Scene #5 with where Chastity Device stays on


Scene #5 with where Chastity Device stays onPut on a nightie. The chastity device remains on the slave. Instruct the slave to retrieve the cock/dildo and lube. The Mistress needs to get a pair of panties for the slave. “I know it must be hard to have your dick locked up, but it is for your own good. You have to realize that all you will be is my personal slave. Now come caress my breasts.” You look down at the slave’s dick, “Your dick is so small it does not even fill the chastity device. For this reason the chastity device is remaining on. If I cannot get pleasure from this tiny dick, you should not either. You should be wearing panties with such a small dick.” Hand the slave a pair of panties. “Put those panties on and cover that little thing. Come on slave, turn kaçak iddaa me on! Show me how pretty your dick looks in those panties. I think you should always be wearing panties. Maybe your little dick will get hard wearing sexy panties. I only want to see and feel real cocks.” Spread your legs. “See my tight ass and pussy. Because your dick is pathetically small you are never going to cum in either. Prepare my pussy with your tongue for a real cock. Lick my pussy and make me wet.” Hold up the dildo. “This is a real cock.” Compare it next to the slave’s caged dick. “See how tiny your dick is compared to this real cock? Why should I ever let it out or touch my pussy? Suck my cock and prepare it for my pussy.” As the slave begins to suck the cock, “Stick it all the kaçak bahis way down your throat. Show me you know how to service this cock. You want this cock nice and lube to penetrate the Mistress.” Lie back and bend your legs. “Penetrate my pussy with that big real cock.” As the slave is sliding the cock into your pussy, “Do you like watching a cock penetrate my pussy? Does it excite you? Watch as the head just enters my pussy. It feels so good. Watch my pussy lips grip the cock. I bet you wish your tiny dick was half this size.” Once the cock is all the way in, “Now slowly fuck me with that cock. I want to feel what it is like to have a cock fill my pussy. Do you like watching the Mistress get fucked and satisfied with a real cock? Does it make you kinky seeing a illegal bahis cock slide in and out of your Mistress’s pussy knowing the pleasure she is getting?” While you are orgasming, “I only want to feel real cocks in my pussy! I want to feel the cock pulsate wave after wave of cum filling my pussy. The slave needs to watch the Mistress’s pussy get cream filled.” After you have orgasm, “Lick my pussy like there is cum to be cleaned up. You are my cuckold cum cleaner. You know you can only get me off with your mouth. Suck the cum from my pussy.” While the slave is licking and sucking your pussy, “Did you like watching the Mistress get fucked by a cock? Did it turn you on to watching that cock when it first penetrated my pussy and see how much enjoyment it brought me? Does it make you kinky watching the cock slide in and out of my pussy knowing I am about to be filled with cum and seeing my pussy orgasm on that cock?” Have the slave wear the panties for the rest of the evening.

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