Personal Professionals Vol. 2: The VIP Treatment


I once spent a short time working in a “gentlemen’s club” as a bouncer. Not because I’m particularly large, but because I’m strong enough to calm down the drunks if necessary. I had the pleasure of working in this club with a lovely girl named Ginger. She was the most popular stripper in the place and it’s not hard to see why. She stood 5’8″ and had long red hair all the way down to an ass that drained the patron’s wallets in no time flat. She had 38DD tits that made mouths water and dazzling blue-green eyes. Even I caught myself looking from time to time.But aside from that, it was looking like a regular night. The usual horny guys came and went, some of whose fake IDs were laughable. Now, I’m not naive and lesbians did come into the place occasionally, but when I saw the two walking through the door last Saturday night, my jaw literally dropped. They were slim, tight, and showing just enough skin to make my brain say “show me more!” As I checked their IDs, the blonde of the two (whose driver’s licence said was named Demi) asked me if there were any girls I’d recommend.I güvenilir bahis grinned as I handed her girlfriend (Selena) back her ID and said, “Oh, you ladies want the best girl in the house.” I pointed across the dimly lit room to Ginger and told them, “That’s Ginny over there. She’ll take good care of you.”I watched the two of them sway over to Ginger’s stage, Demi in her tight mini-skirt and Selena in jeans so tight they looked painted on, the hint of a bright red thong peeking over the top. When they got there and sat down, I saw Ginger glance toward me while she undulated and danced. I gave her a wink to confirm that I’d tossed them her way and she grinned, lighting up the dim room. I of course could not hear or watch what followed, but Ginger later told me the run-down.The girls were hot with a capital “H”, with their hands all over each other as they watched Ginger dance. Selena would caress Demi’s thighs until her hand disappeared under the blonde’s skirt (where they remained for quite some time apparently) and Demi would surreptitiously slide her hands up Selena’s güvenilir bahis siteleri sides to squeeze her c-cup tits.They tipped extremely well and it was not long before Demi asked Ginger (while slipping a 50 into her g-string) whether there were any private rooms where they could get a more intimate dance.”Meet me in the VIP room in 3 minutes, hun,” Ginger replied, her soft lips getting very close to Demi’s neck. “Down the hall there. Last door on the right.”As the two women made their way to said room, Ginger made her way over to me, walking in just her high heels and white g-string. I was so distracted by those big tits bouncing freely and those nipple piercings glinting that I almost missed what she said to me.”Hey, Jason. Phil called out sick tonight. Think Mike could handle the door for a bit so you could watch the VIP room for me and those babes you sent my way?” she asked, knowing what my answer would be. Mike already owed me one.”Mike!” I hollered. “Take over the door for me for a little bit.” Mike nodded and I followed Ginger’s perfect ass to iddaa siteleri the back.When she entered the room, I followed just behind her and closed the door. As Ginger started her dance, I knew that I’d made the right call by wearing cargo pants to work tonight as opposed to jeans. She got wild and the two girls got hot. Very hot. They soon were itching to touch more and more of Ginny, but she kept on teasing. She would grind her ass in Demi’s lap while she shook and rubbed her gorgeous tits in Selena’s face. Selena would squeeze them and rub them, kissing them all over. At one point, I even caught Ginger slipping in her control when the sexy brunette caught my friend’s nipple in her mouth and started suckling on it.Finally, Ginger stood in front of them and worked her g-string down off of her ass and past her hips. Let it slide down her legs and drop to the floor. She took it off of her ankle and tossed it to Selena, who caught it with an excited giggle. I’d never been able to tell from my usual spot by the door, but Ginger was completely shaved and unless my eyes were deceiving me, her pussy was glistening wet. She started grinding on Demi’s lap, humping her leg as the blonde squeezed and smacked her ass playfully. Selena, meanwhile, was kneading her own tits through her blouse, watching the other girls with envy.

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