Sandy, Mommy and boyfriend Pt. 02


It was just after 3 PM, and Rink Davis arrived at the bungalow where his little teen fuck doll Sandy, and her hotboxed Mom, Joanne lived. After yesterday’s fucking, having Sandy’s hot tight teen cunt, and her Mom’s tight, MILF box, Rink knew he had hit a gold mine.

He entered, kicked off his shoes, and marched into the bedroom. His eyes glittered with lust as he saw they had followed his directions exactly. His two fuck dolls were both naked, on the bed with their legs spread. And Mommy had shaved her pussy as bare and smooth as her hotboxed teen daughter. Rink felt the lust rise as he took in the sexy sight.

“Excellent, glad to see that both my fuck dolls have followed my instructions perfectly!”

So saying, he stripped off his clothes, and his 9 inches rose, hard and eager to plumb the depths of his two hot cunts. He swaggered over to the bed, ready to command his two bitches.

“Okay Mommy, get over here, on your knees, and suck my cock! Get me hard, so I can fuck your hot, horny daughter!”

Joanne did as he asked, in a few moments, she was on her knees, swallowing his hard, arrogant cock. He grunted as she took him in right to the balls.

“Yeah, very good Mommy, it’s obvious that you were a natural-born cocksucker! Suck me, then I’ll fuck your hotboxed daughter!”

Joanne pumped her mouth up and down on his cock, feeling the hard steady throb of his huge 9 inches. He withdrew and climbed aboard Sandy’s spread form on the bed. Mounting her, he penetrated her tight hole, Sandy let out a squeal of pleasure, the hard thickness of his shaft splitting the tight walls of her cunt open, as he slid his hard dick in, balls deep. Pulling back, he rammed it in again, and soon he was riding her hard, power shafting her tight teen snatch.

Joanne had a little surprise for Rink, that she had used on her husband before they got divorced. She lubed up her middle finger, and swiftly slid it up his asshole. Rink grunted with surprise as he felt his asshole get probed. Joanne found the spot and started to give him a power prostate massage, her finger polishing his prostate again and again. Rink’s first idea of stopping, and disciplining his Mommy fuck doll for this surprise disappeared as he felt his cock grow longer and harder than ever.

Sandy cried out, “Yes, I’m cumming, fuck yes, shoot it, squirt it, YES!”

Rink could feel the cum streak up his shaft, as her tight teen cunt started to pulse wildly around his prick, his cock erupted. He grunted with pleasure as he felt his throbbing prick, pumping out squirt after squirt, filling up Sandy’s womb. Joanne kept up the massage until every last drop had been milked out of his balls.

Rink rolled off Sandy, his cock still hard. Joanne quickly took it in her mouth, to suck out all the mingled juices. Then, for the first time, she went down on her daughter. Sandy’s gasp of surprise quickly changed to moans of pleasure, as Joanne parted her lower lips gently, and slid her tongue deep inside.

Joanne had had a few lesbian lovers in college, and a couple of hot flings with a friend who was also interested in making love to a woman. She knew how to lick pussy, and she brought her oral skills to bear on her daughter, she could taste the mingled juices of their passion, her daughter’s fuck hole was running like a river, and Joanne’s skillful tongue sucked out every drop.

Rink was pleased, she had done exactly what he was about to tell her to do. Of course, she would have to pay for yalova escort the finger up the ass trick, even though the orgasm had been like no other.

Sandy could feel her orgasm racing at her.

“Fuck oh yes, fuck, I’m cumming!” she howled.

Her pussy turned into a waterfall as her orgasm crashed into her, Joanne’s face was coated with her daughter’s hot juices. She licked and sucked madly at her daughter’s soaking fuck hole, licking up the juices as her daughter rode the wave of her orgasm.

“OK baby, get over here and suck my cock, get me hard so I can fuck Mommy!” Rink growled.

He pulled Joanne to the end of the bed and shoved a pillow under her ass. Getting between her spread thigh, he felt the hot mouth of his hotboxed, high school fuck doll surrounding his cock, swallowing his 9 inches right to the balls.

Rink shoved two fingers up Joanne’s cunt, and finger fucked her roughly. Joanne moaned with pleasure.

“So ya like that, huh baby?” Rink growled. “How about this?”

So saying, he withdrew his fingers and shoved them up Joanne’s tight asshole. Joanne let out a gasp as Rink invaded her tight ass. He finger fucked her until Joanne let out a squeal of pleasure, spreading her legs wide for easier access to her now throbbing bunghole.

Rink pulled out of Sandy’s mouth, grasping Joanne’s legs, he hoisted them over his shoulders and proceeded to thrust his cock into her previously virgin asshole. At his first thrust, Joanne let out a howl, the pain being quite intense, but after the first few thrusts, the pain started to fade, as Rink reamed out her no longer virgin asshole, she felt her asshole stretched wide around his cock. Rink was almost ready to blow.

He pulled out, and growled at Joanne, “On your hands and knees Mommy!”

She was quickly in position, her still open ass raised for his command. He started to lick at the tight pucker of her asshole, making Joanne coo with pleasure at the exquisite sensations shooting through her.

She felt his hard, hot prick sliding up her leg, then the stuffing again as he entered her, seemingly bigger than ever. He had no mercy, slamming his cock balls deep up her tight asshole. He reached around, started to stroke her throbbing clit, and started to ride her, fucking her like an animal, giving her an asshole power reaming. Joanne’s clit was twitching, her asshole was throbbing wildly, she was almost delirious with pleasure, as Rink’s cock jerked and swelled tight with a massive urgency. The swelling of his cock did it, and Joanne howled as her pussy exploded. Her asshole clamped down on Rink’s cock.

Rink grunted, “Fuck, oh yes, fuck, gonna fill your tight asshole baby, FUCK YEAH!”

He howled as his throbbing prick exploded, and Joanne could feel his cock pulsing wildly, filling up her tight asshole with his thick sperm enema. Her orgasm roared through her, her asshole pulsing wildly, milking Rink’s swollen cock of every drop. Joanne collapsed, her body shaking with the sensory rush.

Rink marched into the bathroom, and washed off his prick and balls, getting them ready for the next round.

Heading back into the bedroom, he commanded Sandy, “Get over here, baby, and suck my cock, so I can fuck your Mommy. And Mommy, you lay back and spread your legs!”

Sandy was down on her knees and sucking his cock quickly, while Joanne lay back and spread her legs wide. Rink enjoyed the nice spread, the slight part of her lips, and the great view of her luscious inner yalova escort bayan pinkness, glistening with her juices, no longer blocked by any damn pubic hair. Rink hated pubic hair, if he had his way, all women would be required to keep their pubic regions shaved completely bare and smooth, his two fuck dolls looked fantastic without it.

Joanne was loving the fucking, and the sucking of his huge cock. Back in college, she had been nicknamed by her middle name, and the tagline of “Easy Amy”. She would suck and fuck every date, she had been young, wild, and free, and she wanted stiff cock. Rink had re-awakened her Easy Amy persona, and her cunt was throbbing with lust, her clit twitching.

He grunted with approval at the feel of Sandy’s expert mouth and lips, swallowing his prick, damn it felt like she was eating him alive. The feel of his horny 18-year-old high schooler, sucking his cock wildly, and the sight of Joanne’s cunt, so horny and eager to be plumbed brought him back up to full hardness.

He removed his cock from Sandy’s hot mouth, and got between Joanne’s spread thighs, mounting her and penetrating her creamy cunt. His 9 inches were big, wonderfully big, and Joanne howled with pleasure as his stiffness stretched the walls of her cunt apart, and her pussy got split open by Rink’s hard cock. Inch by inch he pushed it in, she could feel her tight pussy walls being spread apart inch by inch, with the last thrust, he hammered the last 3 inches in. Joanne gave a loud grunt of pleasure, as he drove deep, right to the balls. Joanne could feel her cunt stretched wide around the massive shaft that was shoved up her.

Rink grunted, as his cock was engulfed in a tight hugging sheath of hot juices. He could feel her legs wrap around his waist.

“Yeah, oh fuck yeah,” Joanne growled, “Ram that stiff cock deep, and let me have it! Fuck me until I can’t see straight!”

Rink pulled back and plunged in balls deep again. Joanne could hear his lust grunts as he pinned her against the mattress, and started to ram her, in and out, his mouth bent down to suck at her tits. The feel of Rink’s mouth sucking Joanne’s hard nipples sent pulses of pleasure racing to her burning cunt, and Joanne could feel another orgasm building fast. His cock drove in and out, power fucking Joanne’s tight cleft like a piston, her cock was throbbing. J

Joanne was almost delirious with pleasure as he power fucked her, she could feel her cunt, hot and horny, building up to climax, her fiery fuck-hole eager for his wet spray of semen to fill her up. Rink’s cock jerked, swelling to even greater hardness, fuck, it felt like his cock had become a steel-hard pipe as he reamed out Joanne’s fiery fuck-hole.

“Oh fuck yeah, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna flood you baby, OH YEAH!”, Rink howled.

Joanne’s pussy exploded, her cunt clamping tightly around his shaft, quivering wildly, Joanne’s inner muscles spasming and milking greedily at his stiff, steel-hard shaft, just as she felt his cock start pulsing. His cock exploded, jerking and pulsing, tossing off wildly, gushing thick streams of spunk as he splattered Joanne’s insides, his cock pouring what felt like a fountain of cum into her very depths. The tight spasms of Joanne’s burning pussy greedily milked his huge shaft, sucking out every drop he could pump into her.

“OK baby, when I pull out, I want you to lick my cock clean!” Rink ordered, “then, I want you to lick Mommy’s cunt clean! You felt what a good cunt lapper escort yalova your hotboxed Mommy is, now it’s your turn. And you WILL be a good cunt lapper, right?”

Just before he withdrew, Rink gave Sandy a look. Sandy knew what that meant, his statement was not a request. When he pulled out, she did what her Mom had done, licking and sucking Rink’s hard cock clean, then she looked at her Mom, her legs splayed out, her pussy lips parted, the sight of Rink’s hot load visible. She had never gone down on any female before, but with Rink watching her closely, she didn’t hesitate.

Sandy worked her way down, kissing and licking her Mom’s hot body, enjoying the sounds of pleasure she made. Between Joanne’s legs, she gazed at her Mom’s bare, smooth pussy, the scent of Joanne’s arousal filled her, musky, hot, and eager. Sandy wasted no time, dipping her tongue into her Mom’s burning core, licking up the juices that filled her. Her nose was filled with the heady aroma of her Mom in heat, and she licked at Joanne wildly, sucking out the combination of Joanne’s juices and Rink’s thick load, the taste of their mixed passions driving her wild with lust. Her tongue found her Mom’s pulsing clit, and swept across it with long, broad licks, using her tongue to drive her Mom to orgasm.

“Yes, oh yes, keep licking me Sandy honey, oh yes, yes, yes, fuck, fuck, fuck, OH YES!” Joanne cried.

With a howl of pleasure, she came hard, her body shuddering and writhing, coating Sandy’s face with a gush of her hot, tasty juices. Sandy stayed with her, licking her as she shuddered through her orgasm, licking out all her tasty juices.

Rink was rock hard again, and he stacked them up, on hands and knees, Sandy atop Joanne. He slammed his prick up Sandy’s tight cunt, her squeal of pleasure filled the room as he drove it in balls deep, the hard thickness of his cock splitting open his horny high schooler’s cunt.

After a minute, he withdrew, adjusted his position, and shoved his throbbing cock up Joanne’s cunt, her grunt of pleasure accompanying his penetration as he thrust in, right to the balls.

He fucked her wildly for a minute, then back into Sandy’s tight cunt. He went back and forth, fucking Mom and daughter until his balls felt his cum sizzling. He grunted, his cock buried deep up Sandy’s cunt, and with a groan of pure pleasure, his cock erupted, gushing and squirting and pumping another thick load, splattering his load against her cervix, filling up Sandy’s womb.

When he pulled out, Joanne was right there, licking and sucking his cock clean, then diving into Sandy’s slushy pussy, her tongue driving deep, tasting the mixed juices, the smell of her daughter in heat driving her wild. She felt Sandy moving beneath her, as Sandy rearranged herself, on top so that they could 69 each other, and her Mom would be able to suck out every drop of Rink’s thick load.

As Joanne felt the tip of Sandy’s tongue penetrating her fiery cunt, she hung on until she felt her daughter’s legs close in around her head, her cunt spasming wildly, she heard her daughter squeal with pleasure, saw her sexy rump swaying over her. Her face received a tasty washing of Sandy’s juices as her daughter came all over her face. Joanne was almost delirious with pleasure as her daughter’s tongue brought on a violent orgasm, her cunt wrenching and quivering wildly, her howls of orgasm joining her daughter’s cries of pleasure.

Rink had been watching the two women, and it was obvious they would be his fuck dolls, for as long as he wanted them.

As Joanne and Sandy sprawled out, exhausted and spent, he got dressed.

“See you tomorrow,” he said.

No need to order them to be there, he knew they would be.

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