Play Testers Wanted Pt. 21


Play Testers Wanted: Pt. 21

The Road to Sanctuary:

We put the top down and left the Numenor compound; before too long, we were on the highway. I remember hearing the story of how bad traffic was before the AI took over the burden and kept things nice and smooth. Few cars now did not possess an AI link allowing for autopilot. It maintained traffic control, removed most accidents, and kept the flow of vehicles so that while your car might slow down, it was nowhere near the past jams. Our route took us from California to Nevada and eventually to Oklahoma City. We took a break, rented a room at a nice hotel, and stretched our legs.

I did not expect to be recognized and have people flock to get my autograph. Akira let it go for a bit, but she urged me to return to the hotel when the crowd grew too large for her to handle. Instead, I embraced my fans and searched for an impromptu location to hold a Q instinctively, my arm went around her waist. When she chuckled softly, I asked what was so funny. Akira replied that I protected the bodyguard with a simple gesture. It began with another simple action as my hand slid between her legs and gently teased her. Akira’s moan let me know that I should continue. My free hand cupped her breast and caressed her shamelessly. When Akira began rising, I halted her with a few soothing words.

“Relax. Enjoy. Let me have this.”

She wiggled her ass and spread her legs for easier access. I told her about my first clumsy attempts as a lover when I was younger.

“My first kiss was a nightmare. Our heads collided, and I nearly chipped the girl’s tooth. Don’t laugh; dental insurance is terrible in the US. I guess we all fumble at that age.”

“No, I have always been a gifted partner,” Akira bragged. “I studied at the feet of some of the continent’s most gifted courtesans and assassins. Europe was an excellent place to learn sexcraft. Older men are so trusting and eager to show an inexperienced girl what and how to perform a myriad of naughty sexual favors. I accomplished my first kills with barely a whimper from the target. Though, you never forget your first slit throat. The dramatic way the blood sprays and fills the air with a coppery scent as the man lies gurgling as he perishes. Of course, it takes a long hot shower with plenty of body wash and shampoo to get the blood out. Don’t stop; I was nearly there.”

“Let’s dry off and bring things to the kaçak iddaa next level.”

“Booker, did the arrival of the assassins bring up old memories?”

“Yeah, I suppose they did. It leaves a mark when you see your life flash before your eyes. I guess I was feeling nostalgic. You wanna fuck?”

“Mmm, I thought you’d never ask.”

We dried off, munched on cold pizza, and then with Akira’s permission, made some sensual suggestions. My bodyguard leaned against the tall glass window looking out over the city. Akira bent at the waist with her ass aimed at the bed where I sat and began her performance.

“Do you like what you see, mister?” She asked as her hand snaked between her legs and gently parted her labia. “I am soaked thinking about your ‘hard cock’ inside me. My snug little pussy remembers it so well and aches for more. Ooh, look at you, is my dirty talk getting to you? I hope so. I want to make your dreams come true. Watch me.”

Akira’s fingers slid between her pussy lips as she played with herself. The more she rubbed, the slicker she became. All the while, she moaned and ground her hips in the air. Akira raised her hand and opened her fingers to show how her fluids formed glistening strings between her digits, which is when her finger crooked in my direction.

“Get over here and fuck me.”

Who was I to refuse an invitation like that? I approached her slowly, knelt behind her, and buried my face between her ass cheeks.

“Oh, that tongue of yours, I missed you so much. Do what you will; I am your plaything.”

I was too busy eating her out to respond. My fingers dug into her firm cheeks and pulled them apart. I lapped at her slit and tongued her asshole to see which got the more visceral reaction. At the moment, they were neck and neck. So with a liberal application of her pussy juices to my fingers, I invaded her backside with my index and middle fingers into Akira’s ass. Meanwhile, my tongue performed a pincer maneuver on the second front and buried itself deep in her slit. My bodyguard’s reaction was priceless, and for a moment there, I saw beneath her frigid analytical exterior.


I stopped teasing her, stood, and gave her what she wanted. I teased her a bit longer by using the tip of my erection before thrusting deep into her. We both groaned as my length penetrated slowly to her core. For an instant, I could see her targets being so engrossed kaçak bahis with her beauty and sensuality that they let their guard down. How many of them got this far, and how many perished before she climaxed? Akira wasn’t the enemy. Now time to enjoy our time together.

“Balls deep achievement received, now fuck me senseless.”

I leaned forward, using my body weight to force Akira’s tits to press against the cold, unyielding glass window. As I thrust against her, the window smooshed her breasts and forced her to utter a soft grunt each time. Akira knew when to push back and when to relent. Her warm wet heat enveloped me and gave me such pleasure to almost make me forget the attack from earlier today. I grabbed Akira by the hair and pulled her into a blistering kiss as our first climax built quickly, and it would be the first of many that night. I picked up speed when I felt her legs begin to quiver.

“What did I miss?” Left asked as he awoke a minute before my orgasm. “Hoo boy, that was a close one. How could you fuck such a fine filly without me?”

“Not now, Left,” Akira growled.

The ancient Atlantean sorcerer was wise enough to fall silent and enjoy the ride. The last moments were fast, intense, and unforgettable. When we climaxed together, I got full marks from Left even though I wasn’t asking for his opinion. I learned later that Left was able to channel sexual energy into a healing force that sped up his recovery. By the time midnight rolled around, all three of us were ready to sleep. So, under the watchful eye of the other Silent Shadows, Akira and I slept peacefully until dawn.

The dragon song accompanied me into my dreams. Once more, I shared Left’s memories and stood upon the battlefield of forgotten epochs of history where the Atlanteans ruled the Earth and their ever-expanding empire seemed unstoppable. However, this time, as Left performed his spells and enchantments, I heard it and knew the source of the music. The ley lines coursed with unfathomable power, and as one drew close, you could listen to the rhythmic pulsations in the form of the draconic melody.

“The dragon lines are awakening!”

I woke with those words upon my lips. The promise of a new age was on the horizon. What would it mean for the majority of humanity? How would they react to its return? When I opened my eyes, she was not in bed. A naked Akira looked out over the city from the room’s balcony, illegal bahis so I moved behind her and held her close. I closed my eyes and processed whether or not the dream was anything more than a nocturnal vision.

“Nick and I were lovers for years,” she said, her voice weak and uncertain. “He knew something bad was on the horizon. I think he knew he was going to die.”

“I am sure he was a gentle partner,” I said, and she laughed. “Oh?”

“You and Nick are similar,” she growled. “You both like treating women like we are indestructible sex machines… god love you.”

“I can be gentle when I want,” I said as she ground against me.

“Yeah, right,” she laughed as she reached between us, took aim, and I pushed my hips forward slowly. “Damn, I have missed you.”

“What do you think we’ll find?” I asked as I moved gently. She clenched around me as she let out a sensual yet thoughtful grunt. “Satellite shows nothing there.”

“Then… oh god, yes… we’ll pick up a small two-person tent, camp there, and fuck like bunnies for a few days.” She said as she grabbed the balcony’s railing and walked her feet back until her spine was horizontal. “The time for gentle is over.” Surfer managed to keep hotel security from calling the police and tipped them generously. Akira’s screams echoed against the nearby office buildings. I grabbed a fistful of her long ebony mane and pulled her head up. “I swear to god, if you make a clucking sound, I will kick your ass. I am not that kind of girl.”

“If I tell you that you are my bitch what would you say?” I asked as I pulled back and paused.

“Unn…” she hesitated, fighting the urge to submit. I slammed my hips forward, and she shrieked as she climaxed.

“It is okay. I would never demean you that way.” I said as she recovered.

“Unless I asked real nice.” She gasped as her entire body shivered. “Damn… did I mention how much I missed you?”

“I am just getting started. Doc says the changes are complete. After everything, I need to let out some steam.” I told her as I snatched her off her feet, walked to the balcony’s edge, and fucked her standing up. “Hell of a view.” Akira just grunted each time I hit deep. “I can do this all morning, young lady.”

“I hope so. I give up. Surrender. Capitulate.” She whimpered as my cock swelled inside of her. “Cum inside of me, Master, please, Booker… I need it.”

I thought my stamina in-game was impressive. It felt like I was stronger outside the damn game. We stopped before seven only because I was becoming dehydrated. We also shared a nice hot bath and two pitchers of ice-cold water.

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