I looked across the room at Janie. She was so beautiful and a complete contrast to me. She was the epitome of sophistication compared to my rustic look. Her blonde hair styled to perfection, and her makeup looked so natural. If I didn’t see her put it on, I’d swear she wasn’t wearing any. She wore a simple summer dress that accentuated her body and her ever present rainbow necklace. My brunette locks were always unruly and pulled into a ponytail. My makeup was limited to some lip gloss. I wore a simple purple tee with a heart motif, skirt and my cowboy boots. I also wore a matching rainbow necklace. Janie had told me I was a lost cause, and she was happy to see me out of my leggings and leotard that I usually wore. We’d known each other for three years, although this was the first time we made the trip home.We lived and met in New York city, the city of lights, adventure, and some of the most fascinating people. At least that’s what I always thought when I lived at home in Piedmont, South Dakota. Growing up with a population of just over two hundred didn’t make for many fun evenings. Everyone knew each other’s business, and if you weren’t related, you probably almanbahis knew them since birth. Your destiny was to get married, pop out a couple of kids, and work at the Country Corner Cafe if you stuck around.I had bigger dreams, and right after high school, I jumped on a bus and headed east. I’d never felt like there was anything for me in that hick town. The boys did nothing for me. Oh, they tried to be great dates. They took me to the movie theater or the diner and then up to Pincher’s Point Road. They were all the same. Cop a feel, try to get in my pants, and ‘see ya later.’ I experimented with a few, but no one ever shook me to the core. I had began to wonder if something was wrong with me.My mom saw me off, and I made an empty promise to visit soon.  Dad was hungover as usual and had to throw out one last dig.”You’ll never make it. Don’t think you can crawl back here, asking for a handout. Once you leave, that’s it.”Dear old dad, I could always count on him to make sure I knew why I left in the first place. I was used to it, but it still stung.My dream was to get into a great dance school then perform on Broadway. I applied to several schools, but I will almanbahis yeni giriş never forget that first audition. I had three minutes to make a great impression. The teacher looked me over and told me I had the basic technique down but I didn’t show enough passion. I was devastated.I needed to get into dance school. My money was running out quickly. New York was way more expensive than home.I grabbed my bag, and with tears in my eyes ran out the door. I wasn’t looking ahead when I walked right into Janie.She helped me to my feet and gave me a bright smile. Her blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders. She was beautiful.”Hi, I’m Janie. Are you okay?” she asked.I tried to hide that I was crying and told her, “I’ll be okay. I’m Maggie, well, Margaret, but everyone calls me Maggie.” I stuttered over the words like a child who had just gotten scolded.Janie told me, “I am about to get a coffee, and you really look like you can use one. Come join me.”When we got to the coffeehouse, it was almost empty. We sat in a corner to talk. I don’t know what came over me, but suddenly I began to word vomit. I couldn’t stop myself, the tears flowed as I told her about almanbahis giriş coming to New York, running out of money without a place to stay, and finally about the audition.Janie wrapped an arm around my shoulders in a protective manner.  Once I finished, she gave me a moment to compose myself before telling me, “Today happens to be your lucky day. My roommate decided she was going to move in with her girlfriend. I was headed out to put some flyers out to advertise for a roommate.””Are you serious? You don’t even know me.” I asked skeptically.”I know enough that to get an audition in that school, you must have something special. They don’t audition just any Fancy Nancy. You haven’t killed anyone, have you? Are you hiding a husband at the hotel?” she said with a smirk.I laughed, “No to both. Thank you. You’re so kind to me.”Janie helped me get my things from the hotel and took me to her apartment. It was a great to have a place to stay.After that day, we seemed to be the perfect roommates. She helped me learn how to show passion in my dancing. She had been a dancer for a while but landed wrong, twisting her knee and breaking her leg. After which she went to work in fashion, this she said was her true calling.I was accepted into the school and was going into my final semester. It had been grueling for a while, but Janie always was there for me. She massaged my aching feet and my sore back.

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