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Seduction by CarolThis is fiction – that means IT NEVER HAPPENED – but I sure wish it had, hope you enjoy. See note at the end about the source for these beautiful pictures.I will begin with a quotation from the movie “Christmas Story” in which Ralphie spoke of his father in this way. “My father worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium, a master.” I will change that now rather famous line to the following: “Carol works in seduction the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It is her true medium, a master.” I know a strange way to start this story but it is a fact and once you read this you will understand completely. I stopped at a bar on the way home last week. I had never been in the place but it was a typical dark interior with what I guessed were regulars lined up along the bar. I took a stool near the center and ordered a beer without feeling the need to be chatty or greet everyone around. It just seemed that sort of place.The bartender was a young woman. She was probably middle 30’s with a winning smile and ample cleavage that begged for a tip as she slid a beer my way. As she did it allowed me to feast on her breasts being pushed up out of her top with a bright red push up bra. The color of the bra showed through the thin white top and as she served me I could see the edges of the lacey bra showing.She smiled as did I and then she was off to another patron. The back bar was lined with bottles of liquor a few lighted signs, and a large mirror showing the tables behind me. It was while I took my first sip of beer that I saw her setting casually at a table behind me. She was wearing a denim shirt and the top two buttons were unfastened and I could clearly see more than cleavage in her reflection.I guess my eyes were fixed on her reflection a little too long because I noticed her eyes were locked on mine. I felt my face redden knowing I was staring yet I wondered why I would be embarrassed. She obviously wanted guys to notice or why would she let her naked breast show so plainly. She smiled and I returned the smile knowing I was busted.She glanced to either side of her table and then with a swift and deliberate move of her slender fingers she unfastened another button and pulled the shirt open to reveal her entire breast. The curve of her pert breast was seductive as was the hard nipple that begged for my lips and tongue. Of course I shifted on the stool as my cock rose to the occasion.My eyes were fixed on her reflection as I imagined what it would be like to step back to her table and join her. I imagined I would move to her table and block her reflection from others as my hand would move across the table and cup that breast. I would feel the firm but soft flesh of her breast fill my hand and my thumb would capture that nipple bahis şirketleri feeling its rubbery texture as I looked into her eyes. She would smile and I would feel her hand on my leg as she moved to feel my erection begging her to take it out.My mind raced with this fantasy for more than a mere moment. It seemed I could feel the heat of her hand on my cock imprisoned in my trousers. Her fingers searching for the tip covered in layers of cloth yet sensitive to her touch. I could smell the scent of her perfume and hear her breathing heavily as I massaged her breast. My mind floated through a fantasy that could never be, yet it seemed as if it was. I took a sip of my beer from the bottle, it was like it was her nipple hard and begging me to suck them. I passed my tongue over the tip of the bottle, just as if it was her nipple that begged for me to take action.Then the reflection changed, the shirt closed as if a door was slammed in my face, and she stood adjusting her shirt leaving a respectable amount of cleavage showing and started moving towards the bar. She turned and walked to the back of the bar and entered the ladies room. My fantasy woman was gone, but not the erection she had caused. I knew it was not seeking me out, “women just don’t seek out 70 year old men in a bar,” I thought.I took another swallow of beer, the liquid tingling with its effervescence as I swallowed. I felt the beer warm my face, “or was it the fantasy this woman had produced?” I asked myself silently. And then I could smell her perfume and it was not a fantasy, the woman in the reflection was beside me. Her hand went to my arm. It was a soft touch of a woman and that touch sent a shiver down my spine. I turned my head, she had changed her denim shirt for a thin white blouse, “Warm in here isn’t it” she asked. She stood close to me and looked at my reflection in the mirror as if looking for something that was not there.“I think you liked what you saw,” she said and her hand left my arm. I felt the back of her hand run along my thigh as she pressed her breast against my arm. “Look down without bending your head,” she said. I did as she suggested and she was pulling the thin fabric aside and her nipple jutted out in plain view. I nearly choked on the last vestige of my sip of beer. I saw her head move toward the back of the bar, “Let’s go grab that booth,” she said as she pulled the fabric back in place and stepped back a bit.“I’m serious,” she said and pulled at my arm, “bring your beer,” she said as I slid off the stool. I had never in my life had a woman come onto me and this was uncharted territory for me. She slid into the booth in the darkened corner of the bar and waved at the bartender. She held up two fingers and then placed her hand on the table. “Set closer to me,” she said as she scooted my way a little. bahis firmaları I moved a bit closer and then her hand was under the table and on my thigh.My cock was screaming for attention and as if she could hear it begging she ran her hand over the hard cock held prisoner in my trousers. “Nice,” she said running her fingers the length of my cock. Just as she got to the tip the bar tender slid two drinks onto the table, “your tab Carol?” She nodded yes and rubbed the tip of my cock sending a jolt of electricity right to my brain.The bartender stood and looked at me and said, “have fun.” And walked away swaying her hips in a seductive manner. As she got to the bar she looked back with a slutty grin and it was at that moment I knew she knew.“I hope you like scotch,” she said, “My name is Carol by the way.” She took a sip of the scotch with the sound of the ice tinkling quietly. “What is your name?”“Larry,” I said grabbing the scotch and taking a swallow. Call it a need to put out the fire in my crotch or perhaps a need for liquid courage. But I welcomed the feeling of the scotch burning my throat.“So did you like what you saw in the mirror?” Carol asked.I hesitated and then could barely croak out a yes.“Have you ever hand a hand job in a bar before,” she asked looking into my eyes. I am sure she saw my expression, either as shock or fright. I didn’t know which emotion to attach to the way I felt when she asked the question.“Well have you?” She asked again, “Because if you haven’t this is going to be your first.” She said and her hand again moved on my cock. I felt her fumble with my zipper and then my loose fitting trouser were open and her warm hand fished my erection out into the open air under the bar.“I love giving hand jobs,” she said, “I think because it seems to give me a moment of control over a man. You see I saw you looking at my reflection and I knew immediately you were too shy or timid to join me at the table. I respect that,” she said as she began to softly caress my cock. Her hands were as soft as velvet and I knew she would have no trouble getting me off. “But you know when a girl flashes her tit at a guy I think he has an obligation to at least say hi and not set there dreaming of what could be.Her hand moved faster and I felt my cum boiling, call it excitement over this very public contact, call it my first time doing anything like this, or call it lust for this attractive and seductive young woman. I didn’t care my next few minutes were literally in my hands. She bent forward onto the elbow of her free arm and pulled the top back again.Her breast hung seductively with the pretty white fabric framing the scene that was beyond belief. “Touch it Larry, I want you to feel my nipple.”And I did, I have no way to explain it other than she had me in a trance. Her hand continued kaçak bahis siteleri stroking my cock under the table while I cupped her breast and felt the weight. She had a perfectly shaped breast and a perfect size. “The nipple Larry, pinch my nipple.” She whispered and began to move her hand faster on my cock. As I touched her nipple I felt that cramp deep within. I wanted to stop her, to warn her I was going to cum, but I did nothing but roll her nipple between my thumb and forefinger as my cock exploded under the table. She must have felt I was near and held my shaft and pointed my cock up and I know the ropes of cum must have it the underside of the table.She held me until my cock was done and then said, “Now you can let go of my nipple Larry.” She moved her hand out from under the table, grabbed the scotch and her denim shirt and slid out of the booth. As she stood she pulled out her card, “Write your cell number on here, I’d love to call you later.”I watched Carol walk towards the door and she vanished into the darkness of the street. I looked at the two scotch glasses, mine was half finished. I took another swallow, the burn of the liquor felt good going down as I tucked my spent cock back in my pants trying to be as discreet as possible. “Never,” I muttered, “never in my life,” I finished as a thought in my head.“Anything more?” The young bartender asked with a sweet smile, “or are you all done.” Again a smile. “I’m done,” I said and took the last swallow.“She left without paying her tab, but she will be back tomorrow night. Unless you wanted to pay?”I pushed my card across the table, “I’ve got it,” I said as my phone pinged a text.“That’s our Carol texting you, she is so predictable,” she said and then leaning over giving me a full up close and personal look at her tits, “And quite the seductress,” she said leaving me to open the text.I opened it and was greeted to the most arousing picture of her breast nestled in a lace bra. Her nipple was peeking out the top and it was an invitation to visit her in the bar again. My hands trembled as I looked at the seductive image and knew I would return in anticipation of her seducing me again, even if it was for a hand job. As I began, I thought, “It is her true medium, a master!” And I smiled thinking “a masturbator that is…”NOTE: I have a friend here on XH that appreciated the comments I made on some of her very seductive images, and like this story she did seduce me with the sexy pics of her beautiful body. She suggested that I might just want to submit a tribute image to her. I am not really into that sort of thing, did it once and won’t repeat it. So I asked her if I could write a story with her as the character and use her images. She granted me permission so the images are her property and the story I have written is my “tribute” to a sexy woman. I have no idea what her actual name is and she did not give me permission to name her profile so I will simply say that her initials on her profile are CG, and to that I came up with the name Carol (artistic license that is)

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