Adria Rae

“Oh my god babe, that was amazing. I wish I didn’t have to leave.”I just stare at him, then the door. Words are over. Once I can see on camera they are gone, the false door opens.“It’s ready for you, Daddy.”He walks over to me, his magnificent cock in his hand and ready for me.“Ahhh! Yes, Daddy! Take your pussy back.”“Did my slut have fun tonight?”“Yes. Now take that pussy and fill it again.”He cums in me. He eats his and the previous man’s cum.I go back home.My name’s Ellie. I’m twenty-six. My parents died when I was eighteen and left a fortune to me. Instead of following the company business after college, I took over the charitable side. I administer all sorts of philanthropic projects. It makes me happy like nothing else does.Well, nothing besides a good fucking.I used my platform as a socialite. kaçak iddaa If I could get money for a cause and my pussy got filled, all the better. I don’t have the time for or want a relationship. That partly changed when I met Trevor. He was a mysterious philanthropist himself. Just over forty, he approached me a little over a year ago. He had money and connections. He didn’t want a girlfriend, just a good slut.This came after a gala in which I was definitely drinking away my unresolved issues. I went back to his huge penthouse in the city. He fucked my brains out.I took off before daybreak and thought little of it. Well until he called me with an offer. He would ensure my pussy was well used by clean, rich men. Those men would give large sums they could write off.“Seems fair to me. What’s the catch? kaçak bahis I’m not dating you.”“You don’t need to have feelings, if you don’t want. But that pussy is mine. Every time that pussy, mouth, or ass gets filled, it comes back to me for reclaiming.”“So every time I get fucked, you fuck me next?”“Basically, but I don’t want to wait long. Money to your charity drops by the hour.”“If it’s safe, and the cock is good, you have a deal.”It was going fine. Sometimes simpler than others. Like tonight. The guy I just sent away was James. He had a great cock. He didn’t care what mood I was in, as long as my pussy was wet. Trevor had a false wall in his bedroom. When I had men here, it was easy.“You did good for me tonight, my little slut.”I was actively playing with myself and all the cum in me. I took turns illegal bahis licking it off my own finger and feeding it to Trevor. “I have a benefit tonight, so I have to go. Are you doing the hotel room next to me again? Or something else?”“I’ll be around. If I can’t get to you, I can make an exception.”The benefit was fine. I played along as was looking for someone to play with. I had zeroed in on my target when Trevor said he’d be halfway across town all night. Now I was horny and pissed. I let him know it too. “Well, my little slut, you know we aren’t exclusive in any way, and well, I have a unique opportunity.”Motherfucker. Was I going to show him. Instead of my target, I found a cute waiter. The party was in a lull and he was just standing around.“Hey, you, go to the restroom.”He didn’t delay. But instead of the restroom, I led him to my room. I stripped out of my dress. He was a fan of my solid B cup tits and trim body. I got down on my knees and took his cock out. He was definitely nervous. 

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