Subject: Rebuilding the bond Chapter 24 Chapter 24 In a state of abject horror, Ben pushed me off his softening cock. I bounced violently onto the bed next to him, having to catch myself before I slipped off on the hard concrete floor. “Mike! Mike, bro, this isn’t…it isn’t…I didn’t…” “Oh really?” Dad laughed, “so what is it, because it looks like you just busted a nut inside my son.” “It, well its…” Ben looked at me, the look of terror on his face. Surely the same thoughts were running through his head as they did mine when Dad first found me fucking around at the arcade. Did he just turn this family reunion, would his brother kick him out, would his brother call the police. He would be back in jail before the day was out. Before he could say anything else, both Dad and I started laughing. The look of horror and shame on his face was replaced with confusion, as I stood up and walked over to Dad, Ben’s cum dripping out of my ass. “It’s alright bro,” Dad said as I put my arm around him, “I thought about telling you last night, but wasn’t sure how you would take it.” Ben’s eyes just darted between Dad and I. Dad shook his head, “we should explain.” *** The three of us were laying on Ben’s bed, naked, laughing. Dad and I had explained how Dad and I were nudists. How he found me in the arcade, thanks to Tom. And even my little adventure whoring myself out after we visited him in prison. “So, how much did you charge for a fuck?” Ben asked, laughing. “Enough.” I shrugged. “I’m sure I could earn more.” “You could make a fortune!” Ben laughed, pulling me in with his right arm. “I don’t know about that,” Dad responded, as I adjusted my neck, to take a deep breath of Ben’s underarm musk. I didn’t realize this simple act would make Ben shutter with pleasure, but it did. I rolled over fully, and ran my hands up his belly and over his strong chest, loving all his thick body hair. “Hey, I had a lot of sex to get what I wanted inside. Nothing wrong with it.” He let out a little gasp of pleasure as I played with his nipple. “Man, I never would have guessed you were a cum slut.” “The best little cum slut ever,” Dad added, as he started to play with Ben’s other nipple. Another shutter ran through Ben’s body. “But it sounds like you could teach us both a thing or two.” “I don’t know,” Ben mowed, “you sure…mmmmm…sure seem like you know what you are doing.” I pulled my head in, and gave his hard nipple a little flick with my tongue, from this angle, I could see his dick was quickly growing şişli travesti again. I looked up at Dad, who winked at me, and adjusted himself too. Soon, we were each milking Ben’s nipples, his hands on the back of both of our necks. “Oh fuck,” he moned, “yeah, suck those tits.” Almost as though we had planned it, both Dad and my hand slid down Ben’s belly and met at his, now rock hard, dick. I started stroking, as Dad’s hand went a little further down, and started playing with his balls. My hand slowly started to get lubed up with all the pre-cum Ben was leaking. I never knew someone could be so turned on by just sucking their nipples, but I didn’t want to stop. While sucking, I started flicking it with my tongue, this made Ben’s pec twitch a bit, which was super hot. With a small pop, Dad’s mouth released Ben’s nipple. His head traveled down, and I could feel his mouth kiss the tip of his cock. I continued to stroke till I could feel Dad’s lips engulf his cock. I let go, and brought the other hand up to Ben’s free nipple. As Dad sucked his cock, I let Ben’s nipple drop from my mouth and slid up to his face. I grabbed his wet nipple with my other hand, as Ben and I started to kiss, out tongues dancing in each other’s mouth I could feel Ben’s hand slide down my back and rub my ass cheeks. With a jet of pain, he slapped my ass hard, but I didn’t break our kiss. Moments later, I could feel his middle finger rubbing my sphincter. I moaned, as he applied pressure, then gently slid it in, using his own cum, which was still coating my ass, as lube. I broke off the kiss to let out a deep breath of pleasure, as I felt his knuckles pass into my asshole. Soon, I could feel his ring finger applying pressure to my ass as well. Just as his ring finger entered me, Ben let out a shutter too, my guess was that Dad was doing the exact same thing to his ass. My throbbing cock rubbed against Ben, as he started to finger fuck me. “Oh fuck,” both Ben and I said at the same time. After a moment, Ben suddenly spoke. “Hey Mikey,” we could hear the muffled sounds from Dad letting us know he was listening, despite his mouth being full. “I want to watch you fuck your boy.” I heard Dad take a deep breath as he let Ben’s cock fall from is mouth. “You don’t gotta ask me twice.” There were a few awkward moments as Ben pulled his fingers out of my ass, and we all adjusted our positions so we could be comfortable. But soon, I was on all fours on the bed. Dad standing behind me, rubbing his cock between my ass beylikdüzü travesti cheeks, Ben on his knees in front of me, his dick still dripping wet with Dad’s saliva. I used my tongue to guide Ben’s cock into my mouth, as Dad pressed his cock head onto my asshole. With a hard push, Dad was all the way inside of me, I could feel his pubes and balls pressed up against my ass. “Fucking hot,” Ben exclamed as he placed his big rough hands on the back of my head and pushed his entire cock down my throat, his pubes tickling my nose and his balls slapping my chin. It started slow at first, but soon both Ben and Dad were thrusting away. I have had the sensation of being spit roasted before, usually at the arcade, with a cock pleasuring itself at both ends of my body. But something was different today. The fact that both the men I was taking inside my body were family. That they cared about me, and loved me. That they were not only doing this for their own pleasure, or just to quickly get off, but to pleasure me too, was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to be used by complete strangers, but it just doesn’t have the same, loving touch that family bonding like this does. “Fuck,” Dad said, “this is so hot.” “So fucking hot.” Ben replied. I wanted to agree, but couldn’t make a sound if I wanted to. Both Dad and Ben pressed into me tightly, as they leaned in to kiss each other, Dad’s hands firmly planted on my waist, with Ben’s on the back of my head. The bed squeaked as our weights shifted back and forth. I could hear the sounds of their mouths against each other. Still attached to Ben, Dad let out a moan of pleasure, signaling, I assumed, that he was about to cum. His thrusting started to pick up speed. Moment’s later, Ben let out a similar sound in agreement, neither of them breaking their kiss. I could feel Ben’s low hanging balls, contracting. My own rock hard cock, swinging freely, was also starting to twitch. Almost as if we were able to control it, we all shot our loads at the same time. Dad’s dick throbbed inside my ass, his warm fresh jizz mixing with Ben’s load already inside of me. Ben’s cock, firmly planted in my throat, also spasmed, shooting rope after rope of fresh cum right into my stomach. Despite having just come in my ass, he still shot a big load, I had to struggle to be sure to swallow it all. My cock shot three of four ropes of its own cum straight down onto Ben’s bed. It was mixed with some of Dad’s seed that istanbul travesti was leaking out of my ass. Dad and Ben both collapsed on top of me, their combined weight pushing me down onto the mattress. We lay there for a moment, breathing deeply, trying to catch out breaths. “Fuck, I have never experienced anything like that before.” Ben said. “Never had a threeway before?” Dad asked between breaths. Ben chuckled, “of course I have had treeways, hell I’ve had full on orgies before.” He took a deep breath. “But they were never quite that good.” I rolled out from under the two men and lay next to them, “I am glad you approve of my work.” Dad and Ben both laughed. “One more thing,” Dad said, “Ian, go stand over there.” A little unsure of what Dad was asking, I got off the bed, a little stiff, and walked over to where he was pointing, near the open shower. Dad pulled Ben up, and they walked over to me. It registered what Dad was getting up to, so I got down on my knees. Ben seemed to understand too. The two adult men stood over me, their arms around each other’s shoulders, their hands on their, now soft dicks. Then, the warm splatter of piss hit me. I made sure to get it all over me, and into my mouth, swallowing their yellow pissy loads. Both Dad and Ben watched me with big grins on their faces. I didn’t want this warm, golden, shower to end. I leaned back on my heels, supporting my weight with my hands, allowing the last of the streams to splatter on my chest, and roll down my body. I stood up, Dad kissed me, taking the piss on my lips, then Ben kissed me doing the same. Without a word, Ben turned on the shower, and we all three started to get cleaned up together, rubbing the soap all over each other’s bodies. “I know what this basement needs!” Said Ben in excitement suddenly. “What’s that?” Asked Dad. “Never mind, once I get a job, and start paying my fair share, it will be a surprise for both of you!” Dad and I just looked at eachother, unsure of what this little surprise could be? “Well,” Dad said shaking his head as we dried off, “I have a surprise for you too, I picked up some steaks, let’s go out back and grill them up, I’m getting hungry.” “Oh man, more meat,” Ben said, slapping me on the ass, “that sounds awesome. I’ll put on some clothes.” Dad and I laughed, “no need,” Dad said, “the backyard is completely private. We go out there in the buff all the time.” “Really? Awesome.” Soon the three of us were out back, having a beer as the steaks cooked, soaking up the warm evening sun. “It’s nice to be home.” Ben said, putting his arm around his brother. “It is.” Dad said as he checked the steaks. My cock twitched watching these two men grilling together. I was going to have to get off again tonight before I went to sleep.

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