Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 84 Queen Mary Bell Boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 84 After such a detailed and erotic reporting session from Nigel and Javid it was almost 1000 when I left Sir’s. My first task was to tell Charlie, Sam and the As about the lunch invitation the next day, and that they would be leaving bell-boy-dom for good at 1400. It would be strange, I thought, having Charlie coming home (as I saw it) from a different job from mine each night. Sam and Tim would probably feel the same, but since Charlie and Sam weren’t joining Phil’s gang they would be spending the night with us. It might be different in Cabin 3. I would need to be careful about George and Vincent, making sure they weren’t gradually isolated from the other six of us. Maybe a review of the sleeping arrangements would be needed in a month or two. No great hurry though. The ship was always abuzz on the last full day – even bell boys could sense passengers doing their last-minute shopping and packing. Tips were forthcoming as usual from some of them in recognition of our vast engineering skills in driving the elevators without mishap. Always smiling usually meant often tipped. I knew I didn’t need to see to anyone’s preparations that afternoon, so I spent the time until 1455 smiling profitably. I hoped the others were getting their share too. At 1500 I was on my bed relaxing and waiting for Graham. He didn’t keep me waiting long. “How did it go?” I asked. “Fine. He was very nervous at first. I don’t think he’s fucked boys very often before. I took my clothes off and undid his trousers. I got his cock out and sucked it. He stopped being nervous then. He stood up and stripped and suddenly he was like an animal.” “Did he hurt you?” “God no, he was a very nice animal. Sexy. Keen to get my cock in his mouth. It was like pressing a switch. What he really wanted was to fuck me. He got me on all fours and put a finger in. ‘I see you’ve come prepared,’ he said, and put another finger in. I said I would like a third finger in, then I would feel really hot and I’d be begging for his cock to fill me up. You know the sort of thing.” What I knew was that this boy had learned the language and technique of whoredom rather well. “I love being fucked, so when he finally stuck it in – I was still on all fours – my moans of delight were genuine. I put it on a bit, but not much. He was urgent in his fucking – why do they fork out $80 and then come in about three minutes? It’s daft. Anyway he oohed and aahed and got faster and noisier and then he stuck it in as far as he could – it wasn’t all that big, certainly a lot smaller than Prince and Sam – and shot and shot and shot. He clung onto me and after he’d come he felt for my cock. It was really stiff. ‘Do you want me to wank you?’ he said. Well, I didn’t because it was uncomfortable, so I said I’d like it if he sucked my cock and I came in his mouth. He jumped at that and put me on my back and leaned over and sucked. He wasn’t good at sucking and I wasn’t going to get off that way so I wanked while he kept his face there. ‘I’m there,’ I said so he got his mouth over the end and away it went. Several good hard squirts. He swallowed and licked my cock clean. ‘Thank you, Graham,’ he said. ‘It’s time you went.’ I was hoping he’d fuck me again, but if he thought time was up I wasn’t going to argue.” “Well done. I’ll take his Passport back. Did he give you anything?” “$20.” “OK, go and shower and find the others. That’s you finished fucking for this voyage. No – that’s you finished fucking passengers for this voyage.” He grinned. “Yes, tonight will be fun, I think.” When he went I wondered if the new ones had planned some kind of rite of passage, and I remembered the fun Sir had planned for us two years ago. I heard Prince coming down to shower at 1530. I looked in next door when he was in there. “Enjoy your last hour with Edward,” I said, “he’s obviously keen on you. I expect there’ll be a decent tip. Let me know when you’re back.” Vincent came back just after 1600. “That was much better,” he said, “Paul’s a bloody good fuck. His 8 inches seemed to reach about a foot up inside me. He did things with his lips and his tongue that had me climbing up the walls nearly. Then he put his fingers in and found something up my arse that made me come right there.” “That’s your prostate. Did you not know about it?” “No, no-one’s found it before.” I told him that this vital aspect of his training – sadly overlooked by me until now – would be put right that night. “That sounds like it’ll be fun,” he said. “I was embarrassed that I came but Paul laughed and said that was what he expected. ‘You kids are all like that,’ he said. He took his fingers out and I felt his cock teasing my arsehole. ‘Put it in, Paul,’ I said, ‘I want you to fuck me. I want your hot cock to fill me up with your spunk.’ Well, he started to put it in, but God, how slowly! It took him ages to get the whole thing in and I was just dying to be fucked rigid. At last it was in and he said ‘what do you want, Vincent?’ and I said I wanted to be fucked into the middle of next week. Then he fucked me. It was just the best. When he came I could feel it filling me up as it pulsed out of his cock. Then he pulled out and I was onto his cock licking and cleaning. ‘Oh fuck, Vincent, I hadn’t expected that,’ he said, ‘you’re a fucking treasure.’ No-one’s called me any kind of treasure before.” “Was that it?” ataköy escort I said. Vincent gave a wicked grin. “No. He fucked me again 20 minutes later. Then he gave me $50 and said I was the best part of the voyage.” “Well done. You tell a good story. Paul made up for Michael all right. Now shower and join the others. I’ll take Paul’s Passport back in an hour or so after he’s calmed down. The poor man must be whacked.” Rather to my surprise Prince appeared before his hour was up. He put his head round the door at 1650. “All OK?” “Yes. It was a quicker session this time, but we sat and talked after I fucked him. I must go, I need to piss,” and he was gone. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Some clients don’t use up their full hour. I gathered the three Passports and put them in my pocket. I handed them back in due course. David and Paul were particularly enthusiastic about the service they had enjoyed at the hands (and other parts) of Graham and Vincent. I was told to pass on their praise. Edward seemed preoccupied when I went to see him, and tossed the Passport onto his bed among a great pile of packing. When we all gathered in the canteen at 2000 there was an end-of-term feeling. This was only to be expected among the six new ones, but the rest of us had had two years of arriving in port and sailing away again that there wasn’t an end-of-term feeling: more a weekend one – a short break before the routine starts again. The meal was noisier, but nobody complained, or even noticed. After we’d finished and the beer was almost done I said that Vincent had told me about his experience with Paul, and that something had cropped up about which I needed to tell them all. That got them going, and the beer was quickly finished. Five minutes later there were 12 bell boys in Cabin 1. “This is too crowded,” I said, “I just need the bell boys. Why don’t you four go and scrounge another beer while Tim and I brief these guys. Give us half an hour” They took the hint and made themselves scarce. “What’s this about?” asked Javid. I explained that Vincent had had his prostate rubbed, and waited to see who asked what that meant. “Lucky him,” said Javid. Nigel grinned, but no- one else said anything. “Do any of you, apart from Javid, Nigel and Vincent, know what I’m talking about?” Three of them shook their heads. “OK,” and I explained what it was, where it was, and why having it rubbed was such fun. “The only way for you to know what it feels like is a practical demonstration. You’ll enjoy this,” said Tim. “I’ll do Prince and Graham and you do George,” he said. Prince and George were told to strip and lie on their backs on the two beds while Tim and I got a greased pair of fingers up each arse. The boys squirmed with pleasure as we stretched their arseholes then, as we found our targets, the squirming became intense. “That’s your prostate. It produces the juice and your balls produce the sperm. Together that’s what spunk is. Now Graham, come and feel inside Prince. Put two fingers in and feel around for a lump. It’s not shit. Got it?” It was clear they had, because Prince and George were thrashing about. “OK, stop. We don’t want them coming. Not yet anyway. Now change over. Graham, get on your backs. The other two, grease up and go exploring.” Five minutes later all of Queen Mary’s bell boys were familiar with their, and at least one other bell boy’s, prostate. “It’s easy to get a boy to come just by rubbing it,” Tim said, “but it’s not so easy with men. They get very worked up when you do it, so it should be part of your box of tricks. We should have taught you earlier, but it didn’t happen. Next time you’re 69ing you should try fingers up arses rather than mouths on cocks.” I thought it highly likely that at least two of the pairs would be putting Tim’s suggestion into practice before the night was out. When Charlie came back he found me in bed watching Javid and Nigel putting Tim’s suggestion into practice. When they moved into 69 mode and started fingering the penny dropped. “You’ve been telling them about their prostate,” he said. I nodded. “We forgot earlier.” “That means they’ve all got a nice treat,” he said. Javid broke off to tell Charlie that he had had his prostate massaged but hadn’t known what it was for. Knowing that made the pleasure in its stimulation all the greater. He and Nigel resumed their noisy exploration. They were quick learners and it wasn’t long before the truth of what Tim had told them was made manifest. Nigel had said that he was there and Javid had got his mouth on Nigel’s cock just in time. Nigel went on rubbing inside Javid’s arse while he was coming and Javid grunted `me too’, alerting Nigel to get his lips into place. Charlie and I watched amused as the two of them shot in each other’s mouth. What happened next was a surprise. Javid turned quickly and kissed Nigel. Whether it was a cum-swapping kiss or not I couldn’t tell, but it lasted several minutes while their cocks softened. Their arms were all over each other. Eventually they broke apart and looked at each other. Then their mouths met again. Charlie and I exchanged a happy smile. All that was needed now was for them to put into words what their lips and tongues had so clearly said. They broke apart again and lay side by side, stroking each other’s face, about six inches apart. After a few minutes they both looked at us, then at each other again. “We are, aren’t we?” whispered Nigel. Javid nodded. “Yes. I thought so two days ago, but I know now.” “Say it then,” said Charlie quietly, “not to us, to each other.” The words were whispered by lips right next to the ear of the beloved. We couldn’t hear them – we didn’t need to. Two couples slept deeply that night. ***** There was no sign of Prince at breakfast when we docked in New York. The other new ones had all gone up on deck with Tim and me to see the Statue of Liberty for the first time. I remembered merter escort how exciting it had been, and it was right that they should have the same chance to see the New York skyline as the ship slowly entered New York harbour. We weren’t bothered that Prince wasn’t there as we expected he’d be somewhere else on deck. But when he didn’t appear at breakfast I began to get worried. I went down to make sure he wasn’t in any of the cabins, and it was then that I realised that not only was there no sign of Prince – there was no sign of any of his personal stuff either. Worse, his uniform was folded on his bed. I went to find Graham to see when he had last seen him. All four of them had sat around the night before and had gone to bed before midnight. “He wasn’t there when I woke at 0600.” I went to see Sir and he was very worried. “Was this Edward the only client he had?” I said that was right, and that he’d seen Edward once for an hour, and then overnight the following night, than again for an hour the afternoon before. “Did he seem his usual self after he got back yesterday?” I thought for a moment. “Yes, I think so, but I’d like to ask the other three in his cabin.” “Get them here, would you, right away.” I ran off to find Tim. “Can you find Sam and Graham and bring them to Sir’s. I’ll look for them as well.” “What’s up?” “Prince has done a runner, I think.” When the four of us were in Sir’s office he asked the other three exactly how Prince had behaved since he saw Edward. Neither Sam nor Tim had noticed anything different. Graham was unhappy about the whole thing, but had no insight to offer. “Patrick, you have Edward’s Passport details. Get them, would you.” I ran down and got my book. “Here it is. Edward Locke, British subject. It was a Diplomatic Passport, whatever that is.” Sir explained that it meant that Edward was someone working for the British Government who could pass in and out of foreign countries without any formalities. “Including customs,” said Sir. “Does that make any difference?” I said. “I don’t see how,” said Sir, but I think I’d like to check up on this Mr Locke. Give me your book. I’m going ashore to phone the British Consul. It may be that Edward has nothing to do with Prince’s disappearance, but I can’t rule it out. Prince seemed very thrilled about the sex he and Edward enjoyed and the stupid boy may have decided that life with Edward was better than being a bell boy here. Say nothing about his being missing to anyone – anyone at all.” “Yes, Sir.” We knew he hated a nod for an answer. “Go about your usual business with the new passengers. Patrick, see me at 1600 please. None of this affects our lunch party – there’s nothing we can do about Prince until I’ve heard more from the Consul. Meet, as we’ve arranged, in the Mauretania Room next to the First Class Restaurant – but then you know perfectly well where that is – at midday on the dot. Full uniforms please.” When we left we were a depressed bunch. No-one thought Prince might have gone overboard luckily, but no-one thought he was still on board either. There was no point looking for him; if he was on board looking at the sights of New York he’d show up soon enough to eat. But the morning wore on and he didn’t appear. “This is crazy,” I said, “Sir is in charge of what happens to Prince. We have a job to do, and we’re a man short. The passengers will start to board in half an hour. Let’s get the five of them on parade. They’ll be on their own.” I gathered the remaining five bell boys in our cabin at 1130 and explained what we knew, and what was happening. Graham had told the others, so Prince’s absence wasn’t news to them. They asked me for information I simply didn’t have. “I’ve told you everything I know,” I said, “the silly bugger seems to have done a runner with this Edward he was fucking, but that’s just a guess. Sir is doing what he can, and there’s nothing we boys can do, apart from keep our mouths tight shut. OK? Don’t nod, just this once answer as you would answer Sir.” “Yes, Patrick.” I smiled. “Now let’s get on with our jobs. As you know Charlie, Sam and the As are no longer bell boys. Sir is having a farewell lunch for them, and Tim and I will be there as well. That means that from now until 1400 you five are all there is between the new passengers having a safe and happy crossing, and half of them getting lost and ending up in the engine room. You five are in charge. I want two of you at the Purser’s Office in case he needs you, and the other three manning elevators. Sort it out among you. Tim and I will be at the Purser’s Office at 1400 and I’d like you all there then. OK? You can nod this time.” Five nods, five smiles, five confident kids. “Off you go then. Good luck.” The six of us in neat uniforms went to the Mauretania Room. Cunard had four private rooms, all named after famous Cunarders, which First Class passengers (and, evidently, officers) could hire for a function. The door was open when we went in. Sir was there with Phil, Larry and Ryan. A table for 10 was laid with all the formality of the First Class Dining Room. I could sense Charlie appreciating all the details – cutlery, wine glasses, china, flowers, the lot. Sir welcomed the four leavers and gave each of us a glass of champagne. While we were all habitual beer drinkers, wine was a rarity still and the only time we’d met champagne was in the very early days of the first couple of crossings. Sir said we should all sit down. He had place cards (Charlie hadn’t met these before, and noted what he was seeing). Sir, Sam (on his right), then Tim, Larry, Andrew, Ryan, Alan, Phil, me and Charlie. No sooner had we sat down (a bell? some other signal?) that two stewards brought in two trolleys with the food. I won’t describe the meal, except to say that it was right up there with the food the best of the passengers ate (three courses, two more wines – you know the sort of thing), but bahçeşehir escort it’s only fair that the stewards should get a mention. Ryan told me later that he had selected them specially for the purpose. They were both stunning. 20-odd, slim, nice faces, tight – very tight – trousers. Trousers into which, had there been but room it would have been a pleasure to get. Tim and I exchanged a look. Ryan would need to call to give us a refresher course in shaving, and while he was there to discuss things of mutual interest. Ryan and Charlie – had he been briefed? – if so he’d kept it a secret – served us from the trolleys after the beautiful young men had wafted out. Wine glasses were, within reason for the six bell boys, kept charged. After the meal Sir got up. “I’m not going to make a speech,” he said before he proceeded to do just that, “but it’s right that we should mark the end of service of four of our first bell boys. You all know the service they have given beyond the duties for which Cunard has paid them. I have kept a tally of their earnings and I want to tell you that, after discussion with my two Bell Captains, I have decided to give each of them a bonus of $100 by way of my personal thanks. Alan and Andrew will work under Larry, and Charlie will work under Ryan. Sam will go to the Bridge and work under Will. Will’s work is at its most intense while Queen Mary is in port, which is why he’s not here. However he supplied the champagne and with it he sent a message which he asked me to read to you at this point. This is what he said. ‘I’m happy to propose a toast to all of you bell boys, those going on to other duties as well as the two new Bell Captains. I know you’ll all continue to be a credit to Cunard, and in other areas to Phil and James. I hope to continue to enjoy the occasional evening with you all, and doubtless my new trainee will keep me in the loop. Good luck to you all. Will.’ Raise your glasses, gentlemen,” said Sir, “and toast Alan, Andrew, Charlie and Sam. I echo Will’s words: good luck!” Glasses were raised, glasses were emptied. We all sat down. After a two second silence during which I nudged Charlie under the table he got up. “Thank you, Sir. Thank you for lunch, thank you for always looking after us, thank you for … thank you for being the reason why I met Patrick.” He smiled at me, and a general smiling between lovers ensued as the formalities were abandoned. It was 1345. “There’s one last thing you four must do,” said Sir. “Remove your uniforms please and fold them neatly. Put them on the side table. When you’ve done that go to the cupboard over there and get out your new uniforms.” In the ordinary way of things it isn’t customary for some of the people at a formal lunch to be stark naked two minutes after the end of it, but that’s what happened in the Mauretania Room that day. “Commando, I see,” said Phil. “At all times,” I said. Four naked ex-bell boys then got their new kit from the cupboard: two neat sports outfits matching Larry’s for the As, a galley boy’s black and white chequered pair of trousers and a white jacket for Charlie, and a midshipman’s navy uniform for Sam. Naturally Tim and I helped Sam and Charlie to don their new gear, while Phil and Larry helped the As into theirs. “You two are joining our group, I understand,” said Phil. The As said they couldn’t wait. “You won’t have to, believe me,” said Larry, “you’ll be very busy boys before we hit Southampton.” The As’ faces showed their keenness to be earning on the scale envisaged. It was 1355. Sir solemnly shook hands with the four of them, then hugged each of them. They went off with their new masters. Sam said he had to report to Will. He and Tim hugged. “It’s not as if you’re going to the North Pole,” I said, “you’ll be in the same bed in ten hours.” Sir, Tim and I were the last to go. I thanked him again. “A new chapter starts today,” he said, “and none of us knows how it will turn out. With Prince gone you’ll all have to work a little bit harder. Now off you go. I have to see the Consul in the terminal in 15 minutes. Come and see me at 1600 as arranged, Patrick. Good luck with your new boys, both of you.” Tim and I met the others at 1400 to find that everything had gone without a hitch. He and I stayed at the Purser’s while the other five drove the elevators. Might as well fill the shop window with tasty 15-year-old flesh. At 1600 Sir had news. “I asked the Consul to check the Passport. He said he would need to cable London, but he had no record of a British Diplomatic Passport holder entering New York today.” “What does that mean?” “My fear is that it may mean that the Passport is a fake, and that Edward Locke is a criminal. Either that or he has two Passports and entered New York on the other one. But that’s also criminal. The Consul’s promised to cable the ship with his reply.” “What happens if it is a fake?” “There’s not much we can do. I will tell the New York port authorities that someone calling himself Edward Locke entered illegally, but since we have no idea who he is or where he went they aren’t going to be able to do anything about it. My guess is that Edward persuaded Prince to leave with him somehow, probably telling him he would live with him and that they’d fuck each other’s brains out, and Prince fell for it. He was certainly very taken with what they got up to in bed. Did he seem that stupid to you?” I said I hadn’t thought so, but Sir’s theory seemed likely. “What shall I tell the others?” “Tell them what we think. They won’t see Prince again, and they’ll forget about him soon enough.” When we met to eat at 2000 I briefed them all with what Sir had told me. “Now let’s forget about Prince. What have you old men been up to since you stopped being bell boys 6 hours ago?” =============================================================================== The fun will continue in Chapter 85 as we all come to terms with Prince’s absence. The photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing a few months ago, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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