Sharing Donna III


Several weeks have passed since Donna’s hall pass to worship John’s cock on her own. Day-to-day life has been routine with my research and therapy continuing and Donna working in the public service sector (a bit tongue in cheek). She has been a good girl, except in our bedroom, and life has just meandered on and on.That is until today. Donna called and asked me if I remembered saying that we would try to get her an overnight pass at his place. I did remember saying that because of John’s ability to get his dick hard quickly after fucking, I was betting on how many times he could fuck her.Donna certainly remembered and John called her at work and invited her over for the next best thing. He asked her if she could sneak out and spend the day at his house poolside and, of course, inside on Saturday, but he had to leave at ten PM to catch a late flight at the airport. He suggested she come over at ten o’clock Saturday morning.She told him that she thought her husband might be playing in a racquetball tournament all day and would call him back.The truth is that I do play racquetball, but the only tournament was going to be at John’s house. Since this was Friday, I told her to call him back and accept as I rubbed a thickening erection through my pants.She came home that evening excited and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me and said, “Thank you, lover, for trusting me with this. Let’s make this the last time with him. I miss you being there.”I was truly touched by that and held her tenderly and kissed her very gently and said, “I love you. And of course, we can. I miss being there with you, too, but you’ll have to make this last one a good one.”She smiled wickedly and said, “You better believe I will.”We dined outside by our pool and then I drew a kaçak iddaa bubble bath for Donna in our garden tub and bathed her and shaved her legs and managed to get her off with my mouth twice during the bath. We retired to our bedroom after that and spent the evening pleasuring each other. It seemed that just the anticipation of her slutty outing was energizing.The next morning was a whirlwind. Donna showered and I dried her off and applied scented, Victoria’s Secret lotion to her body and then topped it off with scented body powder. She told me she would take various pictures of his dick and ass so we would have a souvenir that we could enjoy later. I said that was a wonderful idea and she remarked that he was so proud of his dick that he enjoyed being photographed.She slipped on cut-off jeans and a t-shirt with no underwear, what was the point, she told me that morning, that he will probably make me walk around naked all day. I know he will be.I walked her out to the car and she put her bag of suntan lotion and other pool items, plus four joints that we had rolled earlier, just in case, on the back seat. We traded “I love you’s,” and I kissed her deeply and said, “I’ll see you at about ten.”I stood there as she drove off, with my dick throbbing, thinking of what she was going to look like when she came home. I rubbed my dick through my shorts as I walked back into the house. I have a long day ahead and I can’t stop thinking about the size of that big thing of his. I went and took a long hot shower and shaved and decided that I would stay naked all day too, just like John and Donna.Just as I was walking out to the pool, the doorbell rang. I went back to the bathroom and put on my robe and was puzzled as to who this might be.I looked out the peephole kaçak bahis and saw David and Bridgette. I opened the door and let them in and hugged David and put my hands on Bridgette’s shoulders and said, “Wow, you’re a sight for sore eyes. Look at you, you look great.”David said, “We came by to see if you and Donna wanted to get high and get your freak on with us.” I closed the front door and led them into the living room and we sat down.”Donna’s not here. I gave her a hall pass to go see somebody, a guy named John. Do you remember him?” I asked David.He thought for a second and then asked, “Did she used to see him at the Zodiac lounge a while back?””Yep, that’s the one.””I heard that guy is hung like a horse.”I replied, “He is. We tricked him into coming here one afternoon and I hid and watched the action. I would say his dick is at least eleven inches.”Bridgette has been listening intently and piped in, “That’s incredible. I’ll bet it was hot to watch.””Oh yeah, my dick was hard the whole time.”David said, “I’ll bet she will be worn out when she gets back. Do you mind if we spend the day with you at the pool? I have some smoke and I’ll be glad to go get some beer for us.””That would be great! I was just thinking it was going to be me and my hard-on until ten tonight,” I said with a grin.Bridgette said, “Would you get a couple of bottles of Chardonnay for me, please?””No worries, Stella good?” David said to me and received a thumbs up as he grabbed his keys and left.That left me and Bridgette alone and there was a tiny bit of sexual tension in the air. She was one of the women, like Donna, that David and I shared some time ago and she and I had a hot and heavy thing, solo and with David, and it had been exciting and satisfying.She broke the ice illegal bahis and said, “It’s good to see you again, I still think about you sometimes. We had a good thing going, the three of us.””We sure did and you are still quite the looker.” She blushed and after a long pause said, “Can we go get in the pool?”I jumped up and my robe opened and she saw that I was naked and she said, “Do you mind if I strip? I didn’t bring a suit.””I thought you’d never ask,” I said with a smile and watched as her shorts and panties dropped to the floor and her t-shirt came off, and suddenly she was naked. She had dark hair and her bush was black and neatly trimmed and her skin looked pale by comparison. I followed her to the pool watching the pale globes of her naked ass bounce and then she jumped in the pool and I dropped my robe and followed suit.She splashed around a bit and said. “This feels great! You have my mind swirling about that guy’s dick. I’ll bet Donna is a busy girl now. I love the way guys with big dicks have a kind of cocky arrogance, like you, and David too.” She splashed water in my direction playfully.”I haven’t thought about it but I guess you’re right,” I said. “Donna said he’s proud of that big thing of his and she is going to take pictures of it today if you’re interested. She said he loves showing his dick off and I can’t say that I blame him.”She was standing in the shallow end and leaning against the side of the pool now. “I’d love to see those pictures, my curiosity is going wild.” Her right hand was wandering down between her legs and she had a dreamy look on her face and said, “If he’s as thick as you and that long it would be perfect.”I swam over and gave her a quick peck on the lips and said, “Thank you.”I saw the front door open through the patio door and David walked in with an armful of beverages. I got out of the pool, dried off, and walked in to help him. He saw me naked and said, “I was hoping we were going full monte today. Bridgette, too?”

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