Subject: Sexual Adventures 25 TRUE SEXUAL ADVENTURES By Rev Jesse Penfield Gibson, MDiv, DMin DISCLAINER: The following are based on true experiences. It consists of consensual sexual experiences between consenting adults, including barebacking and other unsafe practices. All episodes are homosexual between gay men. None involve romance of any sort. For the most part they are random encounters. If this offends you, stop reading. If you find homosexuality erotic, I hope you enjoy. Complaints, compliments and comments to ail Please remember to donate to Nifty to keep the stories coming TWENTY FIVE Finger Fucked All to Hell Island House, Key West Fruity fag drinks. That is what I drink in Key West. Rum Runners, Daquiri’s, a concoction called a Tara Reid (after the actress). That sort of thing. On Wednesday, I went on the Blu Q to go snorkeling and kayaking. The straight, skinny twinky first mate who is tattooed all to hell but incredibly sexy was free with the sangria. I probably had four big glasses during the four or five hours I was on the boat. There was a couple there and a single guy who seemed nice and I probably should have tried harder to hook up with but didn’t, mostly because he didn’t do much for me physically and he was hung like a horse and that is problematic in a non-size queen. Anyway, I am back at Island House, in the pool with a rum runner getting pleasantly baked. It is the Wednesday hump day party, a bit more subdued than usual because the crowd is just not that frisky this time. But the two hosts are young and fit and cute. They pass out free samples of a peach vodka concoction and we all take it and flirt with them, all of us naked in the pool. They hand out tickets and give you a little kiss and, well, they are naked and fine. And the drinks are free and, you know. When they hand out the prizes, all alcoholic, the winners have to drop trou and everyone applauds fine asses and big dicks and the host gets on his knees and takes the dick of the finest of the winners in his mouth for a nanosecond. Given all the hoopla over straight men in power and unwanted sexual advances, I reflect how different it is here, all male, all gay and no real limits. At some point, and for some reason, I switch over and get a Makers on the rocks. Afterwards, I head out for dinner and have a couple of glasses of Reisling. When I get back, I get another glass of white. It is dark and I am pleasantly drunk as I go to the sundeck. I am fully clothed. I sink into one of the chaise longues to look at the night sky as the warm glow of alcohol is on me. I haven’t gotten laid but I am happy enough, at least for now. There is a man. We talk. He has gray hair but is tattooed and has an earring and his body isn’t bad. He isn’t young and cut but is sexy enough. tuzla eve gelen escort He is local. I am from Georgia. We establish that. A bit of pleasant chit chat. But I have to piss and I really am not that interested in having clothes on any more. So I tell him that and head out, down the second story balcony walkway, to the stairs at the end, the quickest way to my room. “You can take them off here” he says. I laugh. I do need to piss. I don’t know how long I am in my room. I undress, piss, look at a little porn. A few minutes. A towel around the waist but I don’t know why I should bother but most people do. They may lay out naked but walk around covered up. Sometimes I don’t though. I just go naked. I head back up to the sundeck to see if he is still there. He isn’t. I was pretty untroubled by this. I figure I let the buzz subside a little and start cruising. Something is bound to turn up. I find my way back by the pool and sink into the chair at the head of it. I am naked, with a towel that I am laying on, and it is just a degree or two too chilly to think about the pool just now. Maybe later. I still have the wine but I lean back and enjoy the night air. There is a man. He walks by, looks at me. He stops. “Georgia?” he asks “Local” I say in greetings back. He sinks down on the chair next to me. “So, you went and got naked, huh. Nice cock” “Thanks,” I say. “I’m attached to it” “Grows much?” “Oh yeah” I said He reaches over and grabs it. I let him. Believe me, sex by the pool is no problem. Sex in the pool is no problem. There really are no rules. Male sexuality reigns supreme here. Unapologetically. He’s rubbing me. And I don’t mind. Not at all. Go for it, I think. And I get pretty hard pretty quick. He leans over and sucks me. Hot lips and a tongue on your dick. Well, well. I am vaguely aware that there is another person around the pool twenty feet away but he, like us, is a gay man and the nice part of being a gay man in a gay resort is that we don’t have to apologize or hide or be ashamed of male sexuality. I rub his head as he blows me. “That’s a big beautiful dick” he says. “You got a pretty hot mouth there, dude” I say, grasping my dick and pointing it in his direction. After all, every man loves his own. He stands up and undoes the fly on his shorts and reaches into to stroke his own cock as he goes back to sucking mine. It feels good and it’s not like I mind getting blown out in the open because I am not shy but the whole thing is a bit awkward. It would go better on a bed and even though I am not seeking privacy, I invite him back to my room. As we go back to my room, he has his hands on my ass. Inside the room, I flop down on the bed, still buzzed from the alcohol but hard and ready. tuzla otele gelen escort There is porn on the TV and I have plenty of lube and plenty of condoms. At this point, whatever happens, happens. He undresses. All right. He’s all right. Neither of us are young. But we are both fit and have broad shoulders and muscles and a bit of a gut, not much but not flat bellied with abs. He is gray and my hair is thinning. We are not boys. We are men. He is hard and I am too. I am on the bed, splayed leg and he crawls on it, getting between my legs. He is after my balls and cock. I let him have it. That’s the point after all. He goes back to sucking me and I realize that I could happily have this sensation for as long as my body could stand it. IT feels good. I may have sucked his dick some too. I don’t remember. Later, of course, is later but in the room it is possible. I like sucking cock, after all. I’m sure I must have. We kissed and we touched and I put our dicks together as we laid on the bed next to each other to stroke them one on top of the other. It was good. He is going for my ass and I am not stopping him. I probably should. But I don’t. He backs off of the bed and searches his pants pockets and pulls out a condom. I figure I am about to get fucked. I am okay with it. I mostly top but I have bottomed (if you’ve read previous chapters) and I don’t understand a queer who won’t do both. That’s the great thing about being queer. You don’t have to be one or the other. You can be passive sometimes, or active others. I feel passivity coming on. I lay on the bed, my legs splayed open, my cock hard and he is massaging my balls. I am horny. I want whatever. But I want it bad. He has trouble getting the condom open but does. I reach over and get a good dollop of Elbow Grease and slather some on my cock before I hastily begin to grease up my hole. It is stupid to have done it. Elbow Grease is petroleum based. Can’t use it with condoms. Fuck. I’m on PrEP so, okay. He pulls the condom from the pack. He unrolls it onto two fingers. I’m stunned. I thought I was going to get fucked. Guess not. The two fingers go in my ass. All the way in. He splays them apart, stretching my hole, which is tight. I rarely have anything in my ass. But it feels good. He starts finger fucking me. I reach down for my dick. To stroke it. I get a stroke in and he reaches up and takes it in his hand. I am now powerless. Getting finger fucked and a hand job. Not what I thought but damn it does feel pretty good. That’s what matters. He stops ramming it in and finds my button, my prostate, and massages it. “Ooohhh, fuck. Fuuuuckkkkk” I groan. That’s it, baby. “Goddammn” He smiles devilshly. Then he rams again. He is finger banging my ass. tuzla sınırsız escort I stroke my hard dick as he does. I want his cock there but I don’t want him to stop doing that. I can’t help it. It feels full but maybe not full enough but it is faster and harder than any dick that has ever fucked me. He is not gentle as he finger fucks me and I want it that way. I am stroking my dick again, which is steel hard. I throw my head back and close my eyes and let the sensation of it – fingers in my ass and my own hand around my cock- wash over me. He takes over. With one hand, he finger fucks me, with the other he gives me a hand job. Out of control again and purely lustful, I just enjoy it. “Oh, fucking shit” I very nearly yell. “Goddamn” He keeps going and I am not going to last. I’m not and I don’t care. Just let it come. I need to explode. Then, just as I can’t speak, I do. Shot after shot of thick creamy cum. I exhale hard. “Wow” “That was good, huh?” “Oh, yeah” I say. “Thanks” He doesn’t linger. I came. He gathers up his shorts and leaves. The condom is on the floor. I discover it the next day. Post orgasmic, I just lay there for a little while. Porn is still playing on the TV. I relax and recharge. Outside the night rolls on, quiet and subdued. I gather up a towel and wrap it around my waist and go outside into the slightly cool November air. There is nothing going on that I can see. I find myself in the cafe, getting another glass of wine. I see him again, in a chair, laying out, naked in the moonlight. I smile and stop. “You back for round two, Georgia?” “I guess,” I answer. “I like your dick” He isn’t really hard, sort of a semi, but he playfully grabs it and points it in my direction. I perch on the end of the chaise longue and have my face fall into his lap. I take it into my mouth. It stiffens nicely. Thick as mine, not as long but bigger balls and a cock ring of a hard plastic pushing his balls up. I swallow him deep. All the way down to the root. Do people walk by and see us, out there in the nighttime on the sundeck? It doesn’t matter. THey don’t begrudge us our pleasure. He moans and I keep going. I use my tongue and reach up my hand to stroke the shaft as my mouth sucks hard on the tip. I stroke him as I tongue the head and plunge down again, taking him in. “Oh, yeah, baby” he moans. “That’s good, keep going” I don’t know how horned up he is but I am enjoying sucking dick. I am hard to and my hand needs to go back to my cock to stroke so my mouth does the work on his. Up and down, licking and swirling, I go down on him. He groans and I purr. I stroke it, my own hard cock. He pushes me off his dick and takes it in his own hand and starts stroking. If I had a better angle, I would tongue his cum slit as he stroked it but I don’t so I watch him pleasure himself in the way he knows best how to do. Every man knows his own dick. With a grunt, he cums, shooting it up and all over his chest and torso. I lean in and lick it up, giving him a tongue bath. Salty and just like jizz. I pat him on the belly and get my towel and leave. Totally cool.

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