( pt 3 ) Kim’s getting kinkier


Last night we had been to Keith’s club, and spent 6 hours or more being fucked in every holes by every guy and 2 dogs, and still Kim was horny this morning, as she played with my cock and Sue’s pussy she looked good still covered in dry cum, telling me to call a few of our friends to join us today for more fun.

We had a light breakfast and did our internal cleaning, Kim as always now, eager to have a cock or toy in her butt, sat right down on our 12 inch dildo, working it further in until her first orgasm rang out, my cock stifled her scream a bit as it slid down her throat. Sue was working her own clit with a vibe and a toy in her butt too, as things warmed up.

Around 2pm guys started turning up, and seeing as they knew us, didn’t need any introducing, cocks and fingers began to fill any hole in sight. My butt opened up by Frank’s cock as he took me over the top for my first orgasm of the day. Sue was already taking 2 cocks, as Kim sat over a guys face while her butt was fucked.

We played for an hour or so, more guys turned up, and joined in, Kim now fully filled with 3 cock’s, not sure if she had 2 in her pussy and one in her butt, or one in her pussy and 2 in her butt, whichever way it looked good, as the guys tried hard to continue fucking her. I heard Kim give out a loud grunt, then the 3 guys fucking her, all moved in harmony, as they set one another off, filling her with 3 loads of hot sticky cum, I let them finish, then moved over, laying near Kim, she knew what to do, as her pussy started to empty its load of juice into my mouth, followed by the juices in her butt, I licked her clean, sending her over the top again.

I asked Kim to fuck me with our toys, as the guys needed to rest, she quickly put the strap on on, and inserted my 12 inch dildo, escort service and not wasting time with the smaller ones, and with one quick hard push, all 12 inches went deep in my bowels. With a good sniff of the poppers, she soon set to, and fucked me hard, some of the guys using my mouth as a fuck hole while she kept up her pace. Then without warning, she pulled the 12 inch dildo out and plunged her fist deep inside me, working her fingers to find my sensitive spots.

Orgasms rolled though me as I let her use my body, then she gave one hard push, and her arm went in to the elbow, after I slowed from my massive orgasm, I looked under my body to see a guy with his fist deep in her butt now too, hence the reason for her pushing so hard into me.
Sue was straddling a guys cock, working him to a cummy finish, when he had filled her butt with his load, she moved sitting over his face and dropped his and more cum straight into his open mouth, then he licked her clean, with the last drop of cum gone, Sue turned, kissing and sharing the juices, the slurping sounds between them took me over the top once more.

I knew last time Kim had taken 2 fist’s, so with little effort, I got the other guy to lay next to me, arms up, Kim sat above us, with one huge sniff of the poppers, her pussy and arse opened up for our hands, I choose her butt, my fingers worked away Inside her, sending her into an instant orgasm, while I felt the other guys hand working her pussy walls, then she started to work up and down, forcing more and more into her holes, the cum kept her nicely lubbed as our arms slid further and further inside.

I knew she was able to take a fair bit in her, after seeing her being fisted before, but when she gave a huge grown and lowered herself down to within an inch or independent escort dubai so of my elbow, I knew we had created a sex slut. her orgasm also told us she was loving it, as she worked her body on us, my fingers clamped tight inside her butt, then to my total surprise, she took another big sniff, and lay back, holding herself up with her arms behind her, then she just about lifted her feet of the ground, just about all her body held up by our arms, as cum flowed out, then with a huge orgasm, she collapsed exhausted onto us.

When she pulled herself up, I got two guys and did the same, both fists going in, and finding my sweet spot, sent me into a long orgasm, I moved up and down on them, as Kim set about sucking my cock, then I too, found the courage and dropped, both fists reaching up to the elbows, my butt so open now sent me into an uncontrolled orgasm, I just love the feel of a full butt, and two fists really do the job well, as I shot out anal orgasm after orgasm.

Sue was keeping herself busy, and soon found one of the last hard cocks to fuck her arse, riding him for all he was worth, then she inserted our 10 inch vibe in her cunt and rode herself to more orgasms, as her butt took all his cock, I saw Kim knell near Sue, and as soon as Sue’s butt was filled with cum, Kim slid her fist in, fucking and playing in her cummy hole, Sue was on a constant high with her vibe working its magic in her cunt, Kim slipped more fist in, she seemed determined to get up to her elbow in her too, and soon succeeded in doing so, Sue growling as her body shook to a huge orgasm once more.

Once she had regained control, she turned Kim, grabbed our 12 inch dildo and fucked her pussy hard, forcing all 12 inches in, because it’s so thick, Kim had a bit of trouble, Escort Girl Dubai but once she took a sniff of the poppers and Sue gave it one hard push, she took it all, then I grabbed our other 12 inch dildo, and rammed that right in her butt, both toys disappeared fully inside this young girls holes, as she screamed out another huge orgasm,

One of the guys face fucked her, as she took all we could force into her, then just for a laugh, I grabbed my 10 inch vibe, and with little effort eased it into her butt, which was still full of the 12 inch monster, Kim moved forward, but was stopped by the guy in her mouth, as I forced more in, her arse opening up to take it, guys were shocked at how much was going in, so was I gave her a good sniff of the poppers and wham, rammed the rest in, her butt now had stretched out of all proportion, as the toys held tight. We held her like that for several more orgasms, working both toys so deep only the fake balls on the end were left out of her holes.

When we pulled all the toys out, Kim’s hole stayed open, both staring at us like spot lights, some guys fisted her, while others just played, I got a bit kinky and told her to follow me into the bath room, others followed too, and soon Kim was being pissed on by most of us, she took it all, and while she did, I got a can of coke, shook it and as I opened it, pushed the end in her arse, the cold and pressure caused her to jump, but also cry out in pleasure as she orgasmed once more.

Sue and several guys had a shower as Kim and I cuddled, she told me I was so kinky, but she liked it all. I said the coke was a spur of the moment thing and I hadn’t done it before, with a gleam in her eye, she shot of, returning, shaking a can of coke, then motioned for me to turn, with one hard push, the can went in, oh wow, it was kinky, cold, wet tingling coke, filled my butt, then Kim went down and drank, the fluid running out of my butt, I turned kissing her, saying, what are we going to do with you.

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