Rosie and the Old Swingers Again


I enter Old Bertie William’s home, coming to the realisation that I am naked in the house of an old man who a few hours ago gave me the creeps. I think about just running back to mom’s next door, then I remember what mom and Joyce did to me. They bought the revengeful side out of me. I made my way into the lounge which was actually clean and tidy.

“Are you Okay my dear? You look very nervous.” Bertie asked.

“I’m fine, just don’t know if want to go through with it.”

“Rosie. All my god haven’t you grown.” Ned said startling her.

“Oh hello Ned are you okay?”

“Very well thank you.”

Ned was about six foot, pudgy stomach, messy grey hair and a large grey moustache.

“Just sit down there on the chair.” Ned said pointing at a chair positioned in the middle of the room.

As she sat in it shivering. Ned shouted in to the kitchen;

“She’s in it quick.”

Out from the kitchen came Rosie’s mom, Roy being pushed by Joyce, Bertie and another gentleman. Ned held Rosie down, the other gentleman shackled her ankles and wrists to the chair. The chair was a old commode on wheels, the large hole was spreading her ass cheeks and pussy apart leaving them vulnerable.

“You just don’t learn do you Rosie. I knew you would come here to seek revenge on me and your Mom.” Joyce laughing gleefully as she’s said it.

“Mom please.”

“Sorry darling I told you to leave our men alone. You defied your mother again, now the punishment will double.”

“there are eight men in our club and tonight my dear Rosie, you are going to fuck them all.”

“The man over there is Morris. Say hello to Morris. Say hello Morris I’m your slut for tonight.”

“Please Mom no.”

“Say it or I will tell your dad everything.”

“Hi, Morris I’m your slut for this evening.” Rosie said with emotion in her voice.

“Good, you know Roy, Ned and Bertie.”

I hear the front door open, in walks two more men.

“This is Geoff and Colin.”

” Paul and Benny can’t make it Madam, sorry.” Geoff says nervously.

“I’m very disappointed in them. No sex for them at the next club orgy.”

I Couldn’t believe my mom, she was running this revenge on me, her own daughter.

“Let’s start then. We are just going to warm you up a bit.”

Ted walks in naked holding a large rampant rabbit, a small vibrating dildo with an extra piece on the front to massage the clit.

I watch the guys wanking themselves looking at my naked vulnerable body. I hear buzzing sound as Bertie gets on his knees in front of me, he places the vibrating dildo inside me. I can feel my whole insides vibrating.


I feel my whole body quiver as Bertie pushes it as far as it will go. My first orgasm shoots out of me running down the rabbit.

” Oh my god look at your daughter gush.” Roy said applauding

“Yes go on Bertie.” Roy continues.

My pussy is numb from the onslaught delivered by the vibrating rabbit. I come again screaming as I did.

“Please I can’t take it anymore.”

But Bertie continues pushing the dildo in me. The room is spinning, I feel like I’m going to pass out as I gush again.


“That’s enough pull that thing out of her.” Roy was enjoying being leader.

Bertie finally pulled the vibrator out of me, the relief was immense as my juices poured out of me, hitting the floor.

“Ok bahis şirketleri let her out.” Roy shouted.

At last I thought they had come to their senses, I was wrong.

“Right my darling you are going fuck all these men in all different positions.”

“Roy please.”

“starting with Geoff, straight forward cock sucking, coming on your tits.”

They unshackled me from the chair. My legs were like jelly. I was on my knees, Geoff walked over to me his hard cock pretruding in front of him.

“No hands.” Said Geoff.

I placed my lips round the tip of his cock, it was only about six inches and thin. Geoff grab each side of my hair, like I had pig tails and he rammed my head over his cock. I gagged as he rammed my head to the end, he fucked my mouth. I thought I was going to choke, Geoff didn’t care he continued fucking my mouth and throat.

“Go on Geoff.” I hear somebody shout.

His cock is in my throat, the choking feeling is worsening, just as I feel my self passing out he releases his grip on my head, I spew a mixture of spit, spool and sick on to the floor. Geoff just pulls me back up, rams his cock back in to my throat and his cum hits inside it. After he releases I fall to the floor coughing up his cum, it runs down my chin.

“Fucking hell Geoff, cum on her tits I said.” Says Roy angrily.

“Ok Rosie, I think you need fucking now, who to fuck you. Ned your the lucky fella. Doggy style over the table.”

Ned drags me to the table, bends me over it and starts fucking me, his cock is thin but long. I could feel his balls banging against my clit, I felt a warm feeling in my body I was starting to enjoy it, he put his finger on my clit.

“Fuck yes fuck me.”

“Oh my god she’s enjoying it.” Roy grunted.

“Ned, Ned, Ned.” The other guys chanted.

Ned violently thrust his cock in and out of me, I could feel myself cuming.

“Fuck me Ned.”

I was enjoying it now. Neds final thrust came with a shooting of his hot spunk, covering my insides.

“Oh Neddy, you are so fucking good.”

“No no no. She is not meant to enjoy this.” Roy was angry.

“Come on boys, you can all fuck me.”

I stood in the middle of the room and the men surround me, their hands all over me, I feel fingers in my pussy, lips around my nipples, Morris is on his knees licking me out, I grab cocks, whose I’m not sure. There is a chorus of groans as these five old men violate me and I’m loving it. I continue wanking cocks and kissing mouths, I feel a tongue on my pussy and my arse.

“Fucking hell! Come on boys, yes.”

I drop to my knees, I’m frenzied taking all their cocks one by one, paying special attention to Bertie’s, my favourite. I feel cocks slapping my face as I turn to suck as many as I can. Ned and Geoff are hard again. I suck them all for about half hour, spit and drool dripping from my chin and mouth.

I push Morris to the sofa and climb on his cock slamming my arse against it. Still sucking as many cocks as I can. Ned sits besides me and Morris ferociously rubbing my clit. My mouth lets out moans and groans. I climb off Morris bending over to suck his cock, I feel someone grab my waist and push their cock inside by the shape of it I can tell its old Bertie The momentum of Bertie’s thrusts on my pussy pushes my mouth on to Morris’s thick cock.

My groans are muffled by the cock in my mouth. Bertie’s pummelling intensifies, bahis firmaları his cock feels so good inside me. I pull up, the back of my head to the his. “FUCK ME BERTIE YES YES YES.”

Bertie’s thrusts show no sign of slowing down, his hand is round my throat holding me upright.

“You like me fucking you don’t you.”

“Yes Bertie I do.”

He releases his hand from throat, pushes me to floor my face by his cock, I put it deep in my throat as he shoots his cum like a hot lava running down my throat. He falls to the sofa exhausted, I hadn’t finished with him. I take his still semi erect cock and sucks it hard wanting every last drop out of it. I feel fingers in my pussy as my mouth assaults Bertie’s cock, I loved this cock I didn’t want to let go of it. I turn round and Geoff is punishing my pussy.

“Sorry dear I’m done.” Bertie said leaving the scene.

I continue my assault on the three men left. I look over to Roy, my mom and Joyce are sharing his cock. I decide I want these men now. I push Ned to the sofa climbing on his penis. I slam my pussy hard on it, I take Geoff’s cock in my mouth. Morris puts his knees to side of Neds legs and slips his phallus in my arse. The three men use me as a fuck doll for about forty minutes, switching holes every now and again. My pussy and arse are drenched in cum, mine and theirs. My pussy squelches with each cock push into it. I was in heaven with each cock push. Their cum running out of every hole.

The men left, I went for a shower while mom and Joyce finished with Roy.

I heard a television playing, Bertie was lay on his bed still naked is dick gleaming and hard again. That penis drove me wild. I climbed on the bed started sucking it. The dome on the end was so smooth in my mouth.

“Oh slurp my slurp god slurp love slurp your slurp cock.” I said sucking between each word.

My head bobbed up and down his cock for twenty minutes before he shot over me, then for about ten minutes after.

“Can I use your shower?”

“Yes fine.”

“Scrub my back?”


Let’s just say I made sure his cock was clean, and he clean me up well. I was starting to feel exhausted. I kissed Bertie bye, found my coat and left for home.

When I got in I was shocked to see mom and dad curled up on the sofa watching some 80s film called Working Girl. I showered and returned downstairs and relaxed watching films with my folks, it was like a proper family.

The next two weeks passed quickly, mom and I were okay. We were the same, both sluts. I promised to keep her secret about the swingers club, as long as she made time for dad. I am officially a member of the lakeside heights swingers club, I enjoyed a small party with Roy and Joyce to celebrate. Bertie had been ill for a while so I hadn’t seen him since the party at his house.

I slipped on some gym leggings showing my firm legs and arse perfectly, a loose t-shirt, white trainers on My feet. I finished packing my final belongings in to a large sports bag, I had spent a wonderful last few days with mom and dad just the three of us.

“Do you want me take that off you my darling daughter.”

“Yes please dad.”

He took my bag to the car. I made my way downstairs to look around the house, I headed outside, I looked over to old Bertie’s garden he was in his shed. I squeezed through a hole in the fence in to his garden.

“Hi Bertie are you better?”

“Yes kaçak bahis siteleri thanks honey, just pneumonia knocked me out for a week or two. I’m good now, back to my best.”

“Well I’m going back today. I will be back at Christmas.”

“I will look forward to it. I have to say, you look awfully good in those gym leggings. They would look even better on my shed floor.”

“Mr. Williams what are you saying, I haven’t got time.”


“No sorry.”

We hug goodbye but I can feel his erection against my thigh. His hands on my bottom squeezing my cheeks.

“Oh Bertie I haven’t got time.” My head is resisting but my body is yearning for him.

He pulls my gym leggings down and bends me over an old work bench, I manage to stretch my leggings enough to rest my foot on a old dirty mower covering my trainers in grass and dirt. He moves behind sliding his banana shaped cock inside me. People might hate the thought of an old man fucking a young woman but at twenty five it’s the best dick I’ve ever had. I lift my t-shirt up exposing my breasts and he quickly moves his hands on them. My vagina wrapped around his cock, his hands gripping hold my breasts.

“Rosie! Rosie!”

My dad’s shouting me in the garden I can see him through the window of the shed. My face inches away from the glass, Bertie’s cock ploughing my pussy. He shows no sign letting up.

“Bertie yes fuck me yes fucking hell!”

He pulls out of me and spins me round, he sits me on the workbench my arse full of splinters, he takes off my trainers, pulls my gym leggings off tossing them on the work bench. He grabs my legs lifting them round his waste. I hang to his neck as he fucks me like a man possessed.

“Oh yes Rosie you are one hot slut, I want you to see my face when your fucking those college boys. I want you to think about my cock, I want you to yearn for it because I will be fucking you ragged at Christmas.”


I could hear my dad shouting me again, I don’t want this to stop, it was the hottest fuck I’d ever had. Ten minutes past Bertie was still going on my pussy.

“You love it slut.”

“Yes! you old fucking pervert.”

“Oh yes Rosie your my slut, when your home I will click my fingers and you will fuck me. Look at me with those big blue eyes, I want to see the pleasure in your face when i cum inside you.”

His cock still penetrates my wet pussy deep, my hands are now gripped on his wrinkly arse.


The old work bench is banging against the shed wall. I jerked my head back with pure pleasure, an eruption in my vagina as we both came together. His body fell against mine I just held him, his cock fell out of me. We just held each other, both of us breathless.

“I’ve got to go my old pervert, see you Christmas, I promise I will be on the naughty list.”

I redressed my leggings and left the shed and made my way to dad’s car.

“There you are Rosie, where have you been. I’ll be in the car.”

“Have you been saying goodbye to Bertie.” mom said packing me some sandwiches for my trip.

“Yes mom that cock drives me insane, will you look after it for me?”

“Yes of course I will, you’re right his penis is hypnotic. I think about it all the time.”

“I know what you mean, he is the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“I’m sorry about everything darling.”

“It’s fine mom. Just make time for dad as well for me.”

“You better go you young slut. Love you.”

“Love you too you dirty old swinger.”

I got in the car to head to the station, thinking ‘roll on Christmas’.

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