Subject: Shooting Star Chapter 2 (Adult/Youth I suffered a small stroke and was hospitalized for three days. I have lost 35% use of my left hand and the left side of my face is numb. I may struggle but thankfully I am still alive and still have my mind. It will be a struggle, but plan on finishing the stories I have started. Thanks again for reading. Blade Shooting Star Chapter 2 Logan woke with another hard-on. Lately it had been happening to him an awful lot. Most of his dreams have been of his favorite musician and singer, Brian Cox. He has been in love with him since he heard Brian’s first album. (Over the Rocky Bridge) when he was seven. He had posters plastered all over his room. He had every album, CD, and Ep Brian ever turned out. He even had every DVD of his live performances. Now after meeting him in person he loved him even more. He wondered what he would look like naked. Logan knew what he looked like without a shirt on, He loved looking at the tight pants he always wore. It had been a couple of days since their chance meeting and ride home from the concert. He was mad at himself for falling asleep on the way back home, but how many kids could say they spent the day with Brian Cox. He had told a few friends but none of them believed him until his brothers confirmed it. He had forgotten to ask Brian for his autograph when talking to him on the plane. Logan stroked his hard five inches, wishing he could show Brian that he was more than just another young boy who had a crush on him. Logan knew he was bigger than most 12-year-old boys. Large penises ran in the Likes family tree. At first, he was ashamed and hid it from the other boys, but now he was proud of what he had after his father explained it was a family trait. Peter’s penis was just as large as his and Cody was not far behind. Brian had given Logan his phone number and told him he could call him at any time but his father told him to give the man time to relax after traveling for the last week. Logan knew he was right, still he wanted to talk to his idol and see if he could get his autograph. Maybe even get to spend some time with the man some more now that he knew where he lived. Just thinking of spending some more time with Brian brought him closer to his dry cum. When he finishes, he got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up for the day. It was still early but so he went to the music room to practice his piano and guitar. Bob could hear his son practicing in the music room and could hear how good the boy was getting. He thought about telling Brian about how good his sons were but did he really want to get them involved in the rat race of them music industry. Bob loved to hear the boys sing together. Maybe someday. They had made a video but it really was not that good of quality but still it has received around a half a million views. He even asked the boys if they wanted to get into music. They said they just wanted to get better before they would try. Chrissy could hear her son playing in the music room. She loved to hear her sons play, she knew the other two would be up soon and, in the room, practicing with their brother. Chrissy made the boys favorite breakfast French toast and fresh fruit. It would be ready when they were done. Peter was in his room working his almost six inches to his second cum this morning. He always thought of the same person when beating his meat. Kyle Holand, He had met him two months ago at baseball camp. He was one of the instructors. He even got to see him naked in the shower with the other coach Sammy Johnson. Both men were hung like horses. Ok, maybe not that long but they were big. Kyle had to be at least seven and a half inches hard but it was as thick as a red bull can. Sammy might have been a little smaller but not by much. Peter kept replaying the shower in his mind. Peter knew he was gay but was afraid to let anyone know. Cody knew but he didn’t think Logan knew. The only reason Cody knew was because he had found his gay porn mags under his bed. He had forgotten he had them under there when he told Cody he could use his Nike shoes that he grew out of. He promised Cody he would do anything if he kept his mouth shut. Luckily Cody hasn’t made up his mind as to what favor he could do for him just yet. Peter cleaned up his mess and headed downstairs to join whoever was in the music room practicing. Cody shook as his dry cum convulsed his body. He loves the feeling. It was even better once he discovered if he played with his ass he could cum harder. His friend Dom had shown him that little trick when they were messing around. Dominic was a year older than he was and loved to mess karabük escort around. They even sucked each other’s cocks after Cody told Dom about the gay porn magazines he had found. Of course, he didn’t tell Dom they were his brothers. He hurried and dress so he could meet up with the guys playing in the music room. Lately they have been spending a lot of time there playing together. *** Brian’s mind was going over the songs he had written. He wasn’t sure where these songs were coming from. They were better than any of his songs he had written in the past. The only problem is that they were duets or four-part harmonies. Where was he going to find the other voices, he needed to record the songs. Brian thought back, music is Brian’s passion. He has played music since he was a young boy. Picked up his first guitar when he was 8 learned the basic cords and began to play. Brian grew up living with his grandmother. His mother left when he was four, he never knew his father. His mother died two years after moving in with his grandmother which left just the two of them. Every chance he got he would learn a new instrument. The only instrument he struggled with was the drums. Now with these new songs he had written he put to mind what he should do with them. He also realizes the songs were faith-based songs. Sure, he believed in God and the bible but he was never one to go to church. Mostly because many Christians looked down on his sexual activities. Being gay and going to a church was not a common thing. So, he thought about maybe selling the songs or having someone else record them. But he wanted complete production control on how the songs were performed. It had been a week since meeting Logan and his family, He has also watched the YouTube video twenty times or more. Thinking of ways to improve the quality. he knew they were lip sinking the sound to a recorded track, which it sounded better but the video was just to shaky. Maybe he could call a friend out to rerecord the song and video. Brian also wondered, why the boy had not called him yet. After all Logan said he was a big fan. So later that day Brian made up his mind to go over and see the boy. Now that he knew where the boy lived. Logan had not forgotten the fact that his favorite rock star had given him his phone number. He had been tempted to call over a hundred times over the week. But figured a big star like him wouldn’t want to hang out with a young kid. He and his brothers had been practicing some new songs and were wanting to record the music then make a video. Logan remembered that Brian had told him he had his own studio. He was curious as if Brian would let them use it to record. He was still lying in bed thinking about this when he heard his mother call his name. “Logan, someone is here to see you.” Logan got out of bed threw on some clothes and went to see who it was. As he made his way to the door. He saw Blake Holand standing in the foyer of the house. Blake was the high school wrestling coach. He was at every wrestling match scouting wrestlers for the coming year. Logan was going to be a seventh grader this coming fall. Logan tested out and was going to be a grade higher at the beginning of the year. “Hey, Logan how are you doing?” Blake asked. “I’m good, how are you Mr. Holand?” Logan replied. “I am doing good also. Say I am stopping by to see if you would be interested in joining our summer wrestling camp. It starts in two weeks and runs through the month of July. It is free for the local wrestlers and we want to get a jump on this coming years Championship team.” he joked. Well maybe it wasn’t a joke, because since he has taken over as the head coach Wilton has had a team in the championships for the last 11 years. Some of the best wrestlers in the country have come out of Wilton. “Sure. if its ok with my parents.” Logan told the man. “Well, it sounds like we are set then because we have already discussed it and have given you the ok for doing it. So, I will see you in two weeks. Blake said shaking the boy’s hand. Logan showed Mr. Holand out the door and waved good bye as the coach turned around to leave. Now he was excited again. Logan didn’t think he would be able to make the team since he is so young. He was going to be the youngest student at school. Peter had done the same thing two years before. But Logan is more athletic than his older brother. Logan was a bundle of joy when he returned to the house. He ran up to his mother and gave her a hug. “Thanks.” He said as he held his lovely mother in his arms. “Don’t thank me or your dad you are the one who has put all the hard work in.” his karaman escort mother said giving him a kiss on top of his head. “Now go get dressed, so you can go to your piano lessons.” Chrissy told her son. “I am dressed.” Logan told her. Well he was dressed but not with something that was nearly see through. He had on a sheer white pair of basketball shorts, that had been hand me downs from his brother Peter. If they got wet you could clearly make out his soft three and a half inches of pride and joy. “No, go on and get some jeans and a nice pullover. We don’t want to give Miss Hamal a heart attack. Well not until the bills are due.” his mother said joking. So Logan went to his room looked in the floor length mirror on his door and began to strip. “Wow, you look good.” a voice came from behind him startling him. “Fuck, Cody you scared the hell out of me. What are you doing in my room? Logan asked his brother who was now rolling on his bed laughing. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you but I have to admit you jumped about a foot when I said that.” Cody said while still laughing. Logan just stood there buck naked in front of his brother. After thinking about it for a few minutes he started to laugh to. Neither boy thought nothing about seeing each other naked. Usually they had the upstairs to themselves and if they wanted their privacy, they needed to keep everything clean or their mother would come up and clean for them when they least expected it. “I want to know if you could get me an autograph from Brian Cox on my tee-shirt the next time you see him.” Cody said with pleading eyes. “I’ll ask if I ever see him again.” Logan said. Then noticed his brother looking at his penis. “Hey, eyes up here.” he said with a chuckle. “It’s gotten bigger.” Cody stated. “I bet you are almost as big as Peter and you are two years younger than him.” “I haven’t noticed.” Logan said. He knew it was a lie. He was getting bigger but figured Peter still was a little bit longer. He had only seen his brother hard once, and that was a week ago. So, had somewhat of a perspective. When he saw it, It was by accident? All three boys shared a large bathroom upstairs and it was not uncommon to walk in when someone was showering or pissing or anything like that. Peter just happened to be in the shower and Logan could clearly see his brother stroking himself. Logan quickly grabbed a towel and went back to his room. Logan had discovered masturbation only a few months ago. When he was at the under twelve wrestling tournaments. Two of his friends were in the pool playing with each other’s penis. He watches knowing they could not see him as they brought each other to orgasm. They did it by holding each other’s penis in their hands and moving them back and forth. His penis was hard as he watched them and when they were finish, they looked around, when they didn’t see anyone around, they kissed. He couldn’t help himself his hand went to his penis and he began his new found love. Back in his room he stripped down and laid on his bed. At first, he thought about his friends in the swimming pool and began to stroke his growing boy meat. Then his mind went to his brother in the shower. He began to wonder what it would feel like to touch someone else. Soon he brought himself to orgasm. “Well it looks like it has to me. Do you ever play with it?” Cody asked. “Are you really supposed to ask your brother that?” Logan said embarrassed as his brother continue to look at him. “What, I do it myself all the time.” Cody admitted to his brother with his face turning red. Logan then realized his penis was starting to rise at the thought of his little nine-year-old brother pulling his cock. “Really, I guess I do it too.” Logan said as his penis reached its full five inches. Cody just stared and smiled, Logan even though he licked his lips. “Fuck you are big, are you sure you’re not bigger than Peter.” Cody said with a huge grin on his face. “I wish I was as big as you guys are.” “I’m not that big and don’t worry about that you will grow. Mine just started to grow not that long ago.” Logan said as he picked up his underwear and began to get dressed. “Really, how big do you think I will get?” Cody asked still watching Logan. “I don’t know. Maybe as big as dads.” Logan said as he looked at his brother. He smiled when he saw him rub his hand across his crotch. Cody was hard and he could see it poking a tent in his basketball shorts. It was then that their mother hollered up the stairs for Logan to hurry or they would be late. He was wishing he had more time, in hope that Cody would show him his cock. His little brothers’ kars escort cock is the only cock he has not seen hard. It had also been a while since he had seen it soft. But he was in a hurry. “I think I wouldn’t mind getting as big as yours then I would be happy.” Cody said with a smile on his face. Logan turned two shades of red. He was finally dressed. But before he walked out of the room he walked over to his brother and gave his cock a quick squeeze and told his brother it would. Then quickly made his way down stairs to his waiting mother. Chrissy dropped her son off in front of Mrs. Hamal’s home. She told her son that she would be back in an hour. That is usually how long the lessons lasted and then left. Logan went inside and smiled as Mrs. Hamal directed him into the practice room. “Have you practiced the piece I gave you to study last week” she asked knowing full well that Logan had. Logan was her best student. All three boys were good, but Logan was the better of the three. “Yes, mam I love this piece, Beethoven’s – Moonlight Sonata is one of those songs that I can really get my mojo going with.” Logan said as he sat down at the piano and began to play the song flawlessly. Mrs. Hamal knew that Beethoven’s sonata-14-moonlight-op-27-2. was the only the beginning of the lessons on the piano piece and wanted Logan to master that before she added the other movements in the song. Mrs. Hamal like Beethoven over Chopin but did enjoy a few pieces that Chopin had to offer. She loved how Logan played and hoped he would be willing to play in the upcoming piano competition coming up in August. But she would leave it up to her student. Out of the three Likes boys Logan was the most talented, actually he was the most talented of all her students she was teaching up to this point. She could only think of one other boy that was as talented and she had not seen him in years. She knew he was still a musician but she did not like the style of music he played. “How was that Miss Hamal?” Logan asked when he finish the sonata. “It sounded wonderful. You did very well, I wish all my students played as well as you.” she said complementing him. Logan just smiled. “Ok the next assignment I want you to work on your finger movements. So, I want you to learn the Flight of the bumble bee.” she told Logan with a smile. Logan had heard the song before and figured he could do it if he worked hard. He enjoyed hearing the complements from Miss Hamal. One of the reasons his family chose Mrs. Hamal was because Brian Cox his idol was taught by her and now, she was his teacher. Miss. Hamal went to get the sheet music while Logan messed around on the piano. He had been working on a song at home. He so badly wanted to be a song writer like Brian Cox. Logan love the songs he wrote from the hard driving rock songs to the slow love songs. Logan always wonder who Brian was writing those songs to because he knew Brian was one of the few openly gay rock musicians out there. Logan was playing one of the melodies he was working on when Mrs. Hamal walked in the room. “What is that it is beautiful.” she said. “It is something I have been working on.” Logan told his teacher. “I love the song. It is soothing and makes me want to hear more.” Mrs. Hamal told him. She really did like the song and wanted to hear more. But Logan had stopped playing when she entered the room. *** Cody walked downstairs to find Peter in the kitchen eating sandwiches that their mother had made for them. Cody grabbed a couple for himself and a glass of milk then sat down next to his brother. “What do you want to do today?” Cody asked. Before taking a bite of his sandwich. Peter thought about it while munched away. “You want to work on that new song?” Peter asked before taking another bite of his sandwich. “Yeah, good idea. I love that song. I wish we could record it. Maybe dad will let us do it and put it on You tube like we did with that Brian Cox song?” Cody said to Peter. After the boys finished eating, they grabbed some water and headed out into the music room. They had been playing for a good half hour. They had just finished playing Logans song when they heard the doorbell ring. Nifty is kind enough to post these stories and could use your help. Please send your donations too: Nifty Stories Archive ion… Thanks again for reading all remarks are appreciated. 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