Patty’s Lace Ch. 16

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Patty’s Lace

This is the story of Patty and her Adventures in the city. Be sure to check out the profile to read the foreword to her story, and a link to image albums of the outfits used during appointments kept.

Chapter 016, Up In The Hills.

Patty watched the cop car pull up in front of her building, from her big bay window. When she saw Sarge in the passenger seat, she took off to plug in the coffee pot and get some snacks. She dialed James as she made her way back to the window to tell him she was on the way down with goodies.

James asked if she can bring three cups down instead of two which made her curious of who the third could be for, but said, “Sure! I’ll be down in a couple of minutes!”

She sat in the big bay window looking at Sarge and Young as they chatted with the bum, she gave a couple bucks earlier until the coffee was ready. She wondered what was up with that but figured the third cup was for him, and he would probably really appreciate it.

Looking around she found a brand new large green thermos that she picked up at a truckstop out in Ontario for who knows what for. She rinsed it out and poured the pot of coffee into it, happy to finally get some use from it. Thinking that she needed more travel mugs, she grabbed what she had along with cups, and all the goodies for coffee along with a large bag of Apple Fritters. Hands full, she went down to the street, to see her guys.

Setting the goodies on the hood of the cop car, she turned to Young who took her in his arms for a kiss, then started pouring coffee as Sarge said, “Remember when I asked you who was real and who was not, Patty? She nodded her head yes as she poured and fixed Sarge’s coffee with two and two handing the cup to him as he said “I would like for you to meet Officer Daniel Mitchell.”

The bum held out his hand and she put a cup of coffee in it as she said, “WOW, you’re a cop?”

He replied, “Yes ma’am” and took a sip. “mmmmmm perked coffee! Don’t find that much anymore, even though it’s much better than drip.” as he handed the couple bucks she gave him earlier back. She handed him a fritter, but didn’t take the money.

He took her hand and put the cash into it saying, “What kind people such as you give, I have to turn in at the end of my shift. Hey, remember the night you whipped that guy’s ass when you were on the streets? I was about to step in, but you sent that guy packing, post haste. Wish I would have taken a video of that. What was that all about?”

A couple of streetwalkers showed up as Patty answered, “Yea,Yea, I remember. That dickhead ripped my shit!”

“Well that was pretty funny,” Mitchell said and continued, “A running up the street fight with you whipping his ass every step of the way in nothing but your underwear, only in L.A. I love this town!”

One of the streetwalkers said, “I heard about that, pretty funny, and that guy you were doing then kicking his ass hasn’t come back.” as Patty wondered if she was real, but holding out her hand to introduce herself.

The streetwalker took her hand and said, “Good to meet You, I’m Amy, and this is Carol.” They were actually being nice to her as Patty and Carol had a few run-ins before.

Sarge reached over and lifted the front of Amy’s skirt showing off the ivory Vanity Fair Lace Piquant mini slip she had on. Amy slapped his hand away but not before Patty noticed the cum stain in the slip’s scalloped lace and silky nylon body. “Yep, Amy was for real,” Patty thought.

“Looks like Amy has taken your niche’, taken over for you.” Sarge said, looking at Patty. “I heard about that too. Don’t mess with Patty!” laughing.

“Don’t rip my shit without good reason,” Patty replied.

Sarge asked, “What happened, to get you pissed enough to kick that guy’s ass anyway?”

“He ripped my slip,” Patty answered.

“So, you whipped his ass! Ha! Pretty good!” Sarge replied.

“It’s one of my favorite slips, and I had to fix it.” Patty said.

“Well, you two went from fucking to fighting in about 1.8 seconds.” Mitchell said. “I thought the slip you had on got ripped during the fight, but it was the cause of it?”

“Don’t rip my shit.” Patty said.

“Ha! I guess not.” Mitchell said and continued, “I was coming the moment you two fell out of his car to the ground, but when he jumped up and took off with you hot on his ass, I figured you had things well in hand. Besides, I had to stop because I was laughing too hard! You made him leave his car right there in that alley!”

“The keys were in the ignition too,” Patty said, “Guess that made the car mine, right?”

Mitchell replied chuckling, “Guess so, with you leaning on the fender in nothing but your slip with a busted strap.”

“Hey, I put my dress back on, just before he returned for the car.” Patty said.

“Yes, you did!” Mitchell replied, “That was pretty funny also when you asked if he wanted some more, and the way you held those keys out and pulled them back when he reached for them a couple times.”

“Well, I did give him his car back, didn’t I?” Patty said then continued, bahçelievler escort “But not before he apologized for ripping my slip, the dickhead.”

“Too Good.” Young chimed in with, chuckling.

Patty looked at him, asking, “You want some of this, Cowboy?”

Young replied, “Yea I do Wildcat, how about after I’m off duty?”

Patty melted into his arms saying, “Get off, I’ll get my rooster off,” giggling.

The radio announced a call for a domestic a few blocks away and the Dynamic Duo saddled up as Patty and Mitchell grabbed the goodies from the hood. Up the street they went leaving Patty and the bum on the sidewalk.

“I don’t miss that shit” Mitchell said. “Domestics and traffic stops are the worst.”

“So you are a cop, I thought you were a neighborhood bum the whole time.” Patty said.

“Then, I did my job right.” Mitchell replied.

“And you were watching me the entire time I was on these streets?” Patty asked.

“I keep my girls out of any real trouble, along with other duties. I keep a watch out for all you guys.” Mitchell replied. “Along with other duties.”

“I noticed that you hung around this area, a lot.” Patty said.

“Sarge asked that I keep an eye on you.” Mitchell replied.

“I am meeting with some people later this morning, do you know of them?” Patty asked.

“Up in the hills?” Mitchell asked then continued, “Yes I do, Quinn is a trip and I think You will like Ace. I also believe You will be a good addition to Quinn’s team, especially after seeing you in action, with that guy.”

Patty looked at him and said, “That asshat ripped my slip, giggling. So, You know Quinn and about me going to work with her and all?”

“I’m the Oracle.” Mitchell said chuckling as his right hand went to his forehead in a OK symbol.

“Well, good to meet You, Oracle, I mean, Officer Mitchell. Time for bed, morning comes early.” Patty said as the cups and all went in the bag.

“Good to meet You, finally, also. Call me, Dan.” Mitchell said.

“Ok, Officer Dan.” Patty said, “Take Care.”

“Sleep Well, Patty, Thanks for the coffee.” Dan said, as he turned and walked up the street.

She went upstairs and put everything away rinsing the cups and mugs and leaving them in the sink to be washed later. Prepare the perkolator for the next pot and it was time to find some travel mugs online.

Settling into her favorite spot, she looked up and down the street. Patty noticed Amy without Carol as she walked slowly up the street. Grabbing her big-eyes she focused in on Amy as she wondered why such a pretty lady had to resort to streetwalking as Amy stopped in front of Steve’s building. A little stained lace showed from under her skirt and she reached down and tugged at it, so a little more showed. In just a few minutes a car slowed to a stop in front of the alley, and after a brief conversation, Amy stepped in the car and away they went. Officer Dan walked out of the alley a moment later, looked in the direction the car went and started walking that way.

Realizing the little lacy Lorraine mini slip she had on was tight, as she fired up the laptop, Patty dropped her to the floor, picking it up as she went to the armoire’. Finding a silky white Shadowline half-slip, she pulled it up her legs and tossed the Lorraine at the hamper where it landed with her lace hanging over the edge. “That’s better” she thought as she climbed back into the big bay window in only a bra and slip and, the laptop was ready for shopping.

The Shadowline was loose and lacy, and Patty played with her lace as she browsed the travel mugs on the web. Finding one with the L.A.P.D. badge, she also found they could be personalized, then realized that she didn’t know Sarge by any other name but ordered a personalized mug for him and one for James personalized with the name, Cowboy. She also added a couple that were not personalized and put in the order. Then over to Secrets in Lace where she added a beautiful slip set along with a couple of more full slips and placed the order on her cart. She would surprise her guys with their mugs on a snakee night after they arrived, perhaps while wearing one of her new slips, as she did that night with Jacqueline.

Closing the laptop, she turned down the lights and headed for bed taking off her bra leaving it hanging on the doorknob. Forgetting about the new to her hope chest, she tripped over it and fell into bed with nothing on but the pretty slip. James would be home after his shift ended at 4am, and she played with her slip a few minutes thinking of him then napped.

James slipped into Patty’s bed quietly and as he turned toward her back, she rolled over, kissed his lips and asked, “How was your night, Cowboy?” Looking over him at the clock, it said 4:30 am. She realized he wasted no time in getting home to her which made her feel good.

Grabbing the first slip she could get her hands on, she pushed on his chest until he rolled to lay on his back. In the dark she had no idea what color it was or who made it. She only knew the half-slip bala escort was lacy, and felt like a satin slip, so she used the lace on him. When his soldier was at attention, she wrapped him in the slip’s soft body and leisurely stroked him with the mystery slip as he told her of the night.

He played with His Wildcat and the slip she had on as she became more involved in pleasing him by using her mouth as well as her hand and that silky slip. Patty stopped only long enough to change position so they could go 69. Back to the expert blowjob she was giving as his tongue explored her. She twitched and her stroking became erratic when he found just the right spot, making the lace of the slip she was using fly in all directions.

When she could stand no more, she tossed the slip she used to stroke his cock at the bedroom door. She was curious of which one it was but would find out when she picked it up from the floor, later.

James slapped her fabulous ass through the slip she had on as she moved away then turned to face him. They kissed, laughed at each other and chatted as Patty grinded the silky slip she had on into his rock-hard cock. As she watched the expressions on his face, she knew he was enjoying her and her slip immensely

and thought. “This is the way making love is supposed to be, making love is supposed to be fun!” They chatted more as her hand moved down to guide his cock under her lace and in.

Patty gasped as James penetrated her. She slowly screwed him as she leaned up and back letting her slip fall over her fabulous bubble butt with it’s pretty lace caressing his balls. Letting go of the front of her slip, she put her hands behind her head, arched her back and added a swivel to the slow leisurely fuck she was giving her guy as they chatted about a myriad of subjects including how to play a guitar, pipeline surfing, along with the pros and cons of the metric system. This pleased Patty to be so comfortable with someone as to be able to chat about anything as they screwed each other silly. She could tell that he was as comfortable with her as she was with him.

His hands went to her hips and he just held her as she did her thing, leaning forward from time to kiss her man or whisper in his ear. He slapped that fabulous ass through her slip making it twitch and her jump then speed up. Feeling that familiar feeling as he started pushing up into her, Patty leaned forward whispering into his ear, “Time is near, cum with me, baby, drench this slip, soak her lace for me.”

She moved off as he went over the top shooting thick sticky cum inside her gorgeous half-slip sending her over the top moaning. Patty buried her face into a pillow to muffle her screaming as she went into orgasm pumping her hips into his cock as they soaked the slip she was wearing with cum. Afterwards, she just relaxed on him for a few minutes as his cock leaked the last of his cum onto her slip.

Climbing out of bed, the cum drenched Shadowline went down her legs and she used the pretty slip to wipe and clean the remaining cum from his cock, then be-bopped to the bath. The slip went in a bowl to soak, and she cleaned herself up quickly. Returning to the bedroom, she picked up the slip she used to stroke him with earlier and examined it for a moment. A satin Olga half-slip with not one, but two lace trimmed slits, bubblegum pink in color with stunning three-inch lace at her hem.

Up her legs the gorgeous slip went and back to bed she went with it, snuggling into him with his still semi hard cock buried in the soft satin folds covering that fabulous ass. They chatted and he whispered sweet nothings in her ear until she went to sleep purring like a kitten as the sunrise started to stream into the windows.

Patty’s phone chirped, waking her up and turning to James, she kissed him and looked at the clock. 8:30, oh shit! Only 2 1/2 hours until the meeting. She shook James until he woke up, and they started the day.

Standing in the kitchen in just her wrinkled from being slept in, but still gorgeous slip, Patty looked at the perkolator plug and giggled to herself as she thought, “He plugged it in, yes he did.” The she plugged in the pot and joined James in the shower.

Down her legs and over the shower curtain rod the pink lace of her beautiful Olga went. Then in his shower, she went! They played and chatted with each other until she said, “Be right back,” and left. Patty stepped back into the shower giggling just a couple minutes later with a large cup of coffee they shared as they cleaned and played more, until the hot water was out.

She dried him off and took off with the towel over her shoulders as he went into the sewing room. Grabbing her suit and lingerie for the day, full cuts went up her legs so she could be smooth, followed by the pretty ivory VF Lace Piquant mini half-slip. Even though the style is common it is one of her favorites. Even Amy who she met earlier this morning was wearing one just like this while turning tricks. Patty wondered if she knew how to take care of it, or if it just ended balgat escort up in the trash after night was done, as she hung her suit on a wall hook then sat at her vanity to put on her make-up.

Young walked in the bedroom and Patty’s mouth just fell open when she saw him through her vanity mirror. She didn’t say a word as she stood, went to him and kissed him deeply while rubbing her body and lingerie against him. After they finished the kiss, she took a couple of steps back and said, “WOW! I Love You!” then chattered like a squirrel as she adjusted his tie.

She went to the bath and finished cleaning the Shadowline from earlier and was surprised to find a Vassarette Signature Lace Half Slip fluttering in the breeze. “Perhaps Cindy’s?” She thought as she hung her Shadowline by it.

Sitting back at her table she finished her make-up and to Young’s surprise pulled out a bottle of ivory nail polish. Patty always kept her nails polished and in top shape but rarely painted them preferring the natural look. Young took off his jacket, laying it on the bed of slips and carefully painted each nail except the little fingernail on her right hand at her request. She smiled and said,”mmmmmmm Armani. I should learn to expect no less from you, Cowboy.” and kissed him again.

Looking at the clock as her phone chirped, it was 9:00am and Sarge was on the line saying, “Get ready, I’ll be there in 15-20 minutes and they clicked off.

Already too hot for hosiery, Patty grabbed the sky-blue blazer and skirt she found at The Crossroads pulling the skirt up her legs covering her pretty slip. A smooth strapless bra with no lace to cradle the pups, and her camisole went over her head. Looking in the sewing room for a blouse, she decided it was also too hot for a lot of layers, so on went her blazer over her camisole.

James put his jacket on and Patty fidgeted with his tie, because, she could as she cooed at him until his phone rang. It was Sarge saying he just pulled up. Patty ran to the window and looked down finding Sarge’s behemoth of a truck, a red 1979 Ford F-250 Highboy Crew Cab Long Bed with a camper shell.

Grabbing phones, keys and all the essentials down they went to the street. Patty and James climbed into the front seat of the truck even though it was a 4-Door, but with the front bench seat there was plenty of room. Putting the stick-shift into second gear the truck rumbled up West 11th street, turning right onto South Avarado. Patty admired Sarge in his navy-blue pinstripe 3-piece suit, black shoes, blue patterned tie, with all the details including a pocket watch on a golden chain in his vest. She just looked back and forth at her guys with admiration. Sarge caught third gear then turned on the stereo, as they cruised toward the Hollywood Freeway, Topher’s The Patriot filled the cab with music. Patty looked at Sarge and smiled saying, “You have good taste” then sang along with the chorus as she fidgeted around in the seat.

Heatwave by Martha and The Vandellas came on as they merged onto the Hollywood Freeway and Sarge put the truck in high gear The shifter knob was between Patty’s legs now, vibrating the lace of her slip and bottom of her skirt and Patty said “Wow!” kissing Sarge’s cheek as she danced and bounced in the seat between them singing the song to Young. Realizing where the shifter stick was, she looked at Sarge and said, “Any closer with that knob, buddy and you may have had to keep on driving up the freeway, at least until,,,,”

Sarge replied, “One of Ford’s Better Ideas.” and they all laughed

Her skirt and silken lacy slip rode up as she bounced around. The truck took the Gower Street exit and veered to the right onto North Beachwood making their way up into the hills. When Patty’s skirt and slip made it to the top of her thighs in a wrinkled heap, she tugged at and pulled the slip back mid thigh as best she could dancing, while saying “Hold this down” to Young as she placed his hand on her slip’s scalloped lace.

Sam and Dave’s Soothe Me came on, and she settled down, as they winded their way through the hills bobbing her head with the music.

Everybody wants to rule the world, by Tears For Fears, came on and Patty thought it was fitting as she sang it to The Dynamic Duo. emphasizing Freedom and Pleasure.

WOW, who lives here? Patty asked when they arrived at their destination.

Nobody, replied Sarge, as he parked the truck This place is the hub. “Hey, we are early!” Sarge said looking at his pocket watch, 25 minutes till.

The guys buttoned their jackets and Patty stopped Sarge from ringing the doorbell so she could fidget with her guy’s ties for a couple of minutes and admire them, then she rang the bell. A tall willowy woman with raven black hair in a bun answered the door in a smart business suit and introduced herself as Laurie Brantley then asked Sarge if the lady with them was Patty as she reached out her hand.

Sarge answered “Yes” and kissed her hand, then Young did the same. They stepped inside and Patty looked all around, taking in all the beauty the house that served as a hub, offered. A small fire crackled in the double exposed fireplace and the place was wide open and airy. Looking out the sliding glass doors to the pool deck, she also spotted the built-in hot tub and guessed that you can see downtown from it. In the distance You could also see The Pacific.

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