Shielded and Secure


Walking underneath the starry sky, our fingers laced together, I look over at you. You’re looking down, your brown hair covering your beautiful face, not for the first time tonight, as you blush from my compliments. I can’t help but smile at how cute you are when you’re embarrassed. I look forward again, and we continue walking back to your house. I can feel you stealing glances in my direction, but I don’t look because I don’t want you to look away. We stop in front of your house, and I stand in front of you underneath the porch light, staring lovingly into your beautiful brown eyes. Your cheeks are bright red as you invite me into your home in a small, fragile voice. I happily accept, wanting to spend more time with you. We make our way to your room and sit on your bed across from each other. You sit with your legs tucked under you, and I sit with my legs crossed. As we talk and get to know each other more, I look into your eyes and see the pain from your ugly past and want nothing more than to çankaya escort shield you from it. I slide over next to you, wrapping my arm around you, holding you close. You look down again, hair hiding your face, but lean into me for comfort. I hold you closer and push the hair out of your eyes and tilt your face up to me. For a moment, both of us just look in to each other’s eyes, feeling our hearts pounding faster. Nervous to move too fast too soon, I place a kiss on your forehead and hold you close again. We talk some more, just enjoying cuddling with each other, easily revealing things we wouldn’t be comfortable sharing with others, when you start caressing my leg; a sign you’re ready to go further. I look over at you, and you look at me, and I gently place my hand on your cheek. Our breathing becomes heavier, but we don’t look away. I slowly lean in and place a soft kiss on your lips. I separate from you and look at you for confirmation that that was okay. rus escort You purr in response, and I can’t help giggling at how cute you are. I lean in and give you another kiss, this time taking your bottom lip between mine and nibbling. You moan into my lips, and I feel it vibrate through my body, giving me shivers. I lick your bottom lip, and you stick your tongue out to meet mine. Our tongues begin to dance as my hand slips down to the hem of your shirt, slowly lifting, trying to sense any sign of discomfort from you. You lift your arms up and break the kiss long enough to allow me to remove your top, and then your lips and tongue clash with mine once again. I reach behind you and unclasp your bra and slowly remove it from you. Once removed, you freeze, suddenly feeling self-conscious and nervous. As I break away, you lift your arms to your small chest. I smile warmly at you and remove my top and bra. Both of us now topless in front of each other, I gently pull your arms eryaman escort back down, exposing your beautiful body. I gently lay you onto your pillows and hover over you, my face coming down to meet yours. As we get back into kissing, I press my body down to yours, our breasts touching, causing our nipples to become hard and rub against each other. I begin to kiss my way down your face, down your neck, and to your breasts. I lick around one of your nipples as I look up at you. You look down at me and purr for me again. I smile and take your nipple in my mouth and suck on it. “Ohhhhhhhhh,” you moan for me. I switch to your other nipple, which elicits the same response. I lick down the rest of your upper body, taking my time to circle my tongue around your belly button before making my decent to my final destination. I slide my body down so my face is between your legs. I look deep into your eyes, waiting for a sign, or signal, or anything really. After a nervous moment, you give me a nod and open your legs wide, letting me know I’m allowed to advance. Still wanting to take it slow with you, I place a trail of kisses up and down the inside of both of your thigh before I bring my face in front of your pussy. Looking up at you, I begin to lick slowly up your slit.

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