Subject: Scoutmaster Mr Conroy 5 This story is a compiled fantasy story of my scout days with the scoutmaster I had the hots for. Please, if you like this story or any of the ones you’ve read on this site make sure you donate. Let me know how you liked this story at ail The campout was over. It’s always sad to pack up the camp and head out. Once we were heading back for all of our parents to pick us up I began chatting with Timmy. He apologized for having to tent with his old man. It was not a problem I assured him. He then said “What did you think of his hairy chest did you look at him like that?” “Woah. What do you mean? I’m not gay.” I responded not wanting him to ridicule me. “Well you know.” He said. “He has a hairy chest. Enough that some other boys talk about how they can see his hair through his shirt.” “Oh I don’t know. I guess I didn’t look much.” I said. Well we get back to the school and I get picked up by my parents. The next meeting comes around and I go up to Mr. Conroy and thank him again for letting me bunk with him. And told him I had a great time and wanted to do it again. He gave me a wink and said bursa escort no problem. It was my pleasure you know. With a smile I walked away knowing it was going to happen again. Throughout the meeting I began to talk more with the other scouts and befriend some of them. The one I clicked with the most was Timmy. Every time I saw him I kept thinking of that conversation with we had on the car ride back from the campout. There was just something about how he asked me and how he mentioned other boys talking about it that didn’t feel like he was completely honest with me so I knew I had to ask him about it. I saw him go to the bathroom and this was my opportunity. I walked into the bathroom after he did and he was standing at the urinal taking a piss and I stood at the urinal next to him. Just thinking of this conversation was starting to get me going and my dick started to rise. I took my semi hard cock out and began to piss I glanced over and saw he was done pissing. I then looked at him and saw he was staring at my cock and watching me. I looked back down to finish peeing and shake the extra off and noticed he was fully hard bursa escort bayan stroking his meat to watching me take a leak. I was done pissing but left my cock out and asked “it wasn’t other boys that talk about your dads chest hair is it? It’s you that fantasize about it?” He got all red and and said “please don’t tell my dad. I don’t know how he will react to me being gay. I don’t want to disappoint him.” I looked at him with my dick growing to a hard on after finding out. I stepped back so he could have a better visual and then I made a move. I moved my hand and batted his hand off his cock and grabbed his cock. I started to stroke him and he reached out and took ahold of my cock. We continued jacking each other off. He was slightly moaning and said “keep going I’m so close.” I moaned back “oh me too. I’m so horny. I can’t contain it.” With that we both turned our bodies and shot a load in sync into the urinals. “Oh yeah” I moaned. That was nice! “Yes I really needed that.” He responded. With that I looked at him gave him a big smile and said “oh by the way. Your daddy’s chest hair is so hot. I wish I could run my escort bursa hands through it.” He smiled back and said “me too. Hey would you want to come over and have a sleepover at my house one night. Maybe do this again. Talk about my dad?!” “Absolutely!!” I responded I would love that. With that we both walked out of the bathroom. I noticed some wetness on my hands so I licked it off my fingers and Timmy did the same. “Let’s talk to your dad and see when I can come over.” At the end of the night my mom was there to pick me up. I walked up to her and asked “if it’s ok with Mr. Conroy can I go over to his house and hang out with Timmy sometime?” “Yes that should not be a problem it just depends on the day. It probably can’t be a school night.” she told me. So I walked over to where Mr. Conroy and Timmy were talking. They both greeted me with a smile and Mr. Conroy turned to me and said “so you want to come over.” “Yes sir” I responded. “My mom doesn’t have a problem as long as it is not on a school night.” I waved my mom over and she came and Began talking to Mr. Conroy. They settled on a time. I could ride the bus home with Timmy on Friday and mom would pick me up after lunch on Saturday. I gave Mr. Conroy a handshake and walked away but not without looking at both of them and giving each a wink at the same time. They both smiled at me.

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