Our Friend Maggie 01

Chloe Amour

Our friend Maggie 01

They say that some things never change and it looks like I fit into one of those things. Hey folks, I’m Jake Williams and I’m home from Coastal for the summer, just like the last two summers. But that’s not what hasn’t changed. What seems to be the same is how I stroll over to the neighbors, Mrs. Mills, and pick up sticks and fallen branches from her yard. Something I have been doing for years. It was natural for me to get out of bed, watch a little TV and then just walk over there and clean things up a bit. Neither of us considered it a job, but she would throw me a few slices of cheese for my efforts. Not the mention the ice tea and sandwiches afterwards that capped off the day.

And now that I’m so much older and much more mature, LOL, 21, I’m upping my game and bringing her a few things from her grocery list too. I mean, it makes me look good and her standard items are easy to remember. Milk with the blue cap, yogurt with the Raspberries on the front, coffee with the ruggedly handsome bearded man on the label and bread as long as my arm. I mean, that makes me a hero, right?

And that worked out almost perfect, all except for one item. It seems that she switched over to decaf coffee on her 60th birthday, but she at least smiled when she mentioned that to me. I acknowledged her beverage choice change and went about picking up her yard. And might I add that her yard seems to get bigger every year and by that, I mean this seemed to be more fun when I was a teenager. But, it’s our thing, so I carried on.

After a while she called me in to cool off with an ice tea and for one of her sandwiches. Two other things that haven’t seemed to change is how she managed to win the war against 60 years of life and maintain a shapely ass and how I would sit at her kitchen table and watch it wiggle as she made my sandwich. And on it went for three June weekends.

I switched things up a little for the last Saturday in June. LOL, I splurged on her. I mean, she has been the older woman in my life for a long time, even though she never knew that and I wanted to do something special. As I was picking up her grocery items, I found a Keurig Mini on sale and purchased it for her. I mean, living alone basically means a full pot of coffee that sits on the heating element and burns and it just gets nasty, so a single brew system is the way to go for a single lady, right? And of course, I bought her the ruggedly handsome bearded man in decaf K-Cups and of course, a small box of the ruggedly handsome bearded man coffee K-Cups in deep roast bold for me.

“What’s this Jake? Is this a computer tablet or one of those fancy e-phones?”

“LOL, no Mrs. Mills. It’s a Keurig single brew coffee maker. You’re going to love it.”


“Alright. Here, Glenda, let me show you how it works. You’re supposed to cycle it once anyways to wash out any manufacturing oils and stuff, so we can make a test brew. Are you ready?”

“Ah, brew away, but don’t go to fast. I’m getting to be as old as dirt, you know.”

“That’s cute. Look, it’s really easy and I promise you that the only thing that will make you mad is that I bought the mini, which means you’ll have to add water to the tank a lot. OK, here we go. Fill this tank with water, lift this lid and insert a K-Cup, close the led and push the brew button. See, it’s that easy and it brews the same tasting coffee, cup after cup. No more burnt coffee from sitting on the burner all morning. There, the clean out brew is completed and it’s ready to go for the next cup. So???”

“Hah, you’re a tricky young man, aren’t you, Jake? Is there where I’m supposed to make you a cup of coffee and a sandwich?”

“Well, Glenda, they say some things never change. Deep roast, please.”

“Oh, well, if some things never change, does that mean you’re going to dry hump me while you lean over me and check on the progress of you sandwich? And by the way, my friend Maggie says I’m supposed to apologize to you for wearing shapewear over the last two summers. My friend Maggie is convinced that you never got the full effect of your little game because shapewear is so unforgiving.”

“Well, the truth is that your friend Maggie isn’t totally wrong, but it was thrilling for me every time, so you can tell your friend Maggie that your forbidden bonus veren siteler younger man still managed to go home with a smile of his face. However, is shapewear something you still wear these days?”

“Well, yes, but it’s better for your eyes. Things would different around my middle if I didn’t. However, I told my friend Maggie that I wanted this summer to be different and my friend Maggie said I might try letting you catch me in my nightie later in the evening, you know, while I get a breath of fresh evening air about 10:15 pm on the back deck, you know, in case that is something you might want to know.”

“Huh, well, did your friend Maggie remind you that one thing leads to another all the time?”

“My friend Maggie said you would be man enough to understand that my body may need a little time to regain its muscle memory and I’m sure you know that means for me to get wet and my friend Maggie said that we have just enough time to make sure that I see fireworks by the 4th of July weekend and then my friend Maggie said there is no shame in using sex gel and my friend Maggie said that you would enjoy if I apply the sex lube to your cock. I think I heard my friend Maggie say that you’re supposed to buy the greasy goo. By the way, my friend Maggie said it’s alright if I use the word cock when I refer to your manhood, so I hope that’s alright with you. My friend Maggie said it’s OK to be direct with you.”

“Hmmm, your friend Maggie seems to be wise. What else did your friend Maggie say?”

“Well, my friend Maggie said that not only did I mess up all last summer by wearing my shapewear, that I messed up by not moaning and pushing back. My friend Maggie gave me a demonstration and my friend Maggie said that you will be happier in the future and then I told my friend Maggie that I actually liked the little sandwich game you always played and my friend Maggie said there is another way to do it, you know, on the bed. My friend Maggie also said that if there is a full moon and you have at least three beers, then you won’t tease me about my body as I lay under you, you know, naked, I guess.”

“Well, you might want to call your friend Maggie and remind her that I’m 21 and there will be big mess on your back when I finish hacksawing between your buns.”

“My friend Maggie said that’s just how sex goes, but my friend Maggie suggested that I suck you off first to, you know, reduce the load that you will cover my butt with and then my friend Maggie said you will like it if I swallow your creamy mess. Is my friend Maggie correct?”

“Oh, your friend Maggie is very correct. Did your friend Maggie happen to mention that we should use the entire week to experiment or did your friend Maggie say that this might be just a weekend fling?”

“My friend Maggie said that I wasted enough time already and as my friend, Maggie said it might be a fling, but it should be a summer fling. Do you want me to call my friend Maggie so she can tell you how long it’s been for me?”

“LOL, no, let’s leave your friend Maggie on the sidelines for now. However, you can tell your friend Maggie that I understand the warm period and that we can take things one step at a time, but your friend Maggie should know that every time I rubbed off on you while you were making me a sandwich, that I was dying to hear you say things like “lift my skirt Jake” or “push it in Jake” or sexy talk like that. You should ask your friend Maggie about dirty talk.”

“My friend Maggie thought you might like a little dirty talk and I’m willing to do that, but my friend Maggie made me say a few words to her and then my friend Maggie said I needed to work on my sexy talk and my friend Maggie said you would be willing to be patient with me. My friend Maggie said it might help if you say things and let me respond. Anyways, my friend Maggie said that this fling is happening between us and we can put her on speaker phone if needed. My friend Maggie is a freak, isn’t she?”

“Your friend Maggie certainly sounds like a freak, but what does your friend Maggie say about different positions and stuff?”

“Wow, my friend Maggie had a lot to say about that, but my friend Maggie made it clear that after 20 years of no sex, we have to give my body a chance to remember some things. But after a while, my friend bedava bahis Maggie said I should be ready to let you have your way with me and my friend Maggie said that my “ways” will be included in your “ways”, so we’ll both be happy. As I remember it, my friend Maggie said over and over that there is no shame in using a gel.”

“Alright then. If I understand your friend Maggie correctly, again, we start out tonight with some light sexual things and work our way up to the grand finale on Saturday night and we have a fun summer fling for the next two months. All of that is fine Glenda, but is your friend Maggie going to spread our fling all over town? Not that I care, but my friends may cheer me on for jack hammering an older woman, your friends might not be as forgiving. In other words, you can tell your friend Maggie that I’m concerned about the emotional side of things too.”

“My friend Maggie will be happy to hear that I’m going to get jack hammered soon, but, ah, well, I’m out of practice, so make sure I know when that is so I can give you best moans and groans. My friend Maggie also reminded me that I play cards with your grandma every couple of weeks and that I had to shut it and I can do that because I want you without the drama. And by the way, if you ever meet my friend Maggie, you might expect to hear her ask you why you didn’t do more last summer. I mean, I tried to wiggle my ass at you a few times and my friend Maggie said that you should have picked up on that.”

“Hah, you tell your friend Maggie that I patted you on the ass several times and I never got much of a response from you.”

“Hah, I already told my friend Maggie that you made a few moves and that I was too scared to respond in a sexual manner. However, my friend Maggie still blames you because you’re the guy and you’re weren’t supposed to take no for an answer so quickly. And while we’re talking about the things that didn’t happen, my friend Maggie has some serious questions about why you never “accidently” touched my boobs and gawking at them doesn’t count. All guys do that. And by the way, my friend Maggie said that you can slice between my boobs just the same as you can slice between my butt cheeks and my friend Maggie concluded that statement with that if you’re big enough down there, then I could tickle the tip with my tongue with every stroke between my big ole boobs. Or, and by another way, even my shapewear lets me knows how big you are and my friend Maggie said that we need to warm my body up quick because I’m going to enjoy that you’re bringing to the bedroom. You do want to bring it to my bedroom, right Jake?”

“Oh, we’re on and the warm process begins tonight. However, are you holding back a few things that your friend Maggie thinks or says?”

“Well, my friend Maggie made me confess that I might want you for more than sex and my friend Maggie made me say out loud that I think we wasted all last summer. You know, the summer of a few ass slaps? Anyways, my friend Maggie said that if you seem happy after a month or so, then I supposed to talk to you about this being more than a fling. However, I told my friend Maggie that I can’t compete with the young chick’s you probably see on the side. My friend Maggie agreed with me and told me that I would have to work harder to keep you round. By the way, my friend Maggie said it’s not unheard of for two people in a relationship to kiss and I’m pretty sure my lips still work, so don’t be afraid to do that, anytime you want to.”

“Well, you can tell your friend Maggie that we’ll see how the summer goes, but you can tell your friend Maggie that kissing will not be a problem. So, you did mention to your friend Maggie that I’ve been checking you out for quite a while now?”

“I was afraid to tell my friend Maggie that because she would have gone all “you’re wasting time” on me and I don’t want my friend Maggie to stop giving me advise. However, I did tell my friend Maggie about that time I “accidently” left my bedroom door cracked open and I told my friend Maggie that I think you jacked off while peeking on me. Did I lie to my friend Maggie?”

“You only lied to your friend Maggie about how many times that happened, but that was last summer. So, my advice is to turn your phone off tonight about 10:15 pm so your friend Maggie doesn’t deneme bonus interrupt our moments under the moonlight on your back deck. In other words, I think your friend Maggie would agree that I should get going now because it might take me a few minutes to figure out what sex gel to buy.”

“My friend Maggie says it’s sexier to call it butt lube, but don’t say that to the sales clerk. Before you go, my friend Maggie said that you’re supposed to drop me hints if you like anything special or freaky. My friend Maggie told me to submit to as many as I can.”

“Well, your friend Maggie seems to think I’m more experienced than I am, so you just tell your friend Maggie that we will figure out things as we go. OMG, your friend Maggie wants to be here with us, doesn’t she?”

“My friend Maggie said that request may come up in four or five weeks, but it’s just you and I for now. Oh, and my friend Maggie on the phone, of course. My friend Maggie also mentioned that we can go out to dinner and stuff as long as we go to Hillsdale. My friend Maggie also said that I need to count how many times I say “and stuff” because after the third time, then everything doesn’t need to be at night. My friend Maggie said that afternoon delight is a real thing.”

“Well, just for the record, you tell your friend Maggie that you already said “and stuff” twice today and that you shouldn’t say it again until we get your body warmed up because our first afternoon delight will be doggie in your sun room and it should be loud enough to make the squirrels check us out.”

“Well, is it alright if I tell my friend Maggie that we just shared our first kiss?”

“You may and you might mention that we make out like teenagers later tonight, you know, on the back deck, under the moonlight.”

“So, my friend Maggie was right when she said the 39 years between us mean nothing?”

“LOL, you tell your friend Maggie that there are no human examples in college math books. Are you going to tell your friend Maggie that you still have enough to send me out the door with a boner?”

“Well, I want to, but my friend Maggie would yell at me for letting you leave in this condition and I will admit that I’m not happy about it either. I didn’t really think this through very well, but my friend Maggie must have thought about it because my friend Maggie did make a side comment about me removing and shirt and bra and leave the bathroom door open while I pretended to brush my teeth. I think my friend Maggie fully understood how long it takes to get this shapewear off.”

“You know Glenda, we may need your friend Maggie sooner than I thought. So, in the movies, some couples interrupt their kisses as they pull off the woman’s shirt. Did your friend Maggie suggest any good movies for to role play?”

“My friend Maggie said that there aren’t too many May-December movies, so we may have to write the script ourselves. However, I wouldn’t mind telling my friend Maggie that we tried that kissing and shirt removal thing instead of the fake teeth care. I also wouldn’t mind telling my friend Maggie that we started our relationship with me topless and on my knees in front of you. Can I tell that to my friend Maggie?”

Well, it wasn’t a conversation that I thought I would have when I woke up this morning, but there it was, a sexual relationship summer fling conversation between a me, a young adult who has my eye on Glenda for a few years, Glenda, a mature woman who has apparently thought about me for just as long and of course, her friend Maggie who scares me a little, but may have valuable insights on bedroom activity.

And OMG, she was so correct when she said her lips still worked, but I will call her friend Maggie and tell her to have Glenda come clean with me about her experience because that was not the first blow job she gave, you know, in her 20 years of no sex. But I’ll make sure that I tell her friend Maggie that it’s OK. And I will most certainly tell her friend Maggie that I don’t always pop off so quickly. I mean, we spent an hour talking about sex, so, you know, right?

So, going forward, LOL, I’ll take the advice of the sales clerk on what sex gel to buy and then I’ll need a plan to explain to my family and friends why I might be spending so much time at the neighbor’s house without raising too much suspicion. And by that, I mean I know of a parking lot that is located between Middleton and Coastal, so I might be able to come home every other weekend without notice if Glenda is willing to meet me half way and sneak me into her house.

End Our friend Maggie 01

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