Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 09


Chapter 09 Leah took my hands in hers and smiled. “Everyone’s gone home, Shannon. It’s just you and me now.” “Yeah, you and me… and the three Doms waiting for me in the games room,” I said nervously. We were sitting in my kitchen, clothed again of course, and sipping our ‘one last margueritas’. I’d just finished telling her how embarrassing tonight had been, and yet how wonderful it was to be massaged by so many hands afterwards. Even though my mind was doing cartwheels, every muscle in my body felt so relaxed. Just for a second I wondered if I could simply sneak off to bed without telling anyone. I sighed, knowing I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep anyway. A look of determination came over Leah’s face. “It’s my job to deliver you to the games room,” she said quietly, a slow smile curling the corners of her lips. “And you’re getting there, one way or the other.” “Oh Leah, don’t be so dramatic,” I said, mechanically reaching for my drink. I swallowed the last of it and wrinkled my nose. It sure tasted strong. Maybe it would settle the butterflies in my tummy. “Sapphire and I had to arm wrestle for the privilege.” “What are you talking about?” “The privilege of preparing you for the Doms, silly!” “Good Lord,” I mumbled, shaking my head. “Is that what you were doing? I never realised.” Leah tipped the last of her drink into her mouth and swallowed it down. Licking the residue from just under the rim of the glass, a mischievous smile crossed her face. Shaking my head, I couldn’t help but smile myself. I couldn’t believe I’d eaten her pussy! She smacked her lips and put down her glass, standing and walking around behind me. Putting my own glass down on the kitchen table and holding it with both hands, I held my breath, wondering what she was going to do. She started massaging my shoulders and I exhaled. It was heavenly. “Mmmmmm…” “Are you going to be a good girl?” she whispered in my ear. “Leah,” I said, my voice softening as her fingers squeezed the tension from my neck. “I don’t know if I can do this…” As I succumbed to her talented hands, she responded quietly, “Sure you can, honey.” Earlier, Leah and the other girls had put two and two together after the men retired to the games room. Within five minutes they’d guessed that today had been a special day. I confessed that so far today, Johan had orchestrated everything to fulfil one or another of my fantasies. I told them of my original reluctance to share them with him and that it was a big deal for me to finally have no secrets. They congratulated me on ‘coming clean’, saying it was a big moment and they were proud of me. I have to say that until then, I hadn’t really given it much thought. I’d been utterly swamped by the events of the day. When I couldn’t stop a couple of tears from trickling down my cheeks, they gave me a big group hug. After drying my eyes with a tissue that had miraculously appeared, Fi and Debbie told me their husbands had both talked about my ‘group sex fantasy’ during the week. With my mouth agape, my closest friends told me how much of a good time Johan and two of their husbands were going to show me. They assured me it was just a ‘one off’, that they were cool with it, and happy for me. The rest were just jealous. All I could do was sit there and blush, listening to them telling me how lucky I was. I bit my tongue, though. I couldn’t bring myself to tell them I wasn’t just going to be made love to by more than one guy at a time. How could I explain that I also wanted my choices taken from me? That just once, I wanted to be fucked against my will… to be roughly used however they wanted to use me. How can someone want that? And how can it then be against their will? Leah’s voice interrupted my thoughts. “Okay honey, time to get ready.” Feeling relaxed, I turned half around, looking up into her eyes. “What do I have to do?” She leaned down, taking my chin in her hand and whispering quietly, “I have my instructions. You are to do everything almanbahis şikayet I tell you to do.” I trembled a little. “A… All right.” “Come on,” she said, suddenly grabbing my wrist and dragging me to my feet. “Where are we going?” I asked, butterflies suddenly morphing into sparrows. I wasn’t ready for the games room yet! “To the ensuite!” Giggling, I stumbled drunkenly as she pulled me along behind her. I was so relieved I wasn’t going to the games room. And I couldn’t believe how drunk I felt. A couple more drinks would have knocked me out. I wouldn’t have been much use then! I swallowed at the thought. Then I giggled again. God, who was I fooling? I could feel how wet I was. My nipples had hardened as soon as Leah pulled me out of the chair. She led me upstairs then prodded me forward into the bathroom off my bedroom. “Shave your cunt,” she ordered, leaning in the doorway, looking me up and down. “I’m pretty smooth,” I offered pathetically, feeling my cheeks colour. “Show me.” “Huh?” “Shannon, do as you are told, or Johan won’t be pleased.” Stamping my foot was out of the question, so I settled for biting my lip and frowning as I thought about her words. I did want to please Johan. I always wanted to please Johan. My fingers were trembling as I slowly raised my battered and creased little skirt. Leah stepped up to me and reached straight for my pussy. Her light fingertips grazed over my lips and just below my pubic bone. Though my mouth was open, I couldn’t speak. “Shave,” was all she said, withdrawing her fingers. “I usually shave in the tub,” I whined. “Tonight you shave right where you are standing.” She was having too much fun with this. I mean, sometimes she was a little tiny bit bossy, and she’s always been very sure of herself. But this was different. It was like she was playing out a fantasy of her own. Reminding myself I had to do exactly as she said, I meekly replied, “Yes, Leah.” For the next ten minutes, I stood awkwardly in the bathroom, leaning my ass on the edge of the sink, while she directed me to shave this bit and don’t forget that bit. I had to hold up my short skirt with my wrist and pull and stretch my lips in order to do as she asked. She smirked at how wet I was making myself. Finally she was satisfied. “Okay. Rinse that cute little cunt. Use cold water.” “Leah, please,” I started, turning on the water in the sink, pleading with her in the mirror. “Do it. Make a mess.” I started slapping the water onto my freshly shaved pussy. It splashed everywhere, dripping down the inside of my legs and falling to the floor, making a puddle. “Bend over a bit and do that again. Use more water. You can tidy up in a minute.” God it was cold. I clenched as I did it again, not once, but twice! “That looks so good from the back, Shannon,” Leah said softly. She almost sounded breathless. She soon regained her composure. “Okay. Towel off and clean up in here. Be quick about it.” Rising up, I looked in the mirror and she was pinching her nipple while staring at my ass. Her other hand was between her legs, moving slowly. I swallowed nervously and quickly dried off before pulling my skirt back down over my bare ass. I went to crouch down with the towel in my hand to clean the floor and she stopped me. “Take it off.” I twisted around to face her, trying to decide which item of clothing she meant. I was only wearing two. I reached up and took the hem of my ‘TOY’ top in my hands, preparing to draw it over my head. “The skirt,” Leah corrected, staring at my legs. Oh, my god, I’m shooting her a beaver. I blushed crimson and rose up quickly, shimmying out of my skirt and letting it drop to the floor around my feet. My nipples were starting to ache. This was really going to happen! “Turn around and hold onto the sink. I have to lubricate your ass. We don’t want you getting damaged now, do we?” “B… But I have to clean the floor!” “Last chance, Shannon. Don’t make me repeat myself. You can do it in a minute.” almanbahis canlı casino “Y… Yes, Leah,” I whispered, turning around and gripping the edge of the bathroom sink. The scene in the gas station flashed through my mind like wildfire. Imagine if that young girl found me just before I pulled the plug out, instead of while I was washing it. It would have looked like I was fucking it. I was in virtually the same position, and I trembled. “Step back a bit. Feet further apart. That’s right. Bend at the hips, Shannon. Good girl.” I was getting nervous, but I did as she asked without protest. She was right: I didn’t want to get hurt. I looked at my face in the mirror. It was red and felt so hot. My stomach was doing somersaults. Leah was going to put her fingers in my ass! I groaned and arched my back at the sweet feeling of her smooth hand caressing the creamy sensitive skin of my butt. I felt baby oil spraying between my cheeks and dripping down over my sex. Her fingers scooped it up and slid smoothly over the tight knot of my asshole. I groaned and shut my eyes. “Relax, Shannon,” she said softly, swirling her finger. “Why don’t you grab your ankles, honey?” “I don’t th… think-” She laid one on me that took my breath away. SMACK! “Ohhhhh shittt… S… Sorry… Leah.” I bent right over and gripped my ankles tightly. Blood was rushing to my head and my thighs were quivering. She put her other hand on the top of my ass, helping me keep my balance. “Don’t let go of your ankles, okay? God, Shannon, I can’t believe how pretty your pussy is from behind, honey. It’s so wet and open, and it’s this beautiful coral pink colour. There’s even a droplet of your juice clinging to the tip of your clit,” she said, just barely touching it, and rubbing it gently in. “It’s really beautiful.” “Oh!” I cried, trying to clench and succeeding only in giving myself more pleasure. Warm flushes washed over my skin. Without warning she pressed her fingertip insistently against my asshole. She worked it back and forth and around and around, covering her finger and my little hole with oil, and talking to me the whole time. “You’re going to be a good girl, aren’t you, Shannon? You’re going to go in there, all lubed up and ready to fuck, right?” Panting, I gripped my ankles tighter as her slippery finger slid into me, pushing deeper and deeper with every gentle thrust. “Oh… Ohhh.” “Just relax,” she said, once her finger was sliding smoothly. “Two fingers now. Rub your clitty, honey.” I reached one hand up between my legs, pushing my swollen clit around in circles with my fingertip. I shuddered as her two fingers pushed against me and I started to stretch around them. She started slowly, twisting them and gradually working them up my ass. I was groaning in no time. It felt so good. “My, my, Shannon. I think you are enjoying the feeling of your best friend’s fingers in your butt. You realise I’m lubricating your asshole so a bunch of guys can fuck it. You really get off on this, don’t you?” I moaned shamefully and pushed back on her. Every now and then I felt a new squirt of baby oil. My ass was very slippery, and she had wedged herself against my hip, holding me tightly while pushing her fingers in and out. Her breath was short. “Where is your butt plug?” she asked. The first one I thought of was the small one. “On the bedside table, on top of the… oh! I… I’ll get it!” “No you won’t. You’ll stay right here.” “But-” She slid her fingers from my ass and smacked it lightly. “Stand up and be quiet, dirty girl.” “Ohh…” I stood and turned around, wondering how to stop her. I didn’t get a chance! She held her hand up in front of my face. “Clean my fucking fingers, Shannon,” she said, her eyes boring into mine. Thinking she meant with my mouth, I shuddered. Surely she didn’t mean that. I took her wrist in my trembling hands and hesitated, looking from her fingers to her eyes and back again. I swallowed. They looked clean. almanbahis casino “Under the tap, Shannon! For fuck’s sake, you are so dirty. You were going to suck them clean, weren’t you?” she asked, screwing up her nose. “I don’t believe it.” My cheeks burned like never before. Even though she winked and let me know she was just teasing, I couldn’t believe I actually contemplated using my mouth. We stood side by side as I ran the water until it was warm. I brought her fingers under the flow and washed them thoroughly with soap. “Good girl. Now be very good for me and clean up in here, okay?” I nodded dumbly. “I’ll be right back, I promise.” I trembled with anxiety, afraid of what she was about to find. The written version of my fantasy had sat on Johan’s bedside table since the day I handed it to him. At night, often after playing with me, he’d read a page or two and chuckle before thankfully turning out the lights so I could blush myself to sleep. During the day, the evidence mocked me. My confession seemed to follow me like the eyes of a forbidding portrait. I hated it being there, out in the open like that. I should have asked him to put it away! Now Leah was going to know! I was still on hands and knees but had just finished cleaning up when Leah returned. Sure enough, she stood there with my butt plug in one hand and the pages of my confession in the other. “I have a wonderful idea,” she grinned, waving them at me. “Leah, please!” I gasped, unable to move. She pouted. “Don’t you want to tell Leah all about your naughty fantasy, Shannon? I mean, we’re best friends, right? And best friends don’t have secrets, now do they?” she asked, waving the plug in front of my face. “You can answer me while you push this up your ass.” I took the plug from her hand, slipping it under me and inverting it. Pressing it into the centre of my ass, the muscle stretched wider until it gave way and I grunted as the plug slipped into me and was ‘locked’ in place. “Ohhh…” I moaned, eyes and teeth clenched tightly. Leah looked at me and waited while I caught my breath. “All right,” I finally managed. “B… But please don’t tell anyone, I… I couldn’t stand it.” “On your feet. Face me.” I did as she said, wincing as the plug shifted. “It’s okay,” she continued. “I won’t tell… But I can’t guarantee I won’t use this against you in the future,” she said, fanning her face with the pages. “Please, Leah. This so isn’t a joke,” I whined. “Come and sit at the vanity. You have to make yourself up like a slut.” With that she turned on her heel and exited the bathroom. I followed and found her lying on my bed on her side, propped up on an elbow. “Sit down and get sorted out, Shannon. You have fifteen minutes. Just lay it on thick. Use bright colours. I’m going to read this aloud to you, so you can get in the mood. And get rid of the top, unless you want it ripped off you. Wait, maybe you do, I haven’t got that far yet,” she teased, flipping to the last page. “Oooo. You’d probably like that, wouldn’t you?” I wanted to protest but I was breathing too hard and didn’t trust my voice. Too nervous to think straight, I just peeled my tank off and reached for my make-up. My hands were shaking as Leah started reading aloud, and all I could think about was, ‘fifteen minutes to go… ‘ When I was younger, I had a recurring dream, baby, and I often play it over in my mind when I masturbate. I go to a club with a couple of old girlfriends from high school, with the plan to party all night then sleep at their place. We dance and party and I drink way too much. The guys we are dancing with tell me how beautiful I am, how good I look and start playing with my butt, giving it squeezes and little slaps. At first it feels nice, and kind of naughty, having guys caress my ass or whistle when one raises the back of my miniskirt a little. I’m being passed from guy to guy and I’m so far gone all I can do is wiggle and giggle. I get passed to a new guy who promptly goes way further. He’s a really big guy and he leans down and whispers in my ear, “You are such a hot little slut.” He pulls me into him and slips his hand between my legs from behind. He starts roughly rubbing my pussy back and forth, right there on the dance floor.

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