Reward For A Job Well Done


Martina Warner looked around the library as she pushed her glasses back up to the bridge of her nose. She supposed she should consider contacts, but she had a “thing” about objects coming close to her eyes.

Martina didn’t usually work evenings, as Head Librarian, that was her privilege. But Arleigh had begged her to switch shifts, she and her boyfriend Gerry were going out with their friend Dana tonight. Martina had sighed and relented, Arleigh was always very reliable, she should be rewarded for that.

Martina didn’t have plans anyway. She hadn’t had a date in – well, ages – and hadn’t had sex in so long, she thought of herself as a born-again virgin.

It was a shame, because Martina was a wildcat in the sack. Any man that gets me is going to get a ride he’ll never forget, Martina smiled inwardly.

Martina looked around the library, it was nearly empty. Nearly closing time, there were a few people in the Periodicals reading magazines and a few college students doing some research, but not much else. She’d be going home soon, Martina thought.

She gave a brief thought to going out for a drink after work, but decided against it. Martina didn’t like the “Meat Market” aspect of the local bars, not that men hit on her anyway. She didn’t put herself “out there” and she didn’t flaunt her charms.

Those charms were there in abundance if anyone cared to look past her quiet facade. Peel away the veneer and a very different Martina could be seen.

Her Grey suit and skirt were very sensible, but the blouse underneath was sheer and lacy, patterned with a floral pattern. Her skirt wasn’t frumpy, despite the color, it was scandalously short. She wore sexy black lingerie that caressed her body like a lover. Her legs, long and sleek from running every day, were encased in expensive silk stockings with garters. She wore expensive Prada shoes with a high heel that accentuated those legs. But she was the “Girl In Glasses” that few men made passes at.

Martina’s skin had nary a blemish, it was smooth and creamy, silk-soft. Her blonde hair which she wore back at work, was long and reached midway down her back. Her breasts were a match for any Playboy centerfold and a few past lovers had commented she had the hottest pussy they’d ever fucked. Her eyes were a near-Sapphire color that garnered her lots of attention.

At 30, Martina’s sex life was dull and boring. She hadn’t had a playmate in so long, she’d considered asking Arleigh to set her up. The rumors about Arleigh’s wild sexuality were abundant in the library.

“Miss Warner?”

A male voice broke her reverie and she turned to see Danny, one of the library’s college interns. He was working there to get extra credit for school, but had been very conscientious, not missing a single shift.

“Yes Danny, sorry, I was lost in thought. What is it?”

Danny smiled at her, his dark Italian features only adding to his appeal. If only he were 10 years older, Martina thought.

“You work too hard, Miss Warner” he chided her softly. “I was just saying, I’ve put all the Biographies away, the Humor section’s nearly done, I can get to that tomorrow. It’s time to call it a night, right?”

Martina pushed her glasses up on her face again. “Yes, I suppose it is. Good night Danny.”

Danny flashed another one of those dazzling smiles that probably made all the little co-eds cream their panties. “You should get contacts Miss Warner, you’ve got the most beautiful sapphire eyes.”

Martina felt an all-over blush come over her. “Thank You. I didn’t think men noticed that kind of thing.”

Danny huffed. “Lotsa guys don’t, but I do. Eyes can tell you a lot about a person. If they’re thinking, if they like you, eyes can even laugh.”

She nodded at him. Martina doubted that most 22-year old men were this introspective, it was a rare quality. She liked that.

She straightened the remaining few papers on her desk and switched off the light. Danny was still there, watching her.

“Danny, you can go. I’m just going to lock up.”

“I’ll wait Miss Warner, and walk you to your car, if you like. Better to be safe.”

Martina nodded, appreciating his courtesy. Over the last few months, a few of the girls had made subtle – and not-too-subtle – passes at Danny, but he’d shot them all down. He was a truly nice guy who came to work, on time, every day, dressed in a professional manner, and did his work. A lot of older and supposedly more “mature” men could have taken lessons from Danny.

She took one last look around, set the alarm and locked the door. Danny walked her to her Beetle and looked kind of – lost.

“Danny. Anything wrong?”

“Oh. Oh no, Miss Warner. I was just wondering …”



“I beg your pardon?”

He slowed down. “Could I take you out for a drink? Sometime? Doesn’t have to be now, just … “

She reached out and grabbed his arm. “Danny, calm down. Yes, I think that would be very nice. And tonight would be just fine. kaçak iddaa Where would you like to go?”

He named a place she’d never heard of, Trattoria del Arte, they took her car. He seemed so fidgety, Martina thought that genuinely endearing. But when they got out of the car, he took her arm and suddenly seemed very secure and masculine.

It was a lovely spot, cozy and very inviting, with music playing softly in the background and people sitting at tables, actually talking. The aroma of fresh bread and pasta filled the air and Martina realized she was quite hungry. She leaned over to Danny and said “Would you mind if I ordered something to eat? I haven’t eaten in hours, I’m starving!”

He shook his head. “Of course not. Hey, Uncle Sal. Come over here, give your favorite nephew a hug!”

A big bear of a man came to their table and hugged Danny when he stood up. “Whatsis about favorite nephew, you’re my only nephew.” Danny laughed. “And whosis lovely lady, Danny boy, you got good taste.”

Martina blushed again, fidgeting herself this time. “Uncle Sal, this is Miss Warner, she’s my boss at the library. And she’s hungry. What you got that’s good?”

“What isn’t good here kid? What do you want?”

“Spaghetti Bolognese?” He looked to Martina, who nodded. It sounded heavenly. “And some of Aunt Terese’s homemade bread and a nice bottle of Chianti. And put it on my Tab.”

Sal slapped his nephew on the back. “You’re family, ya dope, like I’m gonna charge you? Go, sit with the pretty lady.”

Danny returned to his chair and sat with Martina. “Your uncle?” she asked.

Danny nodded. “Yeah, my Pop’s brother. He owns this place, best Italian eatery for miles around. He and my Aunt Terese cook everything here and he’s right, it’s all great.”

Martina inhaled the rich aromas filling the place, she had to agree with him. Danny continued. “My pop, he’s a long-haul trucker. He and my Ma are real proud of me, I’m the first one in the family who is going to college.”

She smiled at him. “You’ll do well, you’re a hard worker.”

“Thanks Miss Warner.”

Smiling again, Martina told him “Danny, we’re out for a social evening and not at work. You can call me Martina.”

He smiled again, showing those beautiful teeth. “Martina. It’s a pretty name. It suits you too.”

She reached out and touched his hand. “You’re so sweet. The girl who gets you is getting a really good guy. Are you seeing anyone?”

This time, Danny seemed to be blushing. “Nah. My studying keeps me pretty busy. I’ve had a few dates, nothing serious. Uncle Sal says I need to get out more.”

Martina nodded. ” I agree with him Danny. All work and no play …”

He responded back. “Hey, you could do with a bit more social too. How about you Martina? Seeing anyone?”

Martina shook her head, blonde hair framing her soft face. “No. Not for a long time. Men don’t notice me. I’m too quiet and plain.”

Danny choked on his wine. “Plain? Martina, don’t be dumb. Man, you are one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen and if guys don’t notice you …”

Martina cut him off with an impulsive, quick kiss. It seeded to surprise them both, but as she was about to speak, their food arrived. It seemed to help break the tension and they both began eating.

The conversation resumed its normal tone, but Martina’s mind was racing. Why had she kissed Danny? Yes, it had been impulsive, but was she attracted to him? She looked over at the younger man and thought, Yes, I am. Very. But she knew she was being foolish, and tried to put those thoughts out of her head as she devoured the wonderful food.

“You’ve got a good appetite” Danny said to her, chuckling. “I think a woman who loves food is sexy.”

Martina grinned. “You should watch me eat chocolate then. I’d give you an orgasm.” He laughed uproariously.

They lingered after dinner, giving both of them enough time to sober up after the wine. He was wonderful company, Martina didn’t want the evening to end. It had been a long, long time since she could be herself, be fun and happy.

Uncle Sal came over to offer them coffee, but Martina declined. She leaned in close to Danny and said “Would you like to have coffee with me – at my place?”

Her heart was thumping, being bold was not her forte. But with Danny, she had decided to throw caution to the wind.

The smile on his face said it all as he nodded.

The drive to her place was nearly silent, they talked a bit, but Martina’s mind was racing. She didn’t know what to do, she was so nervous.

They rode up to the elevator to her 4th-story apartment in silence. Martina unlocked the door, greeted her cat who walked around Danny, checking him out. “She likes you” Martina said, smiling. Usually Pookie runs and hides.”

Danny winced. “Pookie?”

Martina giggled. “I named her after the teddy bear in Garfield. Sit down, I’ll feed her and make the coffee.”

Danny sat down on the plush leather sofa and got comfortable. He kept one eye on Martina. The fact that kaçak bahis she really didn’t know how sexy she was was so appealing.

She brought two steaming mugs of coffee into the room on a tray, offering him milk and sugar, which he declined. They resumed their conversation until he did something unexpected.

Danny set down his coffee mug, leaned forward, took her face in his hands and kissed her.

It was the kind of kiss that took her breath away. Her senses reeled, his lips were so warm against her own. She leaned into the kiss and returned it, her heart racing faster, ever faster.

Danny moved away and looked at her. “I probably shouldn’t have done that, but I wanted to. I had to. Martina, you’re so very beautiful.”

She was beaming at him. “Thank you. You make me feel beautiful.” The look on his face made up her mind.

She rose from the couch beside him and said “Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

Walking into her bedroom, she was more nervous than she had been in years, but she knew it was worth taking a chance. She wanted Danny to see the OTHER Martina, the wildcat that only a few had known. She removed the grey suit, blouse and bra and stood in the middle of the room, clad in only her panties, heels and garters. For a brief second, she considered going out there dressed that way, but she had an even naughtier idea.

She slipped off the panties and reached into her closet. She drew out a leather bustier she wore on special occasions and got into it, lacing it up tightly. It laced in front and came up underneath her ample breasts, lifting them up. She then slipped on a leather thong and stood before the mirror. She ruffled her hair, making it look wilder, applied a touch of mascara and exited the room. Danny sat on the couch, awaiting her return, finishing his coffee.


He turned and his eyes opened wide. Martina wanted to know what he was thinking.

“What do you think Danny?”

“I think – I know – Martina, you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.” She walked up behind the couch and ran her fingers along the back of his neck. Reaching out, she took his hand and drew him up and towards her. They kissed again, this time, both of them were fierce, passionate, loving. Her tongue slid along his lips, then in, seeking his own. She was whimpering with need, his arms were holding her tight, not wanting to let her go. Martina hadn’t felt this aroused in many years.

She led Danny into the bedroom, his eyes never left her. He barely noticed the tastefully-furnished room, all he could see was Martina’s sexy body. Danny made her feel sexy, alive and vibrant. And HORNY! Martina wanted to jump him right there and then, but she was going to have some fun.

“Okay stud, get naked!” she ordered in mock seriousness. He grinned at her.

He began removing his shirt, showing off a body that was lean and toned, no stranger to hard work. His eyes blazed as he got out of his pants and threw them into the corner, standing there in socks and boxers. “ALL of it!” Martina commanded.

Danny did as he was told, within seconds, he was naked. She walked over to him, a vision in black leather and black silk stockings, and pushed him onto her bed. He lay on his back and she moved on top of him. “You’re MINE lover!” she said, her voice a husky purr.

“Oh God!” was all Danny could say, he was so turned on.

“We’re going to fuck Danny!” Martina went on. “We’re going to do lots of kinky, naughty fun things tonight, you’re going to fuck me, lots. You’re going to love this, I promise you!”

Danny already was loving it. He was seeing another side of Miss Warner, Martina, he was loving every second of it. She moved up on his body until she was over his face. He looked up and saw her pussy, barely covered by the black leather thong. “Eat me baby!” she said throatily.

Danny complied. He moved the thong aside and began kissing her, while he made sure to use his hands to caress her stocking-clad thighs. His face was buried in Martina’s steaming cunt, she was honeysuckle sweet. There was the faintest hint of blonde pussy hair, it made her so sexy. His licking tongue entered her groove and stabbed at her clitoris, she squealed out in delight. This young man knew how to please a woman.

Danny concentrated on the task at hand, pleasing his new lover. His lover. Martina. He could barely get his mind around that, she was HIS lover. He was HER lover. He ate her with gusto, devouring her pussy, sucking at the lips and letting her sweet juices flow onto his tongue. The vision above him, clad in black leather, blonde hair flying about, eyes closed with delight, was the sexiest thing he’d ever known.

He ate her pussy, the little moans he heard from above made him work even harder. Knowing he turned Martina on turned HIM on. He suckled at her pussy, his hands were all over her long legs, he was lost in the warmth of her cunt.

Martina moved away, licking down his body, beautifully-manicured nails raking his flesh ever-so-gently. His skin illegal bahis was tingling as Danny saw her wrap her hand around his meaty cock and run her thumb around the tip.

“You have a nice, big cock, Danny-boy” Martina purred. “A very nice, big cock. I like nice cocks. Would you like me to suck your nice, big cock?”

“God, yes!” he cried out. Martina laughed at his impatience.

“Then that’s what I’m going to do.” She plunged her face down on his thick shaft, taking him in all at once. Right down to his balls her mouth went, coming back up again as she slithered her educated tongue around it. She tickled his balls with her hands as she sucked and fellated Danny, his cock twitched and pulsated in her throat, nearly reaching the back.

She bobbed her head up and down Danny’s cock, making lots of noise as she did so. Martina kept her Sapphire eyes focused on Danny’s dark eyes as she sucked her lover’s shaft, gulping as much as she could take. Her hand stroked his cock in a jerking motion as she sucked him, loving every second of having him in her mouth.

“Oh God, Oh God, Martina, I’m gonna cum!” he yelled.

“Then cum baby!” she screamed back as Danny jerked. His thick, creamy cum coated her mouth and she sucked it all down. He was salty and there was lots of yummy cum for her to enjoy.

Danny lay back on the bed, looking a bit dejected. “I’m sorry Martina, I came too soon, but you were so good, I …”

Martina put a finger to his lips and spoke. “Don’t worry about it baby. Mama still has a few naughty tricks to keep us going,”

She reached across Danny to the nightstand drawer and opened it. She extracted a small, blue vibe and handed it to Danny.

“While I wait for your nice cock to recharge darling, you can use this on me Danny.” Martina grinned.

Danny smiled.

Martina said “Put it in my ass lover.” His eyes went wide again, but as she turned away from him and raised her ass in the air, he knew she was serious. “Do you have any lube?” he asked her.

She shook her blonde head. “Danny lover, you ate me so well and I’m so turned on, my pussy is dripping. Use some of that to grease up the vibe and put it in me. Hurry baby, I’m so fucking hot!”

Every time the beautiful blonde used profanity, he got hornier. He was seeing a new side of her and it was an immense turn-on. He did just as she had suggested. Martina wiggled her ass and he slid the vibe in her rosebud, slowly. She groaned in ecstasy. “Ohhh, FUCK Danny, that’s good. So good baby, fuck my ass! Fuck my ass with the vibe lover!”

Danny’s cock was already twitching as he moved the vibe in and out of her ass, moving it a bit faster. Her grunts and moans were growing louder as he fucked her with the buzzing toy, her ass squirming as he pumped it into her butt.

“Good boy Danny. Fuck that ass! Use that ass, pound my ass with the vibe lover!” She moved her ass against the invading toy as Danny moved it in and out of his beautiful lover, amazed at her raw sexuality.

As he used one hand to move the vibrator in and out of Martina’s pussy, he used the other to caress her body. Her skin was so smooth, her ass round and sexy, legs long and sleek. Her breasts – firm, round and delectable, her tummy flat and toned. She took good care of herself, she was lovely and any man who couldn’t see that was an idiot.

Yelps of pleasure were coming from Martina and then her body arched back, and she came. She fell away from him on the bed, he lay down beside her. She was panting, she could barely catch her breath. Sweaty, disheveled, she’d never looked sexier. He kissed Martina’s lips softly.

“You’re unbelievably beautiful and sexy right now.”

Martina grinned at him. “Still a long way to go lover. Ready for some more?”

“Hell, yeah.”

Martina moved away from him and removed the bustier. She sat up on her haunches, gorgeous, naked except for stockings and heels. “Time to fuck, baby” she grinned.

“How do you want me to fuck you?” Danny asked.

Martina smiled. He was so considerate, even in the midst of heated sex. “Who says you’re gonna fuck me baby? I am gonna fuck YOU!”

Martina poised herself over his once-again-hard dick and slithered sinuously down upon it, her tight pussy engulfed it. He filled her up, she’d had a few lovers, but none had packed her cunt as full as Danny’s shaft.

She began to move, up and down, the bedsprings squeaked in protest. He worked in tandem with Martina’s body, whenever she moved, he made his body move in response, sending his dick deeper inside of her. “Oh shit, oh shit, goddd Danny, you’re good, lover, so fucking good!” she groaned as she tightened her pussy around his invading manhood.

Danny moved upwards, slamming his cock into her body. “You like being fucked hard, don’t you Martina?” Danny hissed, getting into the heat of it. “You like being fucked by my big cock, being fucked up your ass with a toy? Being fucked like a horny slut? You’re a horny slut, a fucking horny slut!”

His heated words were getting to Martina, she felt her pussy dripping. “Yes Danny, all for you. I’m your slut Danny, my cunt is dripping and filled with your big cock. You like me being a whore for you, don’t you lover?”

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