Sharing The Mrs

Big Tits

The Mrs and I have been dabbling in swinging for several years. We have had lots of fun, both fulfilling most of the fantasies. But there was still one big one to go. The one we had spoken about for the longest and the one that got us the hottest between the sheets. A Bi MMF threesome. This is where we had built up to. We had both had Bi experience, Mrs was laid by my side as I sucked a cock, but we had never managed to share the same cock. This was going to be the best night of our sexual lives, so we took plenty of time to find the right guy and make sure it was planned to perfection. After months of searching, we finally had a few guys we were both interested in who we had been speaking to for a short time. One was a little older than the two of us at 42 years old, a very athletic guy with a nice seven-inch bahis şirketleri cock. The other was younger at 19; his cock was slightly larger and thicker, but he was circumcised and this, for me, was a massive plus. We decided we would meet the younger guy. Since we wanted this to be a special evening, we arranged a hotel reservation for the night. The hotel we chose was a place in Blackpool, a place where lots of our sexual encounters had already taken place. Everything was arranged and planned; we had arranged to travel to the hotel early and get all checked in. The two-hour car journey was nerve-jangling. The feeling of excitement and fear were coursing through my veins all the way. As we got closer, my heart felt like it was beating faster. Finally, after what felt like an age, we arrived, bahis firmaları parked up the car and headed over to the hotel to check-in. Room 205 would be the place we finally get to share a man. We decided to head to the bar to build a little Dutch courage; we had four hours to have a nice drink before we had to be in the room for the fun to begin. We managed to share a few Jager bombs and other shots to get nice and merry. At 6 pm, we decided we needed to get back to the room. We both started to relax and slip into more comfortable clothing – we barely had any clothing, so we both slipped into our underwear and laid having a cuddle kiss waiting for the knock on the door. “Knock, Knock” we looked into each other’s eyes and locked lips for one last passionate kiss. Then I broke the kiss and headed kaçak bahis siteleri to the door, feeling like my heart was in my stomach. I placed my hand on the handle, turned and smiled at the Mrs and slowly opened the door. I invited Sean into the room, closing the door behind him. I could feel the nervous/sexual tension in the air. Sean headed straight over to the Mrs, and their lips met and held for a long embrace, hands started to wonder. He reached around and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the ground. She was struggling to work down his shorts; eventually, they hit the floor and he stepped away, allowing his cock to spring to attention. His cock looked huge and covered in pre-cum. I could feel my cock was bursting to get set free but I froze at the moment, watching. The Mrs then broke the kiss, looked over to me and smiled. She spun around, pushing Sean onto the bed laying him on his back. Then her outstretched hand reached for me to come and join her; as I got to her, she shook her head and made me remove my shorts. 

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