Subject: Rip Him Up (Sasha (6) This is a story about hot guys from an online porn siteIt’s called ‘Rip Her Up’ It’s changed only to suit my desire for the ass ripping guys on it. This is only fiction as it is a straight site. And I would not believe that any of these guys would join in gay sex But would be nice. Enjoy ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Rip Him Up (Sasha (6) I grabbed at Sasha’s pants. Pulling at them to get them opened. My hand although pulled at his covered dick, just so I could feel it like this. I loved how it made the nicest bulge in his pants. But I was here to free his big dick. I peeled them down his legs and then pushed him back into the bed behind him. The hunk fell onto the bed and I finished getting those pants off. I quickly tossed them aside and then grabbed for his underwear. Pulling them down as well to fepree that big dick and those heavy balls. He lay back and legs kicking off the briefs. “Hmm. Delicious” I said as I saw his dick and balls again As his legs came back down I pulled them apart and dove between them. My fingers raked along the flesh of his sexy thighs. I looked right at his big balls now. Aiming for them as they hung there between his legs. Their weight pulling the sack down towards the bed. I then shoved my face into them. Nose lips and mouth. Burrowing into nthose big fleshy orbs. I took a nice whiff of them. The smell sending up to the clouds. Then I opened my mouth and sucked one in. “Awee fuckk yeah baby” he moaned “Yes, lick those balls” “Eat them up” If I could, I would eat up his nuts. Literally. They were so delicious. And I loved rolling them around in my hungry mouth. Loving them across my tongue. First one then the other. “Fuck I love your balls Sasha” I cooed He just moaned as my mouth continued to worship his nuts. Asha was laying back and pulling on his big dick. He was softly moaning above me as I lapped and sucked on his balls. And if it were up to me, I would suck on his nuts for days and days.I just loved the way they fit in my mouth. Perfect. Several times o tried to shove both in my face at the same time. “Hmm.” I would hum as I did “Awee fuckk baby. My balls” he would groan “My fucking balls. Ughnn” His body would twitch as I ate up both. Squeezing them in my face. Sasha’s hips lunged at me as I slobbered over those glorious balls. And I continued this kocaeli escort for some time. But Sasha was desperate for me to suck him now. So he grabbed my hair and pulled me off his balls. I released them reluctantly. The big nuts just hung there, wet from my drooling in them. “Suck me fucker” he then ordered “I need that mouth in my dick” He smacked my face with his raging cock. It stung as it was like a hot granite log. I looked at the big gorgeous cock. It did look good. “Eat this dick man” he huffed at me So I moved in and swallowed down Sasha’s cock again. He grabbed the base of his dick and thrust it at my face. Digging more than half of his big dick into my hungry mouth. He groaned heavily as he felt my lips move over his angry shaft. “Hmmf. Awee fuck yeah man” he moaned “That’s it man. Eat it. Eat it up” “Yesss” He then pulled me by the hair onto his big dick. Slamming it into my throat. I gagged as his cock was thrust into my throat. But the hit stud just held me to his cock he then gunned his dick into my face. I felt as his balls slapped at my chin repeatedly. Their wetness from my drool making the slaps sound even louder. Then he just started to rape my face again. “Take it bitch” he growled “Take Sasha’s cock boy” I of course could not answer as his cock kept slamming into my poor mouth. But even through all this. His hard forceful assault on my mouth and throat. Even though I was practically choking on his dick. I was loving it. Every rough moment of it. Then Sasha yanked his big dick from my face. Giving me time to get some air. I gasped as he did. Coughed and dragged in some much needed air. He pulled up my face and my eyes were all watered up from his abuse. “You like my dick don’t you!?” He asked “Don’t you whore?” The man was right. I loved his dick. The way he took my mouth. Hard and rough. It was awesome and scary at the same time. But had me ever so hot for him. “Fuck me Sasha” I then begged “Fuck me with this big dick” He loved my wanton list for his dick. How I was practically a whore for it. He slapped my face lightly. It stung, but not enough to really hurt. “Beg for it” he growled “Beg me to fuck you” And I did. As he slapped his big dick across my face I begged him to fuck me with it. The desperation of my needs in my voice. “Yes Sasha yess!” I cried out “Please stud. Please fuck me” “Fuck me sooo good with that big dick” He continued kocaeli escort bayan to slap that dick across my face. Then he told me to open up again. So I did. Then he thrust his cock into my face again. And again he proceeded to Plow my face hard. I gasped and gagged as he gunned that cock back into my face again. “Glappff, glappff, glappff” I gasped and hacked He just groaned his pleasures as he raped my face a bit more. Torturing me and my need for his cock to fuck me. Then he yanked it out again. And again smacked my face. Again he told me to beg. So I did. Then he apthrist it back into my mouth for another face fuck. Pretty soon my face was covered in tears. So much from gagging and his raping if my face and throat. I began to think this was all he planned to do. “Again” he growled once more “Beg fucker” He yanked his dick out again. So I again begged. Pleaded him for his dick in my ass. Practically crying as I begged And that’s when he pulled me around. That’s when he shoved me to the bed hard. Sasha then crawled up behind me and spit in my ass hole. And that was all the lube I was to get. “Now I’m gonna fuck you bitch” he growled And that’s when he slammed his dick into me, hard. I cried out as the stud skammed down into my guts. Shoving most of his schlong into my ass again. “Awee fuckkk” I cried out “Soo big Sasha. Shiit!” “Yesss!” He chirped Then Sasha quickly began to fuck me. A few hard jabs to dig that big cock deep into me. Then soon speeding up fast. His balls starting to bang at my ass and own balls. Their hard sting from his ass crushing moved through me. “Awee fuck. Awee shiit man” I cried “Slow up. Ughhnn fuckk!” But Sasha did not. My words only made the hot guy pound me harder. Slicing down deeper. Those big balls whacking at mine like small hammers pounding down on nails. “Ughn, ughn. Awee fuck baby. Fuckk!” His hot body was pushed onto me now as Sasha continued his hard and almost brutal ass plowing in my guts. It was hurting as he slammed down into my prostate over and over. But I remembered that I had wanted him again. I wanted to feel his big club smashing into my ass. To feels his big balls bouncing off of me at each hard thrust. It was my only soothing consolation. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” He bellowed behind me. “I love this hot American ass man” “Fuckk!” And Sasha continued to slam my ass. My pleading groans only made him fuck me harder. kocaeli bayan escort He was intent on crushing my guts with his big dick. The hard ‘thwat, thwat, thwat’ of his big nuts. Started to echo in the room. It was both a glorious sound, and just a reminder of how har he was fucking me. “Awe fuck, awe fuck, awee fuckk Sasha!” I cried “Such a fucking beast. Hmmmff” “Such an animal. Awwee fuckk!” I could feel the studs hot breath at my neck now. He was grunted much harder now. His body pounding away at mine as he close in on his impending orgasm. Yes soon I would be filled up with his rich cum. Soon I would be bred again by this hot European stud. “Yeah baby. Hummf fuck yess” he groaned “Going to fill up this pussy again” “Going to fill it up with my hot cum” “Awee yess!” I moaned under him “Yess Sasha. Yess. Breed baby, breed!” Then Sasha came. His body stopped all attack on my ass, for just a moment. A brief slice of time. His dick pulled up and almost all the way out. Those big nuts also leaving the cradle of my scrotum. Then Sasha howled out as he slammed back down again. And that’s when he blew. I felt his cock pump as he showered up my guts with his heavy cum. Blasting multiple fiery bullets into me. His balls returned to tapping and smashing against me as he blew. We both moaned and sighed as he dug that wonderful cock down in orgasm. Giving me all his cock. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” He grunted “Best man hole ever” And then he collapsed on my back the force of his fall shoving me hard to the mattress. And that’s when my dick blew. His constant grinding in my guts raked his dick to my prostate over and over. This causing my own balls to bust. I moaned under Sasha as I shot several blasts to the mattress under me. Then sighed deeply as it ended. And I lay there with the hot Sasha on my back. Both of us beat from the hot sex. Then he turned over, pulling his softened cock from my dripping ass. I turned and looked at the hit guy laying there. His hand in his chest. He looked so good just laying there too. I reached over and touched his body. “Damn stud” I said “You are an ass wrecker” He smiled and laughed a bit at the comments “When the pussy is good..” He started to say I reached down his body and grasped his nuts. Cupping them in my hands gingerly. Feeling how hot they still were. “And these big boys have a lot of cum” is said “Shame I am leaving tomorrow” “But we should hook up next time I am here” He looked back and smiled. Nodding in the affirmative……… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The END. For now Thanks for the comments

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