Sexual Fantasies: Special Lesson (part 2)


Sexual Fantasies: Special Lesson (part 2)DISCLAIMER: This particular series of stories will be one-off adventures. Some long, some short. Some straight, some lesbian, some bi, some sissy, some gay (probably most). But hopefully you’ll find them arousing!Sexual FantasiesSpecial Lesson (part 2)“Ready for me to put it in?” Zack asked.“Fuck yes, dude.” Ben replied. “I really want to feel your cock in my ass.”Zack slowly began to insert his penis into his best friend. Ben gasped as he felt his anus opening up for Zack’s stiff meat.“Good, good.” Bruce instructed. “Go slow at first. You need to get his ass warmed up before you really start to plow him.”Zack continued to slowly insert more of himself into Ben. Bruce was pleased as he moved behind Zack, taking a long gander at his young, muscular buttocks. “Zack…” Bruce said. “I’d really like to fuck you in the ass if that’s okay?”“I’d love to have you inside of me, Mr. Johnson.” Zack answered quickly. Bruce gave Zack’s buttcheeks a nice squeeze before placing his erection against the boy’s anus. Slowly, he began dipping the head of his penis into Zack’s puckered butthole. Zack and Ben were both moaning in pleasure as they felt their backsides fill up with cock.“I’ve wanted to fuck you two boys for such a long time now.” Bruce told them, working another inch into Zack’s rectum. “Are you enjoying being gay together?”“I feel incredible.” Ben announced. “Zack’s penis is really nice.”“I like this, too.” Zack said. “I never thought I’d have my dick all the way in Ben’s ass, but it’s pretty awesome.”“Now what we’re doing now…” Bruce explained. “…this is called a train. When more than two men are having sex simultaneously, it’s a train. Ben is the lead car, Zack is in the middle, and I’m the caboose.”“This is so cool!” Zack said.“It’s very cool.” Bruce agreed. “I’m so proud of you boys right now.”There was a minute or two of silence as the three men found their desired rhythm for their fucking. Eventually Bruce settled on letting Zack do most of the driving. Zack would slide his entire penis into Ben’s ass, and then as he retracted, his own ass would swallow Bruce’s dick from behind. It was a nice, consistent flow of gay sex for all three of them. “Look at you boys!” Bruce said. “You’re both taking the dick like naturals. A couple of natural homos riding the pipe.”“It’s really hot having sex with Ben’s ass like this.” Zack confessed.“It’s pretty hot fucking you in the ass as well, young güvenilir bahis man.” Bruce told him as Zack’s hole worked up and down his shaft. “Keep ramming your friend’s fuckhole.”“I’m so hard!” Ben yelled. “Really pump my ass, Zack. You feel amazing!”“Thanks, dude. I think I’m about to orgasm.” Zack said. “I think I’m about to cum in your butt.”“Fuck yeah!” Ben shouted. “Shoot your cum in my ass, man. Fill me with jizz.”Ben reached between his legs and began to fondle his erection as he felt Zack’s tempo increase with each thrust. Zack held Ben’s hips and focused on his friend’s hole gripping his cock as they fucked.“That’s it.” Bruce said. “Spray your semen into Ben’s bottom and I’ll spray mine in yours.”Zack gave his friend’s hole a few more thrusts before one final, deep drive. With a moan, Zack began to flood Ben’s rectum with semen. The sensation caused Ben to orgasm, his cock spraying all over Bruce’s sofa. Zack released several more spurts into Ben before slowly pulling his penis out of Ben’s asshole.“Go ahead and taste your friend’s cock, Ben.” Bruce suggested. “But don’t spill any of that wonderful semen in your butt.”Ben pressed a few fingers against his anus as he turned around, kneeling. He slid his mouth over Zack’s sloppy penis. “When a man’s dick goes directly from your rectum to being sucked… that’s called ass to mouth.” Bruce informed Ben. “Can you taste your own ass on your friend’s cock?”“Mmhmm!” Ben excitedly mumbled with a mouthful of dick.“Good. Savor the flavor.” Bruce told him. “You look so gay with Zack’s sausage in your mouth.”Bruce steadily drove his pipe in and out of Zack’s hole. Zack took it between the cheeks like a man until Bruce grunted and emptied the contents of his ballsack into the boy’s muscular buttocks. Bruce gave him a friendly slap on the buttcheek as he withdrew his penis from the now-soiled hole. “Okay, Ben.” Bruce said. “Take that cock out of your whore mouth and bend over.”Ben did as instructed. Bruce got down behind the young man and held Ben’s buns apart. He looked at the red, stretched hole. Then he looked at Zack.“This next lesson is called felching.” Bruce explained. “That’s when you suck fresh semen from a recently fucked asshole. Ben, I want you to push with your ass muscles as I suck on your anus. When you squirt spunk out of your rectum, that’s referred to as a cumfart.”It didn’t take long for Ben’s ass to squirt Zack’s cum into Bruce’s mouth. Bruce swished güvenilir bahis siteleri the warm, salty goo around in his mouth before swallowing it down and smiling. “Yummy.” Bruce noted. “Now go ahead and suck my hot jizz out of your friend’s asshole, Ben. But don’t swallow it yet.”Ben eagerly and quickly had his face in best friend’s buttcrack and sucked Bruce’s sperm from Zack’s loosened anus.“Now that you’ve felched my semen, it’s time for you boys to snowball. That’s what it’s called when you make out and swap the cum between each other’s mouth.” Bruce said. Bruce observed as the two boys began making out once more, this time allowing a mouthful of cum to swim back and forth from one mouth to the other. After a nice embrace, the boys took a fairly equal split of their teacher’s cum and swallowed. Bruce looked at them with a beaming smile.“Perfect.” Bruce said. “You’re progressing very quickly in your homosexuality.”“Thank you for teaching us about gay sex, Mr. Johnson.” Ben told his teacher. “That was a lot of fun.”“My pleasure.” Bruce replied. “I could sense a lot of homosexual tendencies in you boys and figured you just needed a nudge in order to find your true, gay selves.”Bruce reached into the box on the coffee table and pulled out two small, pink notebooks. He handed one to each boy.“There’s still so much more for you boys to discover together.” Bruce told them. “I want you to use these notebooks as a journal, and keep track of every gay thing you do together. Then let’s meet here every Saturday to review your progress as a group. Does that sound alright?”“Yes, Mr. Johnson.” The boys said in unison. “But gay sex is something you need to practice.” Bruce added. “Often. Very often. Are you boys confident that you’ll keep fucking each other and trying new, nasty fun things together?”“Yes, Mr. Johnson.” They replied.“Good.” Bruce said. “Make a note of everything in your pink journals. And really push each other’s limits. Touch each other in public. Go on dates like a real couple. Fuck in a gas station bathroom. Piss in each other’s mouth.”“Piss?” Ben asked.“Yes. It’s called watersports.” Bruce informed him. “Urine is perfectly safe to drink as long as your partner is healthy. And it’s quite refreshing. Imagine Zack just randomly walking up to you, whipping out his impressive dong and peeing on you before bending you over and fucking you in the ass.”“Wow.” Ben said. “That gives me a tingle just thinking about iddaa siteleri it.”They continued chatting a bit longer before Ben posed another question.“Mr. Johnson?” Ben asked. “I think I’m getting horny again. Do you think we could do another train before Zack and I have to go?”“That sounds like a great idea!” Bruce exclaimed. “Zack… this time, why don’t you stick your fabulous penis in my ass? And Ben… you can take a turn fucking Zack’s hole.”“Actually.” Ben said. “No offense, but could I be in front again?”“You’d rather have me put my dick in your butthole rather than you getting to take a turn fucking your friend?” Bruce asked.Ben nodded.“I think your role is becoming pretty clear.” Bruce said. “Sounds like you prefer being the submissive gay bottom. If you’re really submissive, you could even try being a sissy faggot.”“What’s a sissy?” Ben asked. “A very feminine homosexual.” Bruce answered. “A man who likes to feel like a girl. Some go all out with wigs, makeup, a dress… but others just wear pretty panties full-time.”“Interesting.”“Does that sound fun?” Bruce asked the boy. “Wearing cute little girl panties? Being called a fairy princess while getting pounded in the ass?”“That sounds hot.” Ben said. “I really like the idea of doing humiliating things. Being degraded like a worthless whore.”“That’s great.” Bruce told him. “You’re really embracing becoming a gay little fuckbag. That makes me proud.”Ben giggled at his teacher’s blunt honesty. “Thanks… can we have more sex now? Pretty please?”“Yes.” Bruce answered. “Bring me that hole, you little fairy.”Ben positioned himself in front of Bruce. Bruce slid his penis right into the warm pocket between Ben’s cheeks. Zack applied some lube to Bruce’s crack and anus before sinking his seven inches inside of his teacher. Within seconds, another gay train was chugging along with three very happy passengers.Zack and Ben were grateful for their lesson from Mr. Johnson. On the way home, Ben stopped at the store and bought the first 3-pack of Hanes Her Way underwear he could find. There was a pink pair, a purple pair, and a blue pair. They were the first of many, many panties Ben would end up owning.The boys met up later at Ben’s house, where Zack spent the night. Ben immediately had Zack’s pants down and gave him a blowjob while wearing only his pink panties. They both filled up their gay notebooks quickly with various activities. Ben was even treated to a mouthful of piss for the first time, which he greatly enjoyed.Zack and Ben fell in love, eventually getting married. They were so grateful to Mr. Johnson that they invited him on their honeymoon. That entire week was basically one big, gay orgy between the three.

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