Subject: SG4GE (4) This is a fictional story about guys from an internet site I came across one day called SG4GE (Straight Guys for Gay Eyes). Hot guys in solo and sexual situations with women. My story of course does not by any means reflect the sexual preference of these hot guys… But these guys are too HOtt not to wish it. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SG4GE (4) Giovanni 5’5″ 135lbs, 6.5″ cock About a month passed from the fun time i had with Paco. But I had a ton of e-mails from guys. I figured i would answer them in order of when they came. Both Giovanni and Rocco sent me an message the day i was out with Paco. I looked them up and decided I would hool up with them the following weekend. Giovannni on Saturday and rocco on sunday. When i saw Giovanni’s hot hairy body, my cock sprang to attention. he was short at 5ft 5. but his slim body and bald head with that handsome face had me so horny. He said it would be great to get together. he had heard great things about my mouth from Justin. He had a Nice cock from his pics. and he was very sexy when he sat there stroking his cock for the camera. i asked if wanted to get together soon. he of course said “Hell Yes” So we made plans to get together that night. he came over to my place and we had some food and a few drinks. he was actually a pretty nice guy. But what Ai wanted was his cock in me. So i moved over to where he was sitting and i reached for his cock. he was wearing baggy jeans so visually you could not see his hot dick. But when i groped for it. there it was between his legs. I rubbed at his cock through the jeans material to get him going. He reached for my cock as well. I moved in and kissed his neck. I licked at his jaw line and then kissed him again. My lips moved slightly down his neck as my hand moved up from his crotch. i undid his shirt and pulled it open. his hairy chest came into view. I continued to kiss his neck. again slowly moving downward. I then moved down to his hairy chest. gentle pecks, kissing along the upper edges of the fur line. My hand roamed down tuzla escort over the luxuriant fur. It felt wonderful. I moved down further still on his chest and licked into the gorgeous fur. I found a nipple and he moaned as my tongue raked on it. I chewed on his tit for a few moments before i needed to get lower, to the prize that awaited me in his jeans. i reached for it and groped for his cock. . “Yeah, thats it man. get at my dick” he said. “Have been needing some one to suck me for days” I dropped to my knees and pulled at his jeans. i yanked then down and then his boxers. his lovely cock just hung there over a nice set of balls. I reached for his dick and stroked it. I looked up at Giovanni and his eyes were closed. He was waiting for me to suck his cock. i bent over and took his dick into my mouth. I could hear a low moan emitting from him as i let my tongue glide along the underside of his dick. He tasted great and smelled nice. I reached up and caressed his hairy chest. his hand gripped mine and he rubbed himself with me. I took all his soft cock into my mouth and also licked his balls. They shifted in their sack as i flicked one witth my tongue. His body jerked and he groaned from the sensations. I slowly suck his delicious dick until i could feel it begin to respond to my mouth. It started to grow and i could feel it getting firmer with each downward motion of my lips on his shaft. Giovanni started to sway his hips at me to start the fucking of my throat. his cock really started to get Hard now. I released the thing so i could look at the beauty of his hard cock. It was wet from my spit and glistened in the light coming in from the window. It looked quite beautiful before me there. I placed my tongue on the dew that was drooling from the tip of his head. It tasted sweet. I went back down his hard dick. letting it slid down into my mouth. I had his balls pressed against my face repeatedly as i slobbered down on his delicious cock. I reached around for his hot ass and rubbed the cheeks as i swaloowed down his cock. Giovanni just gribbed my head and really started pendik escort to fuck my face. “Such a great mouth man” he would say. “Gonna make me bust real fast from that hot tongue” And i know i didnt want him to. So I released his raging dick from my mouth and just held in in my hand. I gently stroked the wet shaft and then licked the tip. His body thrust forward hoping to catch my mouth. But I wouldn’t let him. He was gonna have to wait to cum. i wanted him to shove that pretty cock into my ass. “Come on Man” He begged. “Why don’t you just fuck me” I replied Giovanni just looked at me. he realized he was not going to get off until he fucked me. So he complied. “Turn around” he said So I got on all fours on the floor before him and presented him my ass. I spread my cheeks so he could see my rosebud hole, just waiting for him. He looked at my ass and came in closer. Just as he was about to do something , the phone went off. “Gimme a sec” i said. I got the phone and answered. “Hey man” Came a sexy voice. “This is Rocco. I am so horned up right now and i have heard great things about that mouth. can I come over and shove my big cock in it?” I pondered on who the hell it was. My horny self said sure. Then he just hung up before i could give him any info on where i was. Then it hit me who he was. rocco from SG4GE. young smooth muscular and with a great cock. ‘Damn’ I thought. he is a smoulderingly sexy man. I would love to get sexed up by him. Then i remembered giovanni in the other room and raced back in there. he was laying on the bed. stroking his cock. I spit on my hand and rubbed my ass with the spit. i was so horny from the phone call that I crawled up on him and sat down on his cock, just like that. “Awweeeee yesss” I groaned. “Thats a great dick” I rode on Giovanni’s cock slowly at first. i wanted to get every yummy inch in my horny ass. I rubbed his chest with my hands. letting my fingers cruise over hie hard nipples. His cock felt so good pushing its way into my ass. I had every inch of him. to his lovely balls. I reached back and gently tugged on them aydınlı escort as o bounced on his dick. “Chew on my Tit” he said. I needed no more of an invitation as I bent over and sucked on one of his nipples. He moaned and thrust his hips at me. His cock tried to dig in deeper into my bowels. His balls tightly pressed up against me. “God this is such a great cock” I mentioned. “It is perfect in my ass. I can feel all of it up inside of me” He just responded by thrusting up into me harder. Then Giovanni grabbed me and flipped me on my back. Le lifted up my legs and thrust back down into my hole with that granite cock of his. “Uugghnn” came the gasp from my lips. I could feels his balls slapping against my ass as he thrust harder and harder into me. His breathing was becomeing more and more ragged as i felt he was close to his orgasm. I pulled at his dick with my ass. Milking his cock . I wanted all his cum dumped into my ass. “Fuck me stud” I cried out. “Cram me full of that hot dick and seed my pussy.” Giovanni accelrated his attach on my butt as he thrust harder still. The wet, slapping noises of his cock and balls pounind at my ass hole filled the room. I reached up and pulled on his nipples and he howled. “Here it comes man” I twisted his nipples harder still and his body rocked “Gonna fill yer hot hole with my junk dude” With that the first hot molten shot fired into my bowels. Then another, and another and another until there was no more cum to be had. My ass muscled continued to milk his dick as he yelled and cursed at me. calling me a cunt, a whore and all sorts of foul names until his cock stopped twitching and he finished his intense orgasm. Then Giovanni slummped over and fell on the bedd next to me. His cock popping out of my drenched hole. I reached down to my ass. feeling as some of the hot liquid dribbled from my ass. I touched my middle finger to my ass and took some of the liquid and brought it to my mouth. i licked at the cum on my digit. “Hmmmmm yeah” I said. “Creamy stuff man” He just lay there looking at me and he gained his composure. He was every so cute just laying there. i watched as his chest rose and fell with each breath. Then as we lay there i heard the doorbell. … ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

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