Pure Filth!Part Three


When she saw Brandon appear in the office door, Liz didn’t recognize him for several seconds. He was white as a sheet, had circles under his eyes, and looked as if he hadn’t slept. “Mr. Smith, can I have Becky get you some coffee? Something stronger? Maybe she should cancel that conference call…” Liz had always been attentive. As a paralegal, it was not her job to minister to any of Brandon’s personal needs. That was his secretary’s job. But working with him over the years, she had developed not only a deep respect for him, but a persistent crush. And since her own divorce the year before, she caught herself fantasizing that someday, somehow, despite his happy marriage, Brandon and she….Well, she always cut off these reveries before they became too specific. “It’s all right, Liz. Just a little insomnia. But I won’t say no to the coffee.” After getting Becky to go for the coffee—Brandon took it black, no sugar—Liz went over the structure of the trust they were setting up for the Cavendishes. She could see that Brandon was struggling to pay attention to the details. Something had been bothering him for the last few weeks. And whatever it was, it affected his attitude toward her. She sensed a deep longing, a need, when he looked at her. Although he tried not to show it, she could see that he was looking her over and enjoying what he saw. Semi-consciously she had adapted by wearing skirts that were a little tighter, tops that were a little more sheer, and slightly more dramatic eye shadow. Yet Brandon made no move. He seemed somehow paralyzed. If she had only known the frustrated, yearning sensation that Brandon felt when he inhaled her perfume each morning. His cock started swelling, only to encounter the cruel constraint of the cock-cage that Alana had him wearing under his nicely tailored suits. And today was probably the worst of all for him, because he was within hours of being released from that austere penance. But at what price? In only a few hours, when he returned home from work, the three almanbahis şikayet male “entertainers” he had hired for Alana would be arriving at their suburban home. She—playing the role of Artemesia, her dark alter-ego—had insisted that it was time to open up the Brandon-Alana couple and to include others in their love-making. Well, not “love-making” really, in their sexual activities. “Brandon,” she had reminded him that morning at breakfast, “you will finally be out of your device and I will finally let you inside me. It’s been more than a month, and we’re both ready. But you’ve got to accept the condition. I want to make sure that you understand.” He knew, but couldn’t bring himself to say it. “Come on, Brandon, if you want to have sex with me, other than jerking off, which is a fun thing, I agree, but I’m sure you want something else too.” “Yes. I know. I have to share you with a bunch of guys. It’s the only way you’ll agree to, to let me inside you. If that’s what I’ve got to do, that’s what I’ll do.” Alana kissed Brandon. “You’re such a dear. Kind of a pervert, but a dear.” While Brandon was fretting about the coming evening, Alana was tingling with excited anticipation. At six feet and two hundred pounds, Brandon was plenty of man for her, and what he had between his legs was also quite satisfactory. But, Alana thought, is one man ever really enough? It isn’t just a question of quantity. There is an infinite variation of qualities, and why should a woman (just because she is married) be forced to sacrifice her chance to enjoy all those delightful differences among men? The powerful, dark, brooding ones, the outgoing, light-hearted, cheerful ones, the slim and agile ones, the massive powerful ones, the chocolate-skinned or the freckled ones, the submissive and the dominant ones? But in her three years of marriage to Brandon, Alana had only had one other man, a one-night stand during a business trip, and she had felt really guilty afterwards. Now, playing the role of Artemesia almanbahis canlı casino and watching score upon score of Brandon’s pornographic videos, Alana’s eyes had been opened! Among her husband’s vast treasure trove there were many videos of men sharing their wives and girlfriends with other men, and there were gang-bang videos of one or two women being serviced energetically by large groups of men. Life is short, she thought, I should seize the occasion while I am “re-educating” Brandon. Brandon would cooperate, she knew. Most of all because he needed sexual release, and she literally had the key. Only she could unlock the cock-cage that he was wearing and have an orgasm. She had been permitting him orgasms only sparingly, and only when he submitted to her training in the Room of Infinite Night. Now, for the first time, she was going to move their sexual activity out of that room and involve other people. And for the first time, this was going to happen while she was simply being herself, Alana, and not playing the role of dominatrix. In the week leading up to their first group sex, Alana, as Artemesia, had trained Brandon mercilessly. Night after night she made him come down to the room in the basement, forced him to watch cuckold videos, keeping his cock locked up and denying him any release. As he watched the videos, Brandon’s penis swelled, turning bright pink, but encountered the tight transparent plastic tubing and simply could no longer grow. A tiny amount of pre-cum dripped from his dark cock-head but without providing any satisfaction. Artemesia, meanwhile, was extra sweet, rubbing her bare breasts against his naked back, caressing him all over, and whispering in his ear, “Brandon, in only a few days, the cuckold in you is going to emerge. Won’t it be lovely to see Alana’s holes filled? No condoms, remember? The bare flesh of three strangers’ cocks rubbing deeply into her vagina, her ass, and her mouth? How does that make you feel, you sweet husband?” This violent stimulation, almanbahis casino combined with the enforced chastity, gave Brandon vivid, insanely twisted dreams. In some of them, he was actually holding a stranger’s cock in his hand and guiding it into Alana’s wet pussy! In another, he saw the word CUCKOLD in large black letters being tattooed on his belly just above his cock. When the appointed evening arrived, Alana finally released Brandon from his chastity device as they dressed to receive their visitors. She wore a simple, tasteful black dress. Brandon had on dress pants and a white button-down shirt. Both waited nervously until the door-bell rang at 7 PM. The men were very punctual. They introduced themselves: Omar, the tall black one, Kevin, the youngest of them, slim and blond, and Robert, with blue eyes and a shaved head, who seemed to be in charge. Attending to business first, he handed Brandon the receipt for the credit-card charge. This was really rubbing salt into the wound. Why would he have to pay men from an escort service to have sex with his wife? His wife, who was so beautiful that she turned heads every time they were out in public together? “Here’s the receipt, buddy. Nice present to give your lady friend. What’s the occasion, your wedding anniversary? We get a lot of calls for those?” Without waiting for an answer from Brandon, Robert joined the others in embracing Alana. “Here’s the party girl!” said Robert. “Nice piece of ass,” said Omar, already massaging Alana’s cheeks through her dress. “Do you guys want a drink?” asked Brandon, not really sure what the etiquette was when you’re welcoming strangers into your house to fuck your wife. “Later, man,” said Kevin. “When we need to replenish all those fluids, you know what I mean?” He winked. Alana was already engrossed in kissing Omar. She guided his right hand up to her left breast while he worked her ass with his left. Kevin and Robert stripped and their equipment was impressively on display. Both were clean shaven. Kevin was circumcised, but Robert was not. Just above Kevin’s cock was tattooed, “Don’t Forget to Swallow.” Omar stood back from Alana and asked her to pull off her dress. “Show us what you got, babe.” At this point Alana did something quite unexpected.

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