Sarah , I Meet at Last


The history…………….

I have known Sarah for many years but apart from a kiss or two when she was young, we never had a chance to do anything else.

When Sarah was 16, she had a bike. I remember her turning up at my door dressed in her leathers. When I opened the door, all I wanted was to lower the zip on her jacket and take her right there.

What stopped me? My new girlfriend was in the next room and whilst I did (briefly) consider closing the door behind me and just vanishing with her, I knew it was wrong. I mean, she was 12 years younger than me, so I had to be the mature one.

Over the years, we never really saw each other, each starting families, Sarah moving away.

We texted each other a few times, moving to Messenger and then WhatsApp, just some occasional flirting.

Fast forward to now……..

I knew the area in which Sarah lived, about 200 miles away, but only vaguely, never really giving it much thought.

I sometimes get sent to different parts of the UK for work meetings so when I was told I would be staying in the Southeast for a couple of nights, I thought it would be interesting to see if I could meet up with Sarah, just to chat and see how she was. Of course, we were both happily married so I knew that nothing untoward could happen. I messaged her just to let her know that I was going to be visiting and asked that, if she was free at that time, perhaps we could meet up? She told me that she was quite busy but would let me know closer to the time.

Over the next few weeks, when she didn’t get back to me, I assumed that she wasn’t going to have any free time, or maybe just didn’t want to see me again after so many years. I started to think that maybe it would be best to just remember each other as we were when younger.

At this point, let me describe her, or how she was at sixteen anyway. Sarah was short, I would guess about 5′ 2″ at the most – about a foot shorter than me. Even at that height, she always stood out to me: dark brown hair, a beautiful face, and the most amazing dark eyes. It was always the eyes that got me – she could probably have gotten me to do almost anything with just one look from those eyes, set into that innocent face. At sixteen, I guess you could say her figure was good, slightly boyish but with perky, small breasts (as far as I could tell — I never got to find out at the time.)

Of course, while we haven’t met up, I have seen photos of her on Facebook. In fact, I occasionally like to look at them whilst playing with myself — I have one or two favourite shots to finish off to. I could see that over the years, she had filled out a little, more curves, but her face retained its youthful look and of course, her eyes even in the photos still made me smile and tingle a little inside.

So, the time came when I packed a bag and drove the 200 miles to the hotel that I would be calling home for the next couple of nights. I checked in, dropping my bag off in the room. A king-sized bed, of course, and a large walk-in shower were the only things of note there. My only work meeting was tomorrow morning (for just one hour, some may say a waste to my time), so I was free for the rest of the day.

I had little to do at the hotel so decided to take a walk around the town and people watch. I love hot summer days and the seemingly tiny amounts of clothes the girls were wearing. It is a university town so there was certainly a lot to see!

As I walked around the University grounds and across the grass (I wanted to see some of the college buildings, like Trinity), I was looking up at the buildings when a quiet voice sounded right behind me,

“Hey you.”

I started, and slowly turned, recognizing the sexy, husky tones that I had not heard for many years. I had forgotten what affect her voice had on me.

“Hey you too.” I grinned.

Rather than move towards her, I took a step back so I could see her in full, and to give myself a second or to calm down, not expecting anyone to have spoken to me (let alone this girl who I had dreamed about so many times in the last 10 years or so).

I looked into her eyes first – they had not lost their sexy draw for me. I could feel myself begin to harden already, but in public with loads of teenagers around, that was not going to be a good idea.

I tore myself away from her gaze, my eyes travelling down her body. She had certainly filled out, in a fantastic way. She was wearing nothing special, just a loose fitting, thin shoulder strapped top, but low cut enough to show off what had certainly developed into a large pair of breasts, at least a D cup (although I am no expert). The sight of that deep cleavage was sending my mind to dark places already. Her white bra straps were a little wider than the shoulder straps, showing me an idea of what I was already imagining seeing in full. This, finished off with just a pair of blue jeans and simple shoes made her look fantastic to me.

After the few seconds I took to appraise digitalbahis yeni giriş her and catch my breath, I looked back up at her eyes. After not seeing each other for so long, I expected a sign of some nerves there. I was wrong. Sarah stepped towards me, her hands lightly reaching for mine and leaning up for a quick kiss to say hi. I automatically bent my head and without thinking, pulled her in, my lips touching hers, opening slightly as hers did the same, our tongues touching for a second. I could feel her breasts lightly against my lower chest before she pulled away.

In that moment, I could have exploded in my jeans.

“Surprise!” she said, a half-smile on her face.

“And a great one at that” I replied. “How did you find me?”

“You checked into your hotel on Facebook, I was in the area and came over. As I arrived, I saw you walk out of there, oblivious to the world. I thought it would be fun to make you jump, but also to follow you for a bit, take the time to just watch you first”.

“Well, you did make me jump, and I would prefer to be the one watching you.”

As I said this, I realized we were still holding each other’s hands, and that she was now smiling as much as me. There was no way I wanted to let go so instead I leant in again, bending to her face, this time kissing her fully on the lips, our tongues meeting and toying with each other. She moved in close, very close, and I could feel her tits press against me tightly. My hands left hers and moved to the small of her back, hers doing the same to mine. This felt so good, my cock was loving it and there was no way that she could not feel it hard against her stomach.

She pulled away, a quick look down below my waist. “Down boy,” with a smile again “we have only just met”

“You realize I may know people around here now that I am a local.”

Oh my god I thought, I hope that she, a married lady, had not been seen by someone she knew snogging some strange man.

“Don’t worry, I think we are okay as I left Uni many years ago,” she laughed, taking one of my hands and turning away, pulling me with her.

We walked along the path, chatting about absolutely nothing – me feeling like a nervous kid on a first date. This was not what I had planned at all but already this was the best day I could have imagined.

It would get better.

It was late afternoon, so Sarah took me to a small café she knew. We talked for what felt like hours, but about little of consequence. I noticed that we were both avoiding talking about our families.

All the time I was sitting with her, all I could think about was how great she looked. Her cleavage was really on show, as every time she moved her hands to gesture, or pick up her drink, I couldn’t help but notice how her tits moved, pushing against each other. When she leaned forward at any time, I could see down the loose fitted top, her white bra lacy and straining. She caught me looking.

“They’ve grown, haven’t they?”

I should have been embarrassed to be caught staring like that, but shame was the last thing on my mind.

“They really have.”

“I’ll be right back” and with that, she stood and walked off to the back of the room, disappearing to where I presumed the toilets were. I sat back and waited, wondering if she was going to return and tell me that it was nice to see me but that she had better get home.

Sarah appeared in front of me, I had barely noticed her walk up as I was deep in thought. She sat and I realized straight away something was different. As I said before, my eyes were automatically drawn to her chest, only this time, there was no sign of the bra supporting her tits. They were unrestrained. I looked into her eyes to see her watching me, knowing exactly where I was focusing. She leant over the table towards me, whispering “This is better, don’t you agree?”

I swallowed hard. Looking down, I now had a fantastic view. The loose neck of her light top was open and through it I could see her breasts, pendulously hanging, large and white. Her areolas were large and dark, but I could only see the edge of them, her nipples still hidden. God, I wanted to take her there and then.

She sat back, all the while staring into my eyes. I looked back at hers and remembered just how captivating they had always been. They made me feel young, horny and as if she could make me cum with just a look. Which she almost could.

Sarah deliberately moved her hands to the top of her chest. She slowly, seductively ran them down the silky fabric, following the curve of her tits, the tips of her fingers lightly caressing her nipples which I could now fully see the shape of as they hardened, the darkness around them showing through the light material of her top.

“When you suggested meeting each other,” she said “I was terrified that you would take one look at me and not like that I have aged. That I would see it in your eyes. We would make some polite conversation about work and digitalbahis giriş stuff, say goodbye, and it would all be over.”

“When I saw you though, I felt like that 16-year-old girl again. I felt like teasing you like I used to.

“Even when we came here, I hoped that we would flirt a little, but seeing how you react to me makes me feel incredibly horny. I feel like being even naughtier – and I do love seeing you squirm”.

I really was squirming. Sitting in a hard chair at a table whilst my cock fought to get out for some air was not the most comfortable thing.

“Would you like me to adjust that for you?” She must have sensed my discomfort.

She then laughed.

“I am just kidding, but the look on your face makes the danger of walking around bra-less with boobs this big worth it. I never thought you would actually get to see my tits, and certainly not like this”

I admitted, “After that the missed opportunity all those years ago, I thought that the time had come and gone as well.”

Sarah looked at me with those sultry eyes. I couldn’t decide which was more captivating, her gaze or her chest. I knew that I would never see her chest again so thought that I had better enjoy it whilst I could.

I reached across the table, hesitantly at first as I was sure that she would not let me touch her, certainly not in a public place. She actually leant forward.

The fingers on my right hand gently touched the base of her neck, moving down over the sides of her breasts, outside the material, following the curves, stopping level with her nipples. Glancing at her face, I saw that she was watching my hand, but also keeping an eye on the other people at nearby tables to see if we were being observed. I thought I saw the first trace of nervousness in her expression, or maybe just excitement. Keeping my hand where it was but my 3rd and 4th fingers slipping under the roundness, feeling the weight, I extended my thumb, just lightly brushing the tip of the hard nubbin that was straining against the smooth fabric.

Sarah suddenly sat back, her arms pulling across her chest, hiding the rigid points.

I thought that I had definitely gone too far as let’s face it, we barely knew each other anymore. I thought that I had upset her and worse, maybe scared her with my brazenness.

A waitress appeared next to me.

“Can I get you anything else?” the young girl asked, smiling. I hoped that she hadn’t seen what I had been doing. But then again, I quite liked the idea that maybe she had.

“No thank you,” said Sarah, “just the bill.”

Sarah didn’t really look at me after that.

I paid the bill, noticing the young waitress cast a lingering glance at Sarah’s chest as she accepted the tip I gave her.

We stood and walked outside. It was still damn hot.

I expected Sarah, now in the cold light of day to come to her senses and back off a little but she shocked me again when she took my hand and offered to walk me back to the hotel I was staying in. It was a short distance, so we walked slowly, our fingers entwined like a newly married couple’s, bodies occasionally touching as we moved.

When we reached the front of the hotel, the University Arms I think it was called, we paused at the large columned entranceway. I thought that the nerves would get to both of us as we said our farewells but instead, I surprised myself by asking “Would you like to come up and see my room? It has a terrace.” A stupid thing to say but I think we both knew what the real reason I wanted her to come in was.

With a final look over her shoulder and the only the slightest hesitation, she stepped forward, both of us entering the foyer. We walked straight to the lift, focused just on getting there before either of us could think about what we were doing.

In the lift we were not alone. We gripped each other’s hands tightly, feeling that we never wanted to let the other go. The doors opened and we calmly walked what seemed like the longest distance ever to my room. I fumbled a little with the key card, my hands betraying how desperate I was to get in there.

The second that door was open, Sarah almost shoved me through, moving me into the room. As the door closed, she moved to stand right in front of me.

I began to lift my hands so I could start to strip her, but she had other ideas.

She pushed my hands away and looked into my eyes directly. Whilst holding this eye contact, she slowly went down on to her knees. She briefly looked down to see the shape of my cock jammed against my jeans, but then back up again as her hands moved up my legs, to the front until they reached the bulge. She gently rubbed it with her right hand as she leaned in to kiss it, her lips parting to take each side of the column through the denim, gently increasing the pressure. I felt her teeth against it as she nibbled for just a second.

Meanwhile, her left hand moved up, finding the buckle on my belt and pulling it undone. No digitalbahis güvenilirmi longer needing her hands for my cock, she used her right one to undo the round metal button, then lowered the fly.

She pulled her head away slightly, her hands at the top of my jeans, pulling them down. Standing with them around my ankles I made a move to step out of them.

“Leave them where they are. I like knowing that you cannot move and that I have you right where I want you.”

She leaned her face back in and this time, could obviously make out the whole cock through my jersey boxers, clearly straining for release. She smiled up at me and this time, took the end of it in-between her lips.

I wanted so badly to just pull it out but as if she could sense what I was feeling, she beat me to it and again, using both hands began to pull the waistband downwards. Of course, it did not want to go over my cock which continued to stand to attention, but this did not faze Sarah as she pulled my boxers outwards and over the tip, all the way down to my ankles.

Once free from the confines, my cock sprang upwards, sticking out as if pointing to where it wanted to go.

Sarah gently wrapped the fingers of her right hand around the shaft, her fingers on top as her thumb rested on the underside of the head. She paused, holding it, feeling the warm blood pulsing through it, a gentle twitching, eager for action.

Now I am not going to lie and say that I am massive, but I am happy with the length I have and looking down at Sarah’s small hand wrapped around me, I swear it has never looked so big and certainly never felt as hard. I touched her hair with my fingers, and she seemed to take this a sign to lean towards me and half pull me into her mouth.

As her lips tightly moved over the bulbous head of my cock, I felt her teeth on the underside, sliding along the length as she sucked me deeper into her. Despite being a small woman, with a small mouth, she managed to take almost all of me in until I felt the back of her mouth, her hand pulling my foreskin back to the base.

She withdrew slowly, her hand following her lips to the head.

She paused to look at me again, this time I could not take my gaze from her eyes. I know now why they had always stunned me every time I saw her – they were made for this moment.

However, she didn’t waste another second, gripping me tightly and started slowly wanking me, forward and back, each time pulling the skin back as far as possible.

As my fingers combed through her dark hair, she leant in one more time, this time her long tongue leading the way. I felt it touch the small piece of skin underneath the bottom of the head and that was almost too much for me to take. As if she knew this was the best feeling I had ever experienced, she started licking there with the tip of her tongue, and all around the rim. I could feel the spit and soft organ sloppily sliding all over my engorged head. She had always like to tease me, but this was on a different level!

Whilst this was going on, all I could do was stand there and enjoy it. She was slowly wanking me and licking me and I was NOT going to last much longer. I did not want it to be over so soon so, whilst my whole body was telling me not to leave this ecstasy, I tried to pull away slightly.

I think Sarah sensed why I was trying to do this but instead of letting me move backwards, gave a slight shake of her head and quickened up the pace of her hand, tossing me off fast, her hand almost a blur. I was in ecstasy. Even my toes started trembling with the immense pleasure building in me.

Just a few seconds later, she felt me tense up and, pulling the skin as far back as it would go, sucked me as hard as she could.

I cried out “Fuck!” as I exploded, shooting cum deep into her mouth. She choked a little but managed to swallow once. There was so much of it, I did not think it would ever stop, spurting out again and again as she squeezed me tight with her fingers.

My hands were on the top of her head, not to force her to take me deeper, just to help me stay standing as I did not trust my now trembling legs to do the job on their own.

After what seemed like at least a minute of this milking, I had nothing left.

Sarah kept me in her mouth a moment longer, seeming to enjoy the sensation of my cock twitching there, the convulsions slowly subsiding.

She finally let me go and, her hand still lightly wrapped around the shaft, moved her head back and looked up at my face.

Her mouth closed but I noticed that she did not swallow again.

I looked down at her.

As soon as she saw me watching, she opened her mouth, showing me her tongue, full of my creamy white spunk.

She smiled and as she did so, it started to pour over her lips, down her chin and drop onto her chest. I watched in awe as it flowed into her cleavage, some splattering onto each breast. She swallowed the remaining cum and gently caressed herself, rubbing it all over her skin.

I could not take my eyes off her as she did this.

I had been worried that if I came too early then this whole experience would be over too soon. However, I already felt my cock, which would usually have shrunk by now, was still semi-hard and pulsating with life.

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