Penny’s Promisciuity – 18 – Will Power (continued)


My head spinning, I offered my hands to the drop-dead gorgeous young man whose gleaming, saliva covered cock stood rampant only inches from my face. There was no way this young man would be content with the inexpert blowjob I had just delivered.Nothing but full hard sex would satisfy his desires and prevent my exposure as the slut I unquestionably was.As I rose unsteadily to my feet, my tummy rumbling with excited anticipation, my body was telling me clearly that it would not be satisfied so easily either.My eyes fixed on the glistening thick shaft standing boldly between his strong thighs, I stood naked in my heels before my young lover wondering what would happen next.As I waited for him to make his move I knew that, whatever Will wanted, Dr Penny Barker PhD needed to be fucked, fucked hard and fucked now!***Will took my hands in his and helped me unsteadily to my feet. For a moment we stood face to face, his strong naked chest warm against my tiny boobs, his six-pack stomach and rock-hard erection pressed against my skinny, stretch-marked belly.Our lips met, tentatively and almost romantically at first, as if the previous crude, passionate events had not taken place. Will tasted of mint with just a hint of tobacco as his tongue forced its way between my lips, then between my teeth before plunging deep into my mouth. As my arms rose up and around his neck, his hands found my panty-covered buttocks and our mouths melted into each other. I couldn’t prevent the mother in me from being shocked that a guy so fitness oriented could be a smoker too.But then I felt the touch of his hands on my bare buttocks once again and all such thoughts became instantly impossible. Will’s strong hands kneaded my bony cheeks firmly and forcefully, pressing my lower belly hard against his near-vertical erection.It was long and hard and straight and… irresistible.Any remaining hesitation I might have had flew instantly away; I wanted that erection inside me; I needed that erection inside my body. I began to return his kisses with renewed vigour, thrusting my tongue as deep into his mouth as his was in mine, the two writhing over and around each other as our lips and teeth ground and clashed and our bodies swayed.I dimly became aware that I was being manoeuvred towards the mirrors and the counter top beneath but did nothing to resist. I resisted even less when Will turned me until I was facing the mirror.“Bend over,” he whispered into my ear.I obeyed like the lost woman I was, turning and placing both hands on the counter top, my bare bottom thrust towards my lover, my face merely a dozen inches or so from the large mirror above; a mirror in which I must have fixed my makeup and dried my hair dozens of times over the years.The thought of such a strange thing happening in so ordinary a place was thrilling. The feeling of it all being watched by my own reflection was unsettling but very arousing.But there was little time for such thoughts; in a second I could feel the heat of Will’s fit, young body against my bent over buttocks and the hair on his legs tickling the back of my thighs. In the mirror, I could see the powerful, well-defined muscles of his chest and shoulders, his rounded biceps, his strong forearms as he positioned himself close to my exposed, weeping vulva.If ever my body was ready for penetration it was ready then. All thoughts of my husband, our age difference, the risk of blackmail or any other consequences were banished from my mind. All I wanted was that young man’s cock inside my body. I wanted to feel its masculine strength deep within my most feminine passage but most of all I wanted his seed within my womb.Not even the knowledge that another man’s baby was already growing there entered my mind. I had become wanton, feral, desperate.I felt Will’s hands on my buttocks and the head of his cock against my puffy, engorged vulva. I felt him press forward once, twice but his smooth end kept sliding either up or down my slit, unable to find its goal.Taking my weight on my right arm, I reached back with my left. My fingers closed on Will’s smooth, hard shaft.“Yes,” he growled. “Put it in for me Mrs Barker. Show me how much you want almanbahis it.”I did want it and he knew it. I slid Will’s smooth head along my slit until it parted my inner lips then wiggled it up and down until its tip was positioned just inside the entrance to my deep, welcoming tunnel.There was the briefest of pauses in which the world seemed to stop turning. Then the expression on Will’s reflected face changed, his body flexed and his hips were driven forward.Even in the heights of lust, some mundane things just stick in the mind.I can remember clearly that, according to the reflection of the changing room clock, the smooth head of Will’s long, thick cock entered my middle-aged body at ten forty-three in the evening. Already literally dripping lubrication, it took only three slow but forceful thrusts before it had travelled the full length of my unresisting passage and its head was pressing hard against my baby-sealed cervix. The thick hairless base of his shaft was stretching my entrance a little; his strong hips grinding hard against the underside of my thighs.I watched almost in slow motion as he slowly but inexorably sank into me from behind. The expression on my face changed from anticipation through shock, pleasure and delight to surprise and disbelief; every nuance reflected in the mirror only inches away as my body was penetrated deeper and deeper.“Oh my God!”I gasped with contentment as the young man’s cock filled my oversized vagina, reaching deep into my belly. My vagina was far too loose for his shaft to stretch me but still, I felt so, so full and so, so good.“You really wanted that,” he whispered as if in amazement. “You’re dripping wet!”I couldn’t reply. All I could do was lean heavily on the counter top, steadying my body as my legs trembled. Will’s cock was impaling me, filling me, making my body part of his as we stood still, both of adjusting to what had just happened.But the stillness didn’t last long. With his hands on my hips, Will drew back until just his tip was inside me then thrust himself forwards. His cock slammed home with a slap, his hips hitting my buttocks hard, his shaft grating against my entrance.It felt wonderful; I gasped. He did it again; I yelped. He did it again and again; I began to moan into the stillness of the room, my reflected eyes wide and staring, my mouth gaping as I was fucked hard and mercilessly.Slap! Slap! Slap!Will quickly established a rhythm, thrusting slow enough to keep himself from cumming, but too fast for me to recover after each penetration. Every thrust left me more excited than the last, more aroused than the last and the thrusts were growing faster all the time.And all the time Dr Penny Barker was taking another step down the road of infidelity, barely inches from my face, my reflection was watching it happen, powerless to resist.Although not the best fucking I had ever had, it was certainly one of the memorable. Even now I have to admit that Will did a first class job on me. What he might have lacked in experience he more than made up for in vigour as he simply pounded what Tony used to call my Pretty Pink Pussy from behind. The sloppy sounds coming from my weeping vulva and the slap of his upper thighs against my bony buttocks as he bottomed out inside me echoed around the changing room.They were quickly followed by the sound of a middle-aged woman reaching her first vaginal climax of the evening. I was crying out loud, eyes wide, my open-mouthed reflection screaming back at me; both of us at the mercy of the muscular young men behind us.Will’s body slammed into mine relentlessly, his hands digging hard into my hips, pulling me back onto his shaft as he thrust powerfully forwards. As a second wave of pleasure rippled outwards from my groin into my belly and down my thighs making me moan louder.I wanted to look my lover in the eye as he fucked me. I wanted to see the expression on his face; was it triumph? Satisfaction? Surprise? Delight?But I try as I might, couldn’t raise my eyes to his. Instead, my cheek was flat on the countertop, my hands gripping its edge desperately to keep myself from falling as my whole body, inside and out, was battered by the boy’s almanbahis yeni giriş cock.Shlapp! Shlapp! Shlapp!The sounds of fornication grew wetter and louder as my juices wept onto his shaft. I felt his thrusting slow and his hands move over my buttocks. I felt his fingers between my cheeks. I felt something pressing against my bottom, against my sphincter, moving in little circles as the shaft moved in and out of the deep passage beneath it. I felt pressure, harder, harder…Then one of Will’s fingers passed through my anus and into my rectum. It can only have been one finger or perhaps his thumb. It can only have been one or two knuckles deep but it felt huge, as if I had been impaled.“Jesus!”What the hell was he doing? It felt amazing! I felt full; stuffed in both places, stretched as if I would burst. My body reacted instinctively, trying to force the intruder out but Will held his finger as firmly in place in my rectum as his cock was buried in my vagina.I felt afraid; was he going to try and have anal sex? Pete and I had tried several times without success; no pleasure only pain. Another bolt of fear went through my mind; I could see it in the eyes of my reflection.The invading finger began to move within me, turning from left to right then being forced in and out, slowly fucking my anus as the cock below it fucked my cunt.The wave of climax that hit me took my breath away. My knees began to buckle; if Will hadn’t caught me around the waist with his other arm and held me I might well have fallen. But he did hold me, with his cock in my cunt, his finger in my rectum and his arm around my pregnant belly, Will held me until I could balance again then returned to the job in hand – fucking me hard.My eyes met those of my reflection as another orgasmic wave hit me, my face contorting in climax just as I had seen the faces of my male lovers contort when they began to ejaculate inside me. I wailed aloud; my reflection wailed silently in front of me. My eyes opened wide; so did hers. My mouth opened even wider, my tongue thrust into my cheek; the Penny before me did the same.Then the finger in my rectum was withdrawn. For a second I felt empty and wished for its return. For a split second I wanted him to replace it with his cock; to try and achieve the anal penetration my husband and I had still not managed.Whether this was his intention I will never know because, as I came for a third time and my vagina clamped down on his shaft as tightly as it was able, Will’s own climax began to start and the increased speed and force of Will’s thrusting drove all such thoughts from my mind.Slap-slap-slap-slap!“Oh God!” Will’s voice joined mine in the stillness of the room.Slap-slap-slap-slap!“Oh yes! Oh yes!”Slap-slap-slap-slap!“Going to cum! Going to cum!”From the loss of rhythm and the near-violence of his thrusting, I could tell Will was on the point of orgasm himself. In a few seconds time, this amazing young man was going to fill my middle-aged body with semen.Muddled thoughts passed through my mind.I wasn’t on the pill – I was already pregnant, it didn’t matter!We weren’t using a condom – it was already too late to worry about that. Any disease he had I now had too!I wanted desperately to look him in the eye as he ejaculated; to see the expression on that gorgeous young man’s face as he spurted his sperm-filled fluid into the body of a woman old enough to be his mother. Given my humiliating position, bent over taking his cock from behind this would be impossible. For a moment I felt disappointed but then I remembered the mirror. If I raised my head a little… just like this… maybe I could see into his deep, gorgeous eyes.I pushed upwards with my arms and raised my head until my unfocused eyes could home in on the face of my new lover. He was close; I braced myself for the final brutal thrusts I felt sure would soon follow.I did not have long to wait; as his arousal reached its peak, Will thrust his cock into my vagina hard enough to drive me bodily over the counter top despite my hands holding onto its edge. My head crashed into the mirror once, twice before I could push back enough to raise my gaze again.But no sooner almanbahis giriş had my eyes fixed on Will’s handsome face, it ceased to be handsome. His eyes opened wide then became a snarling frown as the first spasms of orgasm overtook him. Despite its generous size, my vagina was still tight enough for me to feel the head of his cock swelling one last time before the short sharp stabs of the boy’s climax began.“Fuuuuck!” he moaned as his cock began to throb and pulse within me.“Ooooohhhhhyyyeeessss!”My moans matched his as one final wave of orgasm grasped me by the throat and chest.Will’s tension broke visibly as his ejaculation began and his body released its load into mine. I watched in the mirror as grotesque grimaces crossed his face and his body crashed violently and erratically into mine, his fingers digging painfully into my skinny hips, his hairless base grinding against my swollen outer lips.His body twisted and contorted as his head pummelled my cervix, my mind imagining all that semen spurting from its tiny lips and washing over the pink ring that protected my growing baby.But nothing this intense could last forever; eventually, the waves of ecstatic agony slowed to be replaced with an expression approaching relief as Will’s cock thrusting slowed and ended leaving only a throbbing, pumping cock depositing its last few ropes in my welcoming body.Will’s grip on my hips loosened, the pulsing slowed to a halt too and for what seemed an age we stared at each other in the mirror.Eventually, a broad smile crossed his young face. He laughed out loud.“Jesus Christ! That was good.”His cock was still within my body and showed no sign of softening. I couldn’t move; all I could do was stand there, bent over, my face still on the counter top.“Are you okay Penny?” he asked a little anxiously, his hands now stroking my battered buttocks and lower back. “Did I hurt you?”I wanted to tell him he had just delivered a series of incredible orgasms. That he had just fucked me in a crude, teenage position I hadn’t been fucked in since University; that I was still reeling from the orgasms his young, fit body had delivered; that he had just reminded me why I had become a Hotwife in the first place.But even in my post-climactic delirium, I knew I couldn’t tell him these things. That would be exposing my soul too much to a young man who could still be a danger to my marriage, my family and my career.“I’m okay,” I said quietly. “You’d better leave me now.”“What? Oh of, course.”Will eased his still hard cock from my body. As it left my over-sized vagina the familiar and saddening feeling of post-penetration emptiness washed over me and I felt the tears beginning to form in my eyes.“Are you sure you’re okay?” Will asked solicitously, helping me to stand upright, my back and legs aching from the uncomfortable posture in which our fucking had taken place.“I’m okay,” I smiled. “I’m just old and stiff.”He guided me to a low bench; one on which I must had put my sports bag dozens of times. I sat down on its hard surface, wincing as the cold wood touched my over-sensitised vulva.As I settled on the slippery surface, the sound of a telephone ringing came over the sports club’s speaker system. Will reacted anxiously.“What’s that?” I asked, puzzled.“It must be my Manager,” he replied with a frown. “If he’s seen the lights still on and the alarm hasn’t been set he’ll be wondering what’s going on. I’d better take the call. Just a moment.”The boy hurriedly pulled on his trousers and disappeared into the low glow of the security lights.I sat there wearing nothing more than my heeled sandals, my mind spinning, contemplating what had just happened and wondering what on earth would happen now. If we had been in bed I would have wanted to curl up in his arms; to relieve the inevitable post penetration insecurities by the physical closeness of the man who had just inseminated me.But after a fucking this raw such a romantic end was impossible. Far from receiving the reassuring affection of my lover, barely minutes after his still-erect cock had left my body I was naked and alone. It couldn’t be helped I understood that but I learned a lesson about myself and my needs which I had not realised in my thirty-plus years of active sex life.The changing room was beginning to cool and so was I. It was time to move.I began to retrieve my discarded clothes item by item then started slowly to dress.

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