Sex Files from a Therapist – Chapter 6


Sex Files from a Therapist – Chapter 6Carol was more confused now than ever. She enjoyed the fucking at Lindsay’s household, but it did not have the intense arousal that fucking Zach had on her nor did it have the same attraction as even when listening to the stories of other families who fucked each other. She was beginning to think possibly the whole family connection was the key to her greatest arousal and sexual interest. Those thoughts haunted her over the next few days until she decided she needed to get away from the office. She called her sister who, with her brother, ran stables, raising horses and providing cabins for people who wanted to spend some time horseback riding and generally enjoy the outdoors. Neither of her siblings had ever married and Carol thought it was curious that they hadn’t. Her brother was an attractive man, a little over six foot tall, lean and muscular and popular with the women. Her sister was more voluptuous than herself with a good set of DD-cup tits, light brown hair, a great ass for getting a hold of when fucking, and very outgoing. She was as popular with the men as her brother was with the women. But none of the three had ever married. Carol understood herself enough to know why she had not married, but did not understand her siblings. Her brother was four years older than her and her sister was two years older.While they had not seen each other in what Carol calculated was probably close to five years, her sister Mary was glad to hear from her and even enthusiastic about the idea of Carol coming to see them. A couple of hours later, her brother, Lee, called her back and was equally excited about her arrival. Carol worked it out with everyone that she would arrive at the beginning of the week, planned to stay for the week and then Zach would join them for the weekend after meeting all of his obligations.Mary and Lee were standing outside the ranch house when Carol drove in and they shared hugs and briefly marveled that no one seemed any older looking for the time that had passed. Mary had lunch ready and the three talked over their meal. Her siblings were excited to see Zach and knew he had grown into a fine looking young man with a lot of potential. It wasn’t too long into the conversation that Mary noticed Carol seemed rather preoccupied and quiet. “You look tired, Sis. Is everything okay? Lee and I wondered why you chose to call out of the blue and ask if you could visit. You know you have always been welcome, but you never had the time even for a weekend and now you want to visit for a whole week. It’s wonderful, but it looks like you have something weighing on you.””I do, Mary, but I am not quite ready to talk about it yet.””No rush, Sis. Only when you are ready. I have wondered how you have managed to deal with the stress of being a professional dealing with other people’s problems while being a single mom. Most people could not bear up to it all. Why don’t you go to your room and relax, maybe take a nap. We have some chores to take care of and whenever you are ready to tour the stables and maybe join us for a ride, just text me or find one of us out by the barn.”Carol agreed and went to her room and took a nap, resting better than she had in weeks. It was good to experience some normalcy even if the country life was somewhat foreign to her. She awoke a bit confused as to where she was and then realized she had slept so hard that she was a little disoriented until her mind was fully alert. She got up and decided that she would just wonder around and eventually find Mary or Lee somewhere near the barn. She walked into the stable, admiring the horses as she slowly took in all of her surroundings. She finally called out to Mary and Lee and Mary quickly appeared from a stall at the far end of the barn. Carol noticed that Mary had some straw in her hair and her blouse was partially untucked and the top couple of buttons were undone. Then Lee appeared, looking a little sheepish. Both recovered well bahis siteleri enough to quickly focus the attention on Carol.”Well, you look better already!” said Mary, smoothing herself out a little. “Country life will do that to you.””Yeah, I think you are right,” said Carol. “How about that horseback ride you promised me?””Sure,” said Lee. “Let me get the horses ready and get our hired guys set up with a couple of chores so that we can take the afternoon and relax together. Mary, why don’t you show her around while get everything ready?”Mary and Carol went through all of the myriad stables and Mary gave her sister a rundown of how many horses and how many acres they had and all about their operation. About 45 minutes later, Lee approached them with three horses saddled and ready to ride. His horse and Mary’s had saddle bags with supplies and some blankets. He had suggested that they might want to picnic for dinner in the meadow along the way. They rode along quietly at first and then began to reminisce about times growing up. As they talked about their teen years and later, Carol asked the question Mary and Lee knew would come up sooner or later.”Why did neither of you ever marry? You are both very attractive, outgoing, intelligent? As for me, it was going to be hard with a c***d in tow and I learned men suck – and not in a good way – no offense, Lee.”Mary and Lee looked at one another. “No offense taken, Sis.””It is complicated, Carol,” said Mary. “Oh, we had boyfriends and girlfriends, but none of them ever really made us think about marriage. We both discovered we liked the country life, loved horses, and even enjoyed working together, so we started this place from grandpa’s old farm. We added some acreage as time passed and turned into quite the business. Before we knew it, it seemed like the prime opportunity to get married and have a family had passed and we didn’t really miss it.””To be honest, Mary, that seems pretty convenient. You both had the opposite sex chasing you all over town. You both dated some. And you are not the only two people on earth who like country living. Something runs deeper than that.” Carol had learned to see the signs when people were holding back information, and Mary and Lee were showing their signs in neon.”Carol, we know you are a psychiatrist and deal with a lot of problems other people have. We don’t have any serious problems. No need to pry. We don’t need therapy.” Lee said, not in anger or defense, but in a loving admonition not to push things too far.”I am sorry, Lee. I am not trying to psychoanalyze. But as siblings, I just want to understand. You see, I am questioning my own motives on some things and how I feel about some things, including why I never gave another man a chance.””It’s pretty simple, actually,” said Mary. “Lee and I have each other and that has been enough.””If you are thinking I am in any way judging you, then you would be mistaken,” answered Carol. “I mostly deal with people who think they have sexual issues and really all they need is some reassurance that by and large they are like everyone else. Once they come to terms with that, they are usually fine.””We have come to terms with who we are, Sis. The whole package.” said Mary.”So there is more to the story then.” announced Carol, having caught them mildly confessing to something they considered unique.”Oh alright,” said Lee. “Let’s stop here and let the horses rest and spread some blankets. we can enjoy the shade, the breeze, and have the privacy to talk for awhile. But I don’t want any lectures from you about what is right and wrong, and you have to keep what we tell you a secret to your dying day. Do we understand each other?”Carol nodded and Mary looked as nervous and distracted as Carol had when she first arrived.Lee spread the blankets and unpacked the picnic dinner as he started to talk.”You were never a part of this like Mary and I were. Since you were the youngest, mom and dad insisted that you not be included. When canlı bahis siteleri you turned 18, you went away to school while we stayed on the farm and began raising horses. So you missed out on all of it.” Lee began to explain.”Missed out on what?” asked Carol, only remotely suspecting where this might lead.”Mom and dad had what you would call a very high sex drive and they really didn’t mind who they had sex with. Mary and I witnessed more than once, mom and dad sharing partners with other couples, but we never said anything or asked any questions Later, we learned that the term for them was swingers. As time went on, we would catch them more and more frequently as if they wanted us to catch them. And their sexual activities became broader and broader. I saw dad with other men and mom with other women. Mary saw the same things I did. We were together when we saw them many times and we were both turned on by all of it. It got to the point that we started masturbating as we watched. Then we started masturbating each other. Naturally one thing led to another and we started fucking each other like we saw mom and dad doing.””Then what?” Carol pressed.”Mom and dad caught us fucking and we became a foursome, which they admitted all along that was the end game. They wanted the four of us to be able to fuck anytime we wanted. After you went away to school, it was nothing to come to the breakfast table and find dad fucking Mary on the kitchen counter.” Lee was letting it all out.Mary joined in, “Mom would come into my room at night and we would have oral sex for an hour or more at a time and then she would go to Lee’s room and fuck him two or three times before finally going to bed. Sometimes mom and dad would come to my room together and dad would fuck me while I ate mom. We finally just decided to share a room like mom and dad did so that it would be easier for all of us. For weeks at a time, every night before bed there would be a fuck session as if it were as normal as a family watching TV.”Lee continued, “Dad and I got to where we would take turns giving each other blowjobs and fucking each other in the ass while mom and Mary used toys on each other or gave each other tongue fucks. There wasn’t much the four of us didn’t try at least once. Mom took dad and I at the same time more than once. I am talking about both of us in her pussy at the same time. And dad and I were neither one pencil pricks.””Anyway,” Mary summarized, “that became out lifestyle and we never really wanted to change it. When mom and dad got too old for the partying like that, Lee and I continued, just the two of us. Oh we have also played with cousins from time to time, but distance is an issue. It only happens once every two or three months now. But when it does, it’s one helluva good time!”Lee studied Carol closely, “You still want to stay with us for the week? We aren’t going to stop fucking just because you are here and we aren’t going to hide it. If you are going to be all judgmental, then you should probably go home.”Carol looked Lee in the eyes and then Mary. “I am fucking my son. Does that answer your question?””I’ll be damned!” said Lee in astonishment. “Fuck me senseless!” said Mary.”I would if you took off your clothes,” said Carol with a wry smile. “This conversation has my kitty all wet and bothered.”Can I play too?” asked Lee.”Of course, dear brother of mine. Show me how you, Mary and mom used to do it.”The three of them shed their clothes. Carol loved her sister’s big tits and paid them quite a bit of close attention, licking her nipples, sucking on them and squeezing her tit flesh, making Mary whimper with pleasure. Carol stroked her brother’s hard cock, now sticking straight out eight or more inches. He was nowhere as big as Zach, but he had more than enough to make any woman happy.”Mom would ride my face,” said Mary, “while Lee would fuck one or both of us. So why don’t you sit on my face and let me taste that beautiful pussy of yours while decides canlı bahis which of us to fuck.””Already figured that out, Mary. I get to fuck you all the time, so I am taking my first shot in Carol.””That will be interesting then,” said Mary. My tongue is going to be competing with your cock.””If you sixty nine like you did with mom, you get a double treat, pussy and a cock at the same time.”Carol and Mary put their faces to each other’s pussies and began licking and sucking each other’s clits. Carol placed her hands on her sister’s lovely ass and Mary did the same to Carol, spreading her wide for Lee to enter from behind. Mary never got tired of watching a cock sliding in and out of a pussy at a distance of two inches from her face. Carol felt her brother’s cock for the first time and noted that it was thicker than it looked and she felt full as his cock slid in to its base. Mary felt his balls slide over her forehead with each stroke. Carol loved the way her sister gave such loving and detailed attention to every aspect of oral stimulation. She licked her pussy lips, sucked her clit, tongue fucked her, used a finger now and then and rotated all of those movements. Lee got annoyed when Mary insisted on tongue fucking for a couple of minutes because he had to pull out and wait. He would slap her forehead with his hard cock, encouraging her to speed up the rotation. When Mary ignored him, he threatened to fuck Carol up the ass. She said nothing, but he did not want to ruin things by ass fucking her on their first encounter, so he waited. Carol came hard on her sister’s face and Mary quickly followed. Lee resumed fucking his younger sister for the first time and was getting close to cumming himself. Mary could tell from experience that he was close and requested a cream pie. Lee withdrew to where only his cock head was inside Carol when he began to shoot his load. Part of it remained in her, but most of it splashed back and fell to Mary’s waiting mouth. Most of it went straight into her open mouth, but some splattered on her nose and chin. Carol watched the cum drip from between her legs and into her sister’s mouth and then watched as Mary licked her lips. Thew women resumed their oral treatment of each other for a few minutes and then Mary slipped a finger into Carol’s ass and finger fucked her ass for a few moments. Carol found that to be more pleasant than she expected and asked her brother if he was hard enough to give her a couple of inches.Lee was more than willing and was already getting hard again. He resumed his place behind his sister and gently began to press his cock head into her asshole. Carol wasn’t sure how much she wanted or even if she wanted any at all, but she wanted to try. It hurt a little at first, but once Lee got past the initial resistance, she could feel him slide in what seemed like a foot. Then he started stroking slowly in and out and complimented her on her tight ass. Mary was playing with her brother’s balls while her brother fucked their sister’s ass. Carol continued to eat her sister’s pussy as did Mary. The women enjoyed another massive orgasm together as Lee marveled at his good fortune of getting to fuck his sister twice, including her coveted asshole. As Lee got ready to cum, he shoved his cock deep, as deep as it would go, and Carol yelped a little as she felt her brother plow deeper than ever and twitch as his cock shot one hot shot of cum after another. “I ought to make you eat that stuff out of my ass, brother, since I said I only wanted a couple of inches and got the entire thing.””Don’t tempt me, Sis.” said Lee with a smile.”He’ll do it, if you want him to.” warned Mary.”Fine, then, Lee. Eat the cum out of my ass. It will be good practice for you when Zach gets here this weekend. He has mentioned wanting to try it with a guy and I think you two would make a good pair.”Lee was getting hard again at the thought of finally getting another guy to play with. It had been so long. And Carol was enjoying getting her ass eaten while she and Mary swapped tit play, rubbing nipples together and kissing while Lee’s cum drained from Carol’s ass and into his mouth. This was going to be just what the doctor ordered – a week in the country…

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