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Peeping boy part 15 A story by: Papa Bear I saw Joey a few times during the week and he told me they would be out of town visiting some relatives on the weekend. He was really busy with school and homework, so we had no time for some fun. Friday afternoon arrived and I herd a knock on my door. When I answered it to my surprise it waa Toby. “Well hello my friend, what’s up?” I asked. ” Hey Papa, not much I’m going to be bored this weekend and well umm I was wondering if we could have some fun.” He replied. I smiled, ruffled his hair and said. ” Of course we can bud. Just let me know when you want to.” “Awesome, my parents are going to be busy and I can do pretty much anything I want to.” He said. ” Fantastic bud. What you doing right now?” I asked. ” I’ve got some chores to get done and a little homework. Then I’m free all weekend.” He replied. ” Well buddy you better get going and get home. You get all that done and we’ll have lots of fun.” I said. ” Ok I will. Can I text you later?” He asked. ” Sure here’s my number.” I said, showing him my phone. He typed my number in and we said our goodbyes. I watched him walk away, scoping out his cute little ass. He waved at me as he walked out of sight. Then I herd my text alert go off and it was Toby. …. can’t wait to have more fun with you….. …. I’m looking forward to it too……. ….. I’ll text you later on after I’m done….. ….. sounds good buddy…….. ….. TTYL…. ….. TTYL…. My cock was already hard just thinking about having him all to myself.I went about the afternoon with occasional thoughts of Toby running through my mind. About 1 hr went by and I heard my text alert again. ….hey…. …hi what’s up… … I’m working on my homework but man I’m horny lol… …. I know what you mean I’ve been semi hard since you left lol… …. I might be able to come over tonight. rents going out tonight…. … cool just don’t get in trouble and get grounded…. …. yeah that would suck. they will be gone for hours so pretty sure it’s ok…. ….nice hope you can come over… …. gotta go let you know when they leave…. …. sounds good bud…. Wow he sounded eager to have fun. My cock was hard as a rock and ready for action. I was so fucking horny it was difficult to get anything else done. My mind was fixated on his tight hole and how good my dick would feel deep in it. My body pressed against his smooth 13 year old body. Knowing he was just as eager was fueling my lust. Somehow I managed to get a few things done and decided to fix a nice stiff drink. balıkesir escort I kicked back to relax and wait for his text. About an hour later my text alert went off. ….Hey Pappa rents are leaving now…. ….cool…. ….be over as soon as they leave…. …. awesome just be careful, make sure their gone…. …. I will, I’m horny as fuck…. ….lol me too…. ….ok be over soon…. ….see you soon… Damn he was just as horny as me and my cock is already dripping precum. I decided to freshen up before Toby got here. No sooner than I was done my doorbell went off. I answered it and Toby entered quickly. ” Hey bud.” I said “Hi Pappa.” He said. I looked down and he had a big tent in his shorts. Which matched my own tented shorts. No words were spoken and he grabbed my raging hard-on through my shorts. I returned the favor and grasped his rock hard cock. We stood groping each other at the front door both lost in lust. I released his cock and slid my hand inside his shirt, gently pinching his nipple. He let out a little moan and gripped my cock tighter. He quickly released my cock and pulled my shorts down releasing my cock. His hand slid along my throbbing hard dick, which was dripping precum like crazy. I couldn’t resist and I lifted his chin, then kissed him on the lips. He kissed me back and we began a very passionate kiss. His hand stroked me in a rhythmic motion. I tweaked his nipple a little harder which caused him to shiver. So there we were still by the front door lost in our lust. I’m not sure how long we were going at it, but I needed to get him to a bed. Broke away and lead him to the bedroom. Our clothes flew off in a frenzy and we collapsed on the bed. My eyes feasted on his body making me want him even more. Toby moved first and went down on my cock. I returned the favor and we were in a hot 69. His delicious teen cock was hard as steel and oozing precum. Toby was slurping on my head, licking it like a lollipop. He took it in his mouth trying to get the whole length in his throat. He’d give out little gagging noises, but kept doing a great job. I savored his young dick and licked his tight balls. Each time I’d lick his crotch and flick his tight teen hole. He responded by groaning and slurping even more on my raging hard cock. His smooth young body clung to mine, sliding along my hairy chest. I firmly grabbed each of his ass cheeks spreading them open, revealing his little boy pussy. With each flick of my tongue his little opening would pucker. The rhythmic motion of his boy pussy was inviting me in. His intensity of sucking me increased and was driving me nuts. I felt an orgasm rapidly approaching so I went back down on his dick. I swallowed his dick down to his soft pubes. He tried his best to do the same to me. Our bodies moved in a perfect rhythm, both doing our best to please the other. Toby was the 1st to start spasming and his body began to shake. His muffled moans and groans fueled my lust. His dick began to swell and he thrust his cock into my throat, unleashing his volley of spunk. The minute his jizz hit the back of my throat it sent me over the edge. I exploded into his throat and my body began convulsing. His jizz filled my throat, as he shot at least 5 strong burst. His gagging was a huge turn on as he tried his best to swallow all of my jizz. I sucked every last sweet drop of spunk from his teen boy cock. Toby was really nursing mine as well. We both slowly pulled off each other’s dicks. Toby rolled on his stomach and me on my side. His beautiful ass was a sight to see, while I laid beside bartın escort him. Not a word was spoken as we laid on the bed. I began caressing his soft young ass and massaged each cheek. He responded by spreading his legs and lightly moaning. My fingers traced the outline of his adorable ass, sliding in the crevice of his cheeks. I did this for quite some time and with each caressing stroke my desire grew. I felt drawn to his ass and compelled to feast on his tender young hole. Moving like a slithering animal on it’s prey, I moved between his parted legs and lowered my face to his ass. The enticing aroma of his teen boy body filled my nostrils and increased my desire. First with gental kisses on each cheek and then light licks with my tongue. With an increasing lust I dove my face into his sweet hole. My tongue found his tight hole and his body jumped. With slow circling motions I lapped around his now puckering boy pussy. With each lick his body would quiver and he’d let out soft moans. Toby began thrusting his ass into my face, which pushed my tongue into his puckering rosebud. With my burning desire for his sweet tender ass I devoured his succulent teen boy pussy. My thrusting of my tongue into his now gaping rosebud went deep, as he pushed hard against my face. I swirled my tongue around his succulent entrance, then shoved it in hard. Over and over again my oral assault continued on his teen boy pussy. Toby was matching my thrusting and we began an almost perfect harmony. With each of my tongue thrust he would push back, slamming his ass against my slobber covered face. We were lost in animal lust for one another and our sexual lust grew by the minute. Slurping and sloshing noises echoed as I made oral love to Toby’s ass. Toby’s moaning, groaning and incoherent words became louder and louder. My feasting frenzy was driving both of us wild and my cock was now raging hard. Slobber dripped down his ass and ran over his balls. Each time a drew back I got a great view of his gaping boy pussy. It began to stay gapped as if it were inviting me in. Thrust after thrust I tongue fucked his rosebud. I couldn’t take anymore and moved quickly on top of Toby. My raging hard cock pressed against his slick saliva coated boy pussy. ” I’m going to make love to you now buddy.” I whispered, then playfully nibbled on his ear. Teasing his boy pussy with each gental thrust my cock slowly worked it’s way in. Toby moaned and started pushing back. My cock head popped in quickly causing him to let out a little whimper. I paused just for a moment fighting the urge to slam it in. I couldn’t fight the urge long and needed to be deep inside him. My lust took over and I drove my cock in with one powerful thrust. He whimpered louder as I went balls deep. His teen boy pussy wrapped around my steel hard cock and it felt like it was sucking on it. With each slow thrust and withdrawal his little boy pussy gripped my shaft. Beads of sweat dripped from my forehead and landed on Toby’s back. Our bodies clung together and slid across onw another. I felt the urge to take control and grabbed each of his shoulders, gripping them tightly. His small teen body was pinned beneath me as I began to fuck him harder. ” mmmm….ohhh…yesssss…fuck me!” He moaned out. His words added fuel to my fire and I drove my cock in. His body was all mine and he surrendered it to me completely. I fought the building desire to plow him faster. I wanted this to last as long as I could. Each time I felt my orgasm building I’d slow down, prolonging our love making. Over and over I’d edge myself batıkent escort pausing just long enough to stop myself from cumming. Toby’s cries of pleasure was not making it easy. ” Ohhh God yes fuck me…ohhhh…right there….ohhhh man your going to make me cum!” He cried out. Over and over, again and again he’d cry out and I’d continue to fuck him passionately. My cock head pulled out and slid across his slick tight hole. His ass would grip my shaft as I pushed it in deep. My pubes brushed his soft skin, then I’d wiggle a little which drove him crazy. Each time I did this his body shivered and he’d thrust back against my pubes. Thrust after thrust our animal lust grew. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and gave in to my lust. I gripped his shoulders tightly and began pounding his tight teen boy pussy. Slap after slap our bodies slammed together. My balls swung back and forth, slapping against his crotch. The bed creaked, our bodies slapping together echoed off the walls. Toby’s groans turned into grunts and our heavy breathing joined the choir of noises echoing in the room. ” Ohhh God papa…ohhh Papa… your going to make me squirt…. I’m going to cum…ohhh papa..papa….ohhhhh paaaappppaaa!” Toby screamed, as his orgasm hit him. The intensity of his orgasm caused his body to tense up and shiver. Wave after wave of spasms coursed around my cock. His orgasm sent me over the edge, as I pounded his young boy pussy. With each forceful thrust his body would bounce off the bed. My groin began to tighten, my stomach began to quiver and my orgasm began to approach rapidly. I became light headed and my whole body began to shake. It hit me like a bolt of lightning and I slammed my cock deep as it would go. Spasm after spasm coursed through my body and jet after jet filled Toby’s teen boy pussy. ” ohhhh…fuck…fuck…fuck…urggggggh…God!” I grunted out. Our sweaty bodies clung together as I collapsed on top of him. My cock was still hard and pumping jizz as I kissed his cheek and released my death grip on his shoulders. I softly brushed his sweaty hair and kissed his ear. Softly whispering in his ear. ” Thank you buddy, that was unbelievable!” ” Thank you papa, I’ve never cum so hard in my life.” He softly said, turning his head and giving me a big beautiful smile. I took the opportunity to kiss him on the lips and he kissed me back. I slowly pulled out of his tender teen boy pussy and rolled on my side. Then I reached over and played with his cum dripping hole. My jizz oozed out of his gapping teen boy pussy and was running down onto his balls. I traced the crevice of his ass and down his groin, then fondled his cum drenched balls. I felt the bed and it was soaked, covered in his jizz and mine. Toby turned towards me and reached out, as we cuddled together in our afterglow. Stroking his hair and back I thought how lucky I really am. We laid for a while then I thought we’d better get cleaned up and get him home before his parents got there. We showered and played a bit with each other, then got out. I helped Toby dry off and he got dressed. We headed to the front door and said our goodbyes. Once again to my surprise he gave me a very passionate kiss, then we spoke briefly about him coming back over this weekend. Toby headed home and I chilled out for the night. I was completely drained and quiet content. To be continued….. Papa Bear If you enjoy this story check out my other stories here on : https://www.//gay/adult-youth/peeping-boy/ https://www.//gay/adult-youth/roberto-the-boy-lover/ https://www.//gay/adult-youth/street-ball-boys/ https://www.//gay/incest/the-nephew-problem https://www.//bisexual/incest/caring-for-samantha-and-jason/ If you like this story and other stories presented to you on the Nifty Archive, please consider donating to help this site continue its good fty/donate.html)

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