RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In – Chapter 5


RedTails: AwakeningsA Night Out, A Night InByScarletdownChapter V : Safety BriefingFrelic disengaged himself from his sister, planted a tender kiss on her sweet bottom, sat up on the bed, removed the rose in his hair and put it back in its rightful place up her butt, “Come my little tender hawk. Thissle and Karma are probably just about ready for your night out.” He pulled her to her feet and led her over to the table, where he brushed the tangles from her fiery hair, clasped the leash to her collar, and led his pet sister back out to the lounge.The outer room was empty. Giggles and occasional laughter could be heard from behind the closed door leading to the bathing chamber. Frelic put his tunic on then led Shaasta over to the hearth, where he removed her leash, sat down on the couch and pulled her onto his lap so they could cuddle some more. Frelic could not get enough of his sister’s plush bottom; his hand glided over the smooth, warm flesh, tenderly petting and kneading it.”Shaasta,” he said, “one thing puzzles me.””What’s that Master?” she gazed into his questioning eyes and ran her fingers through his silky, mithril hair.”With your innate ability common to us Moors Elves, why did you not simply turn into a hawk and fly free from the Southern Rose?””That would have been impossible for two reasons,” she replied, “First, the entire shop, including the training grounds out back, is protected by a magick dampening field, much like the enchantment on those collars Mistress Triniti placed around our necks when we were taken aboard the Bloodlust. So, I was stuck in my true form.””Ah, I suspected that might have been the case. When I entered the shop, I thought I felt a weakening of my powers and a loss of contact with the Beastlands. I thought it might just be weariness from last night’s lessons I guided Thissle in.””Nope, it wasn’t you, Master,” Shaasta confirmed, “it was the shop.””And what was the second reason?””Even had I been able to transform and fly away,” she said, “I would not have done so; that would have meant leaving Hansen behind, and there is no way I güvenilir bahis would ever abandon him.”Frelic held his sister close to him, greatly touched by her loyalty and devotion, “My sweet sister,” he whispered in her ear as she lay her head on his shoulder, “that silly little Squirrel is lucky to have you for a friend and lover. And now you have each other for life, and I have both of you.” Their soft lips met in another hot, tender kiss; her hands glided over his shoulders and back, and his caressed and fondled her thighs and bottom some more.”Master?” she said, once they finally came up for air.”Yes, my pet?””Even though you own us both, would you permit us to marry eventually?” she asked.Frelic smacked her on the ass and laughed, “Of course, dear sister. You and Hansen have such a deep bond, there is no reason why you two couldn’t become lifemates. You make a cute couple together anyway.””Thank-you so much, Master,” she said, giving a heart melting smile and kissing him again, “We’re not ready yet to fully seal the bond, but one of these days…”They were interrupted by the opening of the bathing chamber’s door. Thissle and Karma entered the lounge, with Hansen in tow. Frelic couldn’t help but smile. Hansen looked so cute and submissive as the Rabbit led him on the leash over to the hearth. She presented the Squirrel to Frelic, handing the lead over to the wizard.”Here he is, Boss,” she announced, “Your pet is fresh and clean as a Dragon’s butt.”Hansen couldn’t help but blush at the analogy, and neither could Thissle. Frelic pulled the Squirrel onto his lap with Shaasta, unclasped his leash, and looked him over, while Thissle and Karma burrowed into their shopping packs and pulled out matching buckskin, sleeveless, micro-mini dresses. They held them up against their frontsides to show them off. Frelic and Hansen both nodded their approval.”You girls will turn a lot of heads in those,” Frelic said.”They will turn a lot of tricks too for that matter,” Hansen added.The girls laughed and put the dresses on, “Yes, most likely on both accounts,” Thissle agreed, güvenilir bahis siteleri as they cinched the buckskin minis around the waist with the darker suede belts attached to them. They slowly turned around, modeling their evening wear for Frelic, Hansen, and Shaasta. The dresses were quite form fitting on them, fully accentuating their ample feminine curves, lace-up low cut necklines to show off plenty of cleavage, and just barely long enough to provide modesty in front and back, but also providing a teasing glimpse of the lowermost curves of their naked bottoms when they bent forward.”You girls look fantastic in those,” Frelic complimented them, “It really should be a hot night at Hot Summer Nights tonight with you two prowling about the club, as well as Shaasta in her collar, boots, and tail belt.”Frelic sniffed at the air, as a pleasing, familiar scent filled his nose, “Is that cinnamon that I smell?” he asked.Hansen nodded his head several times, “It sure is, Master,” he confirmed, “Me, Karma, and Thissle, all had cinnamon oil sprayed up our butts after our bath. Care to check it out?” He stood up on the couch and bent over, presenting his bottom for Frelic.The wizard removed the rose again from the Squirrel’s ass and buried his face between the furry cheeks before him. He inhaled the strong scent of cinnamon coming from under his pet’s tail, then slipped his tongue into the tight treasure hole and took a deep taste of the Squirrel’s hot and spicy flavor.”Oh, that’s good,” Frelic said, as he extracted his face from the Furling’s butt and gave him a loving pat on the rear before reinserting the rose. “I want you and Shaasta to have your asses sprayed inside with cinnamon on a regular basis.””A pleasure indeed, Master,” Hansen chittered as he resumed his place on Frelic’s lap, “It feels great, even better than ginger root.””Better than ginger root?” Shaasta repeated, a worried look in her eyes, “You mean it burns?””Of course it burns, silly bird. It wouldn’t be any fun if it didn’t.” He gave Shaasta his most innocent smile while Karma padded back to iddaa siteleri the bathing chamber. She returned a few seconds later with the spritzer bottle in hand, a fresh applicator attached to its long, flexible tube.Frelic took the bottle, “Stand up, spread your legs, and grab your ankles, Shaasta,” he ordered.She obediently complied, presenting her ass to her brother. Frelic moistened her butthole with his tongue, slid the thick tube up inside her, and gave the spritzer’s bulb four firm squeezes. Shaasta gave a quiet moan as the initially cool mist coated the inner flesh of her rear. By the time Frelic removed the tube from her ass, the cool moistness suddenly became an intense burn. Though nowhere near as painful as gehennite, the liquid fire burning in her bowels was enough to drop her down on all fours, writhing and whimpering loudly.Frelic knelt behind his sister and lovingly massaged her bottom with both hands as the cinnamon oil was absorbed into her rectal wall. Finally, after a couple minutes, the burn faded to a gentle warmth, and she slumped down, chest pressed against the floor and ass in the air. He took a two-handed grip on Shaasta’s butt, spread her cheeks, and slipped his tongue a second time up inside her rear passage.”See, lovebird?” Hansen said. He knelt in front of the girl, put a paw under her chin, and lifted her head to meet his gaze, “that wasn’t so bad now, was it?”Blushing, as her brother probed her ass with his tongue, Shaasta rocked forward and pressed her lips against the Squirrel’s muzzle, “Yes, it was, actually,” she disagreed with him, “But, I’m sure I can eventually get comfortable with it, like I did with the ginger root.”Frelic finished sampling Shaasta’s aft channel; he put the rose back in her and gave her the customary pony slap on the butt. “Perfect,” he declared, “Now for two final matters before I dismiss you to join Thissle and Karma for the evening.” He once again helped her to her feet, sat back down on the couch, and pulled her across his lap.”Thissle,” he said, “bring me my outer belt.”The copper-haired girl padded over to the table in the middle of the room and fetched the leather traveler’s belt for Frelic. He opened one of the larger pouches and withdrew a syringe tipped with a long mithril needle, and a small vial containing a translucent green liquid.

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