Seat 23E


Seat 23EI walked down the jetway reading the ads for global banking and its appreciation of different cultures. At the cabin door, we were greeted by a threesome of cabin crew, all smiling with their pearly white teeth as they checked boarding passes.“Seat 23E, just beyond the curtains,” announced the rather too perfectly coifed male as he indicated with his hand. Nodding my thanks, I shuffled after my fellow economy passengers towards the centre of the aircraft.Squeezing into my seat, the centre one of a row of three, I found that I had a large bearded biker type on one side and an uptight looking young executive on the other.As soon as the seatbelt signs came off the biker reclined his seat and headed for the land of dreams. Unfortunately, his head dropped my way, and all I could see to my right was a sea of ginger beard that smelled strongly of stale cigarettes. Oh, joys!Still, it could be worse, and soon it was. The Wall Street wannabe produced his laptop and a file of papers and set up office.“This is all strictly confidential,” the stuck up little fuck snapped at me and then jabbed his finger on the call button to ask why drinks were not being served yet.One of the cabin crew walked up, “Cabin service will commence shortly sir,” she replied to his curt enquiry, “We have to prepare the cabin first.”Her name badge said Penny, and she was gorgeous, 5’7 with lustrous chestnut hair and large brown eyes, all wrapped up in a semi-sheer beige blouse and tailored skirt, just yummy.Catching my eye over the top of the arsehole’s head she smiled and nodded for me to follow her.My standing and squeezing past the arsehole triggered a dramatic sigh and further muttering not helped when my full weight bore down on my 3-inch heel as I stepped on his toes. Still shit happens as they say.Penny was waiting for me at the galley area, “You look like you need rescuing,” she smiled at me, and I swear my pussy throbbed in response.“This type of aircraft is usually on longer routes, but things have been shuffled around today. Anyway we have some premium seats that are reserved for the crew to rest in, and I’m going to give you one of those,” she continued, touching my arm to guide me forward.Instantly I felt my nipples stiffen in response to her touch, I could smell her perfume, light and fruity.Once I etlik escort was seated Penny gave me a genuine warm smile and headed off back to economy. I had a great flight, my upgraded seat came with upgraded food and an entertainment console. The only downside was that I barely saw Penny again until we landed. She stood thanking us for flying with them as we disembarked. I wanted to speak with her, but all I could do was mouth a thank you as we snaked past and down the steps into the heat of the day.ooOOooOn arriving at my apartment complex, or if I’m honest here, my mother’s apartment, I kicked off my sandals and walked out onto the balcony.It was my first visit to my mother’s new getaway in the sun. A top floor apartment with wrap around balcony and roof terrace. The building was on the beach front, and I had a stunning view of the glistening Mediterranean Sea.In short order, I was unpacked and sitting on the terrace with a long cold drink just feeling the weight of the world lifting from my shoulders. A quick look around had revealed a spa tub on the roof terrace along with some very upmarket loungers and chairs all shaded from the worst of the sun by a thatched canopy. Downstairs was a large swimming pool and alongside the building were several very nice looking restaurants and bars.This was the life, just basking in the heat, smelling the sea and listening to the muted sounds of the people passing by. I have to confess to a love of people watching, and I could picture myself here of an evening just watching the world go by from the balcony.I must have dozed off for a short while because I was awakened by the sound of chairs being moved around and glasses clinking. Curious I walked over to the edge of the roof terrace which allowed me to look down on the somewhat smaller balcony of the apartment below.Someone had arranged a sunbed and table on the balcony, and there was a tall sweating glass alongside a paperback on the table. I watched and waited for my neighbour to appear.“Uurrrgh,” I could hear a woman moaning aloud, those primal sounds of a woman approaching orgasm. My own pussy flooded in response, nothing, well almost nothing gets me hornier than hearing another woman cum.I pulled the string on my bikini and cupped my mound feeling its slickness. keçiören escort The moaning was louder now, and I slipped a finger between my lips, drawing my fluid up and over my clit. I was sure that the mystery woman was close to cumming as her moans became louder and more frantic. I kept applying pressure to my pussy with one hand while squeezing my breast with the other.My pulse was racing with desire, and I strained to see into the open apartment, eager for a glimpse of whoever was surrendering to such pleasure. My own pleasure was mounting fast, and I was struggling to stifle my own moans.“Oh, fuck yes,” I heard her hit her climax, and I roughly fingered my own sex, totally caught up in the moment. My climax hit and hit hard, my knees buckled, and I let the wall take my weight.I could feel my release trickling down my thigh as I stared intently at those open doors just willing the mystery woman to appear. Just as I was about to give up and return to my drink, I was rewarded.At first, I could see a bare butt then lower back and an arm, I realised that she was applying sunblock to her naked form and then out she walked.Penny, my rescuer from the flight, and as naked as the day she was born. Not as tall as my 5’9 but a firm, compact figure, clearly gym-honed. My experienced eye decided 34d but firm very firm with large dark areolas and a tight butt, her mound smooth.I backed away from the wall not wanting to get caught snooping. I wanted this woman badly but getting caught watching her naked was probably not the way to go about it.ooOOoo  I spent the next few hours basking in the warm sunshine, letting myself relax from the rigours of daily life. Penny was never far from my mind as I planned my campaign of attack.As the sun waned I headed indoors for a long foaming bath, I primped and buffed every inch of myself. Freshly painted toes lead to smooth shaven legs. My pussy, waxed just the day before was soft smooth and oh so sensitive.I had decided to eat at a local seafood restaurant just a few doors further down the block, I just love seafood, and I hoped by staying local I might bump into Penny.It was not to be, I had a great meal of fresh fish and local greens with a superb chilled Chablis as I listened to smooth jazz, but of Penny, there was neither kızılay escort sight nor sound.ooOOooThe following morning I was woken by shafts of bright early sunshine forcing themselves through the window slats. I just lay and enjoyed the silence of the early morning, relaxed and content in the knowledge that I had absolutely nothing that I had to do that day.I kicked off my sheet and headed into the kitchen to brew my first coffee of the day. Watching the machine drip prompted another drip and I wandered into the toilet. As I sat, I trailed my fingers against my pussy and realised that I was wet really wet and swollen with need.Withdrawing my hand, I relaxed and let nature take its course, but I could feel my arousal as I wiped, my swollen clitty aching in response to the pressure I applied.I returned to bed with a large mug of coffee and propped up my pillows to sit against the headboard. Sipping my coffee, I started to tease my slit, just lightly parting my lips spreading my slickness around my folds. Mmmm, it felt so good.After five minutes my mug was dry and my slit slick and alive with need. I started to cup my breasts, lifting their weight in my hands, stroking the undersides and dragging my nails against my smooth sensitive flesh. My nipples were aching and throbbing with desire, so I started to pinch and stretch them, sharp pangs of pleasure and pain shooting straight to my pussy. I could feel my juices flowing down my thighs.Slipping a finger between my slick folds, I opened myself wide and adding a second finger stretched my opening. I needed a good hard cum, and a girl has to do what a girl has to do.I spied my hairbrush on the nightstand and quickly grabbed it, then wadding up my pillow I placed the brush, bristles downward against it. I was so wet my juices were stringing, and I dipped my fingers into the well and smeared my natural lube around the ridged rubber brush handle.Moments later I was straddling my pillow, riding the brush handle. Oh, FUCK was that good, the ridges catching against my lips as I rocked back and forth.I caught sight of myself in the mirror, my curly brown shoulder length hair suffering a severe case of bed head, my 36D s rocking as I fucked my pillow, my nipples dark swollen nubs.My eyes never leaving the mirror I slipped off the pillow and watched my reflection slowly slip the brush handle into my pussy. Watched as I knelt with legs parted and thrust the thick rubber handle deep into my aching self, watched as the top few bristles caught my clit, watched as I shuddered and screamed in the ecstasy of pleasure.ooOOoo

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