Shut the Front Door


In anticipation of the deep fall into exotic waves of delight she expected from her gadget, Sandra turn on her toy and laid down naked on the bed. She suddenly became aware of a female telephone wire engineer watching through the window.

At first she was a bit disturbed by the intrusion but then remembered, no-one else was expected in the house. She was alone to do as she wished.

With this thought Sandra laid back down but open her legs wide, eyes fixed on the work woman.

Turning her toy back on, she jolted as the first vibrations hit her clit.

The woman outside gave a quick glance around to check the coast and, biting her own lip, moved her free hand to her crutch, clearly pleasuring herself outside of her work gear.

As standard, Sandra reached climax, but much faster than normal due to the audience of one outside.

Breathing hard, she suddenly heard the front door opening and closing, followed by heavy feet on the stairs.

Her idiot husband had not shut the door properly and looking out the window it became apparent that the original engineer was no longer occupying her previous post but instead it was some a male escorts in london worker, with an eager look in his eyes.

Before she could react fully, the woman was in the bedroom door, wide eyed and hungry.

Sandra was partially sat up, but realised in the slightest of moments that her legs were still wide open in an unintentionally suggestive pose. The worker, wrongly taking this as an invitation, surged forward, pushing the still flustered Sandra back to the bed.

Climbing on top of her naked form, this stranger pushed her tongue into Sandra’s open mouth. She tasted of coffee and cigarettes and whilst still wearing her work gear, there was a definite sense of a softness beneath.

Sliding her calloused hand over Sandra’s plump breast, squeezing it gently, she worked it down to Sandra’s groin.

Whilst being forcefully and sloppily kissed, Sandra let out a deep gasp as she felt the stranger first push her lower lips apart, briefly glide over her still sensitive clit, before two fingers firmly pushed into her wet, open, and compliant cunt.

Sandra momentarily caught sight of this woman’s colleague, still watching outside Escort in dubai in clear delight. Losing control of herself, she moaned loudly while being pumped by this strong, butch engineer, pushing her naked form against the rough work clothes of the unknown woman.

The telephone engineer knew it was appropriate to give Sandra a chance to catch her breath.

In doing so, she stood up and in one movement removed her top, exposing small but pert breasts, which rose and fell with her deep breathing.

Louisa watched as she next stepped out of the lower half of her uniform, beautiful pink skin shimmering with sweet smelling sweat.

Climbing back on top of her the two women re-engaged in their passionate kissing.

Sandra felt the full bush of her new friend rub against her thigh.

Eventually the phone worker had made her own mind up that Sandra’s pussy was good to go again.

First she moved her mouth to Sandra’s neck, next to her breasts, greedily lapping them up and nipping the nipples.

Sliding down her belly, the woman worked her mouth wetly between Sandra’s legs, which she held open with a surprising strength Dubai Escorts that caught Sandra off guard.

Looking down at her, eyes locked, Sandra submitted to the warm exploration of the foreign tongue as it switched with skill between clit and vagina hole.

The slavering delight almost pushed Sandra to her next orgasm, but before she could reach the peak, in one fluid motion Sandra was flipped onto her stomach. Face planted into the pillow, a muffled attempt was made to protest this escalation, but this went unheard and at once too late as before she knew what the cheeks of her buttocks were gently separated and the engineer began to gobble at her anus.

The intruder started pushing her tongue in and out of Sandra’s warm asshole, whilst using her fingers to again spread and explore Sandra’s pussy.

Sandra was aware of the sloppy sounds her body was making as she got fucked against the bed.

Finally, she started to cum again. Now screaming in pleasure as the woman’s full fist pumped into her. Against her will, Sandra pushed her hips back into the woman face, her back arched, her legs buckled, and her body twisted and gyrated. Waves of tension flowed across her as she bit into the bed.

Twitching and exhausted, Sandra lay face down, the bedsheets drenched in her bodily fluids.

Without a word, the woman dressed and left. Closing the front door correctly on exiting.

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