made a deep bass sound. “Fuck, bro, this is the worst road ever,” he said. “I can’t handle all the weight.” “I don’t know how much longer it is,” I told him, bouncing again lightly. “Just hold on, it will be over soon. Fuck–here comes another.” This time I all but tried to jump out of his lap, knowing how firmly he held me, knowing there was no way he’d break that grip…knowing how hard he’d pull me back. As I rebounded, he tightened his grip, pulling me harder against his cock. This time he groaned deeply again, and he thrust his hips up to meet my rebounding butt cheeks. He thrust his hard cock so deep the slippery fabric of my pyjamas seemed to push right up into my butthole. It was a big bro cock wedgie. “Gonna tighten the seatbelt, to keep you in place,” he whispered sharply. “Got to hold you…in place.” His muscles flexed like iron around my belly, pulling my waist in so that my little butt never left the rigid length of his cock. I kept trying to lift up, but now each motion was a firm up-and-down humping on that thick length, my deep, silk-sheathed butt crack sliding along it like a jerking fist. Part of me knew he didn’t care about the game anymore, the way his need now went all into his swollen length and the pleasure I must have been sending to it with every motion against him. Now I just bounced and bounced, giving him that rhythm that would send him relentlessly over that edge. He seemed not to care either. He was groaning with almost every pump, driving his hips up reciprocation. “We fit together so well,” he grated. “This is the perfect road trip…” He groaned, the loudest yet, and this time the way he thrust so hard against me, the way he practically half-stood from the couch, tensing his thighs, I knew this was the magic moment for him. Feeling his thick length throb a split-second later in that fierce, pulsating rhythm, knowing I was right, was all the excitement I needed to send me over the edge. No sooner had his cock started to pump his nuts out into his jeans before mine was flooding my silky crotch with warm cream. With no top on, I finally got to see how I erupted in response to big bro’s humping. Maybe it was the fact that I had no underwear, maybe the pyjamas were thin…maybe it was the extra excitement from how hard he owned my ass right now, but fuck… My cock tip, poking right up near the elastic band, blasted jets of cum right through the fabric, even making those escaping torrents squirt up in small arcs above my belly, blast after blast after blast. Big bro throbbed himself empty behind me, and I just kept on squirting, making such a fucking mess of my pyjamas, cum landing all over my crotch and dripping down my inner pant leg. The warm, sticky mess that didn’t escape leaked down behind my balls, down in the space between my legs to meet my bro’s reciprocating erection. I leaned forward a bit more, now so self-conscious of all the white goo against my pyjamas. If big bro wanted to pretend this was a game, the last thing he needed to see was just how much his little bro had lost control and made a homo mess on top of him. If he but moved his arms down lower, he’d feel the wetness. He didn’t move though. Just like in the car, big bro held me close against him. This time, there was no seatbelt, so when he hugged me close, it was all his arms, circling my chest, a fuller hug. Now at last I leaned back, my body flush with his, his mouth close to my ear again. For a while we sat like this, my cum cooling, all pleasure gone. I stared ahead, pretending the bumpy road was passing by. “Did you piss your pants?” big bro said suddenly. I tensed, looking at him from the corner of my eye…he was staring over my shoulder, down at my crotch. “Dammit, bro!” I said, trying to sound surprised. “I didn’t think I had to go.” “It’s okay,” he said, “I did too. We really needed a bathroom stop.” “Yeah.” More silence, and now I was aware of how cold my cum felt against my inner legs. “This stays our secret?” he said. “Of course,” I said, nodding eagerly. “I’d never tell Mom and Dad we both just pissed our pants.” “You’re a good little bro,” he said. He kissed my ear, a brotherly gesture, but it filled me with so much sensation, my little heart seemed to skip a beat. “You want to have a road trip next Saturday too?” he said. I tried not to sound too excited. “Beats being trapped in the cold house.” “Yeah,” big bro said. “And if you piss yourself again…I mean, if we both do, by some chance, Mom and Dad won’t notice a thing.” I could barely contain my voice, for how hard my heart pounded now with excitement. “It’s our secret,” I said. “Our bro thing,” he replied, and kissed my ear again. ***INFO*** Want more by Master Dominic? Visit: ess Please show your support by donating to Nifty to help keep these stories alive! Copyright (c) 2021, Master Dominic. All rights reserved. DISCLAIMER: All details of all characters in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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