Jared woke the final morning, incredibly sad. Today would be the day she sends him on his way. He didn’t want to go. Unsure of how to approach her, he decided to dress in his clothes and meet her, not as pet, but as Jared. Dragging his feet downstairs, he tried to find anything to do that would stall his time. Once he had run out of things to do, he knocked on her door. He waited with a heavy heart. “Come in, Jared,” she said, businesslike. He opened the door and entered. Looking around the office, memories flooded his mind of the lessons and pleasure he had experienced here. Approaching her desk, he waited to be invited to sit down. “Sit down. Why the long face, Jared? You fulfilled your part of the contract, as did I. You are free to practice what you learned on your own pets,” she said, simply. “I’m not ready yet. There is so much more I need to learn,” he said, almost begging. “True, but you learn by trial and error. The basics I have taught you,” Eva said to him. She looked up from her paperwork at the desperate man in front of her. He looked about ready to cry. She smiled, inwardly. It had to be his choice. He had to ask. Jared was tied in knots about what to do. Begging her would show her how weak he was at the moment, but if he left the house, he would lose his only chance. She would not allow him back. “How long do I have before I have to get out?” he asked, dejectedly. “Take your time, Jared. I will not throw you out,” she answered, pleasantly. Jared left the office to pack his stuff. Once he reached his room, he noticed that Julia sat on his bed. The blonde smiled almanbahis at him, serenely, as she waved him inside. “What are you doing in here?” he asked. “Helping you. I can see that you don’t want to go. I have watched you over the last couple of days, and you are addicted to her now, aren’t you?” Julia told him, “But, the problem is you don’t know how to ask to serve her.” Jared stared at the blonde. She was smarter than she let on, very astute. Julia get up off the bed, stretched, then walked over to him. “It has to be your decision, Jared. You are the one in control here, not her. Go downstairs, and tell her what your heart desires,” Julia simply said, “Besides, Adam would miss you. He really likes you.” Jared sat on his bed, long after she left. He sat there thinking. What did he want? Did he want to be her pet? Was he in love with his Lady? Twilight fell, and still he sat there. Lost in his own thoughts, he was startled at the knock on his bedroom door. Calling out for the person to enter, he wiped his eyes and stood up to stretch. It felt odd wearing clothes, after having been naked for the last four days. Lady Eva entered his room. With many questions in her eyes, she sat down beside him. “Jared, I would have thought you had left hours ago. Is there something you need to discuss?” she asked, concerned. “There are many things I need to ask,” he said, mysteriously. Lady Eva watched, as Jared began to pace the floor. She was beginning to become concerned. In front of her was the man she had only glimpsed. She had seen this man only when he had glared at her, as she broke almanbahis yeni giriş him. He stopped suddenly. “Are you a lesbian?” he asked her, out of the blue. “That is none of your business,” she said, as her own temper started to flare. “In the last five days, I have seen you use toys to fuck asses, pussies, men and women, but you never actually take a cock inside you. Is it because you’re a lesbian, or are you just afraid to feel a real man take control of you?” he taunted. He watched her expression change from the normal serene to an angry red. Eva abruptly got up off the bed and stalked to the door. She yanked it open and was about to leave, when she turned to face him. “You have 10 minutes to get out of here,” Eva told him. Eva had never been so mad in her life. She knew Jared was baiting her, but she couldn’t help how pissed she was. She turned her back on him and went to leave. By the time she realized the error she had made, it was too late. “Don’t turn your back on me, you uppity bitch,” he growled, as he wrapped his arm around her waist and lifted her up. Jared carried a kicking Lady Eva to his bed. Straddling her body, he managed to get her wrists tied together with a scarf he had found. Then, he secured her bound wrists to the headboard. She glared up at him. “You are not the only one that can tie a knot,” he said. “I will not submit to you, Jared,” she growled back at him. “I don’t want you to submit to me. I want to fuck you,” he told her. Eva felt a thrill course through her body. Even though she was angrier than she had ever been, there was a certain almanbahis giriş excitement to this. The combination of anger and arousal was a powerful aphrodisiac. She tried to pull her wrists free, but they were secured tightly. All she could do was struggle and glare at him. Eva looked up at his face. Surprised to see no triumph there, she could not read his expression. Jared hoped his stunt would not end him up in jail. He thought that if he pushed her to her limit, she would see that he needed more training and punish him. Her blue eyes studied him, trying to figure out what he was up to. She lay perfectly still, as he opened her shirt, revealing her perfect breasts. Her pink tipped peaks were erect from passion and anger. Her chest flushed. He knew that she was aroused. He could smell how wet her pussy was. Pushing her skirt up around her waist, he discovered that she wore no panties. Her beautiful pussy lips were puffy and flushed a darker pink than normal. He opened her slit to view her swollen inner lips and to watch the moisture seep out of her. She was more aroused than usual. His cock was rock hard and aching. Even if she didn’t take him as her pet, he would still have gotten to fuck her juicy pussy. Pulling his dick out of his pants, he pushed it inside her. His thought was that if he took his pleasure and ignored her, it would make her more irate. Wrapping her legs around his waist was a bit difficult, as she made no effort to help him. She remained limp. Grabbing her by the hips, Jared rammed his pole in and out of her hard. His orgasm came quick and unexpectedly. The feel of her cunt sucking his cock, rhythmically was too much for him. Although she remained limp, he could tell she was getting some pleasure from this, as her pussy was getting wetter by the moment, and she was moaning, softly.

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