Raped by my boyfriend


My name is Brittany I was raped when I was 15 by my boyfriend I trusted very much at the time!! I walked the short distance from my house to my boyfriends house on a thick hot summer day. I was supposed to be meeting him at his house to walk to our highschool a few blocks away to sign up for classes. I was about 5’2 36 d cup, long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I was curvy but not chubby or fat by any means. I walked up to him door knocked and he answered quickly and greeted me with a soft kiss. He then locked the door behind us witch I found odd but wasn’t too worried about it. We sat on the couch and began to talk. He slowly moved over to kiss me and I kissed him back. Our tongues were moving around and discovering every inch of each others mouths. I loved kissing him. He then pulled my hair a little while we started to kiss and it hurt I jumped back and told him to calm down that, that had hurt me. He smiled a devilish smile and grabbed me by my hair as hard as he could pulling me up of the couch. I was scared very scared at this point. He then pushed back down on couch straddled on top of me and began to take my shirt off. I started to kick and scream and beg. He smacked me across the face and said, “shut up bitch all little bitches deserve this especially escort kocaeli hot little bitches like you.” I continued to kick and hit him as hard as I could. He then made me lay on the couch and he held my arms above my head with one hand and was undoing my pants with the other. He pulled my pants down as far as he could and started to rub my pussy and started pinching my nipples as hard as he could threw my bra. I pleaded for him to stop that he was hurting me and I didn’t want to do this. He said, ” your pussy sure wants me too it’s getting all wet for me. You know you want my dick deep in you.” I tried moving he grabbed me by the throat and slammed my head on the couch. He then moved my panties to the side and rubbed his hard dick on my clit. I was having horrible mixed emotions I was scared and wanted to leave but turned on all at the same time. He put his hard cock agaisnt my opening and started to push in it felt like my pussy was splitting in two. I wasn’t a virgin but had only had sex a handful of times. I started hitting him but the whole time I am thinking how bad I might actually want this. I continued to tell him to stop as he slapped me across my face and had his had on my neck. I was starting to choke a little as she quickly and violently shoved his 8 inch cock kocaeli anal yapan escort deep in my young tight pussy. I tried to scream but no sound came out he had to much of a grip on my throat. He said,” damn baby this pussy is so tight i knew I would enjoy putting my cock in you.” He then began to release his hold on my throat and I screamed at the top of my lungs. He then quickly put his hand over my mouth and his dick was violating my pussy. My pussy was aching in pain and in pleasure. I was so confused and so scared that tears began to run down my face. My boyfriend/rapist began to laugh and said, ” bitch really your crying yet your pussy is getting wetter with each stroke.” ” fucking whore you will probably cum before I do you stupid bitch.” I tried to move his hand from my mouth to atleast defend myself with words, but he wouldn’t budge except to kiss me when and only when he shoved his cock deep enough to penetrate my womb. He fucked me as hard as he could and called me every name he could think of. He started to slow his strokes I knew he was about to cum. I didn’t want him to cum in me I wasn’t on the pill or any form of birth control. Tried to kick and hit him which only excited him more. He started speeding up which sent my izmit yabancı escort pussy into orgasm after orgasm. I tried so hard not to cum I didn’t want him to have the satisfaction. But I was a teenage girl and my body betrayed me and cum so hard. As I was cuming he grabbed me by my throat and started to choke me which only made my orgasm that much more intense. My pussy started to tighten around his cock as I was cumin it must have sent him over the edge he stiffened and shoved his cock in and out of me like a dog humping a bitch in heat. He was ripping my pussy apart and loving every second of it. He pumped in me a few more time and stayed deep in my womb as he sprayed all his cum as deep as he could inside me. I laid there crying as he got off of me pulled his pants up and threw my clothes at me. He then smiled and said,” stop crying baby you know you liking that. You just didn’t know how bad you wanted it I had to
Show you who owns this pussy!!!!” I didn’t know what to say or do. He said,” that will teach you to never talk to any other guy but me.” I stood up and slowly pulled my pants up as his cum and blood from being stretched so far ran out of my sore pussy and down my legs. He smiled at this with sick delight. He then said, ” let’s walk to school.” like nothing ever happened. I just walked dried my eyes fixed my make up tried to cover any bruises and walked out the house and to the school with him like nothing had happened maybe because deep down it turned me on what had happened.

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