Pleasing His New Bride Ch. 02


After David had purchased the second dildo for Mia, they had fantastic sex. Mia was so satisfied with the dark brown nine-inch dildo that she gave it a name. She called it Leo and talked about it like it was her new lover.

To backtrack, Mia was twenty-two when their sex life really hit the accelerator. David was twenty-eight. Neither were virgins when they got married about fifteen months earlier. Mia was a pretty, 5′-5″ beauty weighing about 130#. She has the prettiest breasts that her husband has ever seen. Perfect C-cups with pale pink areolas a little oversized and puffy when she was sexually aroused. She is an accountant and working on her master’s degree. David manages a family hardware business that caters mostly to semi-rural clientele. He has several stores spread out among the smaller communities away from the city. Mia works from home primarily and goes to the city about one day a week for meetings. They are both hard workers.

Mia had to make the first sexual advances to David with him claiming that he didn’t want to move too fast for her since she was six years younger. She didn’t mind taking the lead initially. Once they learned to relax and communicate, their sex life began to get exciting.

David was a nice looking guy about 5′-10″ tall. He was average of build and had relationships with several women before meeting Mia. Sex was good but he got the idea that he was too small to satisfy her sexually. He had some history. A couple of women had told him that they could not stay with him because his 4 1/2″ penis was not enough to satisfy them. In the early days of their marriage, David had investigated some web sites for ideas on how to better satisfy his wife. He read some medical papers and inevitably browsed sites that some considered pornographic. Some of the story sites were remarkably informative about sexual variations that could be used to stretch the limits of marital bliss. He learned quickly that his new wife loved oral sex. Later, he purchased a medium-sized dildo. Shortly after, he went back and bought a nine-inch one.

After the first experience with Leo, in addition to the dildo fucking his wife, he felt that she could cum only when penetrated by a big thick cock or intense oral stimulation. She was unable to cum on just his little penis. Initially she tried to salve his pride by telling him that she probably wasn’t built just right. David knew better and the dildos proved the point. However, along with oral sex, the dildos were bringing her to some intense and fantastic orgasms that they enjoyed together.

After the first session with the larger dildo, both partners looked forward to repeating the session or some variation of it. David couldn’t help but think of a few things that Mia had instigated during the hot throes of sex. First, she had kissed him lightly on the lips after giving him a blow job and swallowing his cum. Then she had dipped her finger in her cum filled pussy and touched his lips with it. Right behind that she actually penetrated his lips with her cummy finger. That left no doubt that it was purposeful. She even asked him if he liked it. The last thing was her having him suck the head of the dildo ostensibly to lubricate it. They both knew that she was easily aroused and her precum flowed like a leaky bucket. It was the act itself of her asking him to suck the dildo like she had.

He didn’t want to conjure up any negative feeling about these things. He wouldn’t have done anything to damper their open sharing and torrid sex life. If she had any misgivings about his cock size, it certainly didn’t show except to him. She seemed totally satisfied with the various ways he helped her orgasm. Still, he wished he was better endowed so he could make her cum on his dick.

Regardless of the pangs of doubt he still held, it was true that when she referred to the dildo as a person, he went wild trying to fuck the ‘invaders’ imaginary sperm out of her love canal. The suggestion that she was cuckolding him had a primal effect on his behavior. He had read plenty of stories about cuckolding. It was practiced by some couples but was a fantasy of many couples. He had read that some couples who progressed from fantasy to reality were disappointed after the experience was realized. Many more, however, incorporated it into their lifestyle. Luckily, they had talked about every topic they could think of. While Mia truly loved David, she had fantasies just like men did. She had even told him how women could be just as raunchy as men sometimes.

The couple continued to enjoy oral sex and the dildo play. One night, David asked Mia if she played with her lovers during the day when he was at work.

“Naughty boy.” She scolded him. “I work from home, buddy. What makes you think I have time for fantasy sex?”

“Just curious.” He replied.

“What do you think about that?”

“Me? Oh, I don’t know. I mean if you felt a certain way. Like if you got thinking about sex or something.”

“Maybe warming up for my husband?”

“Yeah, like that.” He happily esat escort replied.”

“Would it upset you if I did play with Leo?”

“Oh, no. I mean he is not a real person, after all. I mean, IT is not a real person, after all.”

“Um, huh, you said, HE.”

“Slip of the tongue.”

“I like it when you slip your tongue into my pussy.”

“You are clouding the issue. Do you cheat on me with Leo.”


“Damn. I did it again.”

“Okay, to answer the question. I do not fuck Leo while you are away. Would you like me to?”

“Uh, I didn’t say that.”

“Okay, so you don’t want me fucking Leo while you are away?”

“I didn’t say that, either.”

“Which is it then? You want Leo to fuck me while you are gone or not?”

“Uh, that is not…”

“Yes or No? Can Leo fuck me while you are gone?”

“Uh, well, yes, if you put it like that.”

“Good. I will let Leo fuck me tomorrow afternoon. Is that okay?”


“Great. I will make some time tomorrow. Look for a text and I will tell you when I am about to cheat on you.”

“You are so sexy, Sweetheart. I trust you completely. I don’t need to know about your secret lovers.”

That comment hung in the air. It was meant lightheartedly but was there a further hidden meaning? She pondered the comment but didn’t want to get into the implications. She knew that she would think about this later. She pushed the thought aside for the moment and turned her attention back to David.

“Now, with that over, let’s get back to you slipping you tongue into my pussy. Then you can fuck your horny wife. I will keep Leo locked up until you are not around to catch me cheating on you.”

David was excited. After they made love, he thought of the implications of the talk about cheating. He could not deny that it made both of them horny. He didn’t know how he would feel about it if it was a real thing but the fantasy seemed to fuel both of them.

Having gone a little beyond the hypothetical, the couple continued to talk sexy to each other during the fantastic sex that followed. Just the two of them made love and the only reference about the dildo was her teasing him again about maybe not needing Leo since he was so attentive to her.

There was a little in reserve even then. He wondered if she would follow through with the session she planned with the dildo the following day. She wondered if that was going too far in the fantasy of cheating. The following day she was working from home again. She was working hard to get her day completed so she would have time to fully enjoy her ‘date’ with Leo. As the day wore on, she became more excited with her plan. It wasn’t just getting herself off with the dildo, either. The thoughts came to her mind of past lovers, better endowed lovers than her husband. She tried to push those thoughts aside and focus on the mutual excitement they shared the evening before where they openly joked about her having a lover while David was at work. She wondered just how close to reality he perceived this little repartee.

When she reached her goal for the day, she drank a glass of red wine to hopefully settle her nerves. She took a shower and shaved all the stubble off her pubic region and underarms. After drying and applying a fragrant lotion, she was ready to set up her meeting with the ‘secret lover’. She got out the big dark brown dildo and washed it thoroughly. She placed in on the nightstand by the bed close to a half full glass of wine. Normally, David would be home in about two hours from the time she started getting ready. She dressed in the sexy bra and crotchless panty set that David had purchased for her at the boutique. He areolas and nipples were clearly visible in the quarter cup bralette. She felt sexy and wanton. Taking a lover while her husband was working hard. The thought was tongue in cheek but she giggled anyway at their sex play. When she was ready, she snapped a picture of the dildo standing erect on its suction cup near the half-consumed glass of wine. She sent this to David without any text.

Her pussy was already starting to drip with her anticipation of ‘cuckolding’ her husband. She propped herself up on pillows and gently glided the fake cock into her mouth. She sucked and spread her saliva down the shaft and took it deeply into her mouth. She had placed her phone on a picture stick and wedged it firmly on the headboard. She snapped a picture of the cock in her mouth. She looked at the picture and saved it, then sent it to David. Next, she placed the dildo into her wet pussy and swirled the head around spreading her natural lubrication all over it.

When she was comfortable with the insertion into her hot pussy, she left the phone alone to enjoy her ‘new friend’. Gently she slid the cock into herself going a little deeper with each movement. Halfway in, she moaned as the sensation was starting to get to her. She was thinking that the idea of ‘cheating’ on her husband might be a big part of her satisfaction while she etimesgut escort fucked herself deeper and deeper. She tried to take it all in her stretched pussy. As deep as she could go, she still had a little left on the bottom. She wished that David had been there so he could fuck her a little deeper while she relaxed her muscles to take the cock fully. She wanted this to last so she took her time and paused when the cock was almost out of her pussy. It reminded her of the way David sometimes circled her clitoris with his tongue, prolonging her orgasm until she begged him to make her cum. She moved it halfway in and pulled it back out. She moved it deeper and pulled it back out. She rubbed the head over her clit and bucked her hips as she stimulated her all-important love button. She loved having her clit teased and she did it herself to prolong the excitement.

She heard her phone chime going off signaling a text coming in. She knew it would be her husband but she ignored it. She smiled as she thought that she wasn’t going to let her husband interrupt sex with her new lover, Leo. This made her feel like such a slut, enjoying sex without her husband. She knew this would be blowing his mind and she bet he would have a hard on which would make it hard for him to leave his office knowing that other people might see his arousal. The deep sensation of her favorite toy and the wanton role playing was getting her closer to an orgasm. She felt it brewing and tried to settle down enough to delay it longer. It was no use. The erotic thoughts were brewing in her brain and before she could stop, her orgasm exploded over her. She thrust the sex toy as deep as she could while moaning in ecstatic pleasure. She calmed down and then started fucking herself again. Then she had another intense orgasm.

She was dizzy and pulled her ‘lover’ out, setting him back on the nightstand. She pushed it down engaging the suction cup. It was wet and frothy with her juices. She touched her sated pussy and relaxed back in bed. She was in a state of rest from her orgasm when David got home. He was excited when she sent him the pictures but disappointed when the texts stopped. He didn’t see Mia in her office, so he rushed upstairs to their bedroom. She was lying in the bed with her head propped up on pillows. She was gorgeous in her sexy lingerie and looked like she had been recently fucked. David took in the scene. She looked him directly in the eyes and tried to read his expression.

“Well,” He started. “I see you have been cheating on me.”

“Yes, Honey. You caught me. Leo wanted to get out and he was horny. God, he fucked me slow and deep. It was amazing. His cock is so big and thick. I came so hard I was too exhausted to clean up. Are you mad? He is just so sexy. I just couldn’t wait. I guess you will just have to jack off since I am too tired now.” She teased him. “Did you like the pictures? I was afraid you might come home and save me from that big cock.”

David approached her and put his finger into her still wet pussy.

“Oh, Honey. That is Leo’s pussy. I don’t need a little cock in me now. He took care of me.”

“Lay there. I am going to take a quick shower. I will be right back.”

“I’m sorry you had to see this, Honey. Look. He is still wet from fucking your wife.”

David threw his clothes off and hopped in the shower. It was a record. He quickly dried off and headed back to the bed. Mia was smiling when she welcomed him. He mounted her and began fucking her hard and fast.”

“Oh, yeah, Baby. Fuck all of his cum out of my pussy.”

He came too quickly. Of course, Mia didn’t feel his cock hardly at all. He felt the cavernous void but still it felt good to him with their combined juices. Nevertheless, she kissed him and cuddled after he had cum inside her.

“You are a nasty wife, Honey.”

“Ummm, yes. You love it. And I love you. Did you like my show?”

“It just wasn’t enough. It made me want to leave work early. I had a boner that I had to hide behind my desk.”

“You get all horny when I talk about my secret lover.”

“It is so taboo. But so personal to just us. I can’t explain it. You are just so gorgeous and outgoing. I am surprised that every guy you meet doesn’t try to fuck you.”

“Well, Honey. They do try. It makes me feel horny but you are my love. I wouldn’t want to do something that would affect our marriage.”

“You mean other guys actually hit on you?”

“Yeah, some. Guys at work know I am married but a few still try their luck. Anyway, I wouldn’t fuck a guy from work.”

“You mean you would fuck a guy if he didn’t work with you?”

“I didn’t say that. I am good with just you and Leo. I love you both.”

“When these men hit on you does it make you horny?”

“Sometimes. It depends on the guy or what kind of mood I am in. Does it bother you that other men hit on me?”

“Uh, I didn’t realize it was so frequently. I mean, uh, I am happy to be married to a beautiful sexy woman. So, I guess that goes with etlik escort the territory. Do you talk to these men when they hit on you?”

She smiled. “Well, I do tend to talk with people. I don’t necessarily flirt with them but some do try to talk me into a date. I will show my wedding ring to them. Some of them still try to buy me a drink or whatever. I try not to dress provocatively when I am out doing errands and such.”

“What do you mean by provocatively?”

“Oh, you know. Short skirts or short shorts. Maybe no bra. I don’t do that.”

“Why not? You have a beautiful body. Why not show it off?”

“Seriously? You want me to dress like a slut?”

“No. Not like a slut. But maybe forget your bra sometimes. Maybe short shorts that are a little too short. With your beautiful tan and complexion, you look great in sexy clothing.”

“Wow. You dirty old man. I already have guys hitting on me. You want me to encourage them?”

“No. Not like that. It just makes me horny thinking of guys wanting to fuck you.”

“Who said anything about other guys fucking me?”

She noticed that David’s little dick was hard again. The talk about infidelity was turning him on. Mia loved to see him hard like that. His dick wasn’t actually that small, she reasoned. It was just a lot less than half of Leo, the toy. She wondered if he would really like to see her fuck another guy. She couldn’t imagine doing it behind his back. She couldn’t imagine doing it in front of him either. She could imagine a skillful lover with a cock the size of Leo. She had to banish those thoughts. It might be a bridge too far to think about it. But the innuendo kept creeping into their teasing banter.

“Well, you just fucked a guy while I was a work.”

“Oh, yeah. Forgot about Leo. I can’t quit seeing him. Is that okay?”

“Whatever you need to do, Sexy Wife.”

Mia only used Leo when David was at work and she was working from home. She would text him pictures of herself with the big brown cock fully inserted into her pussy.

“Don’t you wish this was you?” She would text him sometimes.

Usually, when he got home, he would eat her ‘used’ pussy and then fuck her. She loved the enthusiasm from him when he would make oral love to her. The penetration was anti-climatic but he enjoyed it even though he could not make her cum. She still loved how they lay together after David had cum in her. When he inevitably got soft and withdrew, she would diddle her pussy with her fingers while they talked sexy to each other. She was slowly bringing a little more cum play into their afterglow sessions. She would dip her finger into the flowing well and trace patterns on his skin. Other times she would guide his fingers to her pussy and have him slowly massage her vaginal lips while his cum was still flowing. She never just jumped up and went to clean up. She thought that playing with the cum was an integral part of their lovemaking. She didn’t have a plan, per se. She just liked it. She wanted him to see how much she enjoyed it and not to make her cum again. She progressed to the point where she would dip her fingers into her pussy deeply and pull out a cum-coated digit. She then would lick her finger like a sucker. Slowly she got him used to sharing her ‘finger pop’, as she called it, until he showed no aversion to his cum. Often, she would lick the cum off her fingers and then give him a series of French kisses transferring all of it back to him in small doses.

One evening when they were about to make love, Mia suggested a slightly different scenario.

“Honey,” She tentatively asked. “I think Leo is tired tonight. Would you fuck me and then make oral love to me afterwards?”

“After you clean up?”

“No. Right after you cum in me. I think if you do that immediately it will get me off better. I will give you a blow job tomorrow night.”

“Wow, Honey. You are kinky tonight.”

“Does that mean you will do it? I just love playing with cum after we have sex. This is just a little different and something I want to try. Okay?”

They lay in bed kissing. She was putting little love nicks on his body. She would lick his nipples and then let him suck her breasts. She would whisper naughty things in his ear and tell him how good a husband he was to her. David knew that when she talked this way, she was really horny. He was just a little concerned about escalating their cum play but the way she asked was so earnest. He vowed to overcome his reservations for this knowing how she loved for him to pleasure her orally. Doing it after he had cum in her normally would not be his cup of tea. She did however, please him in every way, including having the screaming orgasms after he ate her. With his rather small dick, he thought that he could at least pleasure her in this way. After all, he had already tasted his cum many times now. How bad could it be?

She kissed her way from his neck down his body stopping to lick his nipples again. When she planted kisses on his stomach, he got an involuntary muscle spasm which made him laugh. She knew that she had touched an erogenous zone. When she got to his dick, he was hard and ready. She knew not to spend much time sucking for he might cum too soon. That night she wanted a big load in her pussy. She licked is balls and mounted him cowgirl style.

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