Subject: Runaway boys life 14 Marshall opened his laptop to check his emails. As he scrolled down he saw one that wasn’t from someone he recognized. But the email address seemed familiar. After running his Spyware protection on the email, his computer pinged that the message was safe. He opened it and read the email. It took Marshall a few minutes to recognize and remember who Wesley Jamerson is. Then he reread the email again. He copied it and then forwarded it to his boss Mr. Edward Davis. He then sent a reply back to Wesley Jamerson to let him know that his message was received and has been forwarded to Mr Davis. ——————— It was just before 6:30am when Mattie and Gary decided to get up from the lazy swing chair and head back inside the house to go get clothes on for the day. When they got down to the garage Gary was apprehensive about riding his bike with the lower part of his leg still in a cast. He tried riding his bike around in the driveway first and decided to take a chance. Shortly later they were on their bikes heading over to the pier to see their uncle Danny. As they rode, they noticed many cars were parked along each side of the road. Mike’s Corner Store had a sign saying park here for $10.00. His son, Mike Jr. was outside directing people to park their cars in the lot and on the grass. He left the front row empty for regular customers to park in. The boys saw a stage had been built at the community beach center and many people with beach gear getting out of their cars. When they finally arrived at the pier, they saw two police cars with four Panama City Police officers milling around the parking lot. The boys waved at the officers who waved back. Officers Miller and Hawkins said “It’s good to see you boys are better and safely back home” “Thanks” we said back. Off to the left was a coned off area. The Beach 95.1 radio station van was parked there. They had a tent and table set up and were playing music. But as the boys made it through the crowd with their bikes on foot, they discovered that there was a very long line going up the piers ramp. Many people were waiting for the gate to be opened. They all had their fishing carts loaded with their gear next to them. It was impossible for the boys to get by. Neither one of them had seen the large banner stretched across the entrance announcing the annual fishing tournament. So they hadn’t any idea what was going on. Gary turned around and had Mattie follow him to the underside of the pier. They locked up their bikes to the drain pipe coming out of the bottom of the pier. There were these narrow wooden stairs that went up on the outside of the side rails of the pier to about the 4th pylon. Gary was able to boost Matt up high enough to reach the bottom step to pull it down so they could climb up it. Once up and over the side rail, Gary pulled the steps back up to its locked position. Now up on the pier and on the other side of the fence, they were able to access the piers store door. The ding of the door chime startled Danny as he wasn’t expecting anyone this morning. But when he looked up and saw his nephews Gary and now Mattie a smile came to his face. “I’m so glad that you two decided to help me with the fishing tournament today” Gary and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders cause we didn’t have a clue what uncle Danny was talking about. But if uncle Danny needed our help then that’s what we were going to do. “Gary, take these wrist bands and attached them to everyone who has a prepaid fishing tournament pass” “Only let them in one at a time”. “I’ve set up a table next to the entrance so you can sit down and take the stress off your cast” “Mattie, take this jar and have each person take out one chip for their assigned area” “They will find them marked at the end of pier” “Tell them at the sound of the horn, the tournament will start” “The largest fish in both length and weight of the specified types will win a prize” “The most fish of each type caught will also win a prize. Each age group will compete for these three categories. “I’ll have everyone else come through the store after the pre-registered entrants have entered” Mattie came out carrying a a stoll. He put it down and sat on it just past where Gary sat at the registration table uncle Danny had set up earlier. “Okay everyone, listen up” Gary shouted. “Everyone who has their prepaid fishing tournament pass come through the gate one at a time and I’ll put on your wrist bands” “Then my brother Mattie will have you randomly draw a chip that will have your assigned area on it” “The areas are clearly marked on the piers deck boards” “Don’t worry, no one has any advantages or better areas as they are all on the outer wing” “All others who are not registered for the fishing tournament can purchase their pass by going into the shop and getting it from our uncle Danny” “Prizes for length, weight and most caught of each type, in each age group will be awarded” “At the sound of the horn, the tournament will begin” It had touched me when Gary said my brother Mattie. Maybe I could accept Mr and Mrs Boyd as my mommy and daddy. I’ll have to think about that seriously but right now wasn’t the time. Gary unlocked the gate and one by one the people entered and got their bands and chips. Soon about 75 entrants were in their randomly selected areas. The pier went out about a third of a mile. At the end of the pier it went off at a 90°angle in both directions, left and right for over 100 feet but gradually curved in towards the shore as it went out. If you looked at the pier from overhead, it would look like the shape of an anchor. This helped break up large waves during storms to protect both the pier and shoreline. At 8am, a loud blaring horn sounded for over a minute. Hundreds of lines were casted into the water and tournament was on. Twenty officials were stationed out and around where the tournament was taking place on the outer part of the pier. They would be responsible for certifying all fish counts, weight and lengths. The tournament was to last until midnight. Prizes and awards would be presented on Sunday the following day. When a fish fry of all those caught were to be cooked to celebrate the tournament. It will be held at the area on the left side of the pier that was being set up for tomorrow’s celebration. Fish were being caught by everyone. It was very exciting as there was a lot of action. Several seafood shops had volunteered to filet the fish caught for the next day’s celebration. Gary and I had walkie talkies that uncle Danny had given us to use. So we could all stay in contact with each other. “Gary come in” “Yes uncle Danny” “Get Mattie and come back to the office” “Lunch is being served soon “Okay uncle Danny” “Mattie, come in” “Yea Gary” “Uncle Danny said lunch is about ready” “Where are you” “Over by the catwalk where we first met” “Okay, wait there and I’ll come get you” Gary showed up and the boys grabbed each other’s hand and walked back towards the pier store. “Oh look here guys, we have a couple of fairys” Three older boys started to tease Mattie and Gary for holding hands. But they just smiles at them and kept on walking by. No matter what these boys said to them, it didn’t seem to bother either of them. This seemed to only piss off these older boys even more. So they followed Gary and Mattie back towards the front of the pier. They kept up the teasing and taunting of the two little boys that were holding hands but they weren’t bursa escort getting the reactions that they wanted to get. Two men had been observing this interchange between the older boys and the younger two boys. The men were carrying an ice chest that was half water, half ice. They were heading in the direction of the boys, when seemed like they would collide with the two little boys. Mattie and Gary were heading straight towards two men carrying a large ice chest but didn’t have anywhere to go. At the last moment, the men lifted up the chest over the heads of two boys holding hands. Mattie and Gary at that exact moment ducked under the chest. But one of the men stumbled and then tripped which caused them to tilt the chest and its contents came flying out, only to land directly on the three older teasing boys following the two younger boys. They got soaked with freezing cold ice and water which drench them through and through. “Oh were so sorry” “Are you boys okay”? Those who saw what happened around them, couldn’t help but to start laughing. Which caused others to turn and see the soaked boys. Everyone was laughing at the sight of the boys that got drenched from head to toe. “Oh, we are so sorry” “Yeah, sure you are” “No seriously, I tripped” The three boys stormed off to head home to get changed. One lady called out to the men and said “Its about time someone cooled those hotheads off” Gary and Mattie had glanced over their shoulders just in time to see the three teasing boys get drenched. They came into the store giggling and still holding hands. Mattie looked up and saw Mike from the corner deli store. He ran over to him and hugged the man. “Mike, I’ve missed seeing you” “How have you been” “I was about to ask you the same thing, Mattie” Mike wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tenderly. “Mattie, I’m very sorry for your loss and what you’ve gone through” “If you ever need anything, all you need to do is ask” Looking up “That goes for your boyfriend also” I was sniffling a little. “Thanks Mike” Looking at Gary, after the comment Mike made, you’d seen a bright shade of red covering his cheeks. “Okay, enough” “I bought over a platter of assorted subs, salads and cookies. So dig in and enjoy. —————– Jimmy awoke the next morning and wandered upstairs to find the bathroom. He used the toilet after removing the vibrating butt plug from his boy hole. He couldn’t help himself and licked all the cum, piss and ass juices off the dildo until it was sparkling clean. Uncle Danny walked in with Jimmy sitting on the toilet. His morning hardon was pointing straight out. So he stepped right up to Jimmy, who instinctively opened his mouth and swallowed uncle Michael’s cock whole. Uncle Michael relaxed and soon his piss started to spray down Jimmys throat. He pulled back some and began filling Jimmy’s mouth up. Once filled up, Jimmy would swallow down uncle Michael’s delicious morning piss. Mouth full after mouth full until uncle Michael’s bladder was drained. Then uncle Michael grabbed Jimmy’s head in both hands and started to face fuck him. Uncle Michael pulled back as he controlled Jimmy’s head between his hands. Slamming his cock down the boys throat as he thrusted his pelvis forward at the same time he pulled Jimmy’s head back onto his pile driving cock. Jimmy was using his tongue and had his hands on uncle Michael’s butt cheeks. Pulling his cock harder down his own throat. Suddenly uncle Michael froze with his cock buried deeply down Jimmy’s throat as he unloaded 7 pulses of cum into the boys belly. Michael pulled back as Jimmy dutifully licked uncle Michael’s cock clean. “Did you enjoy that boy” “Yes uncle” “Will you fuck my boy hole now” “No Jimmy” “But I do have someone special stopping by this morning that’s been wanting to fuck you for a very long time” “Go back downstairs and wake up your slut brothers” “Shower, clean in and out and put your pink jock straps back on again” “Come upstairs to eat breakfast” “Some close friends of all of yours are coming over to party today”. So Jimmy went back downstairs and got up his slut brothers as his now uncle Michael calls them. He was really curious about who this mysterious man was that had been wanting to fuck him for a very long time. —————– Mr Davis opened his laptop and saw he had an important email from Marshall. He opened it and read the contents. He immediately got very pissed off that this bullshit with Phillip Jamerson and Steven Carlson still wasn’t settled. He figured the only way it would end for good was with these men going to jail. Edward picked up his phone and made a conference call to his two best friends. Dennison and Montgomery. Yes Edward both men said when the caller ID came up. We have a situation involving the safety of young Wesley Jamerson. How can we help? He overheard a conversation of his uncle Phillip and Steven Carlson Jr that they had a plan to get rid of him. Okay, send me his location and I’ll go pick him up. I can put him under protective control as per the children’s safety act, signed by Trudeau. That’s the only problem. According to the email, only Mattie knows where Wesley is at. He’s also afraid that his uncle is already looking for him. Marshall tried to contact him back to tell him he received his email but he fears that Wesley has removed the tracking chip to prevent his uncle from locating him. I’m going to call Dawson to see if he can get the location from Mattie for Wesley’s whereabouts. I just need to know that you two will be able to accommodate Wesley Jamerson when the time comes. You have our word, Edward. —————– Ring ring ring Dillon Sr picked up the phone on its 4th ring. “Good morning, you’ve reach Dillon Sawyer” “How may I help you this morning” “Good morning sir, we are trying to locate Billy Smithfield” “We understand after speaking to Coach Buttons that he spent the night at your house” “May I ask whose inquiring”? “Yes sir” “This is State Police Captain Morris Stanley” Dillion Sr paused for a moment before he asked “Has something happened to Allen and Terri”? “How well do you know the Smithfields”? “Allen was my best man at my wedding” “I’m also Billy’s emergency guardian, in case something were to happen to them” “I’m sorry to have to tell you this” “But at 9:45pm yesterday evening, their vehicle was ran off the road by another vehicle” “As of yet, the other vehicle has not yet been identified” “A pair of fisherman this morning spotted the car at the bottom of an embankment where W Hwy 388 crosses over Morrel Branch” “The vehicle had both of Billy’s parents in it” “The medical examiner pronounced that by died on impact” “We will dispatch, Child Services personal to come over and pick up Billy to start the process of placing him in foster care” “You’ll do no such thing” “I’m taking full responsibility of Billy Smithfield as this is what I promised Allen and Terri that I would do if anything was to happen to them” “That is the same arrangement I had with them concerning my son Dillon Jr” “But sir, I’m sorry, this is the state law” “I have the signed and notarized documents confirming what I just told you” “Your not taking the boy” “My lawyer will be here in the next few minutes” “He has the signed documents to confirm these statements” “Give us a half an hour before you come by please” “It will give me time to tell Billy” “Sir, it is the advice of child services that they be the ones to tell the boy” “Nonsense, I’ve known bursa escort bayan that boy since the day he came into this world” Hangs up. Dillon Sr was in a very solemn place right now. Tears were rolling down his face.. Allen was his best friend.. They grew up together. Served in the navy together. Now he had to tell a boy that was more of another son to him that his parents were dead.. First he called his lawyer who just happened to live the next street over. He bought him up to speed on everything and said he’d be right over and to not let them take the boy.. He donned his robe and put on his slippers as he went and knocked on his sons door. Knock knock. “Are you boys awake” “Yes daddy” “Were up, you can come in” Dillon Sr opened the door and came and sat down on the edge of the bed. Dillon Jr noticed that his daddy’s eyes were puffy like he had been crying. “Boys, sit up in my lap” “I have something that I need to tell you both” The boys were a little worried now butSz climbed up and sat on his thighs dangling their legs in front of them. “Billy, last night sometime, your mommy and daddy’s car was run off the road” “They found them this morning” “I’m sorry son but both your parents died in the accident” Billy looked up at Dillons daddy and saw the tears running down his cheeks. At that moment, Billy screamed out and cried nnnnnnnnoooooooooo. The tears burst out as he cried. Dillon Jr was also in tears. The three of them hugged and cried until there was a loud banging at the door. “Who could that be”? Dillon asked. “I believe that will be the police” Billy looked up startled. “Are they going to take me away” Continuing to cry. “Billy, your parents and I have a contract to take care of each others sons if anything was to happen to either of us” “My lawyer is on his way over now with the judge signed and notarized documents” “Your not going anywhere” Bang bang bang. Phone ringing. “Yes how can I help you” “This is Florida State child services” “I’m here to process the boy named Billy Smithfield ” Beep beep beep “Hold that thought, I have another call to take” “Don’t you dare” Click “Break the door down, that bastard just hung up on me” “I’m sorry but there is no reason for such actions” “Mr. Sawyer said to give him 30 minutes” “That will be up in just a moment” Knock knock. “Yes, who is knocking”? “We spoke on the phone earlier” “Captain Morris Stanley” Door opens. This lady tries to bully her way into the house but Dillon is having none of it. He steps in front of her and says, “Ma’am, I don’t have a clue who you are but your not entering this home”. “I am and your not stopping me” “Billy, Billy Smithfield” the lady calls out. “Billy, Dillon, don’t come out” Stay in your room” Dillon turns to the captain. “Sir, would you mine waiting until my lawyer arrives, before you go into the boys room” “Not at all” “I’m sure that you have some questions for him” Just then my lawyer pulled up. “Captain, this is my lawyer Stuart Melbourne” “He has all the notarized documents proofing my guardianship of Billy Smithfield” Shaking his hand. “Oh, Rosa” “How are you doing today” “Have you ruin anymore kids lives with your homophobia bullying tactics” “Oh, here’s a copy of my client’s guardianship paperwork” “As you can see it’s signed and notarized by the States Superior Federal Court Judge Green” My lawyer gave a copy to the captain as well as one to me. To keep on hand, just in case. Knock knock “Boys can I come in” “Yes daddy” “Billy this is Captain Morris Stanley and this is my lawyer Stuart Melbourne” The captain went over his report with Billy and answered all his questioned he had. Billy asked if it would be possible for him to see his parents bodies. “As a matter of fact, that is one of the matters we need to take care of” “Where did you want the bodies to go to” “Captain, I’ll be handling all those arrangements” “That was also taken care of between our two families” “Does Billy have any other relatives” “Yes he has a estranged uncle Zed Smithfield that has signed off any responsibility to raise his nephew, Billy” “There’s a clause attached to the agreement that their father had set aside a trust for his two sons” “Allen was the executor until his death” “Now, I’ll be responsible for him to get his stippen from the families trust every month until Billy comes of age at (25) at which time the entire inheritance reverts to Billy” “Here is the notarized letter for the trust and Zed Smithfields release of responsibility in raising his nephew Billy” “Well, it looks like all the paperwork is in order” “Captain, later today I’ll have the funeral home come by and transport Billy’s parents to the funeral home” “Well that is everything that I need” “I think that it will be wise, to let Rosa at least questioned Billy so she can finish her report” The group came out to the living room. Dillon came outside. “Rosa, I believe that you have some questions that need to be asked and answered” “Would you please come inside” Rosa marched into the house and asked who is Billy Smithfield. Billy raised his hand. “Son, you’ll have to come with me to be processed in order to be able to stay with this man” “Now now Rosa” “We both know that’s not true” my lawyer said. “Your only responsibility is to ensure that Dillon is of sound mind and capable of caring for Billy” “As well as the living conditions are to the states required standards” “These documents are signed and notarized by your office and lawyer as Dillon Sawyer has been certified” “This document is a letter that states, that you have no jurisdiction authority in Panama City” “As it has come to our attention that you’ve been transferred to South Florida” “Pamela Burns is now the Children’s Services Supervisor of this area and has been already notified by me” “I want to thank you for stopping by but the boys and I have a busy day ahead of us” Dillon walks her to the door and closes it behind her. Stuart kneels down and addresses Billy. “Son, I’m deeply sadden by your loss” “I knew your mommy and daddy very well” “I want you to take this card and keep it with you at all times” “If you ever find yourself in a tight spot and can’t get help, you call that number” “Collect if need be” “And I promise to be by your side immediately” Stuart hugged Billy, who hugged him back. “I’ll be in touch” “I’m afraid that you haven’t seen the last of Rosa” “I’m sure that she’s going to do what’s ever necessary to get that boy into her custody ” “Boys go get showered and then we will head out and grab something to eat at the Diner” “My Sawyer” “Yes Billy” “Thank you” “Group hug” “Okay, let’s get ready” ——————- “Any sign of that little twirp” Phillip Jamerson yelled. “No sir” “We’ve checked everywhere and called all his friends” “There’s no sign of him” “What about that little snitch Regent Carlson” “Your nephew” “Good idea” “I believe he’s already gone back to Berkshire Boys Academy” “Try to get him on a video call” “See if he would know anywhere that Wesley Jamerson would hide out” “I’ll get right on it” —————– It took David over 3 hours to finally get Mattie and Gary fully registered to start the fifth grade. He set it up so the boys would be in all the same classes. He saw a few of his teacher friends. They were happy that his sons were home and healthy again. Besides Gary having a cast on his lower leg, they were both fine. David would be teaching both his sons this year escort bursa in 5th grade math. David was happy that everything seemed to finally be getting back to a normal routine again for the Boyds. “Oh David, I’d like you to meet our new middle school athletic director” “Wally Burton” “Good to meet you sir” ‘I hope that you fit in here” “Why thank you” “I understand that you have 2 sons starting the 5th grade” “Yes I do at that” “We have an after-school demonstration set up for 5th graders who might be interested in doing sports when they get older” “We will be running it every Friday after school for the rest of this month” “Your welcome to sit in” “Well, I’ll let the boys know” “Sorrt but I’ve got to run”. —————— Ring ring “Hello Edward “What can I do for you” Dawson asked. “I need you to asked Mattie if he can tell you where Wesley Jamerson might be hiding””Let him read the emails that I’ve just sent you” “I want you to also read them, so you’ll be in the loop” “Sure thing Edward” “I’m just entering Florida now” “I’ll call you back as soon as I know something” “I’ll be waiting” —————- Video link established. “Regent” “Hi uncle Steve” “Now I need you to think really hard” “Ok” “Where would your friend Wesley go if he needed to hide” “That’s easy” “To the secret hideout” “Great” “Where’s it at” “It’s in the woods somewhere” “Some old abandoned house in the woods that Mattie and Wesley found when they went camping” “Where are the woods located at”? “Behind where Mattie use to live” “Do you know the exact location” “No, they don’t tell me anything anymore since I ratted them out for ditching school to go snowboarding” “Well, I thank you for your help” “I’ll give you a little extra something the next time I see you” —————- Jimmy, Marty, Scott and David were all sitting downstairs on cushions smoking from a pipe that uncle Michael had packed for them. He also gave them those different colored pills again to drink down with that funny tasting water. But in their minds, they knew that they all would soon be super horny and hungry for cock. Four men wearing only face masks and jockstraps entered the room. They each came up behind one of the boys and sat down next to them. They drank from the same bottle the boys had. Then they refilled the pipe and shared it with each other. The boys, now super horny beyond their control, turned and pressed their faces against the man’s crotches who had paired off with them. The men grabbed the boys heads and pushed them into their sweaty smelling cock bulging jock straps That’s it son, imprint your daddy’s scent. All the men said to them. The men laid back and raised their legs up above their heads. Eat out your daddy’s man hole. Stick that tongue in there deep and lick me out. All 4 boys were in a daze state as it registered to them that these men were their real daddy’s. To anyone else, this would be sick and twisted. But to the boys and dads, it was unbridled and passionate love. That’s it son. Lick me out. Now lick my balls. That’s it. I knew moving us here would bring us closer together. My daddy tasted so good. I loved rimming his ass with my tongue. He was freshly showered and tasted like strawberry syrup. Now I was lapping at his big cum filled balls that I hoped would be pumping me full of cum from now on. Suck my cock son was echoed about the cushions. Both daddies and sons pulled and tugged off each other’s jock straps. They squirmed around on the cushions until each daddy/son couple were face to cock sucking each other off. The father’s pushed their fingers into the boys holes as they encouraged their sons to do the same to them. All this time the daddy’s kept their masks on to hide their true identity. Not from the boys but from the multitude of cameras that were around the room filming the action going on between them and the boys. Michael made a small fortune with his side business, Little Devils Films. By the end of the day, all these daddy/son couples would be very well sexually bonded and mated. —————— Gary and Mattie had been helping uncle Danny out all day at the pier for the fishing tournament. They would put the filet fish in the coolers then cover them with a layer of of crushed ice. Once the coolers were filled, they carted them off to the front pier store and put them in the walkin refrigerator. So far there were 13 totally filled coolers with fish ready to be cooked tomorrow. Gary’s cast had taken a beating today. It was dirty and torn with a couple of cracks in it. Mattie was worried that Gary might have over done it. So he told him to stay inside and that he’ll get the next cooler himself. “Hey there little boy, where’s your boyfriend at” “I’ve seen you two holding hands” “He’s taking a break” “Well I guess one of you is better than none” the man said as he went to grab my wrist. Suddenly I heard the man say, “what the fuck” as he was lifted into the air by the same two men that were carrying the ice water cooler earlier in the day. “Put me down this instant” the man who was now being carried yelled out. The two men marched right over to the side of the pier and lifted the guy up and over the rail. I heard them say, “We catch you again and the results will be much more severe” Then I couldn’t believe it, they let him go. I rushed over and looked down just as he splashed into the water. I looked up at these two men with awe. “Don’t worry little fellow, nobody’s going to hurt you or your friend while we’re around” “You can go about what you were doing now” I looked over rail one last time to see the man just getting to the beach. I looked back and they were gone. By the time I reached where they were fileting the fish, they had another 2 coolers packed and ready to go. I put the rope attached to the cart around my shoulders and started pulling the loaded up cart behind me. I never stopped the whole way back. Uncle Danny announced the that daytime tournament would be ending when the last of the sun light disappeared. Then the 4 hour night tournament would commence. Gary was asleep on the cot in the pier store by the time I returned. I finished putting the fish away then crawled in next to Gary. He looked so peaceful all curled up on that cot. My diaper was on the verge of leaking but I was very tired. I spooned in behind Gary and was soon fast asleep. Uncle Danny came over and covered us with one of his comforters. Leaned over and kissed both our foreheads. ———————– Knock knock “Come in” “Regent says he is in an old abandoned house over in the woods by where Mattie use to live” “Wesley and him use to go camping in those woods during their school breaks” “I can remember my brother discussing about their being an abandoned silver mine” “Lets see if we can find the companies old mining permits” “They should be public record by now” “I tried to GPS his phone and PDA but they can’t be located” “I’m pretty sure he knows something is up but what he knows I’m unsure” —————– Billy, Dillon and Dillon Sr were looking at the different types of coffins when the funeral home director came over to them. “Billy, I’m deeply sadden by the news of the passing of your parents” “They will be missed” “Also, all arrangements have been already worked out for when this day came” “There is no need for you to trouble yourself with any details” “Dillon has advised me that you would like to see them” “Yes please but can he come with me” “Of course he can” “Right this way” “I’ll leave you now” “Take as long as you need” I’ll be putting out only one chapter of Runaway boys life a month as I also concentrate on Matties new life. Au Revior Mattie

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