Secret Lives Part Two. Chapter five.


All the way to the restaurant Dave couldn’t take his eyes off Brittany’s legs. One of the reasons he had bought that particular dress for her was because it would show off lots of her legs, which he thought were fantastic, but Brittany had just never really had the confidence to wear it more than once until tonight. She had to remind him a couple of times to watch the road even though she was smiling as she said it. She loved that he was so excited by her and she had forgotten the amazing way it made her feel when he got like this. They had just gotten so caught up in everyday life lately that they had forgotten each other.They arrived at the restaurant right at dark. As she looked across, she could see that it was a split-level floor as she remembered it. The upper section floor was three steps up from the rest of the place and the floor of the raised section was at a higher level than the street. From outside, with the lights on inside and dark outside Brittany could clearly see under the tables throughout that top section. There were already several couples in there eating and it was obvious that anyone would be able to see under the tables if only the tablecloths weren’t in the way.She was trying to think of a way to have the tablecloth out of isvecbahis the way because she wanted nothing more than to have someone see her pussy and to see how wet Dave made her. She was so turned on at this point that she would have gladly stripped naked and let Dave fuck her on one of the tables in front of everyone. Actually, now that she thought about it, it seemed like a fantastic idea. Just the thought of it had her pussy dripping again. If only they weren’t in such a small town where almost everyone knew everyone. A small fantasy scenario played out in her mind where that happened and everyone sat there eating their meals and enjoyed the show they put on. It sent a shiver down her spine. Dave, who noticed her shiver, asked if she would be warm enough in that dress. Brittany nearly laughed as she thought she would be much hotter out of it but she smiled and told him she was fine.Dave led her into the restaurant and the waiter showed them to a table. Dave pulled out a chair for her but she shook her head. “I want to sit on the other side, honey, so I can face the street.”Dave looked at her, a little confused but shrugged and moved around to the other side to pull out her chair for her. As she sat down, she made sure her dress rode up a little, isveçbahis giriş exposing even more of her legs. As Dave sat down, she took a quick look around to see who could see. There was a middle-aged guy off to her right who was desperately trying to keep his eyes on his wife but every time she looked away he would sneak a peek at Brittany’s legs. Brittany knew she had seen him around but couldn’t immediately place his face. Then it came to her and she realized he was the owner of the news agents in town. It wasn’t somewhere she went very often, which is why she didn’t recognize him straight away. She knew he was in his mid to late forties but he looked quite a bit older. He was overweight and very red in the face, a real candidate for a heart attack or strok, although she wasn’t certain if his red face was a result of her or the drink he had in front of him. His wife, she wasn’t familiar with. No doubt she would have seen her around town somewhere but she was fairly plain looking with the exception of a severe case of resting-bitch face.The waiter came around and took their orders for drinks and was quite subtle in the way he looked Brittany over, but she managed to catch him as he leaned forward in an attempt to see down the front of isveçbahis yeni giriş her dress. He covered up by pretending he misheard and was merely leaning forward to hear better but she knew what he was up to. She pushed her shoulders forward and leaned just a little further forward and proceeded to give him a better view of her cleavage and her lacy bra.He returned with their drinks in record time then disappeared. Dave took a sip of his drink and Brittany raised her glass to her mouth but stopped short of having a drink.“Is everything okay?” Dave asked.“I want to have a drink but I like the fact that I can still taste your cum in my mouth.”Dave nearly choked as did the guy on the table to their right. His wife gave him a dirty look then glared at Brittany who pointedly ignored her. Dave looked around and lowered his voice. “Well, I can always give you some more of that later.”“Mmm yes, you’ll have to do that; after dinner then.”“If you insist.”“Definitely, I don’t think I used to like it quite so much but I just can’t seem to get enough now. Just thinking about it gets me so turned on.”As much as it was turning Dave on, he didn’t want to push his luck. Or get thrown out of the restaurant for that matter. The waiter returned shortly after to take their order and Brittany gave him a little more of a show. The only disappointment was that she could only show so much with a bra on. So she made a decision and once the waiter left she excused herself to use the bathroom.

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