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I’d be dating Matt for around a month, he was cute, sexy and pretty submissive. I was always the one calling the shots. When I first told him that I had experience of going to sex parties and the kink scene, he was pretty shocked. Being a couple of years younger than me and only having had one girlfriend before, he was pretty inexperienced and that sort of thing was another world to him! But I soon warmed him up to the idea that he should try it out, and next time an event came up we agreed to go together.I knew quite a few other friends going, and that night I bumped in to several people I knew and introduced them to Matt. Wanting to give him a proper introduction to the scene and make sure he enjoyed his first experience, I took Matt to the couples playroom, so the two of us could have some fun together. The room had low lighting, and one giant bed taking up most of the space. There was already several people in there up to all kinds of things, I spotted anal, someone using a strap on, as well at lots of oral and regular fucking happening.Matt was looking around wide eyed, güvenilir bahis taking it all in. I found us an empty spot on the communal bed in the center of the room and pushed him down on to it. I released his cock from his trousers, he was already rock hard. Pulling up the little latex dress I was wearing, without any panties underneath, I climbed on top of him, guiding him inside. I began rolling my hips back and forth, grinding in to him. I looked down, and could see him looking around the room, he focused on two lesbians that were lying on the large bed next to us, licking each other out in a 69 position. He began to moan as he watched them and felt my tight pussy around his cock. I didn’t mind that he wasn’t looking at me, I loved the fact he was so enthralled with everything happening around him. And I could see an older guy on the other side of the room who was starting at me intently, while another woman sucked his cock – so I was still getting my share of attention. Matt grabbed on to my hips and started moving me up and down on his cock faster, his eyes still güvenilir bahis siteleri fixed on the two women next to us, I could tell that he was about to cum soon, but luckily so was I, the thrill of fucking surrounded by so many others doing is thing for me. I rested my hands on his chest and leaning forward slightly, I let my ass ride up and down quickly, his cock pressing deep in to my pussy. After another moment we both moaned and our bodies shuddered together as we both came.We cleaned up a little and headed back out to the main party. Matt was fully on board now, he had a bounce in his step and was clearly loving the atmosphere. “What other kinds of fun can we have here?” He asked me. I raised an eyebrow at him “wanna push things further do you?” He gave me a sheelish little nod. OK, I thought.Not long after that we bumped in to one of my good friends, Jenny, tall and slim, she has the physique of a model, with long dirty blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. After quick hugs and catch ups, she told me that she was having a shit night and hadn’t had any iddaa siteleri fun yet. Without even looking round at him, I said “Well you can have a turn on my guy if you like? I’m happy to share, if you want to have some fun with him?” I could feel Matts body tense beside me, I didn’t look round at him, but felt confident there would be a look of shock, anticipation and excitement on his face. I got a thrill out of the fact I was offering him up to my friend like an object, without even asking his permission. But I was pretty sure he would be getting just as big a thrill. Jenny gave Matt the once over “sure, he’ll do” she said “sure you don’t mind?” “Go for it babe” I replied. Jenny grabbed Matt by the hand and I turned to look at him for the first time since offering him up. He looked even more excited than I had anticipated and couldn’t keep the massive grin off his face as Jenny led him off to the playroom.I scanned the room and managed to spot someone I knew and had previously hooked up with at past parties- James, a tall, muscled black guy, who I knew from previous experience was very well endowed. I approached him and cut straight to the chase “James, wanna head to the playroom right now” He laughed at me “what, don’t I even get a hello first?” I just gave a playful shrug. “Alright, come on then” he said.

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