See and Play The Milk Arrives


“Tell me, Lisa,” Shelby pleaded, “I really want to know.”“Well,” Lisa replied with a look of indifference, “I don’t know.  But, if you really want to know.”Shelby playfully slapped her on the arm as they were walking down the sidewalk.“You are so mean to me sometimes,” said, Shelby. “I like it though.”They both laughed as they entered the small deli.  They placed their lunch order, got their drinks, then waited for their food at an outside table.After their food arrived, Shelby watched Lisa eat a couple of fries, take a drink of her soft drink, then eat a couple more fries, while looking at her with a smile on her face the entire time.“You are killing me, Lisa,” Shelby said as she picked up a couple of fries. “Please, I want to know everything.”“Why do you want to know about him spanking me,” Lisa asked after she took another sip of her drink, “are you loosening up a little and want to try it now?”“I think so,” Shelby said while biting her bottom lip. “I spanked myself the other day and kind of liked it.”She put her hand to her mouth and began to look around to see if anyone was near enough to have heard her.  “Naughty girl,” Lisa giggled. “It was exciting, wasn’t it?”“It was,” Shelby whispered, “but I think it would be much more exciting if I didn’t know when the spanks would land.  So, now that I have told you about my attempt at spanking, you have to tell me everything!”“To start off, he tied me up then spanked me,” Lisa said as she blushed. “I was a bad girl and had to get punished.”“What did you do?” asked Shelby. “I mean he actually tied you with a rope too?”“He did tie me up with a rope,” replied Lisa. “He didn’t tie me to anything, but he bound me.  He tied my wrists together, then my arms.  The ropes crossed and made a pattern that you could see on my skin after he untied me later.  They were beautiful reminders.  Anyway, he tied my legs up too.  They were bent and I couldn’t move them.  He tied a blindfold on me, put me across his lap, and spanked me.”“But why?” asked Shelby. “Why did you think you needed to be spanked in the first place?”“I didn’t think I needed to be spanked,” responded Lisa. “I knew I needed to be spanked.  You see, Daddy has rules for me and if I break them, I get spanked.  I broke a rule, a big rule, and I knew if I broke the rule, I would get spanked.  When I broke the rule, I wasn’t almanbahis thinking about the rule or the consequences of breaking it at the time.”“What rule did your break?” asked Shelby.“I sent a message while I was driving,” said Lisa. “I sent it to him.  I had told him I was getting in the car and getting ready to drive, then about five minutes later I sent him another message while I was driving down the road.  He didn’t respond, so I sent another message.  When he didn’t respond again, I sent another one then right after I hit send I realized what I was doing and why he wasn’t responding.  He knew I was driving.”“That is why he said I needed spanking when I left the cabin,” Shelby said softly, “and you too because you knew I was driving.  Did he spank you that night?”“Mmhmm,” she said, “but it wasn’t like the one I got when I texted him.  He just bent me over his lap and spanked me that time.  I didn’t get tied up.”“Do you think you will get spanked when he finds out what we have been doing?” asked Shelby. “I mean, it is a surprise for him, will he spank you for not telling him?”“No,” replied Lisa, “I think he will really like the surprise.  Surprises for pleasure and fun will not get a discipline spanking, maybe fun and stinging spanks for play.  Maybe heat up our bottoms, make them red, then soothe them with his hands and lips.”“Our bottoms?” asked Shelby. “Will it be ok for him to spank me too?”“Mmhmm,” said Lisa with a wink, “you know the boundaries, and spankings are not outside of the boundaries.”They finished their lunch and walked to the car.Jase was waiting for them on the front porch when they arrived at the cabin.  Lisa walked up and kissed him deeply as he wrapped his arm around her waist.  He held out his other arm and pulled Shelby next to him and accepted her kiss on his cheek.“I need to go pee,” said Shelby once they entered the cabin. “I will be right back.”As she scurried to the bathroom, Jase led Lisa to the bedroom.“Oh, Daddy,” she purred, “are you ready to start playing right now?”“Stand right here and take your clothes off, little one,” he said as he stood behind her and kissed her neck. “I will be right back.  Do not turn around.”“Yes, Daddy,” she said as she began to remove her clothes.After she finished her task, she kept her eyes facing forward.  “I am Daddy’s good girl,” she thought, almanbahis yeni giriş “I bet he is going to reward me for being his good girl.”She shuddered as the blindfold covered her eyes.  The surprise, combined with the feel of the loss of a sense excited her.“Lay down,” he said softly, “on your tummy.”He led her to the bed and she obeyed his command.  With quick and strong hands, he tied her wrists to the headboard, and with legs slightly spread, her ankles to the footboard.“Don’t say a word,” he said as lowered his mouth to her ear.He kissed her on the cheek then she heard him leave the room.Shelby finished washing her hands and began to towel them off.  She looked at herself in the mirror and enjoyed seeing herself smile.  “I think Jase will like our surprise,” she thought happily.Her scream, loud and strong, escaped her mouth before she realized what was happening to her.Once she exited the bathroom, Jase grabbed her from behind, picked her up, and began to carry her into the bedroom.She kept screaming Lisa’s name as he carried her.  She began to flail her arms and legs to no avail.  His strength was more than she could handle, yet, she still felt the need to try and escape.Once they entered the bedroom, she stopped screaming when she saw Lisa.  Jase smiled when he noticed the dark, wet spot on the bed between Lisa’s legs.“What the…Lisa,” was all Shelby said before she started screaming again.Jase began to rip her shirt off while still holding her.  He, very efficiently, had her naked and holding her next to his body.  She could feel his hardness press against her bottom as he whispered in her ear.“You haven’t used a safe word,” he said, “this is called consent/nonconsent.  As you can tell, it turns my little one on quite a bit.”He reached down and slowly ran two fingers on her slit.  He held up his wet fingers in front of her eyes, brought them to his mouth, licked them, then said, “I think you like it too.”“Oh, Jase,” she said as she pressed herself into him a little harder.He picked her up once again, walked her to the side of the bed, and told her to stand facing Lisa and to not move.  She obeyed and did not move as he affixed her blindfold over her eyes.  Lisa’s pelvis kept thrusting up and down as she listened to everything Jase was doing to Shelby.After they were both secured, he stood almanbahis giriş at the end of the bed and picked up the paddle he had hidden between the boxspring and mattress.“Did that excite you, little one?” Jase said as he walked to her side of the bed. “Did you like hearing Shelby scream as I ripped her clothes off?”“Yes, Daddy,” she answered softly, “I did.”He placed the paddle on her bottom and slid it from one side to the other.  With a quick flick, he lifted it and landed it firmly on her cheeks.She squeezed and clenched after the impact.He leaned over and soothed her cheeks with his hand then gently kissed each one.When he arrived on Shelby’s side of the bed, he noticed a wet area on the bed between her legs.  “I know you were excited,” he said as he slid the paddle across her bottom, “did you like seeing little one tied to the bed?”“Yes,” she replied softly, “I did.”The paddle landed on her cheeks, they were soothed with his hand, then kissed.“You two are probably wondering why you are getting spanked,” he said as he climbed on the bed and positioned himself between them.“Remember how you two wanted to stay in the hot tub after I left?  Remember me reminding you to turn the heat to a certain temperature and turn the pump to a specific setting?  Remember I asked you to make sure the cover gets put back on the hot tub before you leave?”He had asked the questions without allowing them the chance to answer.  He watched both of their faces pale when they realized they forgot to follow the directions.“I got a phone call from the owners of the cabin after I got home,” he continued. “They had to replace the heating element and the pump because it had burned out.  I had to buy a new heating element and pump, as well as pay for the labor to take out the old and install the new.  Plus, they had to fish out a lot of leaves because the door to the porch was left unlocked.  It had swung open and allowed the leaves to blow in.  That is why you two will get spanked.  Do you both understand?”They both mumbled a yes as he watched them press their lips tightly together anticipating the spankings.“You will each get a spanking for every hundred dollars it cost me,” he said sternly. “You should feel lucky I am not spanking you for every dollar.  You will both receive fifteen spankings.”He laid the paddle between his knees and began to massage both of their bottoms with his hands.  Sliding his fingers between their legs, teasing their slits, wetting his fingers, rubbing their cheeks, then landing a few stinging swats simultaneously on both of their bottoms.

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