Subject: Conner Kent Power Drain 2 Thank you for reading my stories. Comments and questions are welcome ail If you’d like to tip my venmo is @jack-parker-109 These stories are fiction, any similarities in names and locations are purely coincidental. They involve intimate interactions between above the age of 18. Nifty is able to offer this service for us to share and enjoy stories. Please consider giving below to allow Nifty the opportunity to fty/donate.html Tim Drake grunted as he flipped through the obstacle course in Titans Tower. Cyborg had designed the room to test each Titan’s powers to their limits, in Tim’s case his intelligence and fighting prowess. It was a series of ever changing bars and hoops that changed every time he made contact with any surface. The key was being able to adjust his momentum on the fly to get from one bar to the next. It took total concentration and split second timing, the boy wonder had to admit it was actually kind of fun. It had been a quiet Friday night at the tower, Tim had thought Bart or Conner could show up so they could patrol or go do something but neither one showed, leaving Tim to run training simulations on his own. He was so caught up in the exercise, he hadn’t noticed Conner enter the building. Parasite licked his lips as he watched Tim go through is paces. Though lacking in any metahuman abilities, Tim’s body was Olympic level fine. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him as he sped through the course, his tight abs twisting as he moved, his muscles straining with each movement. He wasn’t sure whose thoughts were burning with lust, his or Conner’s as he watched the athletic display, all he knew was he wanted him. Badly. Parasite watched and waited, looking for his opening to attack. He didn’t have to wait long, as Tim finished the first step of obstacles the course readjusted itself and moved to phase two, where the obstacles started to get faster and more complex. He watched as Drake used all of his concentration to keep up with the new level and saw his opening. Reaching out and touching the side of the apparatus Parasite reached out with Conner’s powers, coating the entire surface of the course with TK. He waited until Tim was going up for a triple flip to a higher platform and the nudged the bar out of the way. Tim grabbed at nothing and then began to fall. He ricocheted off two bars before hitting the floor with a loud thud. Conner flew out to check on Robin, the by was on his side, holding his left arm, “Shit…” he moaned. “You ok?” Conner asked, helping Tim up. “Conner? When did you get here?” “Just showed up to see you fall, what happened?” “Don’t know, I just…SHIT!” he screamed, trying to move his arm, “I think my shoulder is dislocated.” “Come on, let’s get you to your feet,” Conner said helping Tim up, “The medbay is this way.” Tim let Conner led him to the medbay, making sure not to injure his arm any more that it was. Parasite laid Tim down onto one of the tables and let the computer do it’s job. While Tim’s shoulder was being worked on Parasite used Conner’s knowledge of the tower and began to deactivate the surveillance in the medbay. Making sure the tower was empty, Parasite made sure there was no way for Tim to communicate out, leaving them alone for the night. “How you feeling?” Conner asked Tim. “Sore,” Tim admitted, “The computer set my arm but my whole body aches.” “You want a massage?” Tim looked up skeptically. “I’m serious, I’m really good at it, ask anyone.” Tim made a face. “Ask any girl I mean.” Tim rolled his eyes and Conner chuckled, “Come on, seriously, take your shirt off.” Robin tried but groaned when he tried to move his arm, “I don’t think I can.” Conner reached down and ripped the shirt off of him with his power, leaving Tim barechested on the table, “Ok, roll over onto your stomach.” Tim slowly turned over, exposing his ass to Parasite, who looked at it hungrily, “This better ankara rus escort not be a prank,” Tim warned as he laid down. “Trust me,” Conner said putting his hand flat on Tim’s muscular back, “This is gonna change your life.” Using Conner’s power Parasite reached out and began to gently massage Tim’s back all at once. He could hear the boy sigh as he felt a million TK fingers run over his sore back, kneading, working over his tense muscles at the same time. “Oh shit Conner…” Tim moaned as he felt the tension drain out of him. Parasite chuckled, “I told you,” he said, moving the TK lower, “You’ll never be the same.” Tim felt his body just relax as the TK moved over him, relaxing him more and more. Parasite kept spreading Conner’s powers over Tim’s body whole he slowly drained the boy of his life force, not enough to hurt him, just enough to keep him weak. “So good…” Tim slurred. “Just relax buddy,” Conner said, “Just let it flow…” The TK moved down, working Tim’s lower back, around the top of his ass…and then lower. “Hey,” Tim moaned, “Watch that…” Instead of pausing Conner’s power kept going, slipping inside the boy wonder’s ass and then deeper. “Conner…” Tim protested, not sure what was happening. “Shhh…” Parasite said, “You’re gonna love this…” Conner’s power moved up Tim’s ass and pressed up against the boy’s prostate. “Ohhhhh!” Tim groaned, feeling something he had never experienced before. “See?” Parasite asked, pushing harder, “Don’t that feel good?” Tim’s body jerked as he felt his bitch button get manhandled from inside, it was like nothing he had ever felt before. He tried to form words but there was just white hot pleasure flowing from his ass, “Stttooppp….” Tim moaned, trying to find some mental footing and failing. “Why?” Conner said, slipping his jacket off, never breaking contact with Tim’s body, “It feels good right?” Conner’s power spread out further over Tim’s body, touching every inch of the boy wonder’s firm body, touching his nipples, tweaking them, molesting every inch of that perfect body. Tim moaned and writhed on the medtable, not sure what was going on. His mind was so fuzzy and Conner’s powers were making it impossible to focus. It felt like a million hands moving over him, all of them bring him another piece of pleasure that all added up to madness. He felt himself get turned over onto his back, those hands groping, squeezing, stroking… “Straight…” Tim was able to get out of his mouth. “Are you?” Conner asked, using his power to shred Tim’s pants, leaving the boy naked on the table, “That is not the cock of a straight guy.” Tim had a thick eight inch cock that was sticking straight up, precum dribbling down the side as his hips bucked off the table in response to whatever was touching inside of him. “Stimulating…prostate…” Tim tried to reason and then felt TK hands grip his cock and start to massage his balls and he lost it. His eyes rolling back into his head as he whimpered lightly, trying to resist. “You mean this?” Parasite asked, hitting Tim’s inside with a sharp tap, Tim’s eyes flew open as his cock burped up another glob of precum, “Your bitch button? You think this is the problem?” Tim felt an invisible finger stab at his prostate over and over, making his shudder in ecstasy as his body flooded his brains with endorphins, heightening the pleasure he was feeling tenfold. He knew all this logically but it paled to the actual feelings he was experiencing. His control was slipping as if his mental facilitates were being drained somehow…he was slowly losing the ability to fight what urge he had to fight. “Tell me you aren’t loving this,” Conner asked as Tim’s muscles strained and flexed as his body moved every which way, unconsciously leaning into the invisible hands that were molesting him. He was intellectually fighting it but his body…his body was in thrall. It felt çankaya escort real pleasure and it wanted more, even as Tim’s sexuality fought against the sensations, not wanting another man to make him feel like this. Even Conner. Parasite could still feel the boy detective’s body resist him and had to admit, he had underestimated Robin’s force of will. Using his power Parasite drained him again, leeching more life force from him, making his whole body weak, including his will. “Ohh….” Tim cried out, his hips coming off the table as Parasite widened the TK that was in his ass, stretching the boy from the inside while continuing to massage his prostate to keep him complaint. Tim felt the tingle of Parasite’s power as he felt himself start to surrender and with the last of his intellect he put the pieces together. “Parasite…” Tim spit out. Conner’s face smiled, “They did say you were the smart one,” knowing the ruse was up, Parasite turned up Conner’s powers, the hands moving harder and faster, making Tim shudder as he felt his body start to give into the pleasure. “I mean you’re wound up so tight Timmy,” Parasite moved his body over Tim’s tight abs with his own hand now, “You just need to let go.” The rest of Conner’s clothes ripped away in a TK burst as Parasite climbed up onto the table. “Please…” Tim begged weakly. Parasite wedged open Tim’s ass again, while nearly punching his prostate, making the detective’s legs spread involuntarily as he pushed back onto the TK invader in his ass, “You don’t have to beg buddy,” he said with Conner’s voice, “I’m here.” Tim felt Conner’s cock press against his virgin hole and he closed his eyes, “Don’t…” he pleaded even as he felt his body shake with pleasure. “Shhh…” Parasite said, pushing into the tight hole, the both of them groaning as he entered him. “OOOhhhhhhh!” Tim cried out, his back arching as Parasite played with the boy’s bitch button ferociously as he violated him, making Tim’s body crave more even as he protested, “Please…no…don’t…” But Tim could feel his legs wrap around Conner’s waist as he pushed himself down onto the cock, his mind in one place while his body was somewhere entirely different. Internally Tim was screaming while his body was responding to each touch, his body greedily wanting more, grinding into Conner’s thrusts even as he cried in misery. He had never felt anything like this before, it was transcendent. He was completely under Parasite’s control and even though he loathed it, his mouth was still letting out content grunts as Conner’s massive cock plunged into him over and over again. He tried to put his mind somewhere else but it was impossible, his cock was on a hairpin trigger and the faster that Conner fucked him the better it felt. The residual pain of the clone’s member violating him faded, leaving only white, hot pleasure that Tim found his body not only enjoying, but craving after awhile. He had never thought himself a sexual creature, he had enjoyed the times him and Stephanie had engaged in sex, but this…this was on another level. This made sex, well straight sex, seem nothing in comparison. As the last of the pain faded, Tim felt his head roll bask as he stopped fighting, and just went with it. “Oh…oh…” he started to pant as Conner held his muscular legs apart, spreading him like a wishbone. Hitting him even deeper. “Yeah there we go,” Conner said with a grin, “Timmy is getting into it.” He wanted to protest but he couldn’t, he felt the drool roll down his chin as he felt his hips push back, not just getting fucked but wanting to get fucked harder. Seeing Conner’s smooth chest over him, that face bearing down as that huge cock slammed into him…Tim found his brain just collapse into pleasure and give up. “More…oh….harder…” he whimpered, the last of his ego fading with Parasite’s power drain. “That’s it, come on Tim…be my slut…be ankara escort my fucking whore…” Tim felt himself unravel as Conner’s cock stretched his ass, making him want more and more… “Fuck…fuck…” Tim moaned. “What’s that Tim? Come on Boy Wonder…beg for me…beg…” Tim tried to fight it but had no will left, “Fuck me Conner…oh god more…more…HARDER!” Parasite saw Tim’s cock explode, spraying hot cum all over his smooth, muscular body. It was amazing to watch every line of Robin’s body tighten as he shot load after load from being fucked by Conner’s cock. Parasite leaned down, cock still in the boy, and began to lick the cum off of his body, absorbing every particle of Tim Drake into him. Tim’s thoughts, memories, skills, everything soaked into him as his form changed from that to Conner to Tim. Tim’s mind was fogged as he saw himself continue to fuck him, his body wracked with pleasure. “Oh wow,” he heard his own voice say, “You are smart…even right now you’re trying to find a way to stop me, even as you push back onto my cock. Damn Tim…you’re gonna be fun.” “They’ll…stop you…” Tim moaned… Parasite smiled, “Oh you mean your family?” He began to speed up, making Tim groan from sensitivity, “Oh yeah…I can see where they might.” Tim felt his cock start to harden again as his own cock stimulated him. “Well you know what I should do?” Parasite asked, slamming harder and harder. Tim whimpered, as he felt his consciousness fade. “Maybe I should go take care of them first…Nightwing seems like he’s be a good fuck.” Time had the image of Dick, on his back, being fucked, and he felt his cock throb as Parasite shoot into him. He could feel the shame of his failure…even as he felt the pleasure of being fucked. And then nothing. Tim woke up to screaming. “…im go you fucking freak!” Conner was yelling. Tim’s eyes opened slowly as he felt something clamp around his ankle. He tried to wake up but he was so sleepily…he looked down and saw a clamp and chain attached to him. He looked up and saw himself attaching it, “Oh look who’s awake. Hey buddy.” Tim found his own arrogance off putting. “That is a Houdini vice, and we both know you haven’t figured out how to get out of it yet so don’t bother.” “Leave him alone,” Conner roared from behind him. Tim saw Parasite turn around, “Sounds like someone has some fight back in him.” Conner backed away as Parasite walked at him, hands outstretched. “Please…” Conner pleaded. There was a purple glow and Tim saw Conner slump down onto the bed. “Hey Timmy…” Parasite said, “Ever want to watch yourself fuck Conner?” Tim saw Parasite strip himself as Conner moaned weakly on the bed. “This has to be a dream come true for you Conner…” Parasite said, pushing Tim’s cock into him, “You are the one with the obsession with him.” “No…” Conner protested, feeling himself violated with his best friend’s cock. “Don’t lie to me, you’re loving this.” “Stop…no…” Conner moaned as Tim fucked him harder. “See, you just need some help.” Another glow and Tim saw Parasite’s form change, still Tim but slightly larger…and just like that Conner began to moan. “See? You just need your pussy played with.” Tim watched as Conner slowly began to moan under Parasite, his muscular body pushing back into the thrusts, within minutes Conner was begging, crying out for Parasite to fuck him with Tim’s cock. As much as he hated it…Tim felt himself grow hard as he watched. “Come on Conner…give me the good stuff…” Conner’s hips came off the bed as he came, cum flying all over his pecs and abs. Parasite leaned down and licked the boy of steel clean. Absorbing Conner’s powers while retaining Tim’s form. Once he was full he climbed off Conner and began to dress himself in one of Tim’s uniforms he took from the Tower. “What are you going to do?” Tim asked, barely able to speak. “I told you, I’m gonna go stop your family before they come looking for you. Starting with Dick…I mean that ass is just begging to be broken.” “They’ll stop you…” Tim spat. “Maybe,” Time saw his own face grin back at him, “But can they stop you?” Tim groaned as he realized how much danger his brothers were in.

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