Subject: Parolees Part 2 Please support Nifty to keep this free service fty/donate.html Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I completely enjoyed the comments I received. Please keep sending me comments, and I will keep writing! Comments are welcome. ail The following is fiction. Any resemblance to real people, places or events is coincidental. *********************************************************************** I quickly closed my hotel room door so the man who was approaching would not see that I had noticed his interaction with my first client. The two men obviously seemed to know each other. I wondered why they high fived each other. Perhaps they made plans to meet up later on. I put away Justin B.’s file and got out the file for Rodney D.. Just at that moment there was a knock on the door. I reached out and opened the door and saw my next offender walk in. As is customary I put my hand out to shake hands with him and with the most hateful expression on his face he slapped my hand down. I opened my mouth to tell him that if he wasn’t willing to meet with me and be civil, then I would have to report him to his parole officer. Before I could say anything he said, “you are gonna give me the same thing you gave my buddy just now. And if you don’t, I’ll let MDOC know exactly what’s going on here.” While he was telling me all of this, I quickly looked over his body. He stood at about 5’11” and weighed about 220 pounds. But he was absolutely solid muscle. I assumed from the kaynarca escort tattoos I could see on his face and neck, that the rest of his body was probably tatted up as well. He was wearing an LSU hoodie and Purple sweatpants that showed off an obviously huge bulge that anyone who walked by him would have noticed. Rather that say a word to him, I got down on my knees and let him know that he would be in charge. He walked over to me and told me to touch his cock through the sweatpants first. I reached up witih my right hand and began feeling the length of his cock. “What the fuck are you doing? Use you goddamn mouth, bitch!” I started to get up and tell him that I would take my chances with him reporting me to my superiors, until I decided that deep down I really wanted to be this tatted up thugs bitch. Even if it was just for today. So, I leaned in and began licking his cock through the material of his sweatpants. This thing was obviously much longer and way thicker that the dick I had just had in my mouth a few minutes before. I ran my tongue back and forth along his shaft as I felt it hardening in his pants. “Are you ready to taste it”, he asked? I started to answer him. Before I could say a word he said, “of course you are. Pull my sweatpants down…..with you teeth.: So, as he instructed, I took ahold of his waistband with my teeth and began pulling his pants down. Once I had them around his knees, he turned around and I finally got my first look at his cock. It wasn’t completely orhanlı escort hard yet, but it appeared to be about 9 inches long. And it looked as thick as a coke can. And the amazing thing about it, was that he was uncircumsized. And, the end of his dick was starting to leak a steady stream of precum. I began licking from his untrimmed public hairs down to his mushroom head…”Biggest mushroom I’ve ever seen”, I thought. I felt his left hand on my head and he pulled my head against his left leg and began slapping his dick on my face over and over. It was amazing having this solid hunk of a man completely in control of me. “Open your mouth as wide as you can”, he ordered. I looked up at him and opened my mouth as wide as i possibly could. With no mercy, he rammed his dick all the way to my throat and proceeded to fuck my throat over and over. “Take my leaky cock you fucking slut”, he said. And he continued his wild assault on my throat. My eyes were watering, my nose was running and I was gagging more that I ever had in my life. As wild as this assault was though, I was loving it. I had noticed that my own cock was about to bust my pants open. I was so completely turned on by the way I was being controlled by this thug. Very abruptly, he sat down in the padded chair and said, “you handled that good. Now, I want you to make love to my big cock. Make me enjoy it, and when I cum, you better not waste a drop. I crawled over to him on my hands and knees and, with not hands, began tepeören escort working my mouth up and down his massive cock. I didn’t want it to be over with too soon, but I also didn’t want him to get bored with me. So, I made sure I kept a very methodical pace. Id suck all the way to the very tip, then work my way all the way down his cock, only gagging on the very last bit of it. I did this over and over until I finally heard him say, “you’re doing good. I’m about to.” His back arched way up and he began saying “Fuck yeah! Fuck Yeah! Fuck Yeah”. All of a sudden i felt his cock began pulsing and the most amazing stream of cum began flowing out of him. As my mouth would fill, I would swallow. It would fill up again, and I would swallow again. Until I finally was able to milk the very last drop of cum out of his dick. He stood up right away, causing me to stumble hack onto my ass. He pulled his sweatpants up, and said, “I’ll get my drivers license today. You get my GED figured out by tomorrow. I ain’t going to no classes, so you gonna be teaching me and some of my buddies what we need to know to pass that son of a bitch” “Ill be back here tomorrow at 10am.” And he walked out the front door. I started to follow him out. He turned around and said, “you better stay in here…you can’t come out like that. He closed the door as he left and I became aware of what he was talking about when I saw how wet the front of my pants was. I had came in my pants without even touching myself….and he had noticed. I also realized, that I never said a word to him during the whole appointment. Not bad for my first morning at work….two clients and two cocks. Now I had to get a shower before my 1:00 appointment and do something about my sore throat.

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