Subject: Pounding the Prof – Part 1 – College and Interracial Pounding the Prof, Part I If you are financially able to do so, please consider donating to Nifty to keep this amazing resource alive! fty/donate.html ************************************* In retrospect, I should have been more careful. I was a professor now, after all. But I figured that my university was pretty big and the Midwestern city it was located in was pretty big as well, so what were the chances of running into a student? Plus I was horny. Very horny. I’d moved to town to start my new teaching gig in July, but I’d been so busy settling into a new apartment and office and preparing for new classes that I really hadn’t had any time to play. It was the beginning of October now, a month into the semester, and I hadn’t gotten any action for weeks and weeks. It was a Saturday night, and I was basically ready for the next week’s classes. I was home alone with nothing to do and bored, so I decided to log onto Grindr and see what was up in my new town. To be honest, I didn’t really think about the risk of meeting up with students. I was smart enough to not post any face pics, trying to be at least a little discreet. I had a nice pic of my shirtless torso that showed I worked out pretty regularly — a flat stomach, decent arms and chest. I was 31 and in good shape. I got a few pings, a couple of guys sent some pictures. One guy who was pretty close by looked particularly hot — nice athletic body, big straight cock, sort of caramel skin, like maybe he was Latino. We exchanged a few messages. He said that he was looking for a tight ass to fuck and was I interested. He wanted to come into my place to find me blindfolded, face down, ass up. He would fuck my ass and breed me, then leave without a word. That sounded hot to me, so I agreed. He said he could be over in 10 minutes. A couple of minutes later, he messaged back and asked if he could bring a friend. He sent me a couple of pictures of his mezitli escort friend — beautiful smooth chocolate skin, big muscular arms, even longer cock than the first guy — so I said sure, of course! I jumped quickly into the shower and got cleaned up. I was rock hard with anticipation as I walked naked across my apartment and cracked my front door open a bit, then headed to my bedroom to get into position. I had just gotten on my bed and pulled a blindfold on — one of those eye masks they give you on long flights to block out the light — when I heard the front door creak open then close. I heard two sets of footsteps coming to my bedroom. “Nice,” a deep voice said, and the other guy just let out a low hungry growl. I raised my ass up higher as I could hear them kick off their shoes and take off their clothes. I felt a hand caress my ass gently then a wet tongue tease my hole with a flick then go in for a good lick. As one guy started to bury his face in my ass, the other came around and climbed onto the bed at my front. He lifted my face from the pillow, so I could suck him. When he saw me, he let out a little chuckle, which I assumed was because I looked silly in the facemask. “Dude,” he said to his friend, who lifted his head from my ass for a second. That first guy let out a chuckle as well and said, “Whoa.” He paused a second, then he plowed his tongue right back into my ass. The guy at my front held my head in his hands, and I felt his cock press against my lips, so I opened up and took the tip in. I licked his head and felt that he was uncut. Then I slowly engulfed the cock in my mouth. The guy on my ass started drilling his tongue into my hole, trying to get deep inside. I moaned deeply, and the guy on my front took the opportunity to drive his cock deep into my throat. I took it happily, swallowing him until I gagged a little, then pulling off, licking around his pole, before deep throating it again. He sighed, pozcu escort and whispered, “Nice.” After thoroughly wetting my ass, the guy in the back pulled off, and I heard him open the bottle of lube that I’d left on the table beside my bed. I shuddered with excitement at getting a cock in my ass. “I’m kinda tight,” I warned. “I haven’t been fucked in ages.” “I’ll go gentle,” he said. He had a deep, masculine, sexy voice that turned me on even more. The guy on my front pushed his dick against my lips again, so I took it back in my mouth. I felt pressure against my asshole and knew that the other guy was pressing his cock against it. He pressed harder, and I felt the head pop in. There was a moment of pain, but he paused and let me get used to it before he pushed in a little deeper. I hadn’t been fucked in ages, so I was tight, but I was an experienced bottom, so I knew how to let in a cock. I focused on relaxing my ass muscles, and he slowly pushed in, a couple of centimeters at a time, until I felt his bush press up against my ass, and I knew that he was all the way inside. I heard him sigh, “Oh nice.” He started to slowly move his cock in my ass, pulling out just a little before slowly pushing back in, each time a little deeper. It felt amazing. He held my sides with his hands and started to find a rhythm, pumping in and out of me. There was a nice slapping sound of his body against my ass as he pounded into me. “Dude, you are so tight,” he said in a voice of pleasure. Meanwhile, I was bobbing up and down on the other guy’s cock. He began to explore my body a bit with his hands, moving from my head to my arms to my back. He reached back to my ass so that he could feel his friend’s cock going in, which struck me as really sexy. I felt them both lean in a bit, and then I heard what was clearly the two of them kissing. I was in ecstasy, as these two guys used my mouth and my ass, even as they made out with one another. escort bayan I was just there to help them get off, and I couldn’t have been happier. The guy working over my ass pulled himself back up and started pounding me harder. I could feel him tensing up. “I’m gonna nut inside you, man. I’m gonna breed you deep.” He said, breathing hard. And then he grabbed my ass and pulled me to him, shooting his load up deep inside once, twice, three times, then a few more soft pumps, then he fell down on the bed next to me, breathing hard. The other guy pulled out of my mouth and came around to the back. “Oh, nice,” he said, looking at my open hole, dripping a little cum. I heard him squirt some lube, then I felt his cock placed against my hole, and he started to push inside. He was slightly wider than his friend, so I still had to adjust a bit to his cock. He quickly pushed all the way inside, and I realized that he was wider but not quite as long as the first guy. He started to pump into me. I felt his friend stir, and then I could hear them kissing again. This seemed to set the guy off, and after just a few minutes, I could feel him pumping his load into my ass, as his moans were muffled by the mouth he was kissing. He pulled out and sat on the bed next to me. “Amazing!” he said. I moved to take the mask off, so that I could see these two guys whose bodies I could tell were impressive just from having felt them, but first guy quickly said, “Don’t take your mask off.” They both got up and started putting on their clothes. “Wait until we’re gone.” They dressed and I heard them put on their shoes. “Thanks for the great ass,” the second guy said, then I could hear them walk out of my room and across the apartment. There was a pause, then I heard them walk out and shut the door behind them. I waited for a minute, just basking in the glory of having taken two loads up my ass, then I slipped off the facemask and got up and headed out to the front door to make sure that it was shut and locked. As I was heading naked back across my living room, I noticed that someone had written something on a pad of paper that had been lying on my sofa table. In sloppy handwriting the message said: “Thanks for the tight ass. See you in class on Monday Prof Davis.”

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